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    Ambidextirity of Matchbox Architect


    Ambidexterity refers to organizations creating a balance between exploring and exploiting available opportunities, so that they are able to effectively utilize their skills, ultimately leading to accomplishment of goals. It is involved during the process of leadership, operations and accounting management (Oehmichen and et.al., 2017). While exploration includes searching for new opportunities, exploitation consists of many factors such as experimentation during production, execution and implementation of plans. This assignment will discuss ambidexterity within an MBA’s business situation, so that profits and productivity can be increased. It will further understand challenges that are faced during this process and recommendations for successfully executing it in areas of management will be provided as well. In this report, Matchbox Architect (MBA) has been taken into consideration. They are the architects that creates buildings and helps in shaping future architects. Thus, their main aim is to fulfil the clients requirements so they keep it at their heart and work according to meeting their desires.


    As per the views of Kitapçi and Çelik, (2014) MBA can use ambidexterity while searching for new opportunities within their business. It will enable them to increase their productivity so that they are able to stay ahead in the competitive industry. Leaders can enhance their leadership skills by exploring areas in which they are able to lead followers in complex business situations. Various practices can allow them to explore challenges that they face during activities done towards achieving organizational goals. This will allow them to maintain efficiency while doing their job. Papachroni, Heracleous and Paroutis, (2016) stated that, Ambidexterity plays an important role in helping leaders to understand how they can use their skills, in an optimal manner, and increase overall productivity of employees in an MBA. this process uses transformational leadership theory for performing such functions, which ensures that there is discipline and trust between everyone.

    According to O'Reilly III and Tushman, (2013) Operational management has many key functions and ambidexterity can be used by an MBA, so that they are able to explore situations in which maximum efficiency can be attained. It will enable practice of flexibility, so that managers can use their capabilities to search for new opportunities. It can aid organizations in development of competitive advantage so that they can effectively achieve their goals and stay successful. Operations can run smoothly, due to assessment of different factors done by management and implementation of innovative designs into chain supply and logistics. Nieto-Rodriguez, (2014) Argued that there are various strategies that can be used in operational management, so that there is correct exploration of ideas and innovations, which can help in systematic manufacturing of products and services. They can analyze various uncertainties that may arise in the environment as well as enhance performance of operations. Overall, it will allow organizations to embrace the changes that occur, so that business situations can be managed properly.

    As per the view of Gschwantner and Hiebl, (2016) Management accounting can be controlled using ambidexterity concept, as it can help accountants in effectively managing situations in a Match box Architects that may arise in the dynamic environment. They will be able to ascertain costs and methods of controlling it, so that there is maximum efficiency present. Analysis and exploration of opportunities is beneficial as it can aid in making estimates for budget planning within the MBA. Duval, (2016) Stated that designing of new products will require management accountants to determine certain costs, so that they are able to create financial plans accordingly and estimate how their organizational capabilities can be used to its full potential.


    In the view of Baškarada, Watson and Cromarty, (2016) exploitation is the second part of ambidexterity and it mainly focuses on how effectively can an MBA sell their products and services to other businesses. This can be done by, ensuring coordination and integration of activities that are done in order to achieve organizational objectives. Leadership can successfully exploit the opportunities that have been explored by management, so that they are able to influence followers through encouragement of brainstorming. Havermans and et.al., (2015) Argued that leaders can experiment and make errors while using available opportunities, so that there can be a creation of routines that will lead to effective management, overall increase in productivity and profits in the MBA. It will also enable leaders to switch leadership styles, so that they can change they way they lead, when the environment changes.

    Kortmann and et.al., (2014) stated that operational management is key when it comes to achievement of objectives in an MBA. There has to be full exploitation of resources that have been identified, as it allows managers to make proper decisions regarding production and sales of products that is begin manufactured and sold. In order to do so, there has to be exploration done beforehand. It can give an idea to management on how supply chain and other factors of operations can be created so that there is increase in productivity and profits. According to Nieto-Rodriguez, (2014) Operational management needs to establish a balance between exploring and exploiting, as it will enable them to make strategic plans that have values and visions of the MBA, which can be communicated with every manager. This can help in significantly achieving efficiency in operations, as analysis of opportunities in this field can be beneficial in creating smooth logistics of products and services that have to be delivered.

    Manneri, (2016) argued that exploitation in the area of management accounting can help managers to exercise control by utilizing existing resources as well as the new ones that have been explored. Ambidexterity in organizations allows action-orientated approaches that can be used by accountants, as they will be able to ascertain the plans of financials that have to be made. While Walrave, B. and et.al., (2017) stated that exploitation can help management in effectively creating budgets through utilization of new and old resources at the same time. It will ensure that there is long-term survival of MBA. However, there is not much clarity present and this can cause confusion in managers or accountants when they prepare or analyze financial records.


    Organizations that use ambidexterity while performing functions such as leadership, operations and management accounting can have an advantage in competition. According to Oehmichen and et.al., (2017) the balance that is created between exploring and exploiting can help management when dealing with complex situations that arise in a business. This systematic process utilizes organizational, social and human resources in such a way that there is optimum usage of new opportunities. The skills and competence in employees present in an MBA can be exploited, which will lead to achievement of objectives that have been created by managers. Wan and et.al., (2017) Stated that structural ambidexterity can help balance exploring and exploiting at the same time, through common values, targets and strategies which include increasing profits and overall productivity. While contextual ambidexterity gives emphasis on employees that are present in the MBA, in which these workers individually balance exploration and exploitation of various factors.

