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    University of Westminster Procurement Strategy


    Procurement strategy refers to planned approach of cost effective buying of required supplies by enterprise by taking into consideration various components and factors like, duration of procurement, funding, budget the planned risk and opportunities among others (Sutton,  2013). The procurement can be defined as the acquisition of the raw-material, supplies, services etc. that  a organization or project needs so as to function smoothly. In this report, various aspects of procurement strategy will be  studied in the context of Tasman House, 65 Wells St. London W1. In this report a procurement strategy to deliver of a commercial development at cited location will be provided. Further,  learning will be shown regarding how the strategy meets the needs of the brief.  Thereafter, the benefits of implementing the strategy with regards to client and project will be provided.

    Individual Rational

    The present report is based on the procurement strategy  for the Tasman House. It is held freehold through a subsidiary interest of Great Portland Estates Plc. The building was leased for 10 years to The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (Ghaffari and Venkatesh,  2013). Later, the property was used as magistrates  court during this duration with individual courtrooms, conference, meeting rooms along with office accommodation etc. The present study has been selected as it is very important for gaining in depth knowledge regarding the procurement strategy that must be adopted by a company (Watermeyer, 2012). With the help of effective procurement strategy  the Tasman house will be able to attain its purpose of refurbishment and  expansion. The process of procurement is part  of the business strategy of cited organization as  the efficiency of company  to buy specific materi al will decide the  continuity of business. At present,  Tasman House is facing serious need for renovation and modification (Gurnani, GümüÅŸ, Ray and Ray,  2012). Due to its occupancy for   such  a long period by Magistrates and other parties the property  has suffered severe damage. Thereafter, the case study reveals that there are many opportunities for the improvement in Tasman house. Such as, original property consist of a improved concrete frame arranged over a ground bearing block foundation.

    Outwardly the façade is capsulated through the exercise of metal frame single glazed Crittal windows set within reconstituted stone surroundings, and spandrels panels beneath (Lenderink, Halman and Voordijk, 2016). Elsewhere the façade is polished with cavity brickwork, which to the rear is formed using calcium silicate brick. The primary asphalt canopied flat roof has undergone several repairs over its existence and been healed with a fluid plastic cold membrane and houses further building plant and equipment. Regular floor to ceiling heights are 2.4m ffl to ceilings with a clear slab to soffit dimension of 2.7m (Olanrewaju, Chen and Han, 2016). Also, it has been identified from the report that Tasman House  is facilitated by two stair midpoint which are further  served by single passenger lift. Thus, there is need for separate lift in the Tasman house.  From the available information from the case study it is clearly evident that there is wide scope of modification in t he Tasman House. This is the main reason for selecting the study. Since, its inception that major refurbishment and expansion project will require heavy funds therefore, the decision and choice of strategy must be done wisely (Lenderink,  Halman and Voordijk, 2016).  

    Furthermore, Tasman house can consider Alliance strategy can be taken into consideration. The reason for this is that it  enable the early participation of the contractor. Therefore, to facilitate the alliance the main participants of the project ie, principal and contractor are involved. They all are jointly liable for all the aspects of the delivery of the project (Cooke and Williams,  2013).  The main benefit of alliance strategy is that all the commercial risk and rewards are shared among the alliance partners. Since, the major refurbishment  high risk and there is possibility that alternative strategies for risk apportionment can be ineffective, it is appropriate for Tasman house to take alliance strategy  into  consideration (Chen, 2016). The fundamental objective is to assure that the procurement scheme is performed on time, to a superior standard in proportion to with the market where attempting  to draw in potential tenants and at a fixed cost.  

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    To accomplish these objectives, the choice and appointment of a contractor must be cautiously appraised such that the organization have a established track record of running with like similar thinking customers in this sector and location, have proper resource and levels of skillfulness either in-house or through a trustworthy and reliable supply chain, at the same time guarantee that risk is moved or stays within controllable levels (McDermott, Dickinson, Ioannnou and Heard,  2012).  Even where transferring risk it does not go away and remains with the project to wind-up so the requirement to be in good order must be  defined, ranked and then treated or transferred consequently and on a regular basis evaluated to completion and hand over.

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    Cost certainty is very important as it influences performance / profitability (Sutton, 2013).  Therefore, the Tasman house must understand that modification are probable to develop during construction and company is required to be flexible sometimes.  Time is another key aspect of any business plan, with delays eroding any profit, especially in a challenging marketplace like at present.  A key consideration where advising in respect of procurement should address the transfer and appetite for risk, then issues such as cost certainty and program will be further understood, rather than the usual COST / TIME / QUALITY epitome (Tan, 2015).  Further, it must be considered that negotiation can sometimes be a power for good if advanced within a clear framework between long-familiar parties. Thereafter, while procuring the raw material from different sources, the consideration must be given on the quality of inputs. Also, the laws regarding the environment protection and related protocols must be considered while procurement process. Such as, in green public procurement the contracting authorities and company  take environmental concern into consideration while tendering for raw material or services (Adriaanse and Robinson,  2015).


    From the above report, it can be concluded that procurement is important function that will help the Tasman House Ltd in finding, acquiring, purchasing products and services from outside source through tender or competitive bidding prices. With the help of clear strategy, company can assure it get the offerings at best possible price within the desired time frame. The strategy will also check that quality of input is good and thereby maintain the standard of entity.  


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