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    4 P's of innovation & trends in robotics industry

    University: The University of Sydney

    • Unit No: 4
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 10 / Words 2522
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: GIT201
    • Downloads: 380
    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions:

    • Evaluate and explain your own knowledge and understanding of Innovation theory and practice.
    • Evaluate contemporary product and service innovation.
    • Identify business challenges and evaluate their solutions by compare and contrasting each solutions.
    Answer :


    AI is considered as the term that focuses on the development as well as analysis regarding algorithms that can learn intelligent behavior with less human intervention. Robotics industry related to the diverse field to many of the commercial costumes uses and industries. The field associated with the robotics generally focuses that how physical constructed technology able to do task with the reference related to the new technology (Russell. and Norvig, 2016).Present report lay emphasis on the issues and solutions regarding to transportation, human resources and assembly robots.

    Main body


    From earlydays, one of the crucial issues is transportation. In today's world modes of transport are robots such as Smart automated vehicles that can be fit out with GPS, lasers as well as various other technology. That are able of flying as well as driving.  Road truck able to use for various purposes specially in carrying cargoes around the thousand miles (Dirican, 2015). In wheelbarrows light items also attached. Mobile robots are also utilized regarding transportation basis, these robots are able to move all around within production and warehousing. It can capable of measure the distance by the wireless transmitters and fit-out regarding accurate digital map regarding production hall. Also, these kinds of robots measure the exact locations regarding destination. The sensor of the vehicles also allows torecognize with other vehicles and human personnel. Robotics are implemented to the industry, utilizes software applications to the process of the transportation process (Russell.and Norvig, 2016).

    Such as Firm regarding global tax uses transport  Robots to accelerate as well as safe cash. Also, resource utilizes the robots to cross-check external as well as internal data. They able to carry out lots of tasks that consider the spreadsheets. Also, robots are able to consume large quantity of data much faster rather than the human beings. Apart from their data crunching abilities, study shows that robots able to perform better hiring decision as compare to the seasoned Human resources officials It leads to the enhancing overall productivity.

    Problems regarding accidental injuries, quality and capacity.It is utilizing for production capabilities and industrial process, because of robots’ firm can increase consistency and speed. Improved process quality as well as speed able to reduces  of the injury  due to the heavy machinery, accompanied by the appropriate adaptor mechanism Universal  robots able to handle metals, woods, plastic as well as other material  assembly robotics the operation of the human at the dangerous and dirty  places so that it able to decreases the accidental injuries, robots also program to operate the reduced kind  of mode where humans  enters the working areas of robots and also resumes the full speed when the human leaves that places (Lahiri,  Ayesh. and Mills,2018). Also, accompanied by the robotic assembly decreases the cost while at the same time enhancing capacity and quality. Such as pumps, gearboxes and motors all are included within competitive components. Robots are considered as flexible unlike automation equipment, robots can be redeployed or reconfigured as required. Apart from their greater importance, robots are also considered as the mature technology while making them a high return investment

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    4ps of Innovation

    John Bessant and Tidd model of 4 P innovation is described as below:

    Innovation type



    Product innovation is considered as the first and foremost thing that comes in mind when there is talking about the innovation and modification in services and products that can be offered by any firm. Use of robotics can be helpful in offering long term transportation services.



    Process innovation- While on the other hand, it focuses on the changes within the way things are delivered as well as created. Company can focus more on customer needs by using this innovation, it will raise interest of consumers as they will be able to get immediate services.



    Position innovation is considered as the change within the context in that services or products are introduced.



    Paradigm innovation- It is considered as the change that can be underlying mental models which able to frame the firm alternatively how the company does (Lahiri, Ayesh. and Mills,2018)



    Core competencies


    It implements a pool of various skills that are exceptional skills, schemes, technology that able to distinguish between an average player and a leader within industry. It is crucial source regarding competitive benefits regarding its competitors that leads to the excellence and capabilities.

    There are three characteristics such as able to create perceived value to the consumers

    • With the good robotics there is an easy to understand various kinds of systems as well as theory behind them.
    • Sensing- First as well as foremost the robots must capable to do the things in that way that are not similar within the surroundings. Such as pressures sensors and touch sensors, hearing as well as solar sensors, chemical sensors, taste sensors that provide the robot awareness regarding environment(Russell.and Norvig, 2016).
    • Movement- A robots require moving within its environment. While moving on legs, rolling on vehicles a robot requires to be moved. So, while count regarding a robot either the full robot moves or its just parts moves such as Canada arm.


    The way through which robots gets their energy will depend on the requirements of the robots. Such as robot may be electrically powered, solar powered as well as battery powered. A robot requires to be capable to power itself.


    Requirement of a robot is some types of “smart”. This can be done where programming enters within picture (Dirican, 2015).

    Mapping attributes to competencies and resources.

    The crucial characteristics are given below

    Robotics are responsible for delivering a customized and significant advantages to the consumers.They also take time to adopt.They also have a strong tactics (Chaus, 2019).

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    With the help of the robots there can be decreases of the injuries as there is a decrease production cost. It can lower the cost of the operations as it provides all the benefits regarding advanced robotics accompanied by none of the traditional cost assigned by robot setup, robot programming(Chaus, 2019). Now with the help of the robots it enhances the consistency, production speed and quality. 

    The Benefits of the given below:-

    Intrinsic benefits of robots

    The Human resource division is considered as crucial part of the business, it is assuring high quality talent, retention, managing employee relations. Their regular activities are considered as highly resource intensive such as the benefits of the payroll, off boarding and hiring benefits(Russell.and Norvig, 2016).

