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    MOD003319 Managing Self And Others Assignment Level 4


    In every business, it is important to manage self and others. This is because; in this way, successful results could be gained for business development and to attain overall growth. In this regard, creativity also helps to focus on the personal development plan (Mackenzie, Cartwright and Borrill, 2015). For gaining insight information of the present report, SWOT analysis with PDP plan will be covered so that effectiveness could be considered to make career development activities. Furthermore, it includes strategies that help to attain high performance to meet with personal development needs. It increases needs of each individual to attain desired results.

    Main Body

    SWOT analysis

    In order to focus on the SWOT analysis, it is important to look upon the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Therefore, it is effective consideration that assists to meet with the creative learning (Peoples, Brandt and la Cour, 2017).


    In person consideration, I have strong ability to handle the complex situation. Therefore, it will assist to attain desired activities and goals of the enterprise. Furthermore, education qualifications are also strong so that I have great knowledge in term of business development. I also manage my time with different activities and targets so that it will help to attain more creativity in the enterprise (Hillson and Murray-Webster, 2017).


    However, I am unable to manage different kinds of activities and tasks at the same time. Therefore, it creates a huge impact to gain business goals and objectives. In respect to this, I am emotional kind of people so that injustice I cannot see (Hillson and Murray-Webster, 2017). It creates impact on the working system in the enterprise. It is important to handle these issues so that working system develops in significant manner.


    Furthermore, I have several opportunities through skills and performances could be developing in significant manner. It will assist to look upon the educational classes and conferences as well. In this regard, it is important to focus on company’s expansion in international market for attaining business goals and objectives (Peoples, Brandt and la Cour, 2017).


    However, other colleague’s skills create negative impact on my performance. This is because; different people perceive different operations in the business environment. In order to look upon the market, there is high competition exists which creates a negative impact on my own performance (Mackenzie, Cartwright and Borrill, 2015).

    Personal development plan

    In order to create personal development plan, there are several steps included in it. In this way, effectiveness also develop to attain systematic results and outcomes as well. They are as follows:

    • Define goals: In order to create personal development plan, main goals for me are created that is managing self and other people in business. In this regard, effectiveness develop with implement systematic goals and objectives. Therefore, improvement in the personal skills also considered to focus on the creativity. Furthermore, career development opportunities of self and other also considered in successful way. It is important to focus on learning several activities that are needed in a group to make a systematic program. Furthermore, participation of all member also gain so that effectiveness also developed to maintain system functions and operations.
    • Priorities: In order to manage my self and others, there are several activities implemented that need to accomplish in the plan. These elements help to focus on the creativity and attainment of desired outcomes in a systematic manner. Key goal in this way is to develop focus on the particular aspects that assist to make innovation and creativity. Career changes also create physical shape which requires new skills as well. It is important to get successful results in the business environment. Therefore, activities has been design to focus on the different areas of the successful results. Personal development plan assists to expand knowledge with improve new skills and areas.
    • Setting deadline: Furthermore, in the personal development plan, there are several activities that has been set with specific deadlines. In this way, goals has been prepared as the big project that considered period to gain more specific activities with considering good assumptions as per time. Furthermore, in this regard, it is essential to develop realistic framework in the goals so that on the time it could be achieve in successful way. Rather than focus on the problem, it is important to develop reward to manage and accomplish desired results as well.
    • Understand strength: Moreover, it is important to the goals to understand strength with average skills and strength in specific areas towards my own goals. In this way, all strength need to classify that help to accomplish desired results at workplace. It is also useful parameter that make persistent, outgoing, intelligent, fast learner, etc. With the help of these skills, self and other could be manage in successful way so that effectiveness could be increasing. Strength understanding is the best way to make focus on the accomplishment of goals.
    • Opportunities and threats: After analysis strength, it is important to identify opportunities and threats to me. In this way, it is important to consider behaviours and habits which could be support to accomplish desired outcomes. With the help of the opportunities, new actions could be taken and threats helps to reduce negative elements from the plan. Hence, there are different activities has been design that assists to develop creativity and performances in the business. With the help of these activities, it can be develop with innovative and successful plan in the managing self and others.
    • New skills' development: I learned that new skills' development is also important to focus on the place where something innovative could be get. In this consideration, return something ascertain with implementation of new things. It is the best way to learn about the market sales which assists to focus on the start new business such as marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, etc. In addition to this, new skills also helps to focus on the some innovative and creative characteristic that are useful to focus on the time, efforts, etc. Along with this, accomplishment of new goals and activities helps to implement time and efforts that decide to start and perform several functions as well. These kinds of skills and performances assists to focus on the goals that are needed to attain innovations and creativity.
    • Action taken: In order to implement new skills for me, there are different actions that have been taken on the basis of which time frame has been set. It will assist to look upon the big goals that considered with the innovations and creativity. With the help of goals and objectives, it can be depicts that targets could be attain to focus on the new designs.
    • Set support: Furthermore, if actions are taken in the plan by me, it is important to change career with considering adviser. To manage self and others, it is important to improve accomplishment of goals with create list. This list includes support with different activities that are needed to perform tasks and goals. With the development program, targets and attainment of the business results make sure that effectively operations has been developed.
    • Measurement of goals: In the last step of I have to consider in personal development plan, it is important to implement measurement of goals. This is because, it will assist to look upon the persistent to accomplish desired goals and objectives. It is the best way to make progress and considered something new. Further, it is also included moving forward and write down the things that are going very well. It considered something new activities that are needed to perform several tasks. Furthermore, it also requires something changes which make different things in the whole program. All important things and tasks need to write down so that new strategies could be determines to accomplish targets and goals (Nuri-Robins and Bundy, 2016).

    All these 9 steps help to attain desired results that assist to create detailed about the plan with goals that are most important to attain more creative results. It also assists to get work on the activities that quickly implemented plan with priorities the activities. Personal development plan considered better work and performances with focusing on innovations and effectiveness.

    Long term implications of personal development plan

    In order to look upon the systematic work performance, it is important to look upon the several elements that assists to make positive impact on the results. In this way, I have seen that there are several benefits occurs to me and manage to others as well. Therefore, effectiveness could be developed in a successful way (Lo, Hales and Rodin, 2016). It helps to obtain new and relevant information that retention to the ROI so that it considered to make success in the modern solution. Talent development activities are also design that make success and highly competitive to challenging the business environment. Furthermore, there are different areas such as strength and weaknesses which develop guide with optimisation and increase capabilities as well (Dickins and Germaine, 2014). Furthermore, I have learned that implementation of personal development plan alleviates to monitoring development of employees.

    To accomplish the desired results, it is important to implement systematic work performance with different strategies. Therefore, it will help to focus on the strong performance management (Corriero and Tong, 2016). There are many approaches which I have understood that are determined in the following aspect:

    • Individual goals and corporate strategy: In order to accomplish the desired goals, it is important to attain systematic work performance. In this consideration, I have understood that individual goals and corporate strategy implemented to increase effectiveness at workplace (Peoples, Brandt and la Cour, 2017). With the help of the corporate strategy goals, it has been seen that SMART goals has been required to implement so that effective results will be gain in systematic manner. In this way, all individuals are needed to be considered on the basis of corporate strategy. Therefore, it will help to understand that performance management process develop outcomes and results in the desired manner. On the basis of SMART activities, goals require time frame and attainment of the creative results in the business (Mackenzie, Cartwright and Borrill, 2015).
    • Progress on goals which is monitored: In this aspect, process considered monitoring on the goals and attainment of the results with effectiveness. As results, it will focus on the management activities and provide systematic performances as well. In this manner systematic performances develop to increase skills and performances to attain more creative results. In this way, each member could take part in the group to manage self and others. It assists to make sure that effectiveness will be created on the basis of participation of members in the group. It will assist to look upon the creative activities that essentially required focus on the systematic work performances (Ressler and Richards, 2016).
    • Individual performances with appraisal: It is the best strategy to develop effective results and outcomes in the business environment. With this consideration, appraisal is the best way to increase each person part in the business. It will assist to look towards the effective results. In this manner, manager and I have to perform several functions so that each person will get benefits of the appraisal which helps to focus on more information which is gathered from other sources (Dicke, Parker and Leutner, 2014). Secret high performance development program helps to attain specified goals and make effective functioning as well. Information also gather from different sources with opportunities to review the process (Clegg, Kornberger and Pitsis, 2015). On the basis of performances discussion, solution also need to be implement to make sure that effective results will be gain at workplace.
    • Compensation given based on performances: Furthermore, there is another strategy which helps to focus on the employee’s performance. In this way, I have to manage my own performance and group through developing creativity. It will assist to acknowledge success of whole program with providing inform management activities. On the basis of performance, compensation needs to be provided so that opportunities also increase overall corporate strategy. It will assist to look to the goal and create completion (Luckett, Phillips and Ivynian, 2017).
    • Individual differences and perception: In order to focus on the individual differences and perception, it is important to look upon the all qualifications of people in the whole group. It is the best way to attain systematic work performance to develop creativity. In addition to this, perception of each member is different from other so that it is important to look upon the creative ideas and perception that assists to develop understanding towards the goals. As results, it also impacts positively on the program which I have taken to make proper functioning between the different members (Cunningham, 2017). All these activities help to focus on the relevant ideas which focus on the management of the aim and objectives.
    • Learning: Learning of each person in the PDP also considered important role. This is because; it helps to manage the whole group with undertaking creativity. In this regard, I have implemented strategy of learning through coaching, mentoring, etc. Therefore, it will help to focus on the innovative results and operations in the However, there are proper attainment of individual goals also implemented that need to focus to create systematic work performances (Aydın, 2017).
    • Development: Development program in PDP also carried to maintain effectiveness in the group. It will assist to reflect in proper way so that systematic work performance will be developed at workplace. Furthermore, it also carried individual performances that assists to measure successful results. Furthermore, it also develops a systematic program that is carried out to operate communication skills that assist to attain the desired activities at workplace (Dicke, Parker and Leutner, 2014).


    Goals that are prepared in the plan and carry to focus on the overall organisation and its development. Therefore, it will assist to look upon the objectives as well. With carrying different aims and objectives, it is important to attain individual goals as well. As results, I am able to meet with managing me and self as well. In this regard, organisation consist results with consequences so that they are understood driving towards the different people as well. Typically, it is involved identifying reasons to make considered for potential hurdles and business begin to address and rectifying their issues in successful aspect (Johns, 2017). Following are long term implications that can be considered in PDP:

    • Benefits to the business: In this aspect, it is important to align the PDP plan with smart goals and cascading that can be down with the CEO participation. Therefore, goals and objectives will be attained in the desired manner. In the overall organisation, strategy of manage self and other considered by me so that it is important to improve its implication with each person goals and objectives (Cascio, 2018).
    • Old versus new: In the traditional PDP, there is more paper based work considered which create impact to focus on the consequences that need to understand with innovative characteristic. In this regard, driving activities have been implemented to complete work to manage myself and others without any paper wasting. Therefore, it considered as the modern approach that is important to look upon the benefits. Relevance and benefits are implemented in the enterprise with solution that develop way to better clarity for managers. It allows me and other people to see about the complete mission and goals as well. In the specific areas, performances develop with functionality program that are existed in the organisation and investigate reasons to assess performances of my group (Hillson and Murray-Webster, 2017).
    • Enhance employee retention and ROI: PDP plan also benefits towards the focuses on employees' requirement in the group. In this way, I need to ensure that idea also generated with creating value in the enterprise. It is the successful operations and functions which is clearly visible in the organisation so that support can be describe with develop retention. It impacts positively on the organisation and overall ROI results as well (Grant, 2016).
    • Expert findings: Further implication that consider in the PDP plan is that expert finding. This is because; in the effective functioning, it is useful to focus on the creativity and attain overall goals as well. In this way, I had understood that different people guidance helps to focus on the innovative and creative activities as well. It makes proper concentration on each person in whole group. Therefore, aim and objectives will be attained in the group easily. In addition to this, goals are also describes analysis of each person role in the PDP plan so that part of each member develop in the enterprise. Furthermore, it ascertains effectiveness that helps to focus on the innovation and systematic plan in the In order to manage self and others, it is the major implication that is needed at workplace (Li, Li and Zheng, 2016).


    From the above report, it can be articulated that PDP plan considers systematic work performance to focus on the creative skills and development program as well. In this consideration, SWOT analysis of each person has been implemented that assists to look upon my skills and activities that assists to attain desired results. Furthermore, it summarised about the motivation and communication skills that needed to manage self and others. In this way, opportunities and threats are also described that assists to perform several functions and operations at workplace. In order to manage particular group it has been said that different strategies also explained that helps to implement high performances among the individual. In this regard, targets and goals to manage myself and others. At last, there are certain benefits of different strategies has been determines to make sure that PDP plan play vital role in success. In PDP plan there are different stages has been explained that assists to make sure that overall goals and objectives has been critical domain.


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    • Cunningham, I., 2017.The wisdom of strategic learning: The self managed learning solution. Routledge.

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