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    Principles of Marketing & Communications in a Digital Word

    University: University of Roehampton London

    • Unit No: 11
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 4 / Words 983
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: QAB020C416S
    • Downloads: 897


    Marketing is an essential thing of business to improve the sales that is fruitful for the profit. There are some fundamentals principles of marketing which will be underpin in the report along with the communication in digital world cause the digitization is one of the most important factor of the business to incline the profit in the market. The sansD & eacute; faut is a shampoo for the hair care which will nourish the hairs. To launch a new product the firm needs to do various marketing activities like market analysis, marketing strategies which includes segmentation, targeting and positioning and marketing mix to launch a new product in the United Kingdom (Armstrong, Koestler and Barker, 2015).

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    a)Description of new product

    The new product is named as SaD & eacute; faut shampoo which is specially being launched for every type of hairs cause when there is a need of different kind of hair solutions because of the different nature of hair. As there are different nature of hair and that is why they requires different nourishment for curly, silky, straight and fizzy hairs. Their main aim is to provide total care for everyone's hair which means that mother and daughter can use the same shampoo for distinct hairs. This is because there are many shampoos which offers a different care for different hair types but the Sand & ampeacutefaut shampoo is considered as a full pack of nourishment of proteins and vitamins that is essential for hair and that gives flawless hairs to every girl to show a versatile look and they can carry variety of hairdos that can be styled after use of this shampoo. These are the main focusing points of a shampoo that can be used in marketing cause the type of the product and the quality of the product matters for the end user. Get Assignment Help by Australia at the lowest price.

    Marketing analysis

    Marketing analysis is a situation analysis which is used to know the position in the market. SWOT analysis is internal analysis of the factors to embrace the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the new products in the existence of other brands (Mulhern, 2013).

    SWOT analysis



    • The Sand & amputate faut shampoo is a initially launched for a local market that means product is only for the UK.
    • Sand eacute faut shampoo is undergone by several process and tested by the dermatologists so there is no harmful chemicals which can damage the hair.
    • It is licensed by the government so there is no trusted source of the product.
    • A full pack of nutrition for different kind of hairs.
    • It gives a a volume to the hair with shining and soft touch.
    • Sand & amputate faut shampoo is available in the local market.
    • It needed a strong marketing strategies and channels to distribute product.
    • The product has less exposure in the global market.



    • SanDé faut shampoo can explore in the international market that can increase its business.
    • The extension also aid to enhance the economy of the country.
    • Sand & ampeacutefaut can also launch some new products with the same the name like conditioner, serum, etc.
    • There are already established brands that give a stiff competition in the market.
    • The price of Sand & ampeacutefaut shampoo is also a big task that can bare all the expenses in development process.
    • Failure of the product may be because of the targeting people.
    • It is new entry in the market among the brands which already occupies the market with their strong presence across the border.

    b) Strategy for the segmentation, targeting and positioning.

    As it is known that Sand & ampeacutefaut shampoo, is a new product that's why it requires strong marketing strategy that can place it among the people for whom it developed. The marketing strategies can be conduct as :

    Marketing research The marketing research is important because it identifies the requirement of the product in a particular area and the reason behind the product development in order to develop a product that can meet the people expectations. Research is conducted to recognize the customer's need and to develop a product that can satisfy the customers.

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