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    MN5F23FB Level 4 Health Promotion Assignment


    Health promotion is referred as a procedure by which individuals develop awareness with regards to their well-being. In context to this, there are many governmental and private organisations focusing on offering information to the society in order to take appropriate steps for improving their health. Health promotion also focuses on the behaviour of an individual towards environmental and the society interventions. The present report will analyse two scenarios that covers the efforts of socio-economic influences on health. Furthermore, it consists of various models and factors which are included in health promotion. It also includes promotional campaign developed to meet certain objectives.

    Task 1 Impact of socio-economic influences on health

    Socio-economic can be referred as a broad term used to determine various factors such as income, education, occupation etc. In context to this, there are various elements that affect the health such as lifestyle choices, unemployment, discrimination and access to information. According to scenario, there are around 70,000 homeless people in UK, who experience a high level of stress, tension and mental illness. The homelessness encourages or forces them to reduce stress through various types of drugs, alcohol or smoking. They think it will help them to cope up with their stress or mental illness; the research concluded that between 70 to 90% of homeless adults are addicted to smoking. Due to lack of money, these people start smoking hand rolled cigarettes without filters using recycled tobacco which is very dangerous for people; as group smoking increases the chances of illness and cancer. These practices are highly influencing people health and it also increased the rate of throat and mouth cancer among homeless people. Due to unemployment and poverty, people are exposed to these situations of drug and smoke addiction as compared to own choices. People are getting used to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes as they feel it helps to reduce stress or mental pressure but indirectly they are harming their own health. The lifestyle of people has a great effect on an individual health, for example: a person who can't buy healthy food will not be able to gain good health. This is clearly observed that people with low income are comparatively unhealthy and addicted to smoke, drugs and alcohol.

    1.2 Government sources in reporting on inequalities in health

    there are various laws and regulations developed by the government that are needed to be considered or followed by various health-care organisations. In context to this, government of UK utilises various media, and marketing tools such as hoardings, newspaper etc in order to spread awareness related to health. The Government tried to develop and publish various articles and information about community health as well as people living in it. There are various campaigns made by government in order to help people to quit smoking or any other drugs. Many rehabilitation centres are established to help people who are addicted to any drug, alcohol or tobacco smoking.

    The Acheson Report published in 2013, represented that the existence of inequalities related to health and relation among various social classes. This report determined that the mortality rate is very low; the upper class people may faces rapid mortality decline. In the year 2014, UK government published another report; Skadon Mavron which distinguishes people in various groups, and with regards to the research, death rate in segment 5th was twice as compared to the death rate in segment 1st.

    Furthermore, this gap among the death rate in two classes is increasing with a high rate, many of the government research or surveys by census have concluded that over 170 million people all around the world die due to various kinds of cancer every year. The main reason found for the cancer in people was due to consumption of cigarettes or any other form of tobacco. It is very important for the government to ensure people are getting aware of consequences caused by cigarettes or tobacco consumption. There are various other surveys which found out that people with low level of income are highly exposed to drugs, alcohol and tobacco consumption and the reason is lack of education or awareness. This causes inequalities in health between t poor and rich people.

    1.3 Barriers to access health-care services

    There are numerous boundaries in getting to medicinal services, among which one of the fundamental reasons is absence of assets. A large portion of the people in their high school need in having legitimate direction as a result of which they succumb to wrong exercises which influence their well-being. Absence of appropriate correspondence is another reason which goes about as a boundary in getting to medicinal services. Guardians and watchmen ought to have appropriate correspondence with their kids which will help in giving them legitimate learning identified with well-being. Generally, high school individuals have numerous questions and there are basically related with the age in which they succumb to addictions. With appropriate correspondence, guardians and gatekeepers will have the capacity to direct them through which they get mindful with regard to their well-being (Amato and et.al, 2017).

