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    Internet Marketing

    Introduction of Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing is the process where advertisement and marketing of product of an entity is done via internet or electronic modes. This study is based on the digital marketing process of Smart Restorations limited which is a small firm situated in London and engaged in buying and selling of used and refurnished office furniture. It the below report, whole study is based on the way in which this firm operates its functions via internet. Through this study, the learner will get an idea about various elements involved in internet marketing along with e-marketing mix process (De Mooij, 2013). This study will describe about different search engines and e-tools of e-marketing which are beneficial to enhance the sale of this corporation. In this report, learner will be able to understand the internet marketing plan of organization to develop various strategies.

    TASK 1


    Internet or digital marketing is the process of promoting goods and services of an enterprise via various forms of electronic media (Strauss, 2016). In other words, marketing and advertising of products through electronic means is known as digital marketing. There are so many elements of internet marketing through which products of company can be advertised such as search engine optimization, banner advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, etc. This marketing is very important for Smart Restorations Ltd. because it helps the management of entity to display its products and services online with the help of internet. It facilitates selling of goods and services without setting up of outlets and people can buy the products any time. This process is less expensive than physical marketing (El-Gohary, 2012). Elements involves in this are explained below:

    Search engine optimization (SEO):

    It is one of the best way to target audience and to increase the visibility of brand of entity. Smart Restoration Limited needs to adopt this method to aware public about its products and services. This strategy alkso helps in reviewing the existing website of company along with its competitors’ websites. This campaign is beneficial for this firm to increase its search ranking.

    Email marketing:

    It is accost effective tool of marketing. An effective email marketing campaign will assists Smart Restoration Limited to enhance its sales and revenue. If a firm has an email address of their customers then the entity may send mails periodically to them to aware its users about various offers, discounts and launching of new products. Therefore, it allows corporation to stay in touch on regular basis with its consumers.

    Social media marketing:

    Today, marketing of products and services through social media become the trend of this generation. It becomes very important part of marketing in the present time. Social media is two way communication with consumers. This element of online marketing helps Smart Restoration Limited to increase its sales and profits while reducing market costs,

    Content marketing:

    A good content will help an enterprise to change its website into lead generating machine. Today, customers search information about the product they want to buy before purchasing such items. It attracts people towards the products of Smart Restoration Limited and also change the buyer’s behavior.

    Pay per click:

    Pay per click is such advertisement which is posted by company on the web page of search engine in text format. It facilitated Smart Restoration Limited to target specific geographical area. It helps firm to target more audience.

    Banner advertisement:

    Banner advertising is such which is used by every company to advertise its goods and services. Smart Restoration limited also uses this. here, banners are designed by management of organization then it is places to the selected websites which are often used by general public. It is a smart way to attract target audience.


    Smart Restorations Ltd. uses internet marketing mix to promote its products and services. It includes four P’s of marketing mix i.e. product, price, promotion and place which are discussed as follows:


    In internet marketing mix, product means services or brand of company for which strategies are developed by the management of Smart Restorations. (Gautam, 2012). The customers know what they have to purchase and they easily get the information about various features of products on the website of enterprise. It is an intangible process where customers are not able to touch the products but images of such are uploaded on the website so, that buyers may choose and check the availability and suitability. Smart Restorations Ltd. provides clear and full specification of the products it sells.


    Pricing is an important function of managers of an entity. In this, price of products is decided by the management. Smart Restorations Ltd. follows the method of online auction for pricing its goods. This is done to attract customers’ attention that helps to increase the online sale of its goods and services.


    It refers to make the products available in the market to end users. E-place involves facilitating the way through which goods of an enterprise are to be displayed on website (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). The developer and researcher of Smart Restorations Ltd. are engaged in marketing research and develop the sales portal on which they can sell their products easily. It becomes very easy for the end users to search out such portal and buy whatever they want to purchase online.


    Smart Restorations Ltd. attracts customers with the use of various methods of online promotions such as search engine marketing, social media, email marketing, posting postures and advertisement on different websites. A good promotion method helps organization to grow up in the market.


    Electronic tools or e-tools are those which are used by the corporations that are involved in online selling and marketing of products. There are the following e-tools which are used by Smart Restorations Ltd:


    It is a social networking site that brings all known and unknown people together online (Moe and Trusov, 2011). Many establishments and organizations create fan pages on Facebook to spread up their brand image online. Smart Restorations Ltd. also created such pages to increase its customers. This is very famous among all types of people whether younger or older. It is beneficial for the corporation because many students and other people are connected with this site. So, it has become easy to make the people aware about its products and services. Facebook is cost effective and somewhat similar to twitter.


    It is another social networking site that allows any person to create an account on it and post tweets. Tweets are the messages which are in electronic form where people post their doing, thinking, etc. Smart Restorations Ltd. set up a twitter account to stay connected with more customers (Fritz, 2013). Here, the entity posts its newly organized events, information about its goods and services and many more things related to same. It attracts a large number of customers and also, it is cost effective as similar to Facebook.

