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    Purpose and Function of Human Resources Management Planning of Resources-ASDA

    University: The University of Newcastle

    • Unit No: 15
    • Level: Post Graduate/University
    • Pages: 13 / Words 3216
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code:
    • Downloads: 723


    ASDA is the British retailers supermarket headquartered in the Leeds, West Yorkshire. The company was founded in 1949. The Roger Burnley was the President and Chief Executive officers of the ASDA. It is the retail industry and 1,65,000 employees working in the company. The turnover of company 26,666 Millions and they can grocery and general merchandise.

    Human Resources Management is the planning of resources, job analysing, utilization of resources. It is the help in human resources recruitment and selection, performance management and performance appraisals of employers and employees in the organization. It is the analysing of the compensation management of their employees in the organization. HRM is the helping of the improvement of the organization. It is the helping in training and development of the employees. It is also helping on the protection of the employees and representing of employees in front of the organization. Human Resources Management is the major part of the every organizations.


    P1 Explain the purpose and the function of HRM, applicable to workforce planning and resourcing an organization

    (A) Purpose of HRM:

    The purpose of HRM is to planning of human resources in the organization. It is to motivate the employees for their performance in their job. In ASDA, the purpose of HRM is to training, development and motivation of the employees. HRM is the helping in the decreased the employees turnover and hiring of the right person on the right job in the company. The purpose of HRM is to helping the motivate to employees for satisfaction of their needs. It is to maintain the organization environment. It is to maintain the better human relation in the company. So that employees are better working in their company (Bratton and Gold, 2017.).

    It is to provide the opportunities with the people for growth and development through giving the training. HRM is the planning of the strategies for company's growth and development. By the HRM, employees are earning the rewards for their better performance in the company. It is to helping the employees for compete the people as well. HRM is the management of human resources, employees relation, performance appraisals, performance management, compensation, rewards, motivation, training, development, recruitment, selection of employees and employers in the ASDA. The purpose of HRM is to maintain and analysing the HR policies and practices in the company (Brewster, 2017.).

    (B) Function of HRM:

    The main function of HRM is management, operation and advisory function in the organization.

    Management Function :

    The main function of management is planning, controlling, directing and organising of the policies and procedures of the Human resources. Such as:

    Planning: It is the main function of human resources management in the organization. It is to helping to maintain the policies and procedures of the human resources. Planning of training and development of employees, recruitment and selection process of the organization.

    Controlling: It is also main function of HRM. After the planning of HR policies and procedures than it is important for controlling them. Controlling of recruitment and selection process, employees training and development, employees motivation policies and other policies related to HRM is to controlled.

    Directing: Planning and controlling of HR, than after directing is must in the HR policies and procedures. In the training and development, direction of HR policies is to proper manner so that it is easy to understand for employees (Caligiuri, 2014).

    Organising: Organising is the function of HRM, to helping the training and development programmes, recruitment and selection process and other policies related to the organization.

    Operation Function

    The main function of operation is to training and development, industrial relations , motivation, maintenance, personnel records and working conditions.

    Working Conditions: In the operation function includes analysing the working condition of the employees. It is to implement the conditions of working employees in the ASDA.

    Personnel Records: It is also the function of operations, is to maintain the records of employees and employers working in the company.

    Advisor Function:

    In the advisor function includes top management and departments heads of the company. Such as:

    Top Management/ department heads: It is main part of the organization. Top management is to appointed all the departments managers so that department managers are handles all the department.

    P2 Explain the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection

    (A) Different methods of recruitment and selection methods:

    In the ASDA, there are adopting various methods of recruitment and selection of the employees in their organization (Cascio,2018.).

    Recruitment Methods:

    There are two types of recruitment methods such as internal methods and external methods adopting by the organization.

    Internal Methods: In this methods, recruitment process is to operated by the internal sources of the company. It includes promotions, transfers, employee referrals and job posting.

    Promotions: It is the process of shifting the job of employee lower level to higher level. In the promotion methods employees having more responsibilities, more facilities and more status in the organization.

    Transfers: It is the process of changing the employees one place to another place. It is internal source of recruitment process. It is also the process of changing of employees one department to another department (Farndale, Brewster and Poutsma, 2014).

    Employees Referrals: It is the process of recruitment through employees references. It is also the internal method of recruitment in the organization. It is easy methods of recruitment of employees because it is cost effective and saving the time.

    Job Posting: It is the process of employees who are already working within organization for applying the vacant positions in the organization.

    External Methods: In this methods, includes employees exchanges, advertisement, campus recruitment and employment agencies.

