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    R/508/0486 - Type Of Innovation To Employees Working For Dixon Schwabl

    University: Regent College

    • Unit No: 8
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 7 / Words 1727
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: R/508/0486
    • Downloads: 659
    Question :

    This unit state that CEO of Dixon Schwabl is planning to embed a culture of Innovation and Commercialization in the organization for the upcoming period of 12 months.

    1. Explain the concept of innovation and state how does it differentiate from invention.
    2. Evaluate different type of innovation to employees working for Dixon Schwabl.
    3. Determining the process which has been required to commercialize innovation for Dixon Schwabl supported with suitable examples.
    4. Evaluate range of methods which are used to protect ideas along with determination of their advantages and disadvantages.
    Answer :


    Innovation and commercialization is considered as the most essential element of each business enterprises as these two elements are effective for organisational growth and success. In this modern business era the major motive of each business is to adopt most advance and innovative technology at workplace in respect to improvising the operations and function of firm at market place (Ambec and et. al., 2013). Innovation is defines as an effective process of translating an invention and idea into a proper product or thing which is having its own value and helps in providing various benefits to firm or its buyers. Innovation is also consisting as a new method or idea which creates benefits for firm in respect to gaining attraction of more customers. In this particular report Dixon Schwabl is the chosen organisation. It is a advertising, marketing and public relation company which has around 77 employees and widely concern on applying innovative tools as to enhancing the performance of firm at market place.  This report contents the study about the idea of advancement, the potential contrast amongst innovation and invention, the significance of culture, collaboration, vision and authority inside the firm, 4P'sof development, improvement of thrifty advancement, centrality of business pipe and use of new items improvement for development and diverse apparatuses that are utilized by an association as to create and protected innovation will likewise be talked about in detailed and descriptive manner.

    TASK 1

    P1 Difference between innovation and invention and importance of innovation to organisation.

    Innovation is an essential term which plays most effective role in enhancing the performance and walking activity of an organisation by establishing new and innovative ideas in the workplace. Innovation is majorly defined as an effective process of transforming an idea or invention into an effective product or services which are beneficial for an organisation or ready to consume by customers (Battistella and Nonino, 2012). Customers are the major key of market and it is essential for an enterprise to analyze current needs and wants in respect to satisfy them in appropriate manner. Innovation is described as usual concept which includes innovative applications of information various imagination and initiatives in respect to guiding appropriate or effective values by sources and also involves different processes by which an innovative and new idea are generated or transacted into proper action in regards to reducing some effective products and services. On the other hand invention is also and essential term which determined as a technical or scientific thought which is utilized buy form in respect to creating new product or services for very first time this term is effective in promoting a new product and service within the market. As a small business organisation Dixon Schwabl is widely concerned on applying innovative thoughts and ideas as to developing its marketing and advertising operations which are helpful in providing various benefits to their clients and buyers (Boudreau, Lacetera and Lakhani, 2011). There is various importance of innovation within the workplace in which some are described as follows: 

    Enhancing productivity: productivity is consistent with the major function of form as the whole activity of urbanization are based on its production function and it is the major responsibility of an organisation to produce valuable and effective products which are helpful in fulfilling the desires of people at Marketplace. Innovation is very much effective in reducing new and innovative products at market place to draw the implementation of new and advanced ideas. 

    Optimum utilization of resources: resources are the key element of form the operations of firm are conducted through the use of resources it is necessary for firm to utilize their resources in appropriate manner as to reaching at their desired objective. As a small marketing company Dixon Scgwabl is very much interested in applying innovative tools and ideas as to proper implementation of resources within the process of production and any other operations

    Difference between innovation and invention is described as below:





    Innovation is successful in making proper changes in the current items and administrations of firm through executing new thoughts and strategies..  

    This is unique in relation to the innovation, in this a compelling thought has happens which helps in actualizing another and inventive item out of the blue which has never been occur in the market.


    Innovation is generally connected by association as to including some new esteem and highlight in the current results of firm.

    The real needs of invention are to building up some new items out of the blue.

    P2) Culture, teamwork, vision and leadership of organisation in shape innovation

    In today’s modern era the major motive of each small as well as large business Enterprises is to expand its business operations and activities at wide scale throw implementation of innovative ideas and tools. Innovation is determined as the effective concept which is undertaken by organizations in regards to improvising their performance and operations. Innovation and commercialization are the contrary elements and based on each other these two elements work together in respect to reaching at potential position at market area. Culture teamwork leadership and vision these are consist to be the most essential element of a firm as the activities of an organisation are related with all these elements (Breznitz and Murphree, 2011). Is the major duty of manager or higher authority to effectively implement these elements as to leading the farm towards right direction. Vision and Mission are consist to be a predetermined statement which is needs to be clear and concise in nature as these are effective in providing appropriate guidance to the workers to implement all the functions of form in right manner. On the other side leadership and teamwork is also an effective element and place was troll in developing the performance and ability of people within the organisation through establishing coordination among the people of team. Organisational culture is a concise element which is needs to be analyzed by organisation while implementing activities of firm. As a small marketing company it is essential for Dixon Schwabl to implement innovative tools and technologies within the workplace which is effective in achieving a higher and competitive position at Marketplace. There are some effective elements with our needs to be undertaken by Organisation in regards to attending hair growth which are associated as below: 

    Culture: It is fundamental for every business association to give a viable culture and condition to their representatives with the goal that their working capacity can be enhanced this make an incentive in finishing of hierarchical undertaking through powerful coordinated effort of individuals. As a little UK based organization Dixon Schwabl has a few standards moral qualities tenets and directions which are should be trailed by representatives as to keeping up a successful culture at working environment (De la Mothe and Paquet, 2012).

    Vision: This gives a proper way to oversee for execute all business activity in successful way which make vale in higher productivity. The basic vision of firm is to giving high caliber and administrations to their critical clients through applying creative thoughts and advancements.

    Leadership: Leaders assumes viable part in executing coordinated effort with them representatives keeping in mind the end goal to lessen clashes and issue. This makes advantage for Organization to finish the work inside wanted timeframe toss powerful coordination of representatives at work environment. Dixon Schwabl is concern on appointing out leaders in each group all offices as to consummation of work with inspiration and joint effort.

    Teamwork: The higher authority is more successful in building up powerful relationship among representatives as this make a positive climate at working environment. As a private company Dixon Schwabl is worried on building little groups keeping in mind the end goal to finishing diverse undertaking according to the fundamental characteristics and aptitudes of workers.

    TASK 2

    P3  4P's of innovation and use of innovation funnel to develop innovative ideas within an organisation

    Fundamental duties Enterprises development new ideas thoughts as to developing their business operations at a large scale the four P’s of innovation is the widely applied concept which is based on 4 different aspects such as product process position and paradigm (Díaz-García, González-Moreno and Sáez-Martínez, 2015). Innovation is most effective and applied tool buy small and large business Enterprises as is effective in developing and enhancing the quality and future of products and services which are offered by organizations to their potential buyers. The elements of four P’s are described as below: 

    Product Innovation: this is determined as the key element of innovation theory it refers as important aspect of firm and also called as a representative of organisation. The element of product innovation includes the process of involving some effective and innovative features in the design and existing aspects of the f

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