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    Human Resource Management Policies of ASDA

    University: New college Durham

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 12 / Words 3042
    • Paper Type: Minor Case Study
    • Course Code: BSB50615
    • Downloads: 519
    Question :

    This assessment will cover the following questions :

    • Explain the effectiveness of the recruitment and the selection strategies in the ASDA company.
    • ASDA is a UK based retail supermarket. Evaluate the approaches to talent management in the organisation with examples.
    • Evaluate the HR systems and the processes in the context of ASDA organisation.
    Answer :


    The human resource department is the effective process which helps to increases the productivity and performance of the business. Every business wanted to increase the sales and profits so they organise the recruitment band selection process which provides the skilled and talented employees with the help of management of human resource. This report evaluate the HRM policies ans practices which is adopted by the ASDA in the working environment. ASDA is the multinational retail company of supermarkets which sales large variety of goods and services to the customer. This file includes the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment and selection process in the company. Different techniques and approaches of the talent management is analysis by the ASDA which helps to improve the performance of the employees. There are various system and procedures of the HR in the ASDA which is critically analysis determined.


    LO 1. Effectiveness of the recruitment and selection strategies in the ASDA

    In the business operation of the ASDA they get the skilled and knowledgeable employees with the help of recruitment and selection process. Different strategies of the recruitment and selection will manage the effective and efficient workforce which will works to increases sales and profits of the business. Importance of the selection and recruitment strategies are described below:

    Quality employees: The aim of every company is to get the good quality of worker in their business operations. By managing the description of job and advertisement will gain the attention of the skilled employees towards the company (Al Ariss and Sidani, 2016). The good quality employees will maintain the level of the performance and focuses to achieve the target and goals in the future. Recruitment bring lots of candidates and then the manager select the right people at the right place s per their skills and talent. The goals and objectives of the ASDA is achieved when the they operate the process of recruitment and selection effectively. The process of selection and recruitment are very essential in identifying the perfect people for the company to achieve the targets. For example this process is done as per the anti discrimination act so that they get the employees will the proper talent not on the basis age of the candidate (Amarakoon, Weerawardena and Verreynne, 2018). They select the employees who have the accurate knowledge and understanding about the work in the business. 

    Saves time of training: The talented employees will contribute their full efforts to fulfil the needs and wants of the organisation. It will saves the time and money of the organising which is used in the process of training and development of the employees. It includes the test of the people so that selection of the people is on the basis of how they performed the test effectively.

    Achievement of the goals: The policy of recruitment and selection is helps to meet the goals of the ASDA by selecting the people who have proper skills and talent. In the business of the ASDA when the employees do not have the appropriate talent to do the job effectively then the success and growth of the business is not possible. Employees are only one who takes the company towards the success in the futures and present conditions of the market.

    Productivity and loyalty: To increase the productivity of the business recruitment and selection of the employees is essential for the ASDA because the manager select the people who have the proper ability and capability to increase the productivity by staying loyal towards the organisation (Analoui, 2017). The HR manager of the ASDA analysis the candidate that how much he and she will be loyal towards the success and growth of the company while taking their interview.

    Reduction in the legal issues: ASDA uses the systematic process of the recruitment and selection in the business activities where candidates are treated equally without any kind of discrimination. By using this policy of selection and recruitment ASDA eliminates the chances of the legal problems related to the employment issue of the people. The manager of the ASDA make sure that they did not ask the personal questions to the people at the time of interview. According to the law of civil rights act in which the company cannot discriminate the candidate on the basis of their race, colour, age, gender etc.

    Maintain the good environment at the workplace: The HR manger selects the candidate who have the ability to maintain the effective relation with the their employees so that the workplace environment is effective and all the people are focused to complete the task on time.

