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    HR7234 Human Resources Management Level 5 University of East London


    Human resources management is a important for an organisation to manage all employees in an effective manner. The main function of HR manager are recruitment, selection, motivation, appraisal, compensation policies, salary package, leave rule and regulation or many more. They are organising training events in order to enhance skills, knowledge and capabilities which help to achieve goals and objective in given time frame. In this report select British telecommunication organisation to know impact of human resources activities on performance as well as productivity of employees (Bulgurcu, Cavusoglu and Benbasat, 2010). It is a UK based company which run their business activities in 180 countries. Some services which are offer by company are fixed line telephony, mobile services, broadband communication, professional services, information technology and many more. It was established in the year of 2000 and now 17000 employees are work here. In this assignment covers role and responsibilities of HR or importance of HRM practices. It also covers benefits of employees relationship as well as workers legislation and explain advantage of human resources management practices for firm or staff members.

    Task 1

    P1. Purpose and functions of HRM for workforce planning for company

    Human resource management is a department in an organization which basically manage the workforce in various activities. Top management is formulating policy to achieve company’s vision and mission. HR team defines the policy according it set different targets for the various departments and communicate the employees about the company’s dream vision and what their role to achieve those standard. For this they analyzing the various task and policy and find out the loops in this and draft policy to meet those standard which help to employees to accomplish the goal (Decker, Riley and Siemer, 2012). In this British company HR managers organize various functions and approaches which helps the company to acquire right talent at right place at right time which makes the company’s HR strategy unique and different from others. There are the following functions which practiced by the HR manager in company:-

    • Organizing and Planning:- Firstly HR administrator understand the top management vision and mission and present environment need and according to that identify the gap between the existing resources and required resources to achieve the goal. They firstly analyze the internal and external factor eg. employees skills and talent and technology advancement etc. then the planned the strategy regarding additional recruitment(internal and external), selection procedures, induction and training provide to existing and new employees and also design the working policy within company.
    • Recruitment policy:- In the planning process company’s HR manager clears about the talent and skill requirement which compulsory to have to get defined target. Various methods of recruitment are:- (a) Direct method (b) Indirect method( c) Third party method (Hobfoll, 2011). According to post and level in hierarchy different methods used by the BT HR managers example:-for higher level post can be use direct method, middle and lower level can be use indirect and third party method.
    • Selection procedure:- After recruitment stage, a candidate must be passed selection criteria in terms of education, qualification, work experience and mainly fulfill particular job requirement. All standard criteria for specified job set by the experts of the field in company. A candidate must go through various selection process example:- written exams, group discussion, interview as per designation in company.
    • Training and development:- HR administration organize and design training and development program according to skill set requirement in existing and new staff members to achieve specified target within defined time and main aim to this activities to enhance skills and empower the employee of the organization.
    • Grievance handling procedure:- There are numbers of factors which causes dissatisfaction among employees within an organization. That time HR manager role to identify the factor behind the employees behaviour and set the suitable procedures at various level for handling grievance at workplace.
    • Performance appraisal:- Performance appraisal is a process which periodically analyse employee performance at workplace and identify the gap between present and standard skills (Iles, Chuai and Preece, 2010). For this various type of method use and according to feedback necessary steps taken by the HR manager.

    P2. Advantage and disadvantage methods of recruitment and selection process

    British telecom company known for it’s creative way to empower employee through their various programs and their working policy. Company’s HR team design various policy to hire best talent in organization and they used number of recruitment methods at various level of recruitments.

    • Direct method:- Direct method of recruitment involves the internal hiring (working employee) for vacant post. The source this method are promotion, transfer, retired employees etc. The main advantage of this method is that increasing motivation and moral of current employee towards organization (Rousseau and Barends, 2011). Full fill the top management vacancy this is most suitable and appropriate method for confidential post.

    Following are strengths and weakness of internal recruitment process:-



    · Its consider as easy method of employee recruitment.

    · Chance of biasses is increasing in this method

    · Cost of this method is very low.

    · Its create conflicts among employee due to preference.

    · This process increasing employee morale and reduce employee turnover rate due to better opportunity in future.

    · Employee are dissatisfied because increasing chances to select preference employee.


