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    Need of Digital Marketing

    Introduction To Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing means marketing of goods and services over the medium of internet or any other digital medium like mobiles phones ,emails etc. It is also known as “data driven marketing.” Through this company can maintain relationship with the customers by exchanging their ideas and thoughts that helps in the achievement of goals of the both parties [sellers and buyers] (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). It's main objective is to reach the customers globally and generating sales and motivate them for taking an action. The present report is based on the JUST EAT UK that deals in online food and delivery service and acting as an intermediary between independent food outlets and restaurant and customers. The below report explains the customer -centric digital marketing audit and objectives of digital marketing strategy and evaluation matrix and customer engagement campaign using SoLoMo approach etc.

    Customer centric digital marketing audit

    Customer centric digital marketing means, in this company does marketing of goods and services and exchange of ideas and thoughts according to the customers ' requirement and their comfort (Weber, 2009). A customer centric approach can add value in the company and it is helpful in differentiate the products from the competitors' products.

    JUST EAT UK target market is young people of the country. JUST EAT UK uses the following model for analysing the customers and their behaviour. It depends on the situation of the customers and the company .models for analysing the customers are as follows-

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    Easy -to- convince model- These model reflects that purchases that require less consideration like purchases by loyal customers and buys from one decision maker etc. With the help of this ,JUST EAT UK are succeed by generating moments of inspiration. Andrew David model of the buyer 's journey affects the buyer purchases. It is helpful to know the customers for future purchases (Kline, Dyer-Witheford and De Peuter, 2003).

    Circular model – This model has six stages that is used in B2B customer 's journey. It's cyclical process fits in that situation where purchasing are done repeatedly. This model explains that what employees of the company need to do at stage of the buyer journey.

    Stages involved in buying decision process of customers- Buying decision process is the decision making process that is used by the buyers before purchasing the products and services. For capture the large market JUST EAT UK should analyse the buying decision process. These process includes five stages that are as follows-

    • Problem recognition- The first stages involves to identify the need and requirement of the products. Firstly consumers and marketers should analyse that what actual consumer wants means which types of products ans services they want (Lindsay and et.al., 2008). If company identified the needs and wants of their target market then it will be good time for advertising their products.
    • Information search- After identifying the needs and requirements ,consumer search the information about products that will satisfy their recognized needs and wants. Information can be collected from many sources like other peoples ,past experiences etc.
    • Evaluation of alternatives- After collecting all information about the products , customers does compare among the collected alternatives on the basis of product's attributes ,benefits etc (Chaffey, Smith and Smith, 2012). that the customers want in the products. Once customers identifies that which one will satisfy the needs ,they start to find out the best deal that may be depend on price ,benefits etc.
    • Purchase- After selecting the best alternative or best deal ,consumer does purchases of that products. This purchase can be disrupted by negative factors or unanticipated situation.
    • Post purchase behaviour – This stages are very critical for the company. At this stages ,after purchasing the products , consumers compares the products with the expectation and the experience after using the products (Grönroos, 1984) . If products are according to the expectation then customer will be satisfied and vice versa. If customer will be satisfied then he will become loyal customers of the company.

    Key issues in digital marketing – There are many issues that are involved in degital marketing which are as follows-

    • Authenticity- The digital marketing 's authenticity of the products is not good . companies show something on the websites and deliver something. Customer gets different products that is not according to the expectation of the customers and that they ordered to the companies.
    • Security problems – In digital marketing ,security issue are major concern .Hackers and crackers can hacks the personal information about the customers like cards information ,password etc. Crackers can crack the companies websites and change the source code of the website.
    • Marketing software is too hard to use- Technology of marketing is more complex because of complexity of customer journey .
    • Network problem – In digital marketing ,network problems can occurred due to weather problems or other problems like at the same time many customers uses the websites that can also reason of network problems (Gupta, Jain, and Sawhney,1999).

