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    Stakeholders Analysis and Effective Management for Cesim

    University: BPP University School of Business and technology

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 16 / Words 3927
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: LCBS5001
    • Downloads: 391
    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions:

    • Analysis of mobile phone manufacturing industry by the Cesim simulation and its external environment in the final round of your simulation.
    • Evaluation of the sources of competitive advantage (internal analysis) utilised by company.
    • Cesim Company and its competitive position with other companies.
    Answer :


    Each and every business has their own goals and require different strategies for achievement of those goals to innovate their organization services and to develop their business at a large scale and require maintaining effectiveness of their business. Company need to plan about their working and improve their business according to requirement and effectiveness of their organizations services that help them to engage large number of customers towards their business. Business strategy help organizations to gain an competitive advantage and help them to develop their business at a large scale. Help company to analyse their strength and weakness. Report will prepare on Cesim business simulation. Company provide the latest technology that help an individual to develop their skills and abilities and help to establish team work in an organization. In this report we will develop external analysis for Cesim with use of Pestle, five forces and industry analysis. Make a internal analysis to know their competitors and gain and advantage with use of SWOT, value chain and VRIO analysis. Prepare critical analysis of Investment on R&D. Prepare a report on stakeholder's analysis to know their effectiveness and develop effective management of them in company. 

    Part 1

    Introduction of company

    Cesim is an information company which help students to develop decision making skills and to improve their knowledge in development of business. Help students to develop their business skills to take important decision. Help individual ton understand their capabilities to run global business operations. They develop a competitive environment to upgrade an individual towards their success. Help to develop problem solving skills in business trainees. Help to develop technology effectiveness in an individual. Help to improve features in products of business. Develop active learning for individual and students. Work well to learn and implement their organizations growth.

    External environment

    Cesim use different technology to develop knowledge and decision making skills of an individual and external analysis help them to upgrade and innovate their organizations working.

    Porters five forces analysis

    Five forces model help cesim to promote their organization at a global level and improve effectiveness of their company.

    Competitive rivalry

    Company need to analyse competitor available in market. If there are large number of competitors are available in market then it effects overall working of cesim at a large scale. It reduces their growth rate product of competitors are not differentiated and it also reduces loyalty of customers.

    Threat of substitute products

    When customers find same product which satisfy their wants(Johnson, 2016.) . Company need to analyse their competitors prices in market and how it will affect their customers preference. Customers are able to get substitute products more easily. Cesim have to face less number of competitors in market due to their unique services.

    Bargaining power of buyers

    Need to analyse how much power buyers have on your services. Cesim need to their buyers if there are less number of buyers in market for organizations services then it increases power of buyers. If large number of substitute are available then it effects organizations success. Buyers negotiate over low prices. Cesim have less bargaining power to their competitors due to their quality services.

    Threat of new entrants

    Companies need to work on their technology and require large amount of capital to enter inn market of Cesim. Company need to be effective and improve their organization overall success and innovate their services to achieve goals and objectives of their company. If customers loyalty reduces then it becomes easy for new entrants to enter in organizations market.

    Bargaining power of suppliers

    Company need to analyse availability of suppliers in market who provide them products and services that are require for overall success of their organization. Company need to develop new suppliers in market to reduce prices of raw materials.

    Industry life cycle

    Industry life cycle help Cesim to develop different stages that help in overall development of organization and to innovate services according to organizations requirement.

    Introduction stage

    Company develop unique products and services to engage large number of customers with their organizations products and services to improve effectiveness of their business and to improve capabilities of their business(Sia,  Soh and Weill, 2016.). Company need to make proper research on their services to analyse their success in market. In this stage cesim need to develop marketing of their product s and services for awareness of their organizations services.


    Company need to develop their services that help them to gain an competitive advantage and to develop a unique image for their products. In growth stage company need to develop effective marketing strategy to develop their presence in market. Company wants to expand their business at a large scale and to innovate their organizations services.


    When company enters in maturity stage in this stage company start earning their profits with increase in sales. Marketing of company become strong and provide customers a unique features that company offers to them.


    When company is not able to cope up with the changes and were not able to innovate their organization. Then it reduces sales of Cesim changes effects overall success of their organization at an extreme level

    Pestle analysis

    Pestle help company to analyse environment where they are going to develop their business services and works to improve their business.

    Political factors

    Company need to know government influence on their organizations services. Tax rates by government of different economies that effects smooth working of Cesim in an new economy(Peng, 2017.) . Political stability in nation help organizations to develop their business. Company need to analyse environmental laws and trade restriction in an new economy. Infrastructure development and education system also effects success of organization.

    Economic factors

    Cesim need to analyse economic growth rate of a nation to develop their business. Interest rates by government in a new territory on their products & services. Income level of customers help company to analyse abilities of their customers to buy their organizations products and services. Purchasing power of their customers help them to develop their business at a large scale. Economic factors have direct impact on smooth working of a company. Inflation rate affect pricing policies of their product in a new economy. Unemployment rate in economy affects overall working of Cesim in an economy.

