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    MBA401 - Explanation Of How This Learning Is Applicable To The Theories

    University: Kaplan Business School

    • Unit No: 12
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1291
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: MBA401
    • Downloads: 679
    Question :

    This assessment includes writing a reflective essay which includes the areas that have been learnt and experienced during the activities, workshops and questionnaires.

    • There will be an explanation of how this learning is applicable to the theories and concepts of leadership that are studied during the module. 
    Answer :


    Leadership is referred to core component of an organisation which is known to determine its performance in the market. There are various questionnaire, workshops and activities which are undertaken during the semester so that better students are able to develop leadership skills and capabilities. The leadership is influenced by external factor such as economy, diversity and organisational culture along with the personal skills and characteristics of an individual. In this assessment, Gibbs learning model is undertaken so that right conclusion are formed along with identification of learning for an individual. The assessment have been able to identify weaknesses which are to be resurrected with training and development approaches so that favourable results can be achieved in terms of performance. The attributes and skills which leads to effective leadership which are to be emphasized so that there is an positive effect on leadership approaches. At the end, it could be identified that Participative approaches to leadership is most suitable considering motives and needs of self.

    People, leadership and culture are referred to as a very significant part of an organisation which makes sure that business goals are fulfilled. The contemporary leadership approaches which are undertaken in an organisation is crucial in market dynamic scenario. The common approach in this domain in transformative leadership style, it is a notion which encourages a leader to work with his followers so that common goals and objectives are being fulfilled (Avolio, 2010). This report is an reflective essay in which attempts will be carried out to understand own depth of learning from undertaken questionnaires and assessment during the semester. The self thoughts, feelings and actions will be determined and evaluated so that they can be further related to the theoretical concepts.

    The scope of project which has been undertaken will be helpful in identification of learning which is being availed through out the semester. The learning when identified are compared with the goals which has been established so that progress can be understood. The questionnaires and assessments which were undertaken in the MBA programme were aimed to make student capable leaders so that they are able to lead their businesses for welfare of self and society. The learning through undertaken activities will be determined so that it could be related to theoretical concepts of leadership which further leads to identification of discrepancies.

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    I can say that I have been part of various workshops and group activities during my last semester for studies of business administration. The activities and efforts which were undertaken by the management revolved around building and enhancing capabilities of student for being a capable leader (Komives, 2016). The reason being concept of leadership are being emphasized are due to their importance and relevance in the contemporary business world. Leadership is defined to be a crucial aspects which can help a business organisation in maximising its productivity and performance leading to attainment of corporate goals. The major roles which are catered by leader is initiation, motivation people and building a suitable and appropriate business environment. It is a form of partnership which is inclined to form a suitable relations between leaders and group members so that better results are availed. There should be a right balance of power and responsibility amongst team members so that better results could be availed. There are numerous leadership approaches in the business environment but requires a deep knowledge of business circumstances and external environment so that right approach could be undertaken. The autocratic and participative leadership approaches are amongst the one which commonly preferred within an organisational environment. In autocratic leadership approach decisions are formulated by single person without.

    There are numerous leadership approaches in the business environment but requires a deep knowledge of business circumstances and external environment so that right approach could be undertaken. The autocratic and participative leadership approaches are amongst the one which commonly preferred within an organisational environment. In autocratic leadership approach decisions are formulated by single person without seeking consent of people which are being part of the organisation as well. On the other hand, participative approach seeks to take consent of all the members working in an organisation leading to form right decisions. The efforts of Leaders in an organisation are aimed to manage human resources which are available in an organisation emphasizing on human factors (Ely, Ibarra and Kolb, 2011).

    The primary workshop which has been organised during the semester focused on the manner in which reflective journals could be maintained and significance which has been carried out by reflective learning in context of a students. I happen to take assistance from the Gibbs learning cycle so to understand and reflect upon what I have learnt during the tenure. The Gibbs model focus on the recalling experience and feeling during the undertaking so that they could be later evaluated and analysed leading to formation of conclusion. The conclusion will helps in determination of work which I could have included which later lead to formation of positive results for self. The learning journal which has been maintained by me focusing on topic which I have studied in this week by taking into account experience, observations, and change it has brought upon my capabilities and knowledge as a leader. The supervisor recommended us to make use of the performance maps so that it is helpful in identifying the gap between actual and desired performance. The questionnaires which were undertaken by me focused on identification of the manner through which learning which is most suitable for working in an organisation could be attained (Cloud, 2010). The results were as such that 70% of the learning comes from on-the-job training as it provides a right balance between theoretical knowledge and its practical applications (Bolden, 2016). Such results identify the role which is being catered by building a climate which persuades employee to put forward their best.

    I was later allotted to an activity in which I had to act as Regional Manager for McDonald's and identify manner through which staff could be trained. This activity helped me in identifying role which is to be carried forward while working in an organisation and significance of employee retention within an organisation. Training and development activities are crucial but if a business fails to keep the developed employee there is no point on incurring heavy expenditure on nurturing them (Kelloway and Barling, 2010). This can be referred to as one of the biggest finding during this activities and will definitely help me in being a competent leader for an organisation. The objective of this segment is fulfilled as I have become familiar with the manner in which organisational resources can be developed and retained by forming a suitable corporate culture. The various training which can be adopted by a leader are conference, e-learning, simulation and apprenticeship which leads to enhancement of skills so that an individual can grow on the cognitive, technical and interpersonal grounds (Abrell and et. al., 2011). There were approximately 15 questions developed which focused on identification of potential and capabilities which are required to be a leader through focusing on aspects such as emotional intelligence, management and monitoring others relating to reaching organisational as well as personal objectives. The final conclusion which can be formed in this workshop is that I need to be self aware and self discipline so that I am able to accomplish goals which are established by me.

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