    · No extra cost incurred of induction and training program.

    · Decrease the level of innovation and creativity in company.

    · During this process continuity of operation has not effected.

    · Companies has limited choice for the desired candidate for the post.


    · Its save time from recruitment process

    · Lack of diversity and thought provoking employee in company.

    • Indirect method:- This method refers as external approach of recruitment. In this methods HR team hired employees outside organization. There are two reason behind this existing workforce is not enough skilled to accomplish the task and more requirement of staff due to expansion company’s operations (Salvendy, 2012). In this human resource managers give advertisement in newspaper, on radio and television, journals and magazines etc.

    Strengths and weakness of this process are as follows:-



    · This is a method for hiring new talent in company

    · This method is not appropriate for higher post.

    · This is suitable when a company wants to reach out at large level.

    · Its flooded the application of undesired candidate.


    Third party recruitment:- Third party recruitment refers to hiring outside company without making so much efforts on candidate recruitment, selection, training and development (Schuler, Jackson and Tarique, 2011). Its includes hiring from placement agency, trade unions, labor contractor, employee referrals and recommendation etc. this agency basically bridge the gap between job seeker and company.

    The following are strengths and weakness of this method:-



    · It is introduce new talent in the organization.

    · It requires large amount of budget for employee training and development.

    · This method is not time consuming.

    · This is not suitable for top managerial post.

    Task 2

    P3. Advantage of Human resources management practices for company and employees

    In competitive and dynamic environment Human resources management department play an important role for company to get company’s predetermined goal. There is wide discussion and researches conduct on benefits of HRM practice for employees and employer. How is human resources department functions and practices important for the firm to compete with their competitors. Today is the world of technology and how to use different type of new techniques at work place decided by the human. BT company management team understand all this facts and for its HR programs the company known as world top 30 best HRM practitioner company who introduce innovative schemes for employees at workplace (Shuck and Wollard, K., 2010).

    Here are listed following benefits of HRM practice for both employee and company:-

    • Employee empowerment:- This term refers as to make employee skill able, talented, confident and give power to take their decision their self. This policy’s main advantage its introduce creativity and innovation at workplace and encourage employee to think out of box which directly benefited to the whole firm.
    • Training and development:- If the top management formulated decided to expands company’s functional area in terms of production and sales turnover or working in different segment etc. then HR department firstly analyse which type of talent and skills requires for this task and which type of staff available in company (Tarique and Schuler, 2010). After this compare desired standard to actual standard and design training and development programs for existing and new hired employee to adapt and learn those skill which requires to meet company’s tentative target.
    • Low the rate of employees turnover:- A good HR practice in organization can definitely reduce the rate of employee turnover. The main reason behind is not to recruit unnecessary staff which is not enough suitable for perform task and motivate employee and increase their moral. Its also includes a sound grievance handling policy which build a good image of company in society.
    • Employee awareness:- Human resources manager main task to communicate about company’s vision and mission and also communicate them what the firm want from them? how will they help company to achieve its goal ? what will their role? and identify which type of the problems faced by the employees at workplace and to solve this. Which increase employees faith and motivate towards for their duties and responsibilities (Teece, 2012). Thus the HRM practices benefitted for both employees and employer and main focus of this practices are development of employees through accomplish company’s target of various level.


    P4 Importance of HRM practice in terms of increasing productivity and profit

    Some important HRM practices are explain as follows:

    • Reduce the cost of the company:- A sound HR policy and practice reduce the cost of company which every company spent on his employees regarding recruitment and selection process, induction, training and development, performance appraisal etc. This all process is time consuming as well as expensive. Hr manager main function is to hired right people at desired place at right time (Wilson and et. al., 2012). These practices saves both time and money employer as well s employee.
    • Enhancement of employee skills:- The main characteristics of good HR policy is that its grooming the employee skills and personality during task. A person understanding develop when he start working in practical environment. Employee skills enhancement directly and indirectly increase the productivity of company.
    • Compete with competitors:- Employees of an organization are the most valuable asset to accomplish task in specified time which leads to organization to deliver best performance in competitive world sustain in dynamic effectively use of changeable environment.
    • Customer satisfaction:- If employees of company satisfied with his work, salarry, fridge benefits, and their role then a person deliver its best performance and find out new ways to delight company’s customers which leads satisfaction among customers and make them loyal regarding company’s offerings.
    • Efficiently and effectively use of company’s resources:- A skilled staff team is efficiently use the company’s scares resources which minimize the cost and increasing productivity which result full fill the company’s goal increasing profit and customer satisfaction (Zheng, Yang and McLean, 2010).
    • Align company’s goal with employee individual goal:- HR manager draft company policy like that which align firm’s target to employee personal goal. The benefit of this practice which motivate employee and encourage towards full fill company’s mission and top management setting standard for firm during specified time.

