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    Requirement of Implementing Marketing Strategy of Cadbury


    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1165
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: R/508/0486
    • Downloads: 664
    Question :

    The scenario of this report determine requirement of implementing marketing strategy in the context of Cadbury to gain desired market base. Explanation regarding enhancing customer base with the help of marketing tactics is being associated.

    • Explanation of role of marketing and their interrelations with various departments in CADBURY.
    • Comparison of marketing mix of Cadbury along with McDonald's.
    • Development of basic plan for marketing.
    Answer :


    Marketing is defined as the study fir analysing particular target, customers, competitors and current trend to sell product and services in the marketplace. It is a management of exchange relationship and used to create, produce, deliver of products to the customers for satisfying their needs or wants in an effective manner. Marketing is a set of activities or process of producing, communicating, delivering and offering which have value for customers or society. Many of organisation focus adopting best marketing tools for promoting products or services such as celebrities endorsement, packaging, brand ambassador, product's design, slogan and media exposure to create awareness and attracts them towards firm (Bowie and Paraskevas, 2014). This report is based on CADBURY which is UK based company and deals in confectionery products including Roses selection, crème egg and Dairy milk chocolates etc. this assignment will define about marketing function and its roles or responsibilities and how these are interrelate with wider organisational context. It will compare the several ways to apply marketing mix to the planning by different organisations for achieving business objectives and goals. This will produce and evaