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    Report on Ideal Job and Its Overall Job Description


    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 4 / Words 909
    • Paper Type: Essay
    • Course Code: EMPL4007
    • Downloads: 343
    Question :

    Project Task:

    This project is a portfolio and contains two tasks, I) presentation and ii) report.

    Task 1: PowerPoint Presentation (8 slides) to be delivered within 8 to 10 minutes.

    You are required to give a presentation on how to locate and evaluate the resources for academic or employment related purposes. Provide at least three resources, give details of each resource and analyse their advantages and disadvantages.

    Task 2: Report (Approximately 800 words)

    You are assigned to find information regarding your ‘ideal job’ after graduation. In the report, you must mention, a) what is your ideal job, b) the job description for the role, c) brief summary of person specifications and how you qualify for the job. Also mention the resources which are available to you and how you will you use them to facilitate your job finding process.

    Learning Outcomes:

    LO1: Provide effective communication skills, applicable to academic and professional contexts.

    LO3: Identify and analyse resources for academic and employment related purposes

    LO4: Briefly discuss and creatively think about graduate employment opportunities in the future.

    Answer :

    PART 2


    An ideal job can be define as a job that utilizes skills of an individual to the maximum and allows him/her to grow in the organisation (Mejiaand et.al., 2016). It basically brings satisfaction and a mode of accomplishment in the life of individuals. The following study is going to cover an ideal job and its overall job description. Furthermore, a brief summary of the person specifications and ways to achieve the job is going to be cover.


    a) What is your ideal job

    After completion of my graduation degree, my ideal job would be doing something creative and interesting rather than just earning money. Hence, I would like to become a social media manager because it matches my current employability skills and talent. It is a correct job for me because I am quite interested in staying on the leading edge of digital marketing.

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    b) Job description for the role

    Social media manager job description

    Organisation is looking for a candidate who has required skills and capabilities in order to perform task in an effective way. It is very important for a social media manager to acquire accurate skills and to conduct social media activities in an excellent manner.

    Social media manger responsibilities

    • It is the responsibility of a social media manager to create, implement and manage social media strategy.
    • It is the duty of a social media manger to oversee and manage content of social media.
    • It is important for a social media manager to have knowledge of basic social media marketing tools. For example, buffer.
    • It is the responsibility of a social media manger to work with different copywriters and designers for ensuring that content which has been developed is appealing and informative.
    • Candidate must have skills to hire and train individuals in his/her team in order to attain goals and objective in an efficient manner.
    • Candidate is responsible for monitoring SEO and engagement of users.
    • Candidate must have skills to evaluate the success of social media campaign which has been conducted to address public issues.
    • It is the responsibility of a social media manger to collaborate with sales and product development groups and marketing teams.

    Social media manager requirement

    • Candidate must have at least five years of experience as a social media specialist or some similar role with that.
    • Candidate must be graduate in marketing or some other related field.
    • Candidates must have an excellent knowledge of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, google and other social media platforms.
    • It is important for the candidate to have multitasking skills.
    • Candidate should have good leadership skills.
    • He/She should have problem solving skills and must be a critical thinker.
    • It is important for a social media manager to have excellent time management skills.
    • It is essential to have good presentation, interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Candidate must have excellent web designing and publishing skills.
    • He/she must have the ability to develop strategies for brand awareness and to address public issues.

    c) Brief summary about person specifications and how you qualify the job

    Some of the most important person specifications for the job role of a socail media manger are discussed here.


    • Candidate is required to have a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism or media production.

    Knowledge and experience

    • Candidate must have at least five years of minimum experience in social media. It should be from a reputed organisation or candidate must have an experience to work for a major website.
    • It is important for the candidate to have experience of content writing.
    • Candidate must have an proven experience for operating technical camera in order to film videos and capturing pictures and to develop a quality result of pictures and films.
    • Digital design experience is must.

    Skills and abilities

    • It is important to have excellent communication skills if the person is opting for becoming a social media manager.
    • Candidates should have a proper understanding about public issues.
    • He/She must be flexible.
    • Candidate must have an ability to build a healthy relationship with audience.
    • He/She must be capable of fulfilling all basic requirements of client.


    From the above study, it can be concluded that ideal job plays a vital role in a life of an individual. It brings sense of stability and satisfaction in person's life and he/she tends to attain dream job or ideal job as it provides an opportunity to progress, learn and contribute in an organisation.

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