    In addition Human resource department design recruitment and selection policy , training and development programs, induction process, appraisal methods, job condition, duties and responsibilities, employee retrenchment and which directly affected firm operations and reduce extra cost for the company. BT company follow all the schemes which suitable for both firm and staff.

    Task 3

    P5 Impact of employee relation while designing HRM policy of firm

    In an organization top management formulate the policy and set the standard for organization respect to achieve company’s goal. HR administration department while designing policy consider all factors which influence the company’s HR policy. Firm current staff and the employee unions can affect the present and future working policy due to their influence on firm management and employees (Rousseau and Barends, 2011).

    • Increasing employees participation in decision making process minimize the chance of conflict at workplace.
    • Sometime staff of company have to be rigid to adapt the change introduce at workplace due to fear of unknown factor that time HR department handle the situation and communicate the benefit of changes to firm as well as employees.
    • At the time of designing incentive and payment polices, working hours, holidays, overtime, fridge benefits etc. negotiation take place between employee unions and HR team. Employees representative main focus on high incentive and HR team agenda to reduce the cost of the company.
    • Provide healthy and safe environment at workplace is duty of HR manager and right for employees.
    • Promotion of employees on their performance basis not on referral basis which minimize the chance of biasses and encourage employee to perform well because they know their hard work gives recognition and better award to their efforts in organization.
    • Training and development program design for desired skill set and which meaningful for all employees (Iles, Chuai and Preece, 2010). So firstly analyse their performance appraisal and according to feedback communicate employee what the firm desired standards.
    • Draft the policy which empower the employees in terms of skills and financially which motivates employees to work with company which minimize the rate of conflicts and employee turnover.

    Manager of BT company keep in mind all factors while formulate the policy for their employee. Participation of employees make the policy more effective because the real issues at workplace can solve and management can understand the problems of employees and take steps to solve it. Which helps to create such type of environment which motivate to people to accomplish their task and perform their duties and responsibility well.

    Employee relation Act

    It is an very important legislation govern by employment relationship in this Act. Employment relation Act gives a structure for unions and employers to enter as well as negotiate into particular agreement.

    Policies of grievance

    Grevience directory Council (GDC) recognises that proper working relations are based on confidence and mutual respect. Most concern matters or worker’s complaints are take place by misunderstanding. It can be resolved by clearly communicating rationale and decisions.

    • Workers have rights to treat them with respect, relation to their personal affairs and dignity. Its will gave a positive impact as they will have treated with respect they will work without absenteeism and negative will gave impact if it will be not as per employees.
    • Workers should be treated equally in all circumstances. Will gave advantage in giving higher production and negative impact will that it will be lack of motivation.


    It is a formal discussion among the persons who are having various intentions, mainly in business at a time of reaching an agreement.

    Approaches to terminate workers contract

    • Workforce reduction: Layoffs allow organisation to let workers go for reasons other than their performance. In this agreement, workers are terminated by some situations of Federal WARN Act rules may implement.
    • Fire employees: In this, it is most bitter of pills to swallow. Operating in the business still require to be mindful of how their can separate workers will receive the notice of firing and influence on morale.