    Employees Exchanges: It is external source and methods of recruitment. It is the government entity where unskilled, skilled and semi- skilled workers are the applying the job vacancies.

    Advertisement: It is external sources of recruitment. It is the most popular ways to knowing about the job vacancies. Using the print and electronic media for the advertisement. Candidates are using the advertisement methods for knowing the job vacancies (Furnham, 2017).

    'Employment Agencies: It is also the external sources and methods of recruitment. It is provides the sources of unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled employment requirement of the organization.

    Selection Methods :

    It is the process of select the individual candidate for the job according to their qualifications, skills ,and knowledge in the organization. Selection methods includes application forms, interviews, aptitude test and personality test.

    Application Forms: It is method of select the candidate for the job profiles. It means that all the information in written includes qualification, past and present experiences and other information related to the person (Glaister and et.al., 2018).

    Interviews: It is the methods of selecting the candidates after completing the application form. It is the methods for exchange the information between the candidates and interviewer.

    Aptitude test: In this methods, using the knowing the skills, abilities and knowledge in the candidates. It is the ways to knowing the skills and knowledge related to the job profile.

    Personality Test: Through the test, know about their communication skills and interpersonal skill.

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    (B) Advantages and Limitations of Recruitment and Selection Methods :

    There are many advantages and limitation of the recruitment and selection methods which is used in the ASDA.

    Advantages of Recruitment and Selection Methods:

    Some of the methods are using in the organization for recruitment and selection of the employees. There are many advantages of these methods.

    • Internal sources of recruitment methods are easy, simple and spent on the low cost. In this methods, promotions, transfers, and employees exchanges included so that it is no needs to any of the training of the employees (Jamali, El Dirani and Harwood, 2015.).
    • External sources of recruitment methods are difficult and spending on the huge amount of money. In this methods, advertisement, employment agencies are included, but it is encourages the job seekers for new opportunities.
    • In the selection process, it is to easy to knowing about the candidate's qualification, skills and knowledge related job profiles.

    Limitation of Recruitment and Selection Methods:

    • It is difficult for the new candidates for job vacancies in the organization, because in this methods includes candidates are the existing employees in the organization.
    • In external methods, spending the huge amount of money and time by the organization.
    • Selection process of employees is very long and in this methods spending the time for selecting the best candidate (Mishra, Lama and Pal, 2016).


    P3 Explain the benefits of different HRM practices within an organization for both the employers and employees

    (A) Recruitment and Selection as HR practices :

    There are many methods of recruitment and selection used in the ASDA. The company is used the internal methods of recruitment. In the internal recruitment they are used the job posting or internal advertisement in the organization.

    Job Posting: ASDA is using the job posting in the recruitment methods through the internal sources of the organization. Job posting is the process of all the employees working with in the organization applying the job positions. In this methods, it provides coordinate the opportunities to all the employees in their organization. For the recruitment process, it is saving the cost and time. Job posting is to helping of the current employees for better job position on the current job in the organization (Sarma, 2017). Job posting is operated by the employers of the organization. It is also known as advertisement jobs. So that it is used in the advertisement either print media or electronic media. Job posting is to describes in the job description and job specification in the organization. In this process, existing employees are applying in the job vacancies of the positions in the organization. ASDA is used the jobs advertisement on their website. The company is used the selection methods, application form, aptitude tests and interviews.

    (B) Positive effects of recruitment and selection methods on the employers and employees:

    ASDA is using the internal methods of recruitment for their employees. This methods is useful for the employees for better position and useful for the employers as well in the organization. The selection methods is useful for both employers and employees as well. It is useful for measuring the existing employees in the organization. On this methods, positive effects on the existing employees for working in the organization (Shantz and et.al., 2016). From this methods, employers are achieving the organizational goals and objectives. Using this methods of recruitment and selection, it is the useful for both the employers and employees to better performance in the ASDA.

    P4Explain the effectiveness of the HRM practices in term of raising organizational profit and productivity

    Recruitment and Selection is the HRM practices in the organization. ASDA is used internal methods of recruitment and selection of the employees, but these HRM practices is more effectiveness of the organizational profits and their productivity. If the managers are providing better training and development of the employees so that is its helping the raising the profits and productivity of the organization. Managers are better leads and motivates their employees for better performing in the company (Tzabbar, Tzafrir and Baruch, 2017). They can also managed the compensation, salary, bonus according to their performance in the company. HRM practices includes the managing HR policies and procedures, employees relations, proper utilization of human resources and work force analysis in the organization. If the utilization of all the HRM practices by the HR manager so that it is easy to increasing the profitability and productivity of the organization.



