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    Healthcare in Australia

    Essay Report on Healthcare in Australia

    Present study is based on coronary heart disease (CHD) in Australia. Lung cancer, obstructive pulmonary sickness, Alzheimer illness etc. are some major health issues which are causing death but maximum causing percentage of death approx 14.6% which is higher than any other health problem is due to coronary heart disease. It is the illness which occurs due to excess deposit of cholesterol and other substances in artery (Ball, Weaver and Kiel, 2013). Current report will compare and contrast the historical and present context of coronary heart disease in Australia.

    Coronary heart disease is a disease in which surplus of cholesterol block arteries or arteries become narrowed and that creates problem in oxygen blood supply to heart. According to published statement by National Heart foundation of Australia various psycho social risk factors increased risk of CHO. As per the report of 2011 above 18 age people got suffer from this health issue. 2.3 million lives were suffering at that time with CHD and most of the people faced angina which was caused because of this disease. Ratio of persons those who suffered with heart attack was more in men than woman. Medical facilities were improper and professionals were not having advanced equipment at time (Germov, 2014). Even as age grow ratio and condition remain critical in both sexes. 8611 lives faced heart attack in 2013 which was on average 24 persons each day.

    According to the report of National health services approx 11% people were found in the condition of hypertension or 2.1 million lives were suffering from it which is the main reason of CHD. 18% people reported long term cardiovascular problem as per NHS survey 2004-2005. In the recession time people were suffering from economic problems and caused great risk of coronary heart problem and related mortality. Health care organizations were not that much aware about the effective treatment process. Less awareness in lives were there in 2011, inadequate physical activity were there that caused overweight and obesity, poor nutrition that increased diabetes these all conditions enhanced, caused and result increased CHD. Report of NHS 2004-2005 showed that hypertensive disease rate get increased by 14% in 45-54 aged people and in adults it was increased 3% than previous year. 2012 report of doctors or professional persons discussed that 7% lives were suffering with high blood cholesterol.

    Above 65 aged people were approx 22% who were having high blood cholesterol. Heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure etc. are main outcomes of CHD. As per the statistical data of 2004-05 34% were suffering with overweight, 17% were obese people. Diabetes is one of the reason of increasing CHD. Survey of WHO in 2012 showed that 60% lives were having diabetes. Coronary heart disease is leading cause of death in Australia (Henderson and et.al, 2014). Accounting records of 2011 discussed that 36% death took place because of this disease. In 2004 19% males death and 18% female death accounted because of ischemic heart disease.

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    Over the period medical facilities have been developed, professionals are much more aware with the surgical equipment. Even with the awareness about various health issues people now giving focus on diet, physical activities and life style. Health care organizations are continuously organizing health camps and making people aware regarding risk factors and consequences of heart problems. By this way from the history it was found that presently the rate of death is low than previous year. In 2014 local health agencies opened more hospitals in Australia with the support of NHS. Care homers are bound to arrange medical check up camps monthly. By this way people get to know about disease in early stage. Deaths reduces up to 8% in Australia. Currently people are giving time to physical activities like doing exercise and trying to keep maintain their cholesterol level. Statistics shows that death rates is decreasing since 2012 in Australia. From 2012 impressive development is being into account in Australia, prevention, treatment, diagnosis have developed highly (Coronary heart disease, 2015).

    From the NHS report it was found that 33% was diagnosed with high cholesterol in 2007. But in 2014 it was identically decreased and in 2014 only 18% people were suffering from heavy cholesterol. In 2011 overweight people were around 28%, figure were differ in both sex as 36% women and 26% men were found overweight. But due to medical development and more awareness, currently 2015 records stated that actual figure has been fallen from 28% to 17%. People are more aware about physical activities, exercise and healthy diet. WHO estimated that in 2008 7.3 million patients were of heart disease. Over the period it reduced to 1.2 million till 2015. In 2013 approx 18969 women and girls found suffering from CHD it was less than from 2007 in which approx 48253 female patients were diagnosed. Biomedical factors have been improved to the great extend, now people can analysis own self about high blood pressure and excess of cholesterol. Now persons are aware about behavior factors so they are focusing on physical activities, proper diet and correct life style. Diabetes, Stroke, chronic kidney problems which are complex but associated with CHD. Prevalence rate of stroke has been increased up to five times in compare with 2007.

    Prevalence rate of heart attack is increased up to ten times than 2007. With the guidance of WHO, NHS and local health care agencies medicare benefits has been improved which provide good care to patients, pharmaceutical benefits scheme which provide range of medicines for the treatment of CHD (Henderson and et.al, 2014). National Stroke foundation, National Heart foundation etc. provide funds to local medical care organizations. By this way care homes are much more able to give proper attention to patients and they provide training to nurses and primary health services can be provided by professionals effectively to patients. Australian institute of health and welfare has funded and gave support to local hospitals which gave benefit of reducing health, social and economic burden in

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