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    R/508/0531 - Research To Evaluate The Learning Experience Of Individual

    University: Regent College London

    • Unit No: 6
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1208
    • Paper Type: Ph.D. Thesis
    • Course Code: R/508/0531
    • Downloads: 760
    Question :

    The purpose of this research is to evaluate the learning experience of individual by considering its usefulness on the basis of evaluation process.

    • Evaluate the learning experience through this research as well as its usefulness.
    • Determine the specification and evaluation of learning process.
    • Describe learning process as well as its effectiveness.
    Answer :

    1. Learning Experience

    According to entire study it has been determined that learning on specific topic helps in expanding knowledge. Learning on cloud computing was interesting because it assisted in deriving its effective uses for business firms. The research helps in learning on various aspect of digital technology which according to me are most crucial part of entire investigation. Further, it can be said that study is valuable because it helped me in analysing my efficiently to research and draw findings. In accordance, it can be said that extracting information from secondary sources is the best task of the study which helped me in enhancing my learning experience (Schueth, 2011). The study is done for academic purpose therefore in my opinion it helped me in enhancing knowledge and my learning over the concept and significance of cloud computing.

    2 Usefulness of earning process

    The learning from research is useful, because it was complete research where I implemented use of every possible research technique and methodology. Like I was not aware about the secondary sources and reliable information but now with this research in understand the use of pats facts ad findings as it helped in learning about risk associated with implementation of digital technology. Apart from this, the study helped me in analysing use of methodological tools like philosophy, approach, data collection, data analysis and ethics code of conduct which is considered at the time of conducting investigation. In accordance to my learning experience I feel the study helped me in improving my knowledge over course which is focused on digital technology and its tools used by organisation (Saunders and Lewis, 2012).  Further it helped me in boosting my conceptual knowledge because in this the sot interesting and reliable part for me was secondary research where I outlined views of various scholar on cloud computing and its benefits and limitation. Thus, I feel this research will assist me in my future projects which will focus on management of successful business or dissertation on some specified topic.

    3. Specification of learning process

    Initial, I focused on defining and understanding about my research topic which was cloud computing. However, to make further study systematic I outlined specific aims and objective of study with the help of which I extracted data form different sources. Further, to initiate with study I defined scope of my project which helped me in learning about the motive of consulting this study. Also, scope of project helped in analysing effectiveness of cloud computing tools if implemented in any company. In my opinion the most interest part of study for me was reading different articles, books and journals to extract necessary ad viable information for literature review. I fee;ling reading different researcher and views by scholar is the effective technique which helps in boosting learning experiences and make study effective ( Wilson, 2014).  I aimed at conducting systematic process of study because it helps in reducing chance of errors and also minimizes confusion. On the other hand, with research I identified that Blue Frontier is the marine conservation activist organisation which can implement use of digital technology in order to maintaining systematic record of necessary information I learned that its is advancement which helps the organisation in protecting information from getting misinterpretation unlike manual documentation.

    4. Evaluation of learning process

    Business research was helpful for learning process because its is based on various secondary sources where I outlined views of different author. It helped in boosting my learning because during observation review I focused on comparing and contrasting views of authors in order to develop critical understanding over research topic. As per storing data on cloud computing I feel it is a risky process because of increasing cyber crimes. In case the person is able to hack server of company the individual can easy access over the confidential of information therefore I feel cloud computing helps in making systematic digital record but is also risk of confidentiality of information (Armbrust, Fox and Zaharia, 2010). Apart from this, from my learning, it has been identified that implement digital tools is helpful of business in managing data with making manual documentation but on the other hand it is important for the firm to have information technology specialist in order access hi stool. Moreover, cloud computing is the biggest capital invest process of digital technology and needs expert management. Further I learned that cloud computing is a tool which is not redundant and therefore there is no backup for stored information (Zhang, Cheng and Boutaba, 2010). Therefore, in accordance it can be recommended that before imputing information in software the firm can make prior record of overall data in brief.

    5. Learning process

    In order to consider cloud computing, it is important to consider network. Therefore, I learned that it is the best way to protect and store large scale of business information. With the help of popular technology in today's driven, it is one of the important consideration. Further, I also learned that it is most important and growing idea in the world towards advance technology.  In this regard, I am able to communicate important objectives so that business development could be maintained in systematic manner. Present study consider on Blue Frontier so that cloud computing strategy develop continuously. Furthermore, present study also assists to increase project scope so that it is effective process which help to store huge data in the business in one single device (Rittinghouse and Ransome, 2016). On the basis of different authors views, it can be stated that storing of data determines in large context for customers attraction. This is because, they can access easily when information will be required.

    Along with this, I learned that digital agency provide professional web design which assists to make expansion of effective results with reduce negative performances. There are different sectors exist in which cloud computing could be implemented such as hotel, educational institute, etc. All these perspective assists to focus on maintain security at workplace with effective IT infrastructure (Hashem, Yaqoob and Khan, 2015). Hence, it is most important and latest technological trend that confidentially taken as per important consideration. Moreover, I understand that cloud computing consider several advantages which evolving with new technology and development.

    6 Effectiveness of learning

    In accordance to study over concept significance of cloud computing for Blue frontier I feel I have enhanced may knowledge over various aspects of conducting effective research like, it assisted me understand the use of information extraction from various secondary sources. Further, I feel drawing findings from observation is critical process which will help me in future to various advanced studies such as research project, dissertation etc. Gaining knowledge about some specific topic is the project which assist the person in improving own knowledge.

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