    There are cases in which individuals are frightened of going to specialists or looking for therapeutic advices. This all happens; due to their wrong observation. It additionally happens as a result of news they watch which makes fear to counsel a specialist in time of any restorative issue. Nature in which people stay additionally goes about as a boundary to social insurance. Person who have gathering of various individuals will have distinctive recognition towards things. In a gathering, if lion's share of individuals needs to complete a specific thing, at that point even those people who would prefer not to complete a specific thing will do it for others. For instance, in a gathering, if greater part of individuals smokes, at that point there are chances when the people who don't may likewise begin smoking.

    Task 2

    2.1 Links between government systems and smoking suspension program

    Government systems that are connected with smoking suspension programs will be useful in the following ways:

    1. Awareness: With the assistance of pennants, individuals will be granted with regard to the effect of smoking cigarettes. Ladies are influenced by smoking and particularly pregnant once in this way influences the tyke in the womb. One of the principle sicknesses got by smoking is malignancy. As it was said above in excess of 169.3 million individuals around the globe bite the dust on account of tumour consistently (O'Connor and et.al, 2018).
    2. Individual Counselling: Through this campaign, government will have the capacity to orchestrate individuals who have immense information identified with effects of utilizing tobacco items. This encourages the general population to illuminate every one of their questions which may emerge in their psyche. These specialists will have the capacity to give satisfactory data and furthermore pass on those precautionary measures with the assistance of which they can quit smoking propensities.
    3. Development of community: This campaign will spread mindfulness among the group. Further, they will have the capacity to recognize individuals would will have medical problems and legitimate treatment could be given to their issues. In addition, through verbal, an ever-increasing number of individuals will be given data with respect to the battle identified with tobacco.
    4. Legislative activities: In this specific circumstance, government should centre around expanding the rates on tobacco items. This will decrease the rate of individuals who expend tobacco items.

    2.2 My part as an expert to focus in lessening number of smokers

    As a well-being proficient, my parts in meeting government focuses for decreasing number of smokers in UK are as per the following:

    1. Monitoring: Government of UK has built up tobacco anticipation battle and it is exceptionally fundamental for me to screen whether the other well-being experts are playing out their parts successfully or not. I need to take care of the experts and give them all the fundamental things which are required in giving appropriate care to the general population who visit the battle. Further, it should simply make the rundown of individuals willing to go to the campaign. This will help in knowing the effect of this specific battle. Moreover, I need to organize individual gathering for the guests with well-being expert so they can be given more data to settle the related questions (King and et.al, 2016).
    2. Awareness: Another part is to cooperate with individuals and inform them concerning the issues or issues which causes as a result of utilizing tobacco. It furnishes them all the vital data with the assistance of which individuals will decrease to utilize tobacco. Along these lines, I will have the capacity to help government for decreasing the rate of individuals who consume tobacco
    3. Reporting the issues: The general population willing to visit campaign due to some sort of medical problems. I need to make a rundown of those individuals having issues and need to pass on it to different experts so they would control them and with their assistance, sick individuals will have the capacity to beat their issues.

    2.3 Routines to be followed with a specific end goal to stop smoking

    Routine is essential for those individuals who need to stop smoking. In this unique situation, following are the things which a man ought to follow to stop smoking:

    Having homegrown tea: Herbal tea contains nicotine and it helps in lessening similar pressure alleviation when individuals have cigarette.

    • Making no smoking zone: 'No smoking' sign will be helpful to create inspiration in order to being determinant toward the choice taken.
    • Consumption of hygienic food: According to the overview, it was discovered that when 1 millilitres of four is expended every day, at that point it helps in lessening the propensity for smoking (Baum and et.al, 2016).
    • Taking help: It is extremely troublesome for a man who alone remains on their choices. Keeping in mind the end goal to stop smoking, help ought to be taken from loved ones with the goal that they help in lessening smoking. Enthusiastic help assumes indispensable part in satisfying the choice of calming cigarettes viably.
    • Meeting with acupuncturist: Through needles in ears is auricular needle therapy which is exceptionally useful in longing for cigarette effectively.
    • Never relapse: self-inspiration is essential as it helps in concentrating on the objectives which must be accomplished.
    • Maintain a strategic distance from triggers: Urge of having tobacco is exceptionally solid at circumstance where biting or smoking tobacco is regularly. Individual must distinguish the trigger circumstance. Last there ought to be created plans which can't be maintained a strategic distance from totally.

