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    HRM in Service Industry

    Introduction to HRM

    In the recent time it can be seen that the business environment of 21st century is highly competitve where companies need to devote a signifcant amount of time and energy to manage their human resources. Organizations require highly efficient human resource unit, precisley in hospitality industry as it is a people buisness and the level of service they provide to customers depends on people.

    Hospitality industry refers to all those corporations which has its core business in provsion of drinks, food, leisure, accomodation and other business facilities to guests away from thier home. It is therefore crucial for people involved in hospitality business to have sufficient knowledge, qualities and skills so that firms can grow and succeed beyond its boundaries. In hospitality industry effective management of human resource is crucial as it helps to deal with performance and undertake management practices for various regulaitons (Price, 2011). Here, in this report the corportaion selected for research is a leading airline company i.e. Ryan air it is a low cost airline and creates a difference in teh European Airline Industry. In the research a detailed discussion has been made on various roles of human resource management in hospitality and the entire HR plan of Ryan air. Moving ahead the report also discusses about the employment laws and the entire selection process being followed in Ryan air.

    Task A

    a.) Role and purpose of human resource management

    Managing human resources in hospitality industry presents range of challenges that incorporates people from different cultural and ethical backgrounds and an ever present attention on guest services that mostly diverges from generic corporate models (Reynolds, 2014). The major role of HRM in hospitality industry is to provide a defined guideline to effectively employ people and offer the guests their desired level of services. The main purpose of HR department in hospitality industry is to suport the firms by freeing up management so that they can concentrate on business. Some of the major role and responsibilities of HRM in hospitality industry are as stated below;

    Employment concerns – Role of HR unit is to successfully endeavor efficient employees and provide them suitable training so that offer prominent services to guests and acquire their satisfaction level (Wilkinson and Marchington, 2005).

    Compensation adminisration – HR department in hospitality organizations need to ensure that adequate benefits and wages are provided to workforce and it is their role to keep a close eye on wages and monitor the division of labor among units.

    Encouraing morale – The human resource unit need to develop programs related to employees so that continued growth can be acquired. They also fosters workforce development and provides guidance to achieve business goals in hospitality sector.

    Legal policies – Working schedules in hospitality corporations are generally of long hours and here in responsibilities of HR unit is crucial as it ensures fair employment practices and no issue of any harrassment occurs within the hotel.

    b.) Human resource plan for Ryan-air

    Human resource planning involves analysis of current and future needs, recruitment process being accomplished on time and consistent control on business activities. The entire of process of HR planning in Ryan-airis developed in an organzied manner as stated below;

    Resourcing strategy – It is comprised of planning activities that helps to achieve a competitive edge in business in developing an intellectual capital. The main purpose of Ryan air is to acquire sustainble competitive edge by minimizing the staffing cost and enhancing level of productivity.

    Scenario planning – This is included in matching the changes of environment according to needs of industry, Ryan air has to manage the good and bad scenario in the swiftly changing airline industry. The human resource plan precisely gives attention to manage these critical scenarios (Machado, 2014).

    Demand and supply forecasting – It includes estimation of future demand for people and gives attention on both skills and numbers. Ryan air focuses on availability of people that need to be analyzed so that a sustainble competitive edge can be acquired by managing demand and supply of company.

    Labor turnover assessment – The HR plan involves evaluation of actual labor turober and ongoing trends that helps to predict supply and it also incorporates environment in which people work in terms of skills and achieves job satisfaction.

    Resourcing – The human resource plan focuses to attract, recruit and develop high quality staff members required and become employer selection. Ryan air is one of the leading companies that gives attention to become employer of choice and is considered as one of the biggest players with low cost airline in the market (Barrett, 2015).

    Productivity – Human resource plan gives attention on building skills among employees through multi tasking and fleixble working hours so that productivity can be increased among employees.

    c.) Current state of employment relations

    Employee relations in service industry is involved with the body of work by maintaing adequate employee and employer relations that contributes towards increased motivation, morale and productivity. Employment relations unit in Ryan-airis concerned towards safeguarding and resolving of issues that impacts on work based situations. The curent employee relations unit of hotel gives attention on contract of employment, management of discriminations, working time regualtions, termination of employment contract and implementation of statutory employment rights (Guest, 2011).

    Since the hospitality industry belong to service sector employee relations plays an important role and is directly associated with different areas like increased productivity, job satisfaction and motivation which is important in hospitality industry. The current situation of employee relations in service industry is satisfactory and this sector has effectively managed its contractual and statutory employment rights. Recruitment in hotel is done following statutory rules and is closely monitored and organization manages the work based discipline and termination of any employee (Alfes,Shantz, Truss and Soane, 2013). The main strategy of Ryan-air in managing its employee relations is to provide its employees freedom of work and maintain healthy relations with them.

    d.) Employment laws in Ryan air

    Employee relations and employment laws are being implemented to safeguard rights of both employer and employees. The employment laws in hospitality industry is inclined to manage termination, personnel grievance, collective bargaining and unions. The corporate strategy of Ryan-air is to achieve a competitive edge through its human resource and is dedicated towards satisfaction of employees with increased productivity.

    Employment rights act has a major role in Ryan-air and provides its workforce the freedom to involve in labour laws and provides its workforce the freedom to work on Sundays, statutory holidays and payment for overtime (Turner and et. al., 2006). Other than this the employment law of hotel gives attention on offering equal opportunity to its people and management executes a performance related pay strategy. Employment relations in service industry can be considered as a relationship among workforce and employer that could be in the form of self employed, professionals or domestic labour. However, it has been observed that employment relations many of the times lowers down the staff turnover cost and increases their mobility that ultimately results into proprietary skills. Another challenge associated with employment relations is with regard to employer and employee in which it becomes unclear mainly while working in team and it becomes hard to maange the labour.

    Task B

    a.) Job description and person specification for a selected service industry job

    Company – Ryan-air
    Division – Customer Service
    Job title – Customer Service Agent

    Job summary

    The customer service agent in this airline corporation need to provide assistance to customers in order to ensure that their travel plans are efficient. Customer service agent need to handle information about flights, reservations, lost luggage and other queries of customers related to travel.

    Major roles and responsibilities

    • Booking of new reservations at the airport
    • Checking of guests
    • Managing lost luggage or baggage.
    • Handling queries of passengers, boarding passes and assignment of seats.
    • Providing assistance with boarding or overbooking or delay about flights.

    Job Specification

    • Candidate must be above 18 years of age.
    • Candidate should have a diploma on the precise area.
    • Should have a prior experience of profile and must be willing to work in a flexible schedule.
    • Customer service agent should be capable enough to work in stressful situations with a sense of professionalism.
    • Candidate need to check a medical and background test prior to employement.

    Job description defines about the job summary, duties, supervsiion and the working conditions, the process involved in preson specification is as follows;

    • First step - Collect background information
    • Second step - Select representative position
    • Third step - Collect job analysis and data
    • Fourth step - Develop job description

    b.) Selection process of different service industries businesses

    The main purpose of selection is to assess and employ the best qualified individuals for a suitable position, the entire process of selection is divided into various units and after clearing all the rounds a candidate becomes eligible enough to join the organization. In every business different positions require different selection techniques and this depends on the precise competencies that is needed for the position.

    In Ryan air flight engineers need more analytical skills to accomplish their job, whereas, the flight attendance has more of personal relations job and they are mostly selected through interview method. The entire process of selection varies from industry to industry. As in case of hospitality corporations it is a diverse situation in which employees need more precise skills and attitude to work in a hotel as compared to airline companies (Beattie and et. al., 2013).

    The selection process of Ryan air is inclined towards more of organized format and applications are in written documents that gives information about candidate's skills and abilities. Ryan air gives more attention on resume and makes a brief discussion about the skills prior to interview. After this the shortlisted candidates are recruited and application forms are being used to acquire signature of candidates and short-listing is being done without any error.

    On contarary to this the selection process in a hotel is totattly differnet although it is from service based industry. The selection process of hotel is comprised of four main stages, the first stage includes planning and the second step is to recurit and last stage involves is to undertake the plan. The first three stages of selection is crucial as the most suitable method is being determined and techniques are being used to attract large number of applicants. The process of selection is complex as it helps to identify diverse phases that are inducted and after an individual is selected all aspects are clearly conveyed (Green and et.al., 2004). Orientation is being given to new employees and he or she are shown different parts of hotel to meet different requirements and employees get themselves familiarize with different units. In this context it can be said that every attribute of selection process must be enfoirced in a suitable manner so that employees can accomplish their duties adequately.

    In the recruitment and selection process the management of Ryan air gives more attention toward abilities, skills and experience of workforce. The employer in this regard are very mcuh aware about the needs of candidate's and integrates their business culture (Wixom and Watson, 2012). Other than this with the help of prominent skills performance is being imporved and profitability of company is managed. Moreover, employees also get fully satisfied with the skills and have a clear approach to achieve prominent results. This approach helps Ryan air to increase its succes rate by lowerinbg down the applicnats and employer also ensures that working conditions and wages are paid according to the set standards.

    c.) Contribution of training and development activities

    Training and development plays a signifcant role in the effectiveness of a corporation and it has implications in several aspects like health and safety of workforce, personnel development and management of productvity. In airline industry several types of issues are being faced and employees need to manage multiple tasks, manage routine activities and handle emergency situations. There are several reasons due to which it is criticla to undertake training and development programs in Ryan air some of them are as stated below;

    Increased productivity – Training and development activites assists management of Ryan air to enhance employees productivity and achieve long term business goals. This also aids in acquistion of competitive edge in business by offering low cost airline fcailities to passengers (Burke, 2013).

    Enhanced employee skills – Training programs provides assistance in rising the skills about job at different levels of organization. It helps to dvelop intellect of human and overall personality of indiviuals to enrich the organization.

    Profitability – By accomplishing timely training programs Ryan air has become caoabke enough to manage its profitability and have shown more positive attitude towards profit orientation. Ryan aire seeks towards profitability through low cost.

    Corporate culture – The different training programs helps to create and foster an organizational atmosphere that gives value to development, growth opportunities and diversity among employees.

    Team spirit – It is one of the most significant attribute in airline industry and training programs helps in building a strong team and develops a positive corporate culture.

    Managing quality – The quality of work life is important as it helps to attain competitive edge and ensures that proper quality is being mainained in Ryan air (Nickson, 2007).

    In the current challenging busines environment where organizations are becoming more competitive need to acquire benefits from training programs. Companies need to differentiate from others and in this regard Ryan air gives concern on this and attains numerous benefits like from training and development Ryan air has enhanced its productivity. Training has helped Ryan air to respond effectively to needs of buyers and meet current and future needs. Other than this it has also helped to promote an organizational environment that values diversty and provides different growth opportunities.


    From the accomplished report it can be stated that Ryan air has applied prominent business strategies that has helped to acquire competitive edge through low cost. Human resource management approach in airline industry includes range of important attributes like job satisfaction, motiation, managing people, conflicts and building of effective teams. The strategic plan of Ryan air depicts about the future activities that demands novel skills and through its low cost approach company has plans to achieve high end results. Ryan air has implemented both employee and employment relations act that helps to enforce low cost and by adhering to these regualtions prominent benefits are being acquired.


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