    Benefits of digital marketing channel

    • Reduced cost- JUST EAT UK can reduce cost by using digital marketing .It can advertise about their products economically through yellow pages banner etc.
    • Global reach – Through digital marketing ,JUST EAT UK can capture the market globally by investing small amount (Kozinets, 2002)
    • Improved conversion rate – JUST EAT UK are dealing online then their customers get products or services by only few clicks .It saves the time of customers .they don't need to go anywhere for purchasing products or services.
    • Openness – With the help of digital marketing , JUST EAT UK can create loyal customers and be able to create goodwill among customers.

    Digital marketing strategy with objectives and evaluation matrix

    There are many types of digital marketing strategy that will help the company in promoting themselves in this competition. JUST EAT UK adopts the following model or strategy for promoting itself in the competitive market place-

    The RACE planning framework that is used by the company. This frame work involves four stages which are as follows-

    • Reaching – In this stage , JUST EAT UK have aim to increase the market share globally by posting different or interesting content over the medium of internet. Company can post the information about the products and services over the website of it ,social media like twitter etc (Varadarajan and Yadav, 2002). For capture the market ,JUST EAT UK should set the effective tag line that can be able to attract the customers towards their company. e.g.-JUST EAT UK can set the tag line “itsJUSTaclickawy”. It creates a perception in the prospect mind that they can get food in just a one click. It will help the company to create awareness about brand ,generate sales and create goodwill.
    • Acting- If JUST EAT UK are acting then it will attract the customers towards their brand and encourage them for purchasing the products of it. Through this customers will enjoy their customer journey and will become loyal and committed towards the company 's products. Through this company will promote itself in the competition market place.
    • Converting- If company 's product have good quality then it will help in creating brand name that will helpful in converting the prospect into loyal customers ( Kim, Lehto and Morrison, 2007).
    • Engaging- For retaining the customers and convert them into loyal customers ,company uses many schemes and programme like point system ,reward and prizes etc. and communicate with them so that they can motivate for becoming the loyal customers.

    JUST EAT UK has objective to generate sales and to capture the market globally. With the help of digital marketing ,JUST EAT UK can achieve this objective. It become a champion or master in dealing online [taking order and delivery]. Now a days it have more that 7 million members all over the world. It became possible because of digital marketing. In 2006 ,JUST EAT UK launched a application that helped the company to become a leader of online order taking and delivery in the country (Kline, Dyer-Witheford and De Peuter, 2003). At this time JUST EAT UK offer the products and services to 30000 restaurants in all over the world. It became possible with the help of digital marketing. It advertise about their products and services over the medium of internet ,TV etc.

    Evaluation of digital marketing strategy is very important for achieving the objective of the organisation. Marketing strategy means that strategy that is helpful in creating brand awareness and generating sales and process. Marketing strategy is helpful in achieving the competitive advantages over the competitors and get large market share globally. Company should evaluate timely that company is going on a right path or not (Weber, 2009) .If not then should take corrective action. This evaluation is done for checking the effectiveness of the marketing strategy . Digital marketing strategy can be evaluated by the following tools and techniques which are as follows-

    • Through social media- JUST EAT UK can evaluate their digital marketing strategy through the social media [Facebook ,twitter etc.] .company can evaluate by checking how many people are following the company. In this company evaluates by using HOOTSUITE which check the clicks on the link of company's website.
    • Google analytics- It is very helpful in tracking the no. of people that likes or shares or comments and as well as the rate of returning customers (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). By implementing this analytical tools company can get information that how many people are visiting the websites of the company.
    • JUST EAT UK can evaluate the digital marketing strategy by evaluating that how many people are converting from prospect to loyal customers.
    • It can evaluate by checking this by implementing this digital marketing strategy , how many people are attracted towards the company 's products or services and what is the amount of increasing sales or profits .If profit or sales are increased then it it is treated that digital marketing strategy is effected (Bampo and et.al., 2008)

    Recommendation for a Customers Engagement Campaign using SoLoMo

    SoLoMo stands for social +local marketing +mobile. Now a days it is most popular term of new marketing approach. It tells or represents that how business is interacting with the internet and how it is interacting with their target market. Through this approach ,company can easily deal online (indsay, S.G. ed., 2005 ). Before designing and implementing this approach ,company should involve the following things which are as follows-

    Consumer insight - For developing a successful SoLoMo approach ,company should have knowledge about the consumer behaviour or attitude. Company should know how consumer are purchasing the products and how much time he is taken for purchasing the products and should know what questions are asked by consumer while purchasing the products. After knowing these question (Chaffey, Smith and Smith, 2012).company should made marketing strategy.