    The domain of the Human resource has different kinds of benefits such as it can reduces the labor efforts and enhances the productivity of a firm.

    Firm In today’s world highly depends on the opportunities for modification by innovation within environment highly volatile environment of business will not able to survive butat the same time successfully flourish within toughest economic conditions.

    Innovation in future

    Innovation means competent and willing within knowing to act and. think differently. It is considered as critical to solve and foresee challenge   as well respond to the external crisis and unpresentedevents in different ways. Transform them into creative as well as innovative solutions that persons cherish and love.

    Firms able to solve challenges within more creative ways such as advancement regarding digitalization that able to synced connection and information sharing between various devices such as multiple digital devices. All over the world entrepreneurs can able to expand their business with the help of the internet things such ascloud computing, fully connected mobile devices. Especially through developing software apps that has fully aimed to enhance the quality life of the people lives all around the world(Russell.and Norvig, 2016)

    Problem based on Transportation system

    Problem of transportation arises as it is too difficult to model as per predictable pattern that can be affected through things such as accidents or human errors and traffic. With such kinds of cases, unpredictability can be support through AI. Even to observe data or predict decisions suitably by the AI. To deal such kinds of problems Gas and NNs are perfect.

    Mention below some examples

    Public safety improvement- while travelling through public transport the safety of the passengers must be needed within urban areas can be improved through tracking crime data within real-time. It will allow the police to enhances their efficiency through patrolling as well as keeping their peoples of their countries safe (Chaus, 2019)

    Decision making in corporate- It able to utilizes accurate methods of prediction so that forecast their volume that able to simplifies transportation firm planning. Various decisions making tools can be designed as well as run through AI. It will affect investment. It is that can be made through firm within future within a productive way.

    Autonomous Vehicles-With the recent years self-driven cars as well as trucks are considered tohave highinterest rates. Such as Elon musk and Uber have manufacturesself-drivingcars so that it can reduces number of accidents on the highways as well as enhances productivity (Wang, 2015)

    Traffic patterns- Transport is greatly affected through traffic flow. In UK as per the studies traffic congestion cost around 40 billion euro peryear, if such kind of data can be adapted through AI, it enables significant reduction of streamlined traffic withincongestion.  Such as real time tracking and Smarter traffic algorithms able to control low and high-power traffic patterns effectively. It can be implied to public transport regarding routing and scheduling.

    Pedestrian safety-The utilization of AI to forecast the path of cyclist and pedestrians will decreases injuries and accidents enabling for more diverse transportation usage as well as emission’s reduction.

    Influences of AI within transport- Within the year 2016, Daimler trucks announced to produce 18-wheelersemi-autonomous trucks accompanied through auto-pilot system. In addition to this Uber also announces truck that are driverless made through Otto. It able to successfully droves around 110 miles at the 54 mph. Also cost of the labordecreasescontinuously within this sector with the use of the A.I. For industry players it can give higher profits. Issues regarding for stopping a break and long driving hours with fully automated fleets. Apart from straightforward cost of labor, safety as well as traffic accidents able to majorly affected through AI.With the uses of the smart unmanned vehicles (Ashrafian, 2015). The financial and personnel cost regarding these kinds of accidents are consider as quite substantial. Complete unmanned vehicles or auto- piolet canenables thedrivers to have a snooze without considering accidents. Some Trucks associated with AI have a unique feature of health issues and forecasting accidents such as alerting during the emergency situation and detecting heart attack, provides automatically services with details and location regarding diagnosis (Dirican, 2015)

    FUTURE AI in transportation

    Here 1.2billion are vehicles on the road today while it likely to cross over 2.5 billion by the year 2040, accompanied by these vehicles it is not a big deal there are more surprises that the fatal of the number of accidents occurs. As per the reports of the world health organization, around 1.25 billons people die each and every day hence Automotive manufactures keep an eye to the AI as well as machineries to modify the statics but the future within AI able to see advanced technology making driving safer. Blind spot monitoring, lane technology, collision avoidance is enabling modern vehicles to be more enhancing aware roads as well as surrounding vehicles(Lahiri, Ayesh. and Mills,2018)

    In the future cars are becoming more connected to each othersuch as it allows communication between vehicles so that it able to increase collision avoidance through alerting Drivers regarding traffic jams. If car isn’t moving then also by the help of the machine learning as well as AI, vehicles learn about larger traffic patterns. While some of the cars with the internal cameras. Also, facial technology can detect or control that the driver is drowsy or impaired as well as distracted.

    Voice assistant supports within the future car by the help of the AI system as makingtheir way into the environment by providing passengers and drivers the capacity to interact within features inside the vehicles. For example, entertainment and climate control without take their eyes off or without use their hand, while driving the vehicles. Vehicles by the aid of the AI system forecast travel time destinations,automatically adjust climate and give suggestions regarding foods or near points destinations regarding road trip(Russell. and et.al., 2015)


    From the above report it had been concluded that transport are robots used for various purposes Mobile robots to move all around production and warehousing. It can capable of measure the distance by the wireless transmitters, it also increases consistency and speed. Various decisions within a productive way run through AI. Human resource industryable to simplify the efforts of required for the Human resource process to perform out lots of tasks that consider the spreadsheets officials It leads to the enhancing overall productivity. It also lay focused on the effects on the future references such as to utilizes accurate methods of prediction Various decisions making tools within future within a productive way. It also focused on the for-industry players long driving hours with fully automated fleets accidents able to majorly affected through AI. Cost regarding kinds of accidents AI have a unique feature of health issues and forecasting accidents.



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