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    Unit 5 Communication Assignment London School of Science and Technology


    Communication is an essential process at every workplace which facilitate in delver better and effective delivery of services so that suitable gain could be impose (Antheunis, Tates and Nieboer, 2013). In health and social care, each and every aspect required to communicate properly so that absolute derivation of outcome could be drawn. This project includes three case studies on communication aspects where the importance of exchange of data could be evaluated in better manner. Such sections will going to reflect upon on utilisation of communication skills at health and social care. It will also define about various factors whom used to influence the communication process at workplace. Although, there will be a requirement to implement ICT at health and social care setting.

    Task 1

    1.1 Application of relevant theories of communication at health and social care

    Anna was a lady whom got suffer from a stroke where a health and social care setting doctors not respond to much on the needs and demand of such individual. They prescribed wrong and unnecessary comments on Anna and her husband and not respond to provide appropriate diagnose to them (Bennett, 2010). Later they want to GP from where they got transfer to another hospital and get diagnose from stroke. Thus, doctors and nurses of such hospital need to understand about various theories of communication properly at health and social care setting so that effective delivery of services used to take place. Some theories of communication are:

    • Humanistic theory: In this theory, appropriate analysis of an individual is must which facilitate in identifying the major cause. Doctor required to understand the basic need of Anna and then used to provide suitable care from which they betray. This might cause the chances of death of Anna which further could be sue in nature by her husband.
    • Behaviourism theory: This theory define and signify about the behaviour of an individual properly so that a better understanding of their nature suppose to be done. Doctor of such health care practice have to analyse the behaviour of Anna properly and recognise such symptoms. Thus, if they found any deviation in report then appropriate diagnosis need to deliver to her so that her health could improve.

    1.2 Use of communication skills in health and social care

    Communication skills at health and social care need to be appropriate and effective in nature so that better and supportive delivery of services need to get done (Betancourt and et. al., 2016). Thus, doctors of HSC need to understand about use of communication skills properly so that Anna might got the better and supportive delivery of services. Some major techniques and utilisation of communication skills in HSC are define as follow in context with Anna case:

    • Verbal: It is really important for an individual to communicate their things properly through verbal section. As per the Anna case she was not able to speak properly but her husband could do. Although, no one listen to them properly and thus, this resulted in not providing services properly.
    • Listen: Another communication skill is to listen the things properly. It is really important so that things could be understand in better manner. As per the case of Anna doctor not used to listen a single word from Anna husband and refuse to provide services to her by saying that she has drink something and emergencies are not for such drunk individuals.

    Such things define that HSC need to facilitate appropriate communication skill management whom used to understand the thoughts and aspects of patient and individual of car

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