    Ability to relinquish control- Consumer expects that there should be transparency and control. So company should provide transparency and control to the consumers. SoLOMo marketers can give control to consumers in the following way-

    • By providing different channels to the customers (Grönroos, 1984).
    • If company have physical outlets then should provide Wi-Fi access.
    • Should provide options for interacting with the company.
    • Should provide option that they can order from anywhere.

    Convenience – Consumer wants to purchase the products or services from there where they feel comfortable or get more choices . So SoLoMo marketers should ensure that the consumer will get everything related to the business easily and quickly. For example – Location , content and answer to their questions etc (Gupta, Jain and Sawhney, 1999).

    Listening skills – Company should pay attention to the consumers what they want to say about your products and services , your competitors etc. So while designing the SoLoMo approach company should pay attention to the consumers.

    So while designing and implementing the SoLoMo approach ,company should involve the following points for making this strategy successful (Kozinets, 2002) . Consumer is engaged in SoLoMo approach. They are engaged in the following way which are as follows-

    • Social- Now a days consumer are more social means most of the people are connected with the social technology .They are using social networking sites like Facebook ,twitter etc. Now they can easily transmit and receive information instantly and immediately which transformed the way of purchasing the products and services (Varadarajan and Yadav, 2002). At this time before purchasing the products they see the review about the products on the social networking sites then purchased the products. So todays time most of the people purchased the products online .
    • Mobile – Today time is the changing time. At this time everyone have the smartphone that are using for online shopping. No one need to go anywhere for shopping and purchasing any products. They can purchase anything by just a click and sitting at home. It saves the time of the people. It is just a great experience of shopping.
    • Local- Location based platforms are used for some promotional offer that is offered by the company. In this company give opportunity to the customer for doing comments ,rate and share their experience with their businessperson are many types of local station like foursquare etc (What Is Digital Marketing?. 2017).

    Traditional marketing includes tangible items like business cards ,yellow pages ,posters ,billboards ,newspaper ,magazines etc. while in digital marketing , marketing is done through internet ,emails etc. Now a days digital marketing is more successful as comparison to traditional marketing. Techniques of digital marketing which are followed by JUST EAT UK for doing marketing of products and services that are provided by them-

    • social media- JUST EAT UK does advertise about their products and services through social media like twitter ,Instagram ,Facebook etc.
    • E-mails- Company does advertise about their products and services through emails. It sends the mail to the customers and tells and give information to them.
    • Search engine marketing- In this company pay for showing the company name first when people will search anything over the internet .

    Techniques of traditional marketing

    In this company does advertising through the following way which are as follows-

    • Printed media – In this company does advertising about their products and services in printed forms like newspaper ,magazines ,yellow pages , brouchers etc.
    • Billboards – Billboards are like banner but this includes lighting around the billboards .These are located at highways etc (What Is Digital Marketing?. 2017).

    Both marketing is good at their places .It is difficult to say that which one is best .These marketing is depend on the target group . Marketing strategies are made according to the target group . Assume target group is living at that places where they have no internet ,mobiles phones etc then there should do traditional marketing and vice versa.


    Now a days digital marketing is very important in an organisation for generating the sales and profits and it is helpful in achieving the large market share and competitive advantages over the competitors . From the above study which is based on digital marketing ,it can be concluded that digital marketing is helpful in achieving the large market share and it has many benefits like time saving ,cost effective, global reach as well as it have some disadvantages like security issue authenticity and network etc. In the above report , SoLoMo marketing strategy and it's elements is analysed and techniques of digital marketing and traditional marketing are explain and critically evaluated that digital, marketing is good in comparison to traditional marketing.


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