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    Sample on Employablity Skills

    Introduction to Employability Skills

    Employability Skills can be referred as essential abilities that can be used by an individual with an aim to perform the particular job (Employablity skill, 2015). In order to get the desired job in today's competitive scenario, it is required by the person to make efforts for developing different types of employability skills in an effective way (Warraich and Ameen, 2011). For the present report, Bupa Cromwell hospital is selected in which I am currently working at the post of HR manager. It is the private hospital in London that provides its services to both Children and Adult. Given report Global Assignment help Australia will showcase the implications of varied concepts that are associated with employability skills which are needed in the selected health and social care organization.

    TASK 1

    1.1 Assessment of own responsibilities and performance targets

    An individual has to fulfill varied roles and responsibilities while working within a HSC firm. However, the responsibility assigned to the HR manager in this organization can be fulfilled in an effective way if it possesses significant employability skills (Herzberg, Mausner and Snyderman, 2011). Being at the position of HR manager in Bupa Cromwell hospital, I have to fulfill different roles. In accordance with the given context, I have the basic responsibility to make efforts in terms of maintaining the satisfaction as well as motivation of health and social care workers. In addition to this, I have another responsibility to provide supportive and open working environment to the workers in Bupa Cromwell hospital. Furthermore, I am also responsible for organizing the training and development programs within firm. Besides this, some performance targets are also set by me that will provide me assistance to fulfill HR related roles and responsibilities in an appropriate manner. In this regard, I have first performance target that is to assess the skill development need among health and social care employees. Additionally, I have another performance objective which is to increase the motivational level of workers by using different types of motivational techniques. Overall, it can be said that for an individual, it is necessary that it must set the particular type of performance objective (Brown, 2007). Thus, by complying with the given type of activity only, whether employees are is going in a right direction or not can be assessed.

    1.2 Evaluating own effectiveness against set objectives

    My own effectiveness regarding work performance can be assessed as per the set performance targets. In this context, I have first objective to analyze the training and development need among social care workers in Bupa Cromwell hospital. The given objective is effectively fulfilled by me. However, with an aim to fulfill this objective, I used to take assistance from the technique named as Training needs analysis. This approach consists of different steps with the help of which skill development needs among health care workers can be effectively analyzed by me. But, this method can prove to be ineffective if I would not be able to follow lengthy procedure of this technique as there are many steps which have to be followed in order to analyze the need of training among employees.

    Besides this, I have another objective that is to maintain the satisfaction and motivation in workers of Bupa Cromwell hospital. I am effective in terms of fulfilling the given objective. Here, with an aim to enhance the motivation of them, I can take feedback from health care workers on regular basis. The given activity as performed by me will provide the information regarding problem which is being currently faced by health and social care workers. Thus, by taking appropriate measure with respect to the assessed problem, motivation of Bupa Cromwell hospital workers can be enhanced (Burns, 2012).

    1.3 Recommendation for improvement

    Particular identified situation that has been encountered by me while working in the Bupa Cromwell hospital. In last to last month, there is huge workload which is occurred in Bupa Cromwell hospital. As a result of it, many nurses as well as health care individuals had to handle approximately 7 to 8 patients at a time. Moreover, there are some workers who had given their extra time to the firm (DuBrin, 2012). However, in the given circumstance also, employees working within organization had given their best performance. But, even after giving this much of contribution, efforts have not being made by the manager of organization in appreciating the performance that is given by the employees. Due to this, motivation of health care workers had impacted. This direct impact can be seen on the quality of services that were delivered by employees.

    As an HR manager of Bupa Cromwell hospital, I had communicated the given problem to employees that reside at top level position. In addition to this, different suggestions were also recommended by me in order to solve this issue. In this regard, I had suggested to the top officials that they must use different monetary techniques with an aim to raise the motivation of workers. In this regard, firm can use the incentive approach in which extra money will be needed to be given to workers that had given their extra time to the firm during this situation. In addition to this, I have also given suggestions to the top management officials that they must give reward to all nursing staff as well as health care professionals who had given their immense contribution in this situation (Motivational technique, 2015). However, with an aim to improve my own performance, I have carried out my efforts in terms of reading different books and journals. It is through this way only; I have improved my knowledge regarding varied motivational techniques. However, the knowledge gained through these sources will be used by me with an aim to give an effective suggestion to the top officials of Bupa Cromwell hospital.

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    1.4 Motivational techniques for improving performance

    Being the HR manager of hospital, I would use different motivational techniques in order to improve the quality of performance which is delivered by the health care individuals. Here, the performance carried out by health care individual of Bupa Cromwell hospital will be appreciated by me by giving them the letter of recognition. In this context, generally, it has been seen that the employees will give their best performance to the firm if they are being appreciated by their top officials. It is because, these types of small efforts as carried out by the organization to make the workers feel an important part of the firm (Brown, 2008). As a result of it, they would feel highly motivated as well as satisfied. In addition to this, different type of bonus schemes will also be launched by me with an aim to raise the motivational level of health care workers in an effective manner.

    TASK 2

    2.1 Solution to work based problem

    In last to last month, a heavy workload type of problem was occurred within Bupa Cromwell hospital. The problem occurred within hospital has caused direct impact upon the motivation level of workers. Here, many of the worker working in hospital had feel demotivated as they are not being appreciated by their employer for giving best performance in the heavy work load type of situation. In this context, I have given my immense contribution with regard to resolve the given issue that had occurred within firm in last to last month. Here, I have suggested an effective solution to the top officials of Bupa Cromwell hospital they must use the combination of different monetary and non monetary motivational techniques such as letter of appreciation and giving reward in the form of incentives etc . With the help of given techniques, motivation of health care workers can be enhanced. Moreover, it is through this way only the the motivation of workers can be maintained in the heavy workload type of circumstances in an effective way. The employees that works within hospital can direct their efforts in terms of giving their best quality of services to the cited firm in an effective manner (Guest, Paauwe and Wright, 2012).