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    YouTube is an internet site which is popular among the people for posing and sharing of videos. Smart Restorations Ltd. has posted so many videos on it to make the people aware about it. Recently, it has created own channel where it used to post various videos of different events and parties along with various shows held in different places. It also posts videos related to the process of buying goods and services from its website which is helpful for the buyers of its products. The major advantage of this e-tool is that it is cost free and videos allow the company to reach a large number of audience.


    Interactive order processing is the process of e-commerce which involves whole process of online business from production to its delivery to the end users. Smart Restorations Ltd. follows this process which includes the following steps:

    Choosing a supplier:

    Choosing a supplier means selecting company from which a consumer wants to buy the product (Juon, Greiling and Buerkle, 2011). It is the first step taken by a user before placing an order. Here, users will search various websites and then find the perfect one.

    Selecting a product:

    The product which a user has to buy is selected by them. Selecting the right product is one of the most important functions of customers. A product is selected as per the desire and requirement of consumers.

    Check stock availability:

    After selecting the product manufactured by Smart Restorations Ltd., buyer will check the availability of such product in the stock of entity. If it is available in the stock then the firm will proceed to next step.

    Placing order:

    After checking the stock, purchaser will have to click on the place order button displaying on the website of Smart Restorations Ltd. Here, user has to give complete information about such place where it has to be delivered by the firm.

    Authorization of payment:

    On the website of Smart Restorations Ltd., payment on delivery is not available and therefore, it is to be made online through debit or credit cards as well as it can be also done through internet banking.

    Online confirmation and delivery information:

    After making payment, an online conformation of the order will be sent to the authorized mobile number and email address (Sin Tan, Chong and Lin, 2013). It will also include the expected date of delivery of such order.

    Tracking of order:

    Smart Restorations Ltd. facilitates its users to track their orders after receiving its confirmation.

    Delivery of order:

    It is the last step where goods or services are delivered to the end users. Here ends the process of interactive order processing.

    TASK 2


    Marketing research means study of market conditions that includes collecting information about the needs and wants of customers along with their preferences, tastes as well as likes and dislikes by two methods known as primary and secondary research. Under secondary market research, information is gathered through past data, records and reports, trade associations, studies by government agencies, etc. within enterprise (Tsai and Cheng, 2012). For conducting secondary market research, data is collected through various sources such as journals, online resources, news articles, research papers, etc. Smart Restorations Ltd. uses secondary resources to know the customer’s needs and desires. This helps the firm to collect quantitative data which has been collected by the researcher to develop new strategies to fulfill the demand of users. Smart Restorations Ltd. uses high end technology to create healthy customer relations. This facilitates company the full and detailed information about users or buyers along withpast purchase history of them. It has created a mobile application that helps the management of entity to get connected with its customers and receives feedback from their users.

    Smart Restorations Ltd. has developed worldwide loyalty program in UK, US and many more countries to offer various benefits to their loyal customers in the form of bulk purchasing at a low cost. The secondary data can also be collected through various online methods, tools and techniques that include Google insight and trends, blogs, research communities, etc. To gain access on the qualitative and quantitative data which is required to know the satisfaction level of consumers; all these online tools are very helpful (Roberts and Zahay, 2012).


    Online survey is consists of some questionnaire which is completed by the targeted audience over the internet. Online research is done by Smart Restorations Ltd. to know the satisfaction level of the consumers towards its products. Satisfaction of a person can be in related to quality of products, pricing policy, quality of high end technology. This survey is designed by Smart Restorations Ltd. on its websites and blogs to get information from end users after their purchasing. In physical purchase this thing is not possible but in online buying and selling it plays a very important role in the success of any business organization (Shukla, 2010). Through online survey, information is collected from the likes and comments made by the users about the products. It includes both positive as well as negative comments. More and more likes will bring the positive result

    Recently, Smart Restorations Ltd. has developed some one ended and close ended questions on its website for the purchaser of the product that whether they liked the product or not and what are their suggestions to improve its quality in case of negative comments. Online survey is a systematic gathering of data from the customers or users of products of this enterprise. Here, consumer answers the various questions displayed on the screen after and before buying any item online. The survey is made by Smart Restoration Limited on the basis of following questionnaire:

    1.Do you buy products online?

    • Yes
    • No

    2.How often you purchase goods online?

    • Very often
    • Moderately often
    • Slightly often

    3.What types of products you buy over the internet?

    4.Through which website you shop often?

    5.What is your main aim behind online shopping?

    6.How comfortable are you purchasing goods online?

    • Extremely comfortable
    • Moderate comfortable
    • Slightly comfortable
    • Not comfortable

    7.Which method of payment you used while online purchasing?

    • Debit card
    • Credit card
    • Internet banking
    • PayPal
    • Other then specify below

    8.On which website you are more comfortable in buying goods? Specify below:

    • 9.Do you like the services of website from where you buy products?
    • Best services
    • Moderate services
    • Poor services
    • Very bad services

    10.Quality of products which are purchase through online.