    P6 Impact of employee legislation on drafting HR policy

    Employee legislation policy influenced a company HR policy. For Multinational company like British Telecom has to comply all the rules and regulation respect to employees and this practice make BT in the list of best HR practitioner. Some of government law which impact on HRM practice of company. These are:-

    • Maternity leave:- As per this rule, the company must have given maternity leave to female employees approximate 6 month (180 days)with entitled with full paid salary and other benefits.
    • Minimum wages act:- According to this law every company must have given minimum wages to employees (as per described by the norms) and minimum wages rate prevailing in the industry (Hobfoll, 2011). This law main objective is to secure the uneducated and unemployed person from exploitation at workplace and give them sustainable livelihood.
    • Workplace equality act:- This law passed for finish discrimination at workplace respect to race, complexion, gender, nationality, religion etc. There are many case filled regarding it so company’s HR team duty to set the policy for workplace equality.
    • Equal pay act:- This law recently passed by government to provoke discrimination respect to pay. If the work is same for male and female employee with same duties and responsibilities then how is to pay different salary due to gender? So this type of practice prohibited at workplace.
    • Health and safety law:- This act is mainly focus to provide healthy, safe and secure environment to employee so no adverse harm on individual health. This act involves the norms regarding employee pension, i, maintenance of machinery and factory, employee accidental insurance etc.

    Task 4

    P7 Meaningfulness of HRM practice in present context

    Importance of Human resource management department is increase at workplace because of its various functions in firm. When the top management defined its agenda to get its target that time start the HR team functions. Basically HR department works an ongoing process in firm. Its manage the employee at worldwide branches of BT company (Decker, Riley and Siemer, 2012).

    According to defined goal which types of standard full fill it. Then evaluate present staff and analyse them. After it start the process of recruitment and selection process and identify the skills and talent posses in new hired employees and what kind of training they required to meet the standard performance? Orientation, performance appraisal, feedback, grievance at workplace etc. various function performed. For all this HR team prepare themselves. Here are we take an example of hiring employee in firm. Different methods are use for different hiring post. Here we design the job description and job specification of customer executive officer which is going to publish in newspaper.



    1. Designation:-

    Job profile: customer executive officer

    Department of customer relationship

    2. Job Purpose:-

    · To satisfy the client of company.

    · Managing the task with team

    · Handling day to day process.

    3. Duties & responsibilities:-

    · To accomplish task and targets related to work.

    · Analyze the review of customer.

    · Solve the query of potential customer.

    Get Help in Any Subject

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    • Candidate should have good communication skills.
    • Fresher can also apply.
    • Walk in interview :-10 am to 6 pm, date -25/4/18

    after this candidates are apply for the job and recruitment and selection process start by the HR team selective panel (Bulgurcu, Cavusoglu and Benbasat, 2010). Desired candidate selected through interview and define the role of employee and terms & condition of job. These are:-

    • Company’s Details
    • Joining Date of employee
    • Salary structure and incentive
    • Minimum working hours and overtime policy
    • Company’s norm.
    • Authorised by higher management.

    After this all necessary orientation and training will give to employees and all process of performance appraisal and other process take place side by side.

    5 HRM Practices

    • Recruitment and Selection: It is an planning of captivating, screening and choosing qualified applicant and potential are based on objective of specific job. Targets of this process is to attract for motivating the unqualified applicants and qualified candidates to optimise themself out.
    • Orientation: Various companies are not planned for giving a orientation to fresh employees. In this, company plan a orientation session for new workers. It should consists the goals and objectives of an company and hoe they will meet them in short or long term.
    • Employee relation: Workers are the important pillars of an company. They have to plan for maintaining the relations of employees within each other. It aid to foster better relation within workers.
    • Training and development: Organisation also plan for giving training and development to their employees for improving the worker’s performance for current as well as for future.
    • Maintaining better working situations: Organisation is planning for making a good working situations. It is the main duty of human resource department to encourage their workers.


    From the above report it is concluded that Human resources activities in important for each one organisation in order to achieve goals. It is a management responsibilities to develop healthy relationship among all staff members to reduce conflict and enhance motivation which help to produce commodities with high quality. Through this, firm are able to improve clients satisfaction. Administration of BT has implementing all legislation with in work place which help to remove discrimination between candidates on the basis of cast, colour, nation, education, gender, age and many more.


    • Bulgurcu, B., Cavusoglu, H. and Benbasat, I., 2010. Information security policy compliance: an empirical study of rationality-based beliefs and information security awareness. MIS quarterly. 34(3). pp.523-548.
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