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    Digital Marketing Plan For Google Merchandise Store


    Digital Marketing refers to all those marketing efforts that effectively use various digital channels to attract, retain and connect with organisations' current and potential customers. In such internet-driven business environment, it is essential that companies develop effective digital plan which satisfies their marketing objectives. The following report is based on Google Merchandise, which is an E-commerce website that deals in Google-branded products and merchandises. It covers Digital Marketing Analysis and implementation of a practical digital marketing plan. It also includes effective critical analysation and justification of the aspects chosen to develop and effective digital marketing plan for Google Merchandise Store.

    TASK 1

    Company Overview

    Google LLC, is a world-renowned American Multinational Technology Company which specialises in various internet products and services, like search engine, online advertising technologies and cloud computing. The company gained the first spot in the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands with a brand value higher than $245 Billion (...). The firm is currently working towards strengthening its customer base and has announced various new projects like Longevity, Google Genomics, The Liftware Spoon, etc. (…).

    Google Merchandise Store is official store of Google that contains merchandises that are produced by the company. The company is currently looking for new and effective ways of marketing this website to make customers aware about their merchandises and connect with them appropriately. For this, a Digital Media Marketing Plan is being developed for the company to achieve this agenda and to effectively develop integrated marketing communication strategy for the company.

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    Situational Analysis

    Internal Analysis:

    This refers to the internal capabilities of the company that could help the firm to identify its core strengths and weakness. The biggest core strength of the firm is that the companies have effective sources both tangible and intangible. The company has effective digital channels to communicate with their customers. In addition, firm has modern facilities, effective equipments,  access to latest technologies and so forth. Another strength of this company has is its widespread reputation and effective customer base which helps the firm to ensure a high customer response from their digital marketing plan (...).

    However, despite so many capabilities, the firm lags behind to cope with the future technological requirements of the world. The resources, though effective are limited and would be soon obsolete. Moreover, the firm is dependant more on advertisements which made the firm receive a big drop in their revenues from ads (…).

    External Analysis:

    Macro environment:

    This refers to the general environment which induces external pressure on the company's operations. These factors could be well described by performing PESTLE analysis which are external environment factors that could effectively provide opportunities and threats avaibale for the firm in the outside market.






    Google Merchandise Store is an online outlet that provides merchandises to various parts of the world. The company plans to implement its Digital Marketing strategies within the UK. This requires the company to gain an insight on UK government and its legislations.

    The biggest opportunity for Google Merchandise Store is that the company could open a new production plant for its merchandises as the policies of the country provides effective support to investments.

    One of the threats that would have maximum effect on Google Merchandise Store is there are ongoing changes in the regulations of the firm which could effect the operations of the company and its offerings within the nation.


    This factor requires the firm to look into the economical factors that could have an impact on the company. Within the UK, the current economic condition is quite uncertain. Moreover, the economy is struggling to get itself back on track after degradation in the value of money in the country.

    Post-Brexit, the country has enhanced rate of unemployment levels that leaves the company with effective talent and skills. Firm could hire such personnels to internally strengthen itself.

    With reduction in the value of Pounds, the standard of living of people living in the country has substantially declined. In addition, the country has high inflation rate which made customers switch to cheaper alternatives rather than qualitative offerings. Another threat for the company is to effectively us the increase in the shipping cost because of tariffs and VAT would reflect the price of its products (...).


    UK has a big consumer market. The births in the country effectively outnumber the deaths and population of the nation is expected to reach beyond 74 million by 2039 (...).

    People within the country favour online shopping these days. This is the biggest opportunity for Google Merchandise store to exhibit its product online.

    The biggest threat faced by the company is that social trends are quite dynamic are subjected to random and drastic changes.


    Considered to be one of the most technologically advanced countries of the world, UK online market is quite advanced with effective internet access spread throughout the country.

    The internet systems and effective technology like AI and automation could allow the firm to gain an advantage over other companies in the market.

    With rise in access to technology, there are also various online crimes that could be a threat for the firm such as online infringements, cyber hacking, etc.

    Micro Environment:

    Market Trends:

    For effective Digital Market Analysis, it is imperative for companies to analyse the market trend. Online shopping has been a quite widespread phenomena where shopping is concerned and worldwide, it has witnessed a growth in recent years. Within the UK market, this trend is quite widespread and the country has witnessed a substantial rise in its online sales. Following is the data of E-Commerce sales represented as a percentage of overall retail sales in recent years.


    (Source: Global Online Retail Spending – Statistics and Trends, 2018)

    Another effective trend that is shaping up the market and its players is the enhanced technology. With rise in automation and Artificial Intelligence, online market is planning to cover wider areas of providing customer satisfaction. Within the business processes too, AI will allow companies to manage each customer effectively and personalisation could be appropriately managed  which would enhance shopping experience of individuals (...).

    With rising figures of online shopping trends, it is quite an opportunity for Google Merchandise Store to develop and feature effective products online and introduce new product lines to make it a one-stop shop for its customers. In addition, where AI is concerned, it would allow the company to transform its business operations and opt for methods that eradicate the possibility of errors. With the viewpoints of Tegmark Max (2016), there are various concerns in recent times that hint at the safety of implementing AI systems. This is because these are and will be generally designed to minimise human intervention which could enhance the threat in case it makes a decision that is one in favour of the company.

    Buyer Personality

    Customers are an integral part of a firm's existence and for Google Merchandise Store, these customers are an effective aspect to be considered for its Digital Marketing Strategy. To achieve this, the firm is required to dig in to Buyers' Persona in order to understand their customers and communicate with them.

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