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    Y/508/0487 Roles and Responsibilities of HR

    University: UKBC College London

    • Unit No: 3
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1230
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: Y/508/0487
    • Downloads: 720


    Human Resources management is a planned approach in order to manage people effectively for performance. Companies conduct good practices in HRM to achieve the targeted objectives and goals as well enhancing the productivity and profitability of the organization. There are so many practices that help a company adopts to achieve organizational goals. Human resource is a central pillar of all companies. Majorly there are five activities in HRM practices which are staffing, development, compensation, employees, labor relations, and safety and health. In this present assignment 'Say it with chocolate' company of UK has been chosen for assessment. This is the organization that deals in tailor-made chocolate-based greeting cards. This report will further introduce the purpose and scope of HRM and Recruitment and Selection of company. Moreover, the purpose and significance of HRM practices of an organization as well as roles and responsibilities of Human Resources Manager.

    TASK 1

    a) Purpose of the HR. function and its importance of the company.

    The department which is designed to recruit people and select employees and deploy them in a company is known as Human Resource Management. It is the procedure which is managed all the functions and activities related to employees. Employees are the backbone of company, without them not a single task or work can be executed. The practices of HRM of 'Say it with chocolate' is totally different from all the companies, they recruit the most skilled people in their organization.

    Functions of HRM in 'Say it with chocolate' company-

    • Selection and Recruitment process- The foremost function of HRM is selection and recruitment. They manage the procedure of employment in the company. They define the most valuable and effectual methods for selecting and recruiting employees.
    • Organizing training and development programmes in the company- Organizing training programmes at 'Say it with chocolate' company is the most vital functions of HRM. The employees after selection need training which helps them to achieve the goals and objectives of company.
    • Management of Performance- Primary function of the HRM is to evaluate and measure the peculiar performance of employees and set targets to achieve the goals and objectives of company which will assist in better performance of employees and company. HRM is accountable for the amended strength of the organisation and make various strategies to improve the financial and commercial position of the company.

    b) The Roles and Responsibilities of Human Resource Officer.

    There are various roles and responsibilities of HR. officer as they are he key person for the organization. The Roles and Responsibilities of Human Resource Officer at 'Say it with chocolate' are excellent which are as follows-

    • Recruitment- This is the first and primary duty of HR. officer. It is the major responsibilities of GR officer. In order to recruit suitable employees in the company, the team of HR. has to arrange and devise strategic campaigns and guidelines. They also work as a mediator in between employers and company and communicate policies and rules of company before they joined or recruited.
    • Training- The roles and responsibilities of HR. officer is limited up-to only recruitment and selection work. Training is the core element in the development and growth of company. The functions and operations of 'Say it with chocolate' company are totally different and in strategic way so the management of HR. provides training to employees so that they can achieve the goals and objectives of company and their performance of employees are also improved.
    • Professional Development- This function and duty of HR. manager is closely related to training and development programs. Training and development program's leads to entire development and growth of employees. It is the duty of HR. Officer to know the hobbies and areas of interest and give them opportunities to explore them in the field of their interest. The HR. team of 'Say it with chocolate' are very talented they are working for the development and growth of there employees.

    c) Current selection methods of 'Say it with chocolate' and their advantages and disadvantages.

    There are so many methods and techniques of selection. 'Say it with chocolate' company is using following selection method which are as follows-

    Application forms and CV's- This is the traditional approach for applying for jobs. In this method, employer persuade people about their skills and abilities which company requires. It is written and presented form of documents in which all the necessary details are written. It is important of job seeking.


    • The Simplest method of selection.

    • Saves time of company.


    • Not effective from of selection.

    • Technical needs are not fulfilled by this method of interview.

    Interview- Interview selection is the most popular and the best method in selecting and recruiting employees in the organization. Generally, there are five types of interviews such as Telephone interviews, personal, behavioural, group or panel and video conferences interviews. 'Say it with chocolate' company usually choose personal and telephone interviews. Personal interview is among the best as HR. officer can easily identify its skills and traits by there personality, way of talking and the level of confidence in individual or interviewee.


    • Information can easily be obtain.

    • Company can know personal feelings, perception and opinions.

    • High rate of response.


    • Time Consuming process.

    • It is somewhat expensive.

    Ability and Aptitude Test- This method of selection is also a good method selection. This process is totally based on logical reasoning and capability ad ability of thinking. It consists of multiple questions as well these questions are strictly timed. At the administrative and clerical level of 'Say it with chocolate' company uses this method of selection.

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    • Discover internal talent.

    • Academic improvement.

    • Can know the weak points.


    • Costly to both administration and development.

    • Time consuming.

    d) Potential improvements that could be made to current selection methods.

    The company is using all above the methods of selecting employees. These all methods are useful but they all need some improvement which is very essential to achieve the target goals of HRM as well as the organization.

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