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    Different Activities That HR Trainee of ASDA Has Been Asked

    University: Kensington College of business London

    • Unit No: 3
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 4 / Words 1053
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: MN4F03
    • Downloads: 552
    Question :

    The scenario of this report determine that HR trainee of ASDA has been asked by senior management to prepare a report that considering different activities based on people management practices within organisation by considering:

    • Evaluate different leadership styles as well as its direct relationship with employee motivation.
    • Identify different factors that can influence effective team work.
    • Analyze a direct relationship between teamwork and employee motivation.
    Answer :


    ASDA is a UK-based leading supermarket chain located in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The company was founded in the year 1965 and it is a subsidiary group of Walmart (Basu,2014). As of 31 January 2018, ASDA is performing its operation over 642 location. They generally deal in selling general  merchandise, grocery products and financial services. 


    1.1 Different style of leadership

    Leadership style refers to the way in which person uses power to lead other people. The most appropriate and suitable style of leadership grounds on the function of leader, the followers and the situation. Some of the common style of leadership are discussed below:

    • Autocratic Leadership: This style of leadership is centered on the boss. Under this, leader holds all responsibility and authority. In-fact they make decision on their own without taking consent of sub-ordinates. No one has the authority to challenge decision taken by leader. Under this, work environment is having either little or no flexibility.
    • Democratic Leadership: Under this style of leadership, leaders involve their sub-ordinates in decision making process so as to make them feel valued and important. It is one of the most used leadership style as it entails creativity, honesty, fairness, competence and courage. Along with this, it also boost morale of employee and retain them longer with the company.
    • Laissez Faire Leadership: Under this leadership style, leader gives authority to workers. Sub-ordinates are allowed to take decision on their own and moreover they prefer to work with minimal interference of leaders (Bush,and Middlewood,2013). This style rarely taken into account by company as it tend to be least satisfying and least effective management style.

    1.2 Application of specific leadership style

    Organizations prefer to use Democratic style of leadership which is also known as Participative style of leadership as well. Under this, leaders valued the work done by their followers by appraising them for their effective performance and also involve them in decision making process which ultimately makes them feel essential part of the company. In addition to that, it also aid in motivating employees as it cause them to feel as if their suggestion or opinion matter. It is highly suitable when firm wants to embed change within the business as it assist employees to accept change in a viable manner. Also, engaging employees will empower leader to keep up effective procedure that fit the business well (Coventry,and et.al., 2011). Participative leader guarantee that  team members work collectively with other personnel so they are appropriate to work in vast professional workplaces in which co-activity and communication are essential.

    1.3 Leadership style of the company

    Since ASDA is a people centered organisation, they are following participative style of leadership as it promote interest and welfare of employees. This leadership style gives equal and fair opportunity to workers to grow and develop both personally and professionally. The company want to in-built such leadership style that become ingrained in their culture and working environment and also ensures that leadership behaviour makes huge difference to performance. As it is a people focused association which means that keep personnel at the heart of their business. Therefore it is primarily important for them to make their workers feel valued and important by engaging them in decision making process. Further it also motivates them and promote healthy and positive working environment. In today's competitive environment, it is necessary for every company to attain high competitive edge in the market over their rivals and this can only become possible if the company is having unique and innovative way to beat market competition. As democratic style of leadership promotes creativity which help ASDA in gaining high level of competitiveness in the marketplace. Employees under democratic leadership are found to be more strong and supportive. Under this style, personnel become loyal towards the firm and more team working is done because suggestion of everyone are taken into account. Participative leaders are usually popular within the company.  

    1.4 Motivational theories

    Maslow's Hierarchical Needs of Theory: The theory was proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1943.  The theory is based on the assumption that within each individual, there is a hierarchy of five needs which they wishes to fulfil (Drucker,2012). Urgency of these needs varies from one another. Following are the five needs that are discussed below:

    • Physiological Needs: These are the basic needs of an individual which is important to be  fulfilled for their survival such as clothing, food, water, air etc. 
    • Safety Needs: It includes environmental, emotional and physical protection and safety. For example: Job security, family security, financial security etc.
    • Social Needs: Maslow believes that individuals needs to feel sense of acceptance and belongingness among social groups. It describe the need of person for love, care, affection, friendship etc.
    • Esteem Needs: It define the need for getting respect, recognition and importance from others. This need is mainly related with self-respect and self-esteem (Edmonds, 2011)
    • Self-Actualization Needs: This deal with “What an individual can be, he must be”. It include the need for self contentment and growth.

    Two-Factor Motivational Theory: This theory was developed by Frederick Herzberg in the year 1959. According to him, various job factors exist in workplace that either prevent satisfaction or dissatisfaction among employees. Job Factors can be classified as:

    1. Hygiene Factors: These job factors play crucial role in motivating employees at workplace. Therefore, existence of these job factors are very essential for encouraging workers. However these factors do not provide satisfaction for longer period but absent or lack of any of these factors can cause dissatisfaction among personnel. For example: Working condition, company policies, status, payroll, interpersonal relation etc.

    Motivational Factors: These job factors yield positive satisfaction  and are inherent to work. Such factors play key role in motivating employees and retain th

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