    • WORKS BECOME EASY– Human resource plan to develop management activities and effectiveness of organization objective, one of employee relation influencing human resources point is working with the help of other employees. It become easy to finish works and complete goals on time. ASDA organization HRM is focused on working together by developing effective employee relation . It helps to provide more working with helping nature of employee. Easy way of working in ASDA is to find employee with good nature and help with it works become easy (Jamali, El Dirani and Harwood,2015).
    • REDUCTION IN CONFLICT– For better organization it is important that environment of organization will be non-conflict. Conflict in organization reduces image in front of employees and creates non profitability environments . Reduction in conflict in ASDA , employees motivate each other so that will help to increasing working abilities and reducing in conflict in organization . Reduction in conflict are usefully for profitably and creating new benchmarks for organization in HRM it is importance for every organization.
    • EMPLOYEE TURNOVER REDUCTION– ASDA human resource management gifves employee rewards and achievement because its important to reduced employee turnover . it helps employee to motivate for future working abilities and achievements of employee emotions will keep his ability in fronts of other .for betterment of organization HRM have developed effective and various award and achievement procedures. Dedicated employee always works for achievement by understanding things. Employee reduction effects that organization manpower reduction and profitability is down (Sarma, 2017).
    • INCREASING MOTIVATION– ASDA HRM also follows various motivation technique for motivating employees that how they increase motivates for employees . If a employee have good command on working HRM understanding to do with the help of motivation techniques, gives employees confidence for better work. With the help of increasing motivation techniques employee boost his confidence .
    • REDUCTION IN ABSENTEEISM– Reduction in absenteeism of any organization is to creating profitably. In ASDA it reduces employment absenteeism with the help of new policy for betterment of employees . Result that employee focused on his working without any quarries of his work. ASDA follows loss of pay policies , this policy is very usefully for other organization it help to keep focused and seriousness of work. For reduction in absenteeism it helps to generating profitable opportunist and creating new benchmark in global industries .

    P6 Key elements of employment legislation and the impact on HRM decision making

    There are various laws of human resources in an organization. These laws are impact on the HRM practices and organization as well. These are also effecting the decision making in the HRM. Laws are includes such as

    The Civil Rights Act 1973: This act is prohibits on discrimination of employees on the basis of colour, religion and national origin. In this Act, 15 or more employees working on the payroll apply for them. If the employers are hiring of the peoples according to their colour, face and religion so that it is the bad impact on the organization. It is not right of the employer for behaving like that from the employees in the organization (HRM Laws and regulation, 2016.).

    The Fair Labour Standards Act 1938: This act is used of minimum wages, child labour and keeping the requirement of records. It used to managed the relation of the business and human resources management. It is used for providing internet by the US department of labour.

    The Equal Pay Act 1963: Some companies are paying the wages on basis of gender for employees on the different level so that this act applied for those companies which are the illegal for company and these are impact on decision making.

    The Family Medical Act 1993: This act applied on those companies where as employees are taking the leave foe their children care, spouse care and when they are returns on the job on same positions and taking the same salary in the organization. So that this act may be impact on the decision making of organization.

    Occupational Safety and Health Care Act 1970: This act described the healthy and safety standards in the organization (Zibarras and Coan, 2015).


    P7 Give an application of HRM practices application related to work

    There are many application of the HRM practices which are using for helping the management of the human resources in the ASDA. Such as applications:

    Zoho Recruit: It is the application of the HRM practices used in the organization. It is using the human resources staffing and tracking the quick training in the organization. It is the tracking system which is used in HR practices. Buy Assignment online with professional writers of Australia at the cheapest cost.

    Zoom Shift: It is application for tracking the time slots of the employees. It is helping the saving of the time for scheduling the employees working hours in the organization.

    Wave Payroll: It is also application for using in the HRM practices. It is application of online payroll and its solution in the organization (Tzabbar, Tzafrir and Baruch,2017).


    For More Visit: Principles of Such methods and Techniques of Management Accounting-ABC Ltd 

    From the above report it discus that ASAD organization HRM impact on employee relation. With the help of this points that working easy way of employ reduction in confit for betterment and creating employee reduction turnover for the purpose of organization profitability . Increasing motivation helps to betterment of organization , and key elements of employment legislation and how they impacted for decision making in HR relates to data protection for the creating desirability and normal employment have same authority , disable discrimination decide in organization improve his qua ties for creating equalities.


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