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    Unit 8 Issues in human resource


    Recruitment of candidates includes many things like examining of the earlier job, educational qualification, then short-listing of the capable candidates, screening part , and then finally employing them to the work process (Cascio, 2018). It can be done or explained in a hierarchical method which is done by human resource managers Tracking the right candidates is a very critical process which goes from interviewing session and before that practical test method is applied. There are various issues and challenges which the management has to face during the process. The CV should remain updated all the time by the candidates to get the seats in the applied companies.




    INTER CONTINENTAL HOTEL GROUP PLC a quickly growing company wants to hire loyal, committed, self motivated, skilled, talented Managers with Professional and Leadership qualities.

    Following are the opportunities for :

    1. Creative Manager

    Qualification: At least Graduate from a reputed College.

    Experience : Having the experience of 5-6 years in the same field and must have good communication skills and knowledge of present market and contacts in market.

    Candidates with their updated CV should approach through e-mail or can through Interview process.




    Works with strong integrity and work ethics and always remain dedicated in providing company's fiscal profits and ensuring best work to the staff members.


    Perfect manager who sets an example through building confidence in staff and focus on high productivity pf organization. Thinks critically and determined in marketing and stand out in company's sales.


    Having Experience of 10 years


    Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Administartion.


    Dear Candidate,

    INTER CONTENTAL HOTEL GROUP PLC is pleased to appoint you as a Manager of this company. There are just few formalities which needs to get completed so please take your own time to take look at the job offer letter. It includes important parts which is related to your job like benefits provided by the company specially the health insurance, terms and conditions need to be read by the candidate thoroughly and the compensation given to the employee by PLC.

    PLC is offering the job of manager to the desired employee and it would be a full time job. Employee's reporting time would be announced in few days and would be informed by the HR department. Employee's expected working days will be 6 days in a week and 8 hours in a day. This position will pay ( amount) per year which has been decided as per the administrative department . As per the employees compensation the company is offering bonus and other profits.

    Inter Continental Hotels G PLC is hiring a manager which should possess below given qualities and should be fully dedicated in his work.


    Manager should be a responsible person and should have the ability to lead the complete staff. Planning, Maintaining a calm environment, leading with advanced mental strength, going on properly through the procedures and rules of the PLC group , for seeing the demands of the department, division are the primary features of the managers (Langford, Fellows and Gale, 2014). Manager of this company should pass the stage of interviews and practical papers provided by the human resource manager. Inter Continental Hotels Group PLC should succeed in their objectives and desires in a period of time and this should be emphasized by the manager. Togetherness , supportiveness and staff unity should be there.

    Person's Specifications:

    1. Should have knowledge of company:

    A manager should have complete knowledge of the company in which he is applying and this can be gained by his earlier work experience and educational qualification.

    2. Perfect Communication Skill:

    Manager's communication skill should be good so that he is able to convey with his staff members and remains updated

    3. Capability to guide people :

    Manager of PLC should guide or direct the staff in the purpose of setting goals and objectives and should have the ability to set their own parameters.

    Interview Notes:

    Q1. Give a brief description about yourself.

    Q2. How would you motivate your team members at time of stress and pressure? What kind of strategies would you apply?

    Q3. Is the task given to you gets completed effectively in a given period of time?

    Q4. What is the definition of success according to you?

    Q5. What kind of contribution would we expect from you for this company? How hiring you is beneficial to Hotel PLC?

    Appraisal Process

    The appraisal is process goes with various steps and is abide by various rules and Regulations. The Inter Continental Hotels group PLC follows Employments Act and General Clauses. The Appraisal Process is discussed below :

    1. Standard of performance has to be established:

    This primary step of appraisal decides the real performance of employees as how much an employee will last in the company. Measurement cannot be done, a type of care has to taken for its contribution in the company (Brewster, 2017).

    2. Conveying the standards :

    All the standards should be clearly communicated to the employees which helps them to know more about their roles and the employees understand what is expected from them and how much they can contribute.

    3. Effective Performance is measured :

    This is toughest part of the appraisal process because the work done by them is measured in a given period of time. Here some useful techniques are included in taking care of the employees instead of interfering in the task of employees (Bratton and Gold, 2017.). In this stage, assistance should be provided to the employees to get the better feedbacks.

    4. Expected performance v/s actual performance:

    This comparison describes the standard part of the employees. Sometimes the actual performance is less or it is more than what is expected which involves performance of employees, analyzing the given amount of data and evaluation of their work.

    5. Result Discussion:

    The focus is on problem solving attaining agreement with perfect communication and listening which is the final step of appraisal. Employees have to get prepared before presenting their feedback because the results can come positive or negative (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Manager should always keep on encouraging the hidden performance of employees for the better performance. And these feedback should be handled in a very proper manner as it mat hit emotionally to the employees.

    Task 2


    There are various issues and challenges faced by the human resource management sector which includes rise in revenue, competition in the market , performance of the employees, cash flow management, and in various areas companies are struggling with compensation and other benefits. Human Resource management system of the Inter Continental Hotel Group PLC is facing with issues of safety and health, diversity and discrimination, discipline in the environment and much more (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). The main aim is to come over from all these problems and satisfy the employees. Retention of employees can be achieved through incentives, good scale pf payment, and maintaining fine company culture. Following are the issues and challenges faced by human resource management system of Hotel PLC :

    challenges and issues

    Below are the challenges and issues faced by human resource management system:

    1. Changing management system:

    It is essential for a business t move forward and for this focus can be given on training part. It is particularly a challenge for a personnel management. It is stated that bringing change in the management system helps in improving the HR professional training and development area.