    Social factors

    Cesim need to analyse customs values and morals of an individual in a new territory. Need to analyse career attitudes of an individual in an new economy. Lifestyle attitude of people need to be analysed to know their effectiveness. Cultural barriers that effects overall growth of business to expand at a large scale. Company need to analyse their customers and prepare products according to their wants to engage them effectively towards their company services.

    Technological factors

    Company need to make a proper research on their organizations working. Cesim need to analyse availability of technology in a new market that help in working of their organization(Rastogi and Trivedi, 2016.) . Company need to know their ability to develop new products and services. Need to know the up gradations that they require for development of their business. Availability of technology in new economy help company to save money for their business.

    Environmental factors

    Cesim analyse environmental laws that are set by government in an new economy to work effectively and according to requirement of business. Company need to know availability of raw materials and environments effects on those raw materials. Change in climate and environment also effects overall success of business and work towards effectiveness of organization to innovate their services. Company need to perform some CSR activities to involve with organizations sustainability.

    Legal factors

    Cesim need to know different laws in a territory where they are working. Analysis laws help them to trade successfully in a new economy. Need to develop some legal policies according to new territory where they are working. Labour laws in economy that help in development of business.

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    Internal analysis

    Company need to develop proper analysis of strength and weakness that effects overall development of organizations business and help them to achieve their goals and objectives.

    VRIO analysis

    It help Cesim to develop a unique image in market and to achieve competitive advantage for their organizations products and services.


    Company need to find valuable resources that help them to develop unique image in market(Porter, 2008.) . Need to find resources or technology that increases overall value for their products and services. Company need to develop different products at minimum price to engage large number of customers towards their organizations products and services. It helps company to analyse opportunity for their business success.


    Company need to develop product & services that their customers are not able to get a substitute. That help them to increase demand for their goods. Rarity help to improve overall effectiveness of organization.


    Cesim need to develop product that their competitors are not able to copy or imitate. That help them to earn a competitive advantage in market. Cesim need to use resources that their competitors not able to find or have a high cost to afford.


    Company need to develop all working organized that help company to achieve their goals and objectives effectively and on time. Company need to analyse their potential for their success at a large scale. When company is able to make all resources organized then it helps them top earn a competitive advantage.

    Value chain analysis

    Analysis help cesim to make all resources work together towards overall development of business strategy and to innovate effectiveness of their organization. Aim is to create value for their organization to develop at a large scale.

    Inbound logistics

    Company need to take care about the inputs that they are using for development of final product(Pringle and Huisman, 2011.). Company need to take care while developing their products need to know about their suppliers, warehousing of their products is required for their success. Control inventory for success of their business.


    When company is able to get all materials that they require then they are able to use those inputs to develop a final product. Operations help them to improve effectiveness of organization.

    Outbound logistics

    Company need to find an appropriate way to reach their customers. To provide services to their customers they need to be effective while getting resources to improve and work towards overall success of their business at a large scale. Company need to prepare a schedule for effectiveness of their organization.

    Marketing and sales

    Cesim need to develop effective marketing for their products and services. Marketing help them to attract large number of customers towards their organizations products and services. Require advertising of their products help develop presence of business.


    Company need to take care about providing after sales service to their customers. Need to solve problems of customers with product. It help company to satisfy customers and to develop positive image.

    SWOT analysis

    Analysis help Cesim to develop a strategy for their business to innovate their organization services and require improving effectiveness of their business.


    Company need to analyse areas that help them in their success. Due to an effective brand image of cesim help them to develop their business at an extreme level. Skilled employees help them to increase overall profitability of their business and to engage large number of customers with their organizations services(Phadermrod, Crowder and Wills, 2019.) . Technology that they are using help them to establish. Effective business training that cesim are providing is one of their biggest advantage for their overall success. Their ability to develop problem solving skills help them to innovate new ways.


    Weakness shows the areas or departments in an organization that requires improvement. Cesim is not able to develop an effective marketing skills or techniques to develop their presence. Due to their more concentration on business skills development they are not able to perform other activities of their business. They are not able to develop team based assignments.


    Company need to opportunities to increase sales that help them to earn more profit for development of their business at a large scale. Cesim need to take advantage of growing impact on development of skills in an individual. Due to increase in concern to develop business and to innovate organizations services.


    Due to increase in competition that effects overall success of business. Due to development in the technology of competitors or use of effective resources that effects growth of organizations business. Due to changes in consumer behaviour effect development of cesim.

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    Investment on R&D

    Each and every company wants to become successful and to innovate their organizations services. Development of design or to innovate new product and service all require research. It makes all department work together to develop overall plan for a business. Cesim need to invest on research to develop an effective technology to develop their organization(Gürel and Tat, 2017.) . That help their business to increase their overall profitability. Research make them visible and innovative and to create a new product to develop their overall presence. It helps company to develop new features in their products. Company requires developing their overall skills to improve business abilities. Cesim is a company which students and business trainee to develop their skills in business. For that they have invested on hiring effective employees who have abilities to make other people understand their organization effectiveness. Research help them to increase overall productivity of their business and make them able perform. Investment help them to develop product differentiation as compare to their competitors. Help to know advertising and marketing skills that they are required for development and to bring innovation in their organizations services. Help to develop plans for marketing of their organizations services. Need research to manage their global technology to develop knowledge of an individual. Help to understand complexities that are arising in global business.