    2.2 Style used to communicate the problem

    Communication plays very crucial for the success of any organization. This is because, by having proper two way communication between employers and employees only the goals and objectives of the firm can be met in an effectual way. In accordance with the given context, different communication styles identified that I would use for the purpose to convey solution to the motivation related problem among supervisor and peer members. The problem of lack of motivation among the health care workers of Bupa Cromwell hospital will be communicated by me with the help of face to face communication style. In this context, I will organize business meeting with the top management officials as well as supervisors of cited firm. In this meeting, I will raise the given problem in front of them with an aim to seek the solution for the same. In addition to this, there are different type of suggestions with respect to enhance employees motivation will also being recommended by me. In addition to this, I would float email to the peer group members regarding the solution of the given problem. Thus, it is by complying with the given type of practices only the problem occurring within firm can be resolved by me. However due to this, the firm can get the benefit in the form of increased profits and sales (Wang, 2005).

    2.3 Time management tactics

    Time management is the act of exercising control over the amount of time spent by the individual upon the particular type of activity (de Guzman and Choi, 2013). A manager has to perform different type of tasks simultaneously. Here, all the tasks assigned to it can be effectively performed by manager if it takes assistance from the varied time management tactic. In this respect, two basic and most effective time management tactics are identified which is of scheduling and prioritizing. As the HR manager of Bupa Cromwell hospital, I have to fulfill different tasks on daily basis. In this regard, it has been identified by me that there are some tasks that are urgent and need to be completed by me within given specified time limit. In order to complete the such type of task I would take assistance from the prioritizing type of time management tactic.

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    With the help of given tactic I would assign priority to the different activities that need to be completed by me on particular day. Here, I will assign first priority to that activity which is urgent and require more time. Thus, it is through this way only the work allocated can be completed by me within particular deadline. In the similar way, another time management tactic such as scheduling will also being used by me. This tactic will assist me in terms of carrying out the assigned activity in a planned way.

    TASK 3

    3.1 Using tools to analyze work based problem

    There are different types of tools and techniques identified that will be used by me with an aim to identify the problem that may occur within Bupa Cromwell hospital. It consists of following taking feedback from the customer and filling the questionnaire from the patients and their family members on monthly basis. These are being regarded as the two basic type of tactics that I would useful the purpose to identify the problem that has caused direct impact upon the operation of the firm. For example, while taking the feedback from the patients I have came to know about that many of customer are complaining about their increased waiting time at reception counter (Cassidy, 2006). Here, customers are complaining that due to the presence of very less number of reception counter they have to wait for the longer period of time in queue with an aim to get the appointment of doctor. The given problem assessed is affecting the work environment of health and social care firm. This is because, there are conflicts occurred between customers while waiting for the longer period of time in queue. Thus, as an HR manager of cited firm I am responsible for taking an effective action with regard to the same.

    3.2 Strategies for resolving the assessed problem

    A strategy has been identified by me with the help of which the problem occurring within the organization such as Bupa Cromwell hospital can be resolved. In order to resolve the problem of increased waiting time of customer, I would write the letter to the top officials of hospital. In this letter I would request to them with regard to increase the number of reception counter within hospital. In addition to this, I will also carries out my effort in terms of implementing an effective system for assigning appointments to the customer. In this context, I will request to the top management official of Bupa Cromwell hospital that they must implement new and modern means like internet for the purpose to assign appointment to the patients. Here, I will convenience the top officials that they must launch patients appointment related application at the website of company (Csikszentmihalyi and Wong, 2014). It is through such type of practices only convenience can be provided to the customer which is generally hindered when they have to wait for the long period of time in queue (Rao, 2014).

    3.3 Impact of implementing the strategy

    There are varied positive benefits will be being gained by the Bupa Cromwell hospital if the strategies being recommended by me will be implemented by it in an effectual manner. For example, by increasing the number of reception counter within hospital, the conflict that occurs between customers can be solved out. Thus, it is through such type of practices only an effective environment can be developed within health and social care firm. In addition to this, by launching the patients appointment application in the website of the company, satisfaction of the buyers can be maintained. In this context, it has been identified that buyers will feel highly satisfied if firm would take appropriate measures in terms of providing convenience to the buyers. In addition to this, the buyers that are satisfied with the services being provided by the Bupa Cromwell hospital will get influenced with regard to again use the services of the organization in an effective manner (Story and et. al. 2014). Thus, due to this the cited firm will get the benefits in the form increased profits and sales. In addition to this, it is by implementing the given tactic only large number buyers can be attracted by the firm. Moreover, the use of modern technique in their appointment related operation will help firm in terms of creating the distinct image of organization in comparison to its competitor (Poon, 2012).


    It can be articulated from the given report that, for the firm it is essential that it must make its efforts with regard to develop different type of employablity skill among its workers. This is because, it is by complying with the given type of practices only best quality of services can be delivered by the health care firm to its respective customer. In addition to this, it is the responsibility of firm only that it must assess different techniques of enhancing the motivation of workers. This is because, by developing the team of motivated workers the strategic goals which is being framed by the manager of enterprise can be met.


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    • Csikszentmihalyi, M. and Wong, M. M. H., 2014. Motivation and academic achievement: The effects of personality traits and the quality of experience. In Applications of Flow in Huma

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