    Task 3

    3.1 Theories of health behaviour related to health beliefs

    There are various theories related to health behaviour, such as Social Cognitive Theory that included Symbolic Modelling and Direct Modelling.

    The other theory is Trans-theoretical theory which includes various stages. This is the most used theory; the five stages can be described as below -

    1. Pre-contemplation – This stage states that people are not at all aware about the problems or issues that are actually affecting them. there are many individuals suffering from obesity but they are unaware of this illness but there are also some people who identifies this health issue and ignore it (Machado and et.al, 2017).
    2. Contemplation – In this particular stage, people are been conveyed with regards to their problems and issues, they also try to find out cons and pros of the issues which can affect them. These individuals also understand the importance and need to resolve the issue or problem.
    3. Preparation – According to this stage, people begin to take small steps to resolve issue or problems. For example with obesity should focus eating less.
    4. Actions – For resolving issues or problems, people begin taking important steps which can assist them to overcome or resolve issues or problems. For example –people facing issues related to obesity, starts eating hygienic food along with proper diet and they focus on doing regular exercises.
    5. Maintenance – It is important for the individuals to continue their actions in order to resolve the issues or problems permanently. In order to get rid of obesity it is essential for an individual to continue his actions at least for six months.

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    3.2 potential impact of conflicts with the local industry on health promotion

    Industries that focuses on promoting health and awareness related to any kind of issue such as tobacco products, drugs or alcohol and develop effective advertisements are very beneficial for people and community (Naidoo and et.al, 2016).. It is mostly important for the teenagers who are highly exposed to consumption of cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

    During teenage, people are full of excitement and enthusiasm, they try to explore new things. Teenagers and homeless people get addicted to tobacco and drugs easily as they think it can reduce their stress or improve their lifestyle.

    Various organisations focus on developing effective advertisement and utilise different promotional methods or tools such as radio, television, social websites, newspaper etc. All these tools help in spreading awareness among people of the community. The advertisement and media tools for spreading awareness support health-care organisation and government to control and reduce illegal activities and practices related to consumption of tobacco, drugs and alcohol. It helps in reducing the health issues such as cancer and other illness among the people as well as develops a healthy environment or society of disease free people.

    3.3 Importance of giving significant health related data to general society

    It is vital for the health experts like specialists and medical caretakers to give data identified with well-being. Thus, following are the significance:

    1. Awareness: There are numerous individuals who might be not mindful about effect of expending tobacco items. Experts will be useful in making other's mindful and will have the capacity to play it safe in order to beat the issues (Eldredge and et.al, 2016). Furthermore, the general population who don't smoke however breathe in which also affect similar to smoke are additionally influenced similarly. In this specific circumstance, it is essential for creating mindfulness among individuals. As indicated by the study, it was discovered that for the most part adolescents are dependent with smoking. In this specific situation, with awareness, youngsters will be granted and they may get persuade for stopping cigarettes.
    2. Effect: There are numerous antagonistic effects of expending tobacco items and illuminating individuals would help in building up a solid society. For instance, smoking cigarettes causes ear contaminations, asthma issues, hypersensitivities, ulcers, and pneumonia and lung malignancies. So also, there are numerous things which must be remembered with the goal that they individuals stay healthy.
    3. Increasing life expectancy: According to the overview, the normal future is diminishing a result of numerous reasons like changing way of life, joblessness, having fat sustenance, and so on. Through picking up data, individuals will find a way to enhance their eating routine and this will be useful in expanding the normal future.


    The above report concluded that it is very essential for an individual to get aware and informed about their health well-being. There are various government sources which reports inequalities in health which are determined in the report. It also described the link between smoking cessation program and government strategies such as awareness, personal counselling, development of community etc. The report also determined importance of providing information related to health of people. Furthermore, the assessment explained various routines to be followed in order to quit smoking along with health benefits related to theories of health behaviour.

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