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    CAW892 Psychopathology Credits 3


    Psychopathology is consider as a scientific study or understanding of the different mental health related disorder that may be caused through genetic, biological or social causes (Lemerise, 2016). Along with this, psychotherapists focuses on studying the different disorder related with mental illness that is Schizophrenia, anxiety, depression as well as obsessive compulsive disorders. The essay would also focuses on evaluating the key causes of different mental health disorders so that they can easily overcome the illness.

    Causes of different mental health disorder


    One of the common mental disorder among the individual is anxiety that mainly impact the ability of individual to concentrate and performing the day to day activities. It has been assessed that the key cause related with anxiety disorder is improper mental and physical condition of the individual. With the improper mental and health condition among the individual it may results in negatively impacting their behaviour that increases level of anxiety. On the other hand, Budge, Adelson and Howard, (2013) has also argued that with in-taking the high dose of drugs and alcohol it results in causing anxiety as it in-stable the mindset of the individual (Budge, Adelson and Howard, 2013).

    In addition to this, Bettis, Forehand business and Compas, (2016) has critically evaluated that if there is family history of mental health issue it also results in causing the situation of high level of anxiety among the individual. However, on the other hand it is also stated that with the continuous stress situation that is stress related with breaking of relationship, grief or bereavement, issues at the job place etc. (Bettis, Forehand and Compas, 2016). are the key example that causes individual stress that results in arising the key situation of stress situation. As per the view of Balazs, Miklósi and Cotter, (2013) this cause of anxiety mainly impact the mental health status of the individual that results in worsening their health as well as disrupt enjoyment in their personal and professional life (Balazs, Miklósi and Cotter, 2013). Whereas, individual facing the physical health related issues such as diabetes, asthma or heart related diseases may act as another cause of the anxiety disorder (Causes of anxiety, 2016).


    Depression is regarded as the feeling related with distracting or lower the mood of individual that directly impact their actions and behaviour towards the other. The individual faces the depression due to different condition and situation related with change in the life, bereavement etc. it has been assessed that in the depression individual feel sad as well as loneliness that impact their behaviour. It has been critically evaluated that there are different causes that results in attaining the situation of depression that directly impact the mental health of individual. The key causes of depression include past activities related with abuse. It has been assessed that in the past if individual has faced the situation of emotional abuse or physical abuse then such situation increases the chances of vulnerability and depression among the individual. O'hara and McCabe, (2013) has stated that with the abusive situation individual may directly results in engaging aggressive behaviour such as self bruising or may socially exclude themselves from the family and their friends (O'hara and McCabe, 2013).

    On the other hand, Flint and Kendler, (2014) has also stated that another cause that lead to the depression among the individual include childhood trauma that results in attaining higher risk of depression among the individual. Whereas, stress among the individual is also recognise as the key factor that results in attaining the higher degree of loneliness and sadness among the individual. It has been assessed that some people who are highly motivated get over from the situation of stress and depression within some time (Flint and Kendler, 2014). It has been critically evaluated that stress related with break-up of the close relationship may result in gaining stress situation that is it would outcome in impacting the self-esteem of the individual. Along with this, another cause of depression among the individual is related with low self-esteem among them that results in social avoidance.


    Another example of mental disorder within the individual is Schizophrenia that mainly arises during early adulthood period. Along with this diseases also characteristics by the different cognitive difficulties among the individual in terms of delusions as well as hallucinations. It has been also assessed that Schizophrenia often struggle for the long time period that need to be treated properly for overcoming the difficulties. From the view point of Penttilä, Jääskeläinen and Miettunen, (2014) it has been assessed that genetic and environmental factors are the key that results in attaining the situation of Schizophrenia. Some other causes related with the mental health disorder include chemical imbalance within the brain that is neurotransmitter that results in onset of schizophrenia (Penttilä, Jääskeläinen and Miettunen, 2014).

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    It has been also evaluated that family relationship has direct impact on the mental state and behaviour of the individual that might cause the Schizophrenia to the one. Rudolph and Möhler, (2014) has also stated that stressful experience that is faced by the individual may also precede in causing the Schizophrenia that directly impact their mental health and well-being. The diagnostic criteria of the disease mainly focuses on meeting the criteria related with DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

    With the help of this health care professionals and expertise that results in overcoming the disorder related with bipolar disease as well as Schizoaffective disorder. Along with this another cause of the disease or mental illness include engaging in the drug activities that causes Schizophrenia relapses that negatively impact the health and well-being of individual (Rudolph and Möhler, 2014).

    From the above analysis it has been sum up that Psychologist understand the different mental health related disorder that may be caused through genetic, biological or social causes. It also focuses on assessing the mental disorder diseases and evaluate their causes through which they often arises within the individual. Moreover, all the causes has been assessed related with all the different mental illness diseases.


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