    2. Development in Leadership Roles:

    This is one of the biggest challenge in which human resource managers have the core responsibility of providing the leads to the company. At the critical stages, HR needs to provide good and responsible leaders which can do planning (Buckley, Halbesleben and Wheeler, 2017), can handle the staff in an appropriate manner and provide main structures and tools and provide their points of view to build up the organization. Here right employees gain positive attention dur to the support of organization. The leadership roles for the long term are managed by the mangers of human resource. Human resource managers decide at the time of interviews whether the managers can process the tools of the organization and can attain help in attaining the market position or not. Management team has remain motivated and engaged all the time and very well prepared for future opportunities. They have to fulfill their objectives for the development of their own skills which provides them a chance to take a stand in the market and build up a reputation in the market. Leadership goals creates a bunch of opportunities for the employees which they can use as a strength. And so its the core responsibility of HR to choose a responsible staff for their organization to grow and compete (Bratton and Gold, 2017).

    3. Effectiveness of HR:

    Thirdly, measurement of effectiveness of HR is a very vital tool in business. For the positive effect on business HR business business has to be measured through transaction management. If there is determination of effectiveness in the initial stage then HR can be seen as a strategic partner of a company. Then comes the organizational effectiveness of HR which again describes its important role in the administrative sector. Thus, HR plays a crucial role in deciding the organizational effectiveness of a company (Reiche, Stahl Oddou,2016). Through this organizational value is granted to the company which is an developing recognition to the entire business organization. Reaching above the turnover measurement is considered as Bad turnover Good turnover is considered as the entire cost of hiring.

    4. Hiring new staff:

    Some companies search for talented and knowledgeable staff for their projects. And for this HR needs to recruit a good quality of staff. The whole and sole responsibility comes on Human Resource Management System for the appointment of new , best and capable candidates. The main challenge which HR faces is the recruitment of candidates which are having the knowledge of their work or having the work experience and then making those candidates acquainted with the culture and environment of the business (Brewster, 2017). It helps in the productivity of the company to grow. HR only selects those candidates which are not only perfect in technical field but are social too. The company also receives the expected feedback as they select the right bunch of candidates. Selection of candidates is major part of the human resource management system because the candidates are appointed in various projects, operations.

    5. Retentiveness:

    Recruiting employees is a major issue for HRM as it faces various issues and one of the major is of Retention of employees. Retention helps in declination of employee's turnover rate. Employees can do work from home or sign a temporary contact or can do part time work. It is all dependent upon the workforce which is a challenge given by the employees to the company. So with this uncertain workforce company has to maintain a familiar environment and make them feel as they are the part of the company. With high technical skills and good professional knowledge and ability to take their company to the first position, employees with such qualities are highly preferable. Employees are priceless asset of the company and the main focus of HRM goes on them.

    3. Preparation :

    For the smooth functioning of the company skilled and talented workers are required. And so HRM should know how to manage at the workplace and outside the workstation of the company. Cost, Time, Location are the factors which affect the training program of HRM. Human Resource Manager should get the answers to all the questions like the goals of the training and what all will be the targeted groups and how to make these programs more effective and beneficial. Are these training programs recently required and what should be its types (Head and Alford, 2015).

    4. Productiveness:

    The main center of productivity lies in the declining cost and maximizing profit. Company will only grow if the productivity level of that company will increase and this a challenge to HRM department which focuses on the company's productivity level. Maintaining good and satisfying level of productivity is the responsibility of HR. But it is not necessary that all the time the company gets satisfactory result. It can be due the inefficiency of the employees or due to lack of resources. Therefore the situation should be thoroughly analyzed. If the situation has arisen up due the bad work of employees then proper training should be given by the HR to the employees. Training sessions should be conducted by HRM. And if inadequate resources are there then another option has to be kept ready for the suitable feedback (Brewster, Mayrhofer and Morley, 2016).

    5. Safety & Health:

    It is an important function which is related to employee's private safety and care. HRM plays a crucial role in gathering the staff's health and safety measures.. HRM is responsible for keeping the records staff's health information. And what all kind of activities and tasks are should be given to employees looking at their safety measures. This is important so as to avoid legal formalities (Langford, Fellows and Gale, 2014). Health insurance is also provided by the companies to the employees and when company doesn't have proper information of their employees' health then certain legal formalities arises. So it can be said that giving health insurance is a kind of benefit which an employee gets in a company.

    6. Diversity in Workforce :

    Workforce is getting diversified at current situation. This reason of this diversification is gender, age, educational qualification and religion and also by workers, by the background of workers, complete personality of workers and the nature of employees. More diversification creates more unhealthy environment in the company. It causes discrimination, harassment in between the employees, bullying by the workers, and so all the responsibility goes to HRM. HR has to implement tough rules in the company to maintain a peaceful environment (Langford, 2018)

    7. Payroll:

    Sometimes HR might not remember to pay the employees so payroll helps him to distribute the right amount to the each and every employee.

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    Finally it concludes that maintaining Human Resource Department is not an easy task. Every company has to face many issues and challenges specially recruiting skilled and talented people who can take the company to higher level. And Strategies followed by Human Resource manager are crucial as HRM has to focus on productivity and mainly on workforce which can accomplish itself in the company. HR has to decide the training programs and sessions and the time period in which they would be completed. Training programs conducted by HRM should be essential and targeted for the smooth functioning of the company.


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