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    Aspects of Communications in Vodafone.

    University: Severn Business school

    • Unit No: 6
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1177
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: MA3274
    • Downloads: 591
    Question :

    Students who are studying course of communications has approached General manager of Vodafone. They want to understand complete procedure of communication that is present in Vodafone.

    • Evaluate all the aspects of communications in Vodafone.
    • Describe and improve personal interpersonal communication.
    • Understand the process of managing internal and external communication at Vodafone.
    Answer :


    Effective communication is important to perform elementary functions of organisations i.e. organising, leading, controlling and planning. It is significant for managers who can easily communicate with their employees. Communication is considered significant in Vodafone Group PLC multinational company Managers communicate planning and procedures and finally implement them in organisation. In this report Importance of effective communication is shown and its various styles are briefly described. There are also communication barriers and some of its weaknesses which every organisation has to face (Alfaro-Lefevre, 2015). Vodafone Group PLC uses different interpersonal styles and networking and focuses on its improvement through various approaches. In communication management various tools and techniques are used within organisation so that effective internal and external communication can be generated. For this improvement, Vodafone Group PLC has given responsibility to various departments and sections too. Effectiveness arises not just conversing but applying different plans and being aware of current situation of organisation. This awareness can only be developed by conducting meeting and strong networking among employees ans senior team members. Simultaneously, remedies should be prepared for the barriers and weaknesses developed during communication. This report will provide all remedies applied by Vodafone Group PLC and will show barriers which abstract the way of planning and management.

    TASK 1

    1.1 Importance of effective communication in organisations:

    Effective Communication is a pillar of successful organisation. Managers of Vodafone Group PLC contribute largely in it. It is considered as organisational blood. Importance of communication in organisations can be explained in many ways. By informing and clarifying employees about the activities to be performed, communication boosts motivation. If their performance is not to the satisfying level then their performance have to be improved in the manner they are doing the task. Secondly, it helps in decision making process to great extent as it is a source of information in the organisation (Arnold and Boggs, 2015). It helps in assessing and identifying secondary course of practices. Moreover, it helps in developing individual's behaviour i.e. a well informed person will possess a better behaviour than less informed individual. Employee's attitudes are mainly moulded by journals, meetings, organizational magazines and other ways of written and oral communication ways. These meetings and journals alter their behaviour in many ways and so they can communicate in better and understandable way. Another importance of communication is that individual becomes more socialized and helpful. In today's life presence of another individual is very important. One cannot survive without communication. It is an important source of socialising of employees in Vodafone Group PLC. Effective Communication delivers and receives messages frequently and it also helps in managerial proficiency. Earlier also it was discussed that, it plays an important role in process of controlling. Behaviour of members are controlled in various ways. Employees of Vodafone Group PLC follows certain guidelines and principles and also maintain levels of hierarchy (Cardon, 2014). They are compatible with organisational policies and procedures, communicate about their problems and grievances to their supervisors and do their job without any complains. Effective communication creates good impression and many people pay attention to their verbal skills so that more customers are attracted. Organizational policies are acceptable by employees and fine results are achieved by organisation. It takes complete firm to an easy mode and each employee is aware about the procedure of its organisation. There is combine motivation among employees to work towards same objective. They do their best achieve goal.

    • To be Relatable: It is a quality of every organisation that senior leaders should make special effort to know situations of his/her individuals (Fearn-Banks, 2016). This communication practice involve engaging of seniors with their subordinates and walking in the office for informal talks. Interest should be shown by them towards their partners, employees and customers so that a friendly environment is created.
    • To retain, hire, develop, effective communicators: They facilitate organisational change . Individuals know and understand to design communication system within organisation which makes communication flow quite easy. Some leaders have described it as 'communication with care' as seniors apply strategies by choosing their channels and focus on their initiatives by pacing sensitivity of it (Forbes and Wongthongtham, 2016). An employee with better and valuable human resource and skills is rarely found and his/her skills are improvises for better communication system. So to hire good and skilled employees and designing communicating system is one of the communication practise.
    • Investing in information Technology with New formats: There is capital investment in IT due to some reasons. Diminishing cost of information, profit in productivity and transition from industrial to information based economy have increased capabilities. Information is being shared at large level between executives. This information is related to results of unit operating system, corporate operating results, performance of competitor and business goals and plans. Firstly comprehensive information is provided. Secondly, data is integrated across various departmental boundaries. Then, performance and organisational abilities are measured. Then, organisational change is centralised by linking to rearward system and goals. Lastly, effective information is made visible all across organisation. This implies that good communication is not possible without perfect information technology.

    There are many communicating ideas that should be shared with the employees. It isforemost rule of better communication that every person should be a good listener. This helps in creating better impression and increases knowledge. Reactions can be seen by nodding or answering or encouraging feedbacks from the employees of organisation can be considered. There should not be any type of casual conversation with employees (Gallois and Giles, 2015). A limit has to be set with them else unexpected reactions are created. Another important thing is that employees should never rush during communication. A pause should be given while communicating so that discussion can be cleared out.

    1.2 Workforce Commitment through different communication practices:

    Commitment is connected with employees voice and its concepts. It has its own freedeom to speak about his capabilities to do work with consistent and concern. Employees can issue about the environment in which they are working through various mediums. This depends on their effectiveness and knowledge power. They have understanding of various strategic issues related to organisation. Communication demands well management so that at any time confusion created can be avoided among the team members. The problems made are accurate, clear and honest through various practices. Through various practices and media communication has its coverage and impact over business strategies (Hargie, 2016). Workforce commitment is more important than that a thoughtful strategy as change process is accelerated. Communication model needs perceptions and commitment both as a supportive measure. This commitment and support is generated along with superiors and top management. Major view of communication system is integrity which arises due to efficacious and sincere communication style among members of organisation. This integrity is important to achieve its goal and follow Vodafone PLC's rules and regulations in systematic manner.

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