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    Leadership and Clinical Governance

    Introduction to Leadership and Clinical Governance

    Leadership is an action which is attained by the leader in order to give direct and lead the team members. The concept of leadership is required in each and every field for the successful company operations. On another hand, clinical operations are method which helps the organizations like NHS to enhance their services for the maintenance of care standards. Whereas, the concept of clinical governance is initiate with a motive to develop mechanism so that the patients can get improved quality services. However, the stated concept requires effective leadership for the implementation of the requisite changes and alterations. It will allow the health care organizations to get a clear vision with reference to all the levels. The present document is based on the case study of deceased person name Christopher Hammett. He died due to certain errors raised from the part of medical and nursing care. As a result, this report will consider the same case and explain the role of nurse as a leader in the health care organizations.

    Role of registered nurse as a leader

    In nursing care, the concept of leadership plays an essential role because the patients can get the proper with the help of nurses. The roles of the registered nurses as leaders may vary according to the structure and size of the firm. However, a registered nurse can perform his or her duties are equivalent to the competent manager and the leader. The registered nurse is needed to perform the role related with visionary leadership. This allows the nurse to manage the operations related with the different patients. In the case of Christopher Hammett(CH), he consulted to an orthopaedic surgeon for back pain. Further, his heath was good enough when he was admitted to the private hospital where the medical staff did not find after the working hours. Initially, the oxygen saturation of the patient was maintained at 99 percent. Further, he was transferred to PACU. This has resulted into lowering down the saturation level of the oxygen.

    In context to above, the present anaesthetist assumed that due to reversible upper airway obstruction, the level of oxygen saturation has tended to low. As a result, they supported his jaw and inserted an oropharyngeal airway. The staff who was present there was keep on changing their oxygen mask. This has affected the saturation level of Mr. CH which was not properly recorded by the staff. When the level was recorded, it was mentioned as the stable level. Here, the nurse assumed due to use of morphine, the oxygen level is getting influenced. Therefore, being a registered nurse, it was their duty to properly analyse the condition of the patient instead of assuming the things. This has resulted in the death of the stated patient.

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    Differentiate between leadership and management

    Leadership and management are the two most crucial terms which are mainly used in the organizations. The two concepts are quiet distinct from each other but somewhere they are connected collectively. However, leadership is the attribute of a leader by which the team members are get influenced in order to attain the assigned tasks and duties. On contrary to this, management is the process by which the things are being managed in an effective manner. The two terms are required and can be seen in all the fields like corporate, hospitality sports and medical. Howsoever, the organization like NHS and cancer research centres also adapts this concept in this working environment. In health sector, leadership is used to influence the nurses and another staff for taking care of the patients. On another side, management is used for the management of several activities in the health care orga

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