    Recommendations to improve performance

    After analysis of overall business advantage and disadvantages. Need to provide proper recommendations to CEO that help in their overall development of business at an extreme level that help them to bring overall innovation in organization.

    Summarize strategy and share it with everyone

    CEO need to develop an effective strategy that help in development of business. Strategy help to expand company and develop skills of business(Vargas-Hernández and Garcia, 2019.) . CEO need to share views and objectives that their company wants to achieve with their employees and all other departments of business that help them to understand working of company and work for development of business.

    Establish clear objectives for business

    Need to establish clear objectives for business that they want to achieve. Clear objectives of their business to their employees that help to engage large number of customers. CEO need to ensure that every department of organization work effectively towards their success.

    Ensure every manager work effectively

    CEO need to ensure that every manager in organization works towards development of their business and ensure that they work towards achievement of goals and objectives. Manager need ability to make all employees in organization to work towards a common goals with effectiveness towards success of organization. 

    Get right people

    CEO need to hire employees that have skills and abilities to develop company(Hernández and Garcia, 2018.) . They are able to perform different activities for establishment of business. Right employees in an organization help to achieve goals on time improve business effectiveness and motivate towards success.

    Monitor activities

    Need to analyse each and every activity of business to ensure that they are working towards achievement of organizations goals and objectives and make efficient use of all available resources in organization. Monitoring activities help to get positive results for success of business.

    Marketing skills

    Cesim need to develop their marketing skills that help them to grab new market and opportunities. Marketing help company to develop overall presence for their business and require to achieve goals on time.

    Set goals and motivate staff

    Company need to set goals that they want to achieve and motivate their employees to achieve those goals and objectives of business to innovate their organizations services. Motivation help to make employees work effectively towards success of organization.

    Part 2

    Stakeholders report

    Stakeholders analysis

    Stakeholders analysis means identifying all internal people who are important for development of company(Esmaieli and Ahmadian, 2018.). Company need to communicate with their stakeholders for success of their business.

    Purpose of stakeholders analysis

    To get help from key players

    Stakeholders analysis help to get key players for development of business. That Cesim to get knowledge to innovate their services or to get successful outcome. Company need to get support of their stakeholders to increase profitability of their business.

    Gain early alignment of all stakeholders on goals and plans

    It help company to analyse important people that are required to achieve goals and objectives of business to innovate their organization services. It help to ensure about effectiveness of every individual to develop business.

    Help address conflicts

    It help company to address conflicts arises in their business. Help to innovate their organizations services to engage large number of customers towards their organizations. Each and every stakeholder present their opinion and it help company to analyse conflicts between their stakeholders.

    Conduct stakeholders analysis

    Determine who your stakeholders

    Cesim need to analyse who their stakeholders are and key people who are important for development of their business and to engage large number of customers towards their organization. Marketing, sales, finance, production department all are important stakeholders and their work will help company to achieve their goals.

    Group and prioritize stakeholders

    Then company need to analyse importance of these stakeholders in development of business and categorize them in different department(Cerqueti, Marazzina and Ventura, 2016.) . Company need to develop group of stakeholders on the basis of their level in an organization. 

    Figure out how to communicate with stakeholders

    Cesim need to analyse how to communicate with each stakeholders by analysing their prioritize and use them in motivating them towards success of organization.

    Stakeholders management  

    It is process that help cesim to engage their stakeholders towards success of organization and to build good relation with them for development of business at a large scale.          Company need to develop relation and innovate services that are able to engage their customers easily with their organization and work towards success of their business. Cesim need to communicate goals and objectives of their business with stakeholders to get their opinion which help in development of business. Need to consult with their stakeholders to get the best possible advice. Need to develop plan to engage customer towards organization services(Usman, Ahmed and Javed, 2017.) . Develop relation with them to improve organization and develop effectiveness of their business. Stakeholders help company to manage risk by providing different ways to get success in a organization. Stakeholders need to take responsibility for success of organization provide job for development of business. Company need to know interest of their employees and influence them towards success of business. Company need to communicate their plan with stakeholders and recognize them towards success of organization. Company need to guide their stakeholders towards success of their business. Need to create positive relations with their employees. Need to prepare strategy to engage employees effectively towards success of organization. Cesim need to control all stakeholders and make them effective towards achievement of their objectives.


    Cesim is a organization works to develop overall skills and abilities of an individual and innovate overall services to implement business success. In this report pestle analysis help cesim to analyse environment of new territory where they want to develop their business and how effective it was for development of their business. Political stability of new economy help them in improving effectiveness of their business to achieve overall organizations goals. To improve effectiveness of their internal environment and to develop working in a smooth manner they develop swot analysis for their organizations abilities to attract customers. That help company to understand their employees and their effectiveness for success of business. Require managing business and develop according to abilities of their organization. Develop critical analysis of investment on Research and development help to innovate new technology and work towards effectiveness of organization. Recommendations to CEO help them to use all available resources in organization for their success at a large scale.

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