    • Best quality
    • Good quality
    • Poor quality
    • Very bad quality

    11.Do you feel any threat while shopping online? Specify below:

    Recently, Smart Restorations Ltd. has launched a mobile application which also helps in online survey. In this, an application ask the user after use of it that do you like the application and its functions then how many stars you would like to give this application. It includes one to five stars where one stands for very poor, two stars indicates poor, three stars stands for average, four stands for good and five stars indicated that the application is very good or excellent (Kondopoulos, 2011). On the website of this organization also the questions similar to this are asked by customers after purchasing of it and a conclusion is made upon such replies by them.


    Relationship marketing is a component of customer relationship marketing whose main focus is on the loyalty of consumers and their engagement in buying of products from a particular site and company. There are so many benefits enjoyed by both; manufacturers and the customers. This marketing facilitates heavy return on investment, more feedbacks, easy to target, lower costs, higher return on investment from customer acquisition, etc. Electronic customer relationship marketing includes an application that involves various internet techniques such as websites, chat rooms, emails and many other channels. It is developed by Smart Restorations Ltd. to build up a strong relationship with its customers which enhance their satisfaction level (Fan and Tsai, 2010). It is used to shift the focus of management of company from itself to their consumers in order to fulfill desires and requirements of its customers.

    The major benefit of e-CRM is to create loyalty among customers towards entity. By developing e-CRM, management of Smart Restorations Ltd. will come to know about the buying behavior of users and through this, they can influence their tastes and preferences. The past purchase behavior of such users is also determined by the firm and they will price their products accordingly. Generally, pricing of product is based on the demand of individuals and here, enterprise firstly understands the buying behavior of people and then set the price of their goods and services (Nezamabad, 2011). There are some security issues involved in e-CRM. Due to open network system, sometimes, data may be theft by some system hackers which affect various operations of the business entity.

    TASK 4


    Online marketing plan is developed by Smart Restorations Ltd. by keeping in mind the situational analysis. At present, there is a strong competition going on in the industry. Several well established enterprises are the strongest competitors of Smart Restorations Ltd. Many new entities have also come up with new and innovative techniques to compete with this enterprise (Corley II, Jourdan and Ingram, 2013). SWOT analysis of Smart Restorations Ltd. is made as under to know its position in the market:


    It is the strongest part of company that it has a strong brand image in industry. It uses high end technology and public relationship is also maintained by the same. It has a strong presence, maintenance of customer data as well as good perception among consumers.


    It has a limited list of traffic sources. E-tools used by this company are insufficient and should explore this. Management should concentrate more on the content of online marketing because it has a narrow focus on this (Potolokova and Kurysheva, 2013).


    Smart Restorations Ltd. can expand its product portfolio and can explore business in other countries. It needs to develop technologies for CRM activities and should opt the campaign of email.


    It involves some issues related to health and safety of the workers as well as consumers. Competition level has increased by entrance of new establishments in the market.

    The external analysis of Smart Restorations Ltd. can be done by evaluating PESTEL factors such as political, social, economic, environmental, technological and legal (Chen, 2011). Here, technological factor has more influence over the internet marketing of Smart Restorations Ltd. Along with that, legal and social factors also affect internet marketing as with the permission of customers and government only, it can work. Various channels have been developed by Smart Restorations Ltd. such as texting and segmentation process. It is developed by the corporation for its end users or customers.

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    Pay Per Click

    Pay per click is a model of internet which is used by an individual or enterprise to direct traffic to websites. In this process, the advertiser pays money to the publisher when he/she clicks on that advertisement. This is generally associated by first tier search engine. It is also known as keyword advertising. These advertisements are appeared alongside of the result on search engines. These advertisements are available at both organic and paid search engines but today they are increasing on non paid search engines. In this, the search engine is paid every time when the users click on such poster.

    These ads are sold in an auction with the maximum amount of bid. Smart Restorations Ltd. also posted these types of posters on web pages (Chen, Fay and Wang, 2011). If someone clicks on pay per click listing then they reach to the website of such company and then the company paid the amount to the user up to the amount that person bid on. Therefore, it is a type of advertisement and facilitates a way to earn money which is beneficial for both enterprise and user.

    Figure 1: Poster of Pay per click

    (Source: Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012)

    Figure 2: Process of Pay per click advertising

    (Source: Mathews and Bianchi, 2010)



    The above report concluded that internet marketing is used by Smart Restorations Ltd. which is proved to be beneficial for its growth and success. It described about various elements of digital marketing such as e-commerce, e-business and factors of macro and micro environment. Smart Restorations Ltd. uses e-marketing mix which assists the management to design the product which setting its price along with deciding its place where it will be sold as well as promotion. Various promotional channels are used by this enterprise to create effective public relations with their suppliers, customers, social media, writers, etc. A secondary market research is done by researcher of corporation and with the use of journals, reports, past records and data. At the end of this report, SWOT analysis of Smart Restorations Ltd. is done to know the strongest and weakest point of company. This analysis provides a valuable tool for understanding the company's position in the market. For further assistance on this topic, consider exploring assignment help resources for in-depth understanding and analysis.


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