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    LSBM306 E-marketing Level 6


    E-marketing is defined as an activity of utilising the web-based channels for promoting goods or services, communicating business objectives to customers and generating brand awareness in the market. Methods used in E-marketing are search engine, social media optimisation, displayed advertisements, etc. E- Marketing is an effective tool which helps an organisation in increasing sales as well as profitability. Electronic marketing making includes application of selling principles and techniques through utilising electronic media. The purpose of the report is to identify the way social networks can be used for increasing the firm’s marketing potential. It also emphasizes on determining the relevance of internet to new concept of marketing in context of Tesla UK.

    Task 1

    1) Identifying the way social networks can be effectively used for further increasing organisation’s marketing potential

    Introducing new products by using social media platform assists business entity in promoting goods, services and generating the brand awareness. It also provides business entity an opportunity to analyse the expectations as well as perceptions of clients about the products or services provided by an enterprise. Social media sites provide the firm an opportunity connected with people and influence them to purchase a particular brand. There are following strategies which can be adopted by Tesla in order to use social network sites effectively and effective as well efficient use of the platform (Nwokah and Irimagha, 2017).

    Reviewing of existing social media strategy-It is required by management team in Tesla organisation to review their existing Electronic marketing strategy. As this will assist manager in ensuring that all the posting, sharing of reviews is taking place. This activity supports the business entity in increasing creditability.

    Create appropriate plan: The marketing team in Tesla is required to establish certain targets or objectives which will further support marketing manager in measuring the performance. In next stage, marketing team should define target audience and focus on the same. Plan should also include the analysis of the way customer’s greenmailing with brand and responding to the launch of new product. Developing the plan will help business entity in determining the fact that whether specific strategy will work or not.

    Considered social media tool: There are many social media sites such as twitter, Facebook, blog etc. that can be used for marketing purpose. It is required by marketing manager in Tesla to treat ever social media tool as its own entity and includes pictures, videos in online advertisement. As this will help in making advertisement looking attractive as well as it will assist in gaining the attention of customers.

    Providing industry experts an advance preview-It is very much important for company to allow customers or bloggers to make comment, share their views, opinions, feedback about the products or services. As this activity will help firm in identifying the area of improvement and developing further marketing plans (Sheikh, Shahzad and Ishaq, 2017)

    Encouraging the participation of customers and employees-Introduce discounts, offers, online rewards, coupons etc. As this strategy will support business entity in engaging customers in business and providing client with high level of satisfaction. Marketing team can also adopt strategy to design and launch a large e scale contest seeking videos or photos with new product launch by company.

    Coordinating online as well as offline marketing channels: In Electronic marketing, coordination between online as well offline marketing channels is very much important. It is required by marketing team in Tesla to provide consistent messages across all mediums and direct offline to online channels.

    Creating the video for demonstrating the benefits of use of specific product- as this strategy will allow company to provide the complete detail about the products to customers and positively influence them to buy specific brand (Bazooka, Alansari and Masa’deh, 2017)

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    In this modern era, it is identified that the rate of people making use of social media is raising at tremendous rate. In this respect, there are different types of benefits that organization like Tesla gets. In this respect, below given are some of the advantages of using social media:

    Direct interaction: Employees are the one who have direct interaction with customers. They are able one who present the information regarding the type of products and services. With the help of social media, firm is able to clarify all the doubts that they have towards the products and services delivered (Rahimnia and Hassanzadeh, 2013). In conditions when any types of problems are identified, then appropriate steps can be taken to overcome them. Further, there are options provided in social media in which customers are able to get use strategies to make the advertisement displayed for longer period of time. With the help of social media, individuals will get to know about the products and the rate of growth is possible in positive direction.

    Reaching out customers: There are many researches that are carried out on preference of people in making use of social media. This way, it can be started that many of the purchases are made by people based on the information that are received from advertisement displayed on social media. There is a positive perception developed with the use of social media and thus it encourages individuals to develop a strong customer. However, businesses need to make sure that post made by service users are positive (Strauss, 2016). In condition when posts made by people are not positive, then it has negative impact over the growth.