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    LO 2. Different approaches of talent management

    The business of the ASDA manages the employees development in their workplace by maintaining the proper training and development programmes which helps to increase the talent and understanding of the people working in the business (Brueller, Carmeli and Markman, 2018). For example training is given by the new and advanced technology will increases the strength of the employees and make them focussed. The company will encourages and inspire their workers to share their opinion and ideas when they are attesting the informal meetings. For example by making the effective connection the staff of the ASDA have the clear and perfect understanding about the mission and vision of the business. Employees are involves in the process of the growth and the success of the business which also leads to their personal development and growth. For example motivation is the another way to develop the skills and personality of the person in the organisation. Manager and employees of the ASDA maintain the good relation and make the environment of the business effective. Appraisal is the best opportunities to ensure the people in the company that they could develop their professional skills and talent by giving the full contribution in the achievement of the goals of the ASDA. The manger of the ASDA manages to develop the employees maintaining the meetings of the staff and their discussion (Budhwar and Mellahi, 2016). Development is also possible by proper mentoring and networking of the employees from the higher authority. The company will offer the advantages to learn from the senior manager about their experience and works according to them for the achievement of the higher level of success and growth. For example by creating the effective engagement of the people in the working environment of the ASDA also develops the new ideas and innovations in the employees which reduces the boredom and motivates the employees to do the work effectively. Development of the employees increase the productivity and profitability of the business in the futures and present condition of the market.

    There are various responsibilities of the employer and the employees to achieve the success and growth of the company. Employer have the duty to provide the safe and secure working environment and ware about the health of the employees working in the organisation. On the other hand employees have the responsibility to obey the directions and instructions of the employers to get the successful growth of the business. Employer analysis that the people in the company uses the safe tools and equipments and the employees are also responsible to not disclose the confidential information and data of the company to other people (Debroux, 2017). Employees are responsible to do their work carefully and seriously in the discipline manner on the other hand employer have to delegates the work as per the skills and knowledge of the person so that they done the work appropriately.

    Talent management is the effective and strategic process of the business which helps to recruit, select and retain the people who have the perfect knowledge to gain the advantages in the organisation. To meet the success organisation planned the goals in the most effective manner which gives helps in the business. Development of the people working in the company is possible when the ASDA uses the talent management approaches. Some of the approaches of the talent management are discussed below:

    Development of job description: It is very essential for the company to choose the best description of job when they post the opportunities of job internally and externally (Jiang and et.al., 2017). ASDA always make sure about their duties and responsibilities which is stated in their job description so that the candidate who apply for the job should clearly know about the terms and conditions of the job and they prepare themselves as per the job description.

    Providing the opportunities of development: ASDA provides various kinds of opportunities to their existing employees so that they will develop their skills and capability in their working. Organising the programmes of training and development which helps the employees to increase the level of the efficiency and leads to the success and growth. The management programmes of training that will helps to gain the valuable knowledge, opportunities and experience in the business environment. This development facility will increase the talent of the people working in the ASDA and contributes with their full efforts to achieve the goals. Different opportunities for the employees will make them innovative and advanced in their working and the business gets the effective results from this. By gaining the knowledge and understanding the person become more effective and develop their efficiency level to achieve the personal goals by fulfilling the goals of the ASDA.

    Performance assessment: To analyse and determine the performances of the employees is done with the helps of the regular assessment. To improve the performance ASDA evaluates the performance on the basis of quarterly and half-yearly in the organisation. This function of performance assessment is operate by the manager of the ASDA so that they will find out that what was done by the workers, how the level of their performance is and what steps they could use for their improvement if it is needed (Kianto, Sáenz and Aramburu, 2017). This will increases the talent of the workers and develop their understanding and thinking which helps to meet the objectives of the business in the different situation of the market.

    Selection process: The process of selection must be perfect because it helps to make the faster and easier decision for the business operation. To select the best candidates in the company there is need of the attractive resume, analysing of the references and achievement of the needs and wants of the company. ASDA develop the process of selection so that the organisation is filled with the talented people and they work to make the business effective.

    Effective compensation: For the selection of the best people in the business there is need to maintain the impressive rates of the compensation which attracts the large number of people towards the business. The skilled people will come to the company only when the company have the higher image and reputation with the best packages of the compensation in the minds of the people. Asda gives the advantages of the good health care for the workers so it will helps them to receive the more talent in their business (Liu and et.al., 2017). The employees develop their ability and capability only when they receive any kind of compensation in the organisation and feels that company also needed as they have the requirement of the job.