    According to Papachroni, Heracleous and Paroutis, (2015), leaders can use any approach to explore and exploit resources that can be used to create new designs for their products. This will allow them to evaluate opportunities that can help in enhancement of productivity in the MBA. New ideas can help in increasing innovations as well. For this, leaders have to use frameworks that are comprehensive in nature, so that it can be effectively implemented. But Kitapçi and Çelik, (2014) argued that managers and leaders will have to make adjustments in order to meet changes when ascertaining exploration and exploitation of various factors in a business situation. The environment regularly demands strategies that can be implemented in complex areas of an MBA. This allows them to understand the uncertainties that they will have to face when creating short and long-term goals.

    As per the views of Manneri, (2016) Ambidexterity has a positive impact towards operational management in an MBA. This area requires innovations because of high changes of change in supply chain and logistics. Management is able to create new strategies, which leads to increase in sales and profits. There are various organizations that have adopted processes of exploration and exploitation, which has made them successful in delivering their products and services efficiently. Oehmichen and et.al., (2017) Stated that the technique of ambidexterity has 4 different approaches, which include separating, switching, self-organizing and external eco systems. These can help in exploring and exploiting various elements of operations management, so that there is decrease in operational costs.


    Ambidexterity involves balancing of exploration and exploitation, but at this cannot be achieved by most organizations, due to its complexity. Papachroni, Heracleous and Paroutis, (2016) states that managers are not skilled with the practice of this approach, which can cause challenges while implementing it. There are various dimensions present in it, which can cause lack of focus on long-term goals. Weightage can be only given to either the future or present of MBA. Leaders may not be able to link strategies and exploration of opportunities or exploitation of old resources due to vast differences. It is difficult to divide both of these aspects, as their demand cannot be met at the same time. On the other hand, Havermans and et.al., (2015) argued that ambidexterity can cause problems in operational management, as this approach only focuses on one area and managers are unable to make proper decisions regarding choices that have to be made on operations of the MBA. This is mainly because they have lack of understanding about how they can use their old capabilities and explore for new ones simultaneously.

    Another challenge of exploration is that sometimes, there are not enough opportunities available for some organizations and this can cause issues while management accounting is done. Kitapçi and Çelik, (2014) states that due to extreme uncertainties, accountants are unable to create correct budgets and financial estimates that are required for running business operations. There is lack of control in the hands of these managers, which can lead to decrease in profitability. There is no assurance that exploring can help in creating new designs of products and this can only be done through exploitation of certain skills that are present in employees. While Walrave, B. and et.al., (2017) argued that there are certain areas such as market and technological changes that require exploitation rather than exploration and making decisions depend upon the MBA’s industry. There is insufficient energy to exploit capabilities and this is a great challenge for managers. Overall, this practice can only be opted by those, who are ready to change systems in a rapid manner. There are less chances of gaining innovations in a dynamic environment and it may not be cost efficient for such organizations, as they will have to invest in heaving research and development teams.

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    This assignment can conclude that ambidexterity is considered to be a good approach for organizations, as they are able to create a balance between exploring new options and ideas while exploiting old ones. This can be used in leadership, operational management and management accounting as leaders and managers will be able to identify opportunities as well as learn how to control different elements of business functions. This assignment further infers that there are many challenges that are arise when ambidexterity is implemented in organizations and this can cause them to be less successful during tough competitions. This can lead to decrease in overall productivity as well as profits of the MBA. Management will not be able to effectively utilize capabilities that are present in them.


    Ambidexterity can have an extremely positive impact if proper implementations are done in organizations. Innovation is key, when it comes to exploration of new ideas and opportunities. It is important for management to keep brainstorming so that they are able to create new innovations for designing their products and services. This will help them to build unique thing, which will eventually lead to increase in their sales and profits (Kitapçi and Çelik, 2014). While leaders can use exploitation to bring out their best abilities as well as enhance capabilities of employees. It will aid in maximizing productivity levels in the MBA. However, management has to first successfully set them in the market in which they operate. This will help in establishing an MBA by developing their culture, structure and other systems. If they are setting operations in new markets, then they will have to explore opportunities that are available. Then only will they be able to grow, increase their overall productivity and profits.

    Another recommendation includes training and development of employees, so that they are able to understand ambidexterity and how it has to be applied. This can help them in quickly adapting to changes, so that they are well aware of how exploring and exploiting can be done within the MBA. It will also aid in enhancing their capabilities, so that it can be exploited to its fullest potential. This will allow them to increase their productivity as well, eventually leading to high profitability (Manneri, 2016). These training programs will enable managers and leaders to effective create and accomplish organizational goals. It will also give them a chance to make new innovations, which can be used for their benefit. They can work on present strategies as well as focus on future ones. They will be able to survive even during tough competitions.

    Finally, capabilities of MBA and individuals present in it can extend their abilities and skills so that proper exploration and exploitation is done. They can also develop new capabilities so that there is efficiency in business operations in new markets. It will ensure that management adapts to zones outside their comfort level. They can also use current capabilities so that managers can address operational management, leadership and management accounting. This will help in promotion of exploration and exploitation, which can further enable managers to ascertain threats that can be harmful for MBA as well as strengthen skills of the company to achieve goals in an effective manner (Pop, 2014). They can identify assets that can be beneficial for them and support managers at senior level by resolving challenges and conflict that may arise during the process of ambidexterity. Overall, they can separate aspects of exploring and exploiting, so that achievement of gaining high profits can be done.


    Lean management theory

    Lean management is an approach in order to run an organization that supports the concept of continuous and long term approach to work that systematically seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.

    Just in time

    The just-in-time inventory system is a strategy that aligns raw-material orders from suppliers directly with production schedules. Companies use this inventory strategy in order to increase efficiency and decrease waste by receiving goods only as they need them for the process of production, which reduces inventory costs. This method requires producers to forecast demand accurately.

    Thus, this approach helps in supporting the continuous approach in order to achieve efficiency.

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