    Providing discount offers: People do not feel comfortable to make use of the products that they receive do not show any type of positive response (Taylor and Strutton, 2010). In order words, there are certain set of expectation that individuals have before purchase decisions are made. In this context, when customers are provided with discount offers, then it is favourable enough to develop positive perception within the mind of people. When the rate of discount is high, then there are conditions of more people to make use of the products. Quality and price of the products have direct impact over purchasing decision of people.

    Description about the product: When individuals have information about the product or services, then they aim to relate with the products to their need and requirements. When a person gets to know about the product or services on regular basis, then they are able act positively. With the help of information, all the doubts that they have towards the product should be covered as it helps in raise the sales and profitability.

    Multi social media: There are many social media platforms on which advertisements can be displayed. With this respect, it includes Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. (Trainor, Rapp and Schillewaert, 2011). When information by Tesla is given on “Tesla Roadster”, then it favourable that more and more people will get to know about the services that are delivered. In conditions when the rate of information attained is high, then it becomes helpful to attract individuals and in raising profitability.

    2) Critical evaluation of social media platform as modern marketing concepts

    When talking about the social media, it is highly effective when the rate of promotion made is highly effective in attracting individuals who will take up purchase decision. This is only possible when Tesla has skilled workers to support the firm to grow in positive direction. With this respect, there are many marketing theories that are used by companies. Some major marketing theories that will involve the utilization of internet and are been taken in the consideration by Tesla UK is as follows:

    • Ansoff matrix: The Ansoff matrix will help in improving the production capacity of the organisation and will have to look after the effective measures that will help in better handling of the wide range of the business operations. The approaches under this measure will help in better development of product. Company will use internet, especially the social media platform to penetrate in the market and have a high level of knowledge about the needs and demands of the organisation. The social media platforms can be also used in the development of the new product or services by getting the opinion of the customers on the idea or the service by the Tesla motors. This will help the company to have a better idea about the range of operations and requirements of the users, to develop a high quality product or service and helping them to meet the needs and demands of the customers in a better way (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, 2016). Apart from this, the social media and internet will also be used as the effective tool of the market development and create loyal customer base for the organisation. It will help the company to launch the electric cars of Tesla motors in a new and effective market environment. This approach will support the better revenue generation, helps the company to gain a better customer's loyalty. Other than this, the approach of diversification will be based on the interaction with various customers and experts through the medium of the social media platform. The tools and techniques of using Facebook, twitter and other platforms will help the firm to gain a better productivity and profitability in a better way.
    • 7 p's of marketing mix: the social media will help in the better handling of the different operations that will help in gaining the high level of the operational efficiency and meet the organisational measures of the organisation. It will help the company to develop a better price operations that will support more selling and purchasing of the firm. Other than this, the social media will help the firm to get the knowledge about the place i.e. the showroom or the outlet that will support the accessibility of the customer to the firm. Besides this, it will also help in improving the work process of the organisation (Mata and Quesada 2014). The social media tools can be used for the customer to have a look over the production procedure of the electric cars. The feedbacks and reviews received through the users, experts and tech enthusiasts will also help the company to develop the new product and services complimentary with the cars of Tesla Motors. It will also help to engage people to make the fan clubs or customer groups that will help in better handling of their needs and demands to fulfil them. But on the major part, the social media platform will be used to promote and advertise the cars, technology and well as the products of the Tesla UK among the customers (Strauss and Frost, 2014). This social media platform is the most effective way to get connected to the different people and organisations and have a better handling of operations causing rise in the brand awareness and knowledge of the customers about the brand and the products of the Tesla UK. Besides this, it will also help the organisation to provide the better product and services to its customers and have a better loyalty and customer satisfaction level. Besides this, the quality and the user experience of the customer regarding the usage the cars of Tesla Motors, that will be shared upon the social media will help in better rise in the physical evidence of the organisation (Mazzarol, 2015).


    From this report, it can be concluded that focus of the business is to raise their sales and profitability. This is only possible when they make use of social media to have direct interaction with customers and by taking up steps to overcome the problems that are faced by them. In addition to this, employee should be able to perform their set of goals in effective manner so that requirement of service users can be identified and steps are taken to fulfil them.


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    • Nwokah, N.G. and Irimagha, B.B., 2017. E-Marketing Orientation and Social Media Implementation in the Banking Industry in Nigeria. Ibusiness. 9(04). pp.111.

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