    LO 3. System and procedure of HR in the company

    HR system:- The HR follows the various system and procedure in the company to manage the workforce in the business environment. The system of the HR refers to the software which consists of variety of systems and process which focused on the easy management of the workforce, information and process of the business. In ASDA they uses the systems of the HR to store the data and information of the employees, advantages of administration, recruitment process and regular check on the records of the attendance. Asda uses the systems of HR which are described below:

    Payroll system: ASDA uses this system in their business operations because it keeps the data and information with the payroll data. So this payroll data provide helps to the organisation be making changes in monitoring the hours of the employees work, scheduling and payments of the people. This system gives various advantages to the ASDA in calculating the total amount of compensation of the workers (Marler and Parry, 2016). By clicking the one single button funds will transfer to the bank account of the workers. The company could easily track the salary and wages of the employees by using this system of HR.

    Self services for employees: The employees in the business of ASDA makes changes in their information with the helps of the self service system. Workers could communicate with the professionals of the HR, view the information of the schedule and submit the request of the time off. For the managers and employees of the ASDA they could operate the portals of the self services in their mobile phones also. It will increase the convenience for the people working in the ASDA.

    Performance analysis: As per this system of HR of ASDA track the performance of the employees by setting the goals and objectives of the business. The management of the performance is done by the use of HR system then the data and information is gathered on the regular basis. This system will eliminates the paper work in the company and they fill the form of appraisal directly through this system (Olson and et.al., 2018). To increase the sales, profits and productivity of the business the performance management improve the performance of the workers performance management provides the benefits of the business growth.

    Benefits administration: This HR system states that the workers are enrolling in the various advantages like in the managing the changes in the business and health insurance. This system will helps the business to track the data for the purpose of cost and compliance. It also gives the solution to the problems of employees. The employees of the Asda make the effective changes in the when the changes will occur in the current trends of life. This is the best system which is used by the organisation to achieve the success by making changes in different process.

    On-boarding and recruiting system: It is very important system of the human resource management but take lots time of time. So with the help of this system the manger will easily post the job on the websites of the company and on the sites of the social media (Reiche, Harzing, and Tenzer, 2018). This system will simplify the various process of applications, identify the qualification of the candidates, and transfer the data and information into the file of the employees when the decision of selection is taken.

    HR procedure:

    The procedure of the human resource department explains the process and responsibilities on the basis of the recruitment, management of workforce, training and development of staff, maintaining the safety and security in the workplace of the business (Zhong, Wayne, and Liden, 2016).

    Recruitment: It focuses to bring the candidate in the company which have specific knowledge and understanding of the business and leads the company to the higher success and growth. By giving advertisement on the newspaper and sites of the company they will attract the number of talented people and select them as per their qualification and specialisation of working

    Staff development: This procedure of human resource management gives value to the people in the ASDA by developing their skills and knowledge for making the effective employees of the organisation (Tung, 2016). Proper development of the employees is improve the performances of the business which helps to meet the objectives and goals.

    Safety and security of health: In ASDA the manager set the working environment in such a way that it does not affects the health of their employees. Proper determination analysing the tools and equipments which is used in the business operation is does not harm the people.

    Management of workforce: This procedure of human resource will manages the working of all the employees in the business by maintaining the effective relations between the employees. According to this procedure the HR manager of the ASDA resolve all the conflicts which is happened in the workplace (Saks and Gruman, 2017). By solving the problems and issues of the business this procedure will helps to make the most productive environment of the ASDA.


    From the above study it can be concluded that human resource management is the process and practices which includes recruitment, selection, training, development and motivation of the employees. This department will provides the skilled and talented workers to the business which helps to achieve the success. The process of selection and recruitment helps to get the talented employees in the working environment and helps to reach the growth. Development of the people working in the organisation is necessary which improve the level of the performance and try to increase the image and reputation of the brand. Approaches of the talent management helps to develop the talent band understanding of the employees which leads to the achievement of the objectives in the given period of time. Human resource management have lots of systems and process which is used to motivates the employees.

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