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    Personal Skill Audit and Professional Development Plan


    Skills are the different abilities within an individual which facilitates person to do particular tasks. Everyone has distinct expertise and accordingly they perform the work. In order to evaluate own skills personal skill audit is conducted which present the summary of various strong and weak points of an individual (Filipe and et.al., 2014). After the areas of improvement are identified development plan can be made which further aids in overcoming the areas in which a person is weak at. Crown hotel, Nantwich is a timber framed hotel which is built with black and white theme. It was designated in 1948 on 19th April. The following report will discuss the importance of continuous professional development. how a person can prepare himself/herself for the different jobs will be highlighted along with the development plan for individual. In context of same skill audit will be done which will help in understanding how self-evaluation is done.

    LO 1

    P1 Benefits of on-going professional development for different stakeholders

    Crown hotel is a big brand and has a significant name in the hospitality industry. It is crucial for this enterprise that it focuses on the growth of professionalism in the firm as it will benefit both employees as well as the employers. The advantage of the ongoing skilled expansion are as follows:

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    Confidence and credibility –

    It is widely said that knowledge is power. If the management give focus on raising the understanding of its workforce, then it will further develop their confidence which will help in the growth of their business . A confident employee works more efficiently and take risk which may lead to better results. Hence it would be beneficial for both employee as well as employer.

    Achieve career goals –

    In an enterprise professional growth is a part of growing up in the occupation tree. Therefore, no matter whether it is required or not for business growth it will lead to encouragement in the work force which will result into improved employee engagement in the business operations (Kermis and Kermis, 2010).

    Encourage new talent –

    Those enterprises who provide competitive platforms for individual ongoing growth influence the other people also to become a part of it. It is because they find themselves worth and hence organisation can be benefited with better talented personnel. This way the existing employees also get chance to learn something new from the fresh talent and the employees are benefited by the overall hike in s a result of full capacity utilisation of recourses.

    Improve total retention –

    High turnover by the workforce is one of the most negative activity in Crown hotel or any other enterprise. By providing the ongoing professional development programs employees feel worth and valued (Knechel and Salterio, 2016). They get the assurance that the management is thoughtful for their future growth and hence work as a team with them. It also helps employees in holding the work force for longer duration which result into much saving of the training and development cost to the employees. On the other hand, the human resource will be benefited with opportunities of growing skills that will help in the career development.

    P2 Investigate professional employer expectations of skills and competencies

    Every employee working at Crown hotel gets enough remuneration in return of the work and service deliver by them. In return of same the employees do expect different expertise and proficiencies from the work force and it is necessary that these demands are fulfilled as only then expectations can be met and hence the et goal of enterprise will be achieved. some of the most common skills desired by the management are as follows:


    This is the most common and required skills to be possessed by the employees in the hospitality industry. It says that person working with the referred to brand must be focussed and should be willing to work in a team. They should have skills of doing planning for the future and know how to rank their work according to the priority so that the overall objective of the firm is achieved.

     People skills –

     This is a combination of another set of skills which are expected by the employer. It includes most importantly the communication ability of an individual. Crown hotel
    experiences footfall of many customers on daily basis and it is necessary that those who are working here has proper skills to interact with them as this has great influence on the total sales. The work force must communicate effectively and make the service user comfortable with the organisation. It should just not limit to the oral but also written communication as both the type of communications are necessary (Crawford, Helliar and Monk, 2011). People skill also include the ability to lead and manage in an individual as number of employees work under the same roof and hence the employer expects that the work force is capable of leading one another and manage their operations so that together they can achieve the goals of the firm.

    General employment skills –

    Due to diversity at the work place it is expected from the employees that they have the ability to solve different issues that arise at Crown hotel. It is because if the issues are not resolved on time then this will directly affect the smooth functioning of the work place which will further give a negative impression to the visitors about the brand. Apart from this an individual must be flexible in their working as different operations are carried out in business at the same time which demands personnel to be adjustable according to the current demand. Along with it skill of being committed towards the work is also needed as it further develops the employee relation and also assist in getting the desired results with full capacity utilisation of the various recourses.

    Critical thinking –

    It is the competency of an individual to evaluate both positive and negative aspect of any situation. It is expected out of the employees that they are able to critically analyse any situation as this will help them in accordingly taking the write decision making which is crucial for handling the situation in an appropriate manner (Lee and et.al., 2016).

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    LO 2

    P3 Assess own abilities, skills, and competences for a specific job role

    Crown Hotel has different job roles to offer and each demands different skills and competency. In order to apply for the role of human resource manager assessment of own abilities, skills and competency is done below with the help of SWOT analysis:

    My own strength weakness threat and opportunities are as follows:

    Strength –

    The most important skill required for an effective HR is of communication and I am excellent in it. I know how to deliver the message clearly to the other person and can deliver effective service accordingly. I am comfortable communicating in both written an oral way which further add more worth to it. Thereafter, another major strong skill that could benefit the firm is my critical thinking skills. I know how to evaluate the situation and accordingly offer the best possible solution which can help in dealing with the complex situation. It will help the firm in avoiding the inconvenience caused due to uncertain issues that may take place at working area. My competencies are that I am well committed towards my job and whenever any new task or project is allotted to me I assure the management that all the possible efforts will be given by me to the work (Sargeant, Bruce and Campbell, 2013).  

    Weaknesses –

    To perform at the position of human resource manager it is most demanded that a person has leading skills as it keeps the work force focused towards a common goal which is important to get the desired results. I am not able to influence people to behave or work in a particular way and hence it may affect my overall performance. Also my time management skills are poor. Though I do the work allotted to me in an effective manner but fail to achieve the targets which affects the quality of work done. It is most expected from the HR that he/she does the work within the time allotted for same and report to the management but as I fail to plan the priorities my tasks according to the time limit as it always exceeded. Along with it over the period of time I have also realised that I am not good enough in multitasking. When more than one work is allotted to me at the same time I get confused and find it difficult to understand what work should be done before and what can be performed along with the other. This effect much to the final output and hence need to work on it.

    Opportunities –

    It includes those skills which if I develop can help me in my future as a HR executive at Crown hotel. I should start participating in the group activities and take different duties to perform. This will help me in building my skill of multitasking which is very much required for future endeavours. Also another opportunity for me is to take more of the assignments that are time bound. It will further guide me to work under pressure and will help in developing the skills to do proper time management skills. This way I have many chances to work on so that I will get more options to grow in the future.

    Threats –

    It consist of those factors which may act as a barrier in my future growth. There is continuous growth in the work atmosphere and performing well in business scenario is becoming more and more challenging. To compete in the race of excellence the biggest threat is of being multitasking. In order to out shine in crowd I have to be able to multi-tasking and this is my weakness (Campbell and et.al., 2010). It could be a threat to me as I may fail to perform equally or better in comparison to those who are good at doing different works at the same time. Thereafter the other threat to me is of my failure in meeting the targets. I find it difficult to work in time bound situation and in case if any such project is given to me which has to be complete in the specific time limit then I would be in danger.

    P4 Range of learning theories and approaches used for personal and professional development processes

    In the above text different weaknesses and treats are identified which needs to be developed and in order to do so there are various learning theories and approaches which can be applied. some of the most common one re discussed as below:

    Behaviourist theory –

    It is one of the most widely used learning theory. It is designed through some special actions which influence a person to behave or response in a particular situation. If it is observed from the perspective of the behaviourists, then it can be said that it has a significant role. It was initially tried on animals and once when it got the success the leaders started applying in context of business too. With the help of this study one can change the way he does the work by learning from the external factors and hence can grow to another level in comparison to the present one (Manghani, 2011).

    Cognitive theory –

    This is another philosophy of learning which defines how an individual set of mind operate while he is in his learning process. During the alterations in the way a person behaves this learning style controls the mental process and overall modification that take place in behaviour can be measured and raised to the maximum possible level.

    Motivation –

    It is found to be one of the most effective learning approach that triggers the speed of learner and hence growth can be assured. Under this practice the needs and wants of individual are first identified and then they are linked with the areas of learning. This way the person is influenced more to work on those sections and indirectly the goals are fulfilled. Under this approach there are different options which can be adopted by the management like following the two factor theory, Maslow’s need hierarchy model etc. (Lee, 2011).

    LO 3

    P5 Construct a professional development plan to enhance chosen skills and competencies

    In the above discussion some areas of improvements are identified which need to be worked on so that overall self-development can be done. Given below is the development plan following which I can improve my weak areas.

    Learning and development need

    Type of development


    Who is responsible

    Further comments

    Time management

    Project development

    4 months

    In order to raise my total time management skills, the different parties who will be liable are my project head. I will be participating in different tasks and in same my leader will have to check my performance that weather I have done the work allotted in the given time limit or not. Every time  a deadline is missed must be treated accordingly  may be by giving more hard targets to achieve next time.

    As I am at learning stage management must ensure that at initial level easily achievable targets are given to me as this will motivate me to continue working on this skill. On the other hand, if from starting tough limits are given then this might demotivate me and I give in starting itself.

    Flexibility in work


    6 months

    In order to work at different roles and duties it is my own duty to improve my flexibility of working. I will have to make sure that I do participate in different tasks at the same time and do not hesitate from taking the responsibilities. My seniors will also play an important role in it as they can guide me in case when I am stuck. They can help me with the solution of how things can be managed by prioritising the work.

    As building the flexibility is a tough task there can be some chances where I resist to take different reasponsibites at the same time. In such situations I would require a push from my team mates and mentors so that I do not give up in between.



    8.5 – 10 months

    This is a tough skill to raise and cannot be developed without having the external assistance. I will have to be very careful with this learning and need to assure that I do learn from my leaders as what skills and competencies they have so that the same are adopted by me too to further lead my team members.

    I may fail to lead properly in the starting as it is difficult to manage a group of people. But management by correcting me at every stage can improve my leadership as to how to react in a particular situation. In this I will also require the support of my team mates that in case they find that I am not leading in appropriate manner then instead of opposing they must show some understanding and try to cooperate.

    LO 4

    P6 Undertake a job interview for a suitable service industry role

    Given below is a sample CV for post of HR to be applied in Crown hotel. A face to face interview was conducted by the recruitment panel which consists of three members.

    During the interview I was asked with these different questions:

    Q1. Why I choose my career in the HR field only?

    Q.2 Why do you think that you should be selected?

    Q.3 If given with an opportunity to choose from monetary growth or growth in the profile what you will choose?

    Q.4 What are your core competencies?

    P7 Review key strengths and weaknesses of an applied interview process

    A direct face to face interview was taken and the different strength and weaknesses of same are as follows:


    Accurate screening –

    When both the interviewer and interviewee are sitting in personal then a better screening can be done. It eliminates the chance of false information like misrepresentation of age or giving answers from external assistance.

    Capture emotions and behaviours –

    In such type of interview parties are in personal contact and therefore more effective decisions can be taken observing the body language (Griffiths, 2016).


    Create mental pressure –

    In case of such methods person giving the interview might give wrong answers out of the nervousness and can lose the job.

    Limited sample size –

    As taking such interviews is a time consuming activity it limits the opportunities for many candidates to apply for the job (Mitchell, 2013).


    It was a nice experience of giving my first interview for the post of HR executive. I was interviewed by 3 people and the moment I entered in the room I got nervous. But I somehow managed to look assured and thereafter answered all the question with full confidence. I found it difficult to manage equal communication with all as most of the time I was getting nervous and ignored having the eye contact. My ability to convince the other person helped a lot to me in supporting my points.


    From the above discussed report this has been concluded that the continuous learning is a crucial process for growth of an individual and organisation as whole. Till a person is part of the corporate world specially they should not get satisfied with their current competencies and must work on them to grow in future. Different skills and attributes are identified which are must for a human recourse executive to possess which includes communication skills, leadership, multitasking etc. Thereafter it was found that how applying learning theories like cognitive, behavioural etc. one can improve the various weak points and can develop convert those in their competencies. Finally, a development plan was made which is inclusive of smart objectives and criteria of how the areas of weakness will be develop. It shows that continuous efforts are needed to raise the areas of improvements and can be developed if the plan is followed as per the designed manner.


    • Filipe, H.P. and et.al., 2014. Continuing professional development: Best practices. Middle East African journal of ophthalmology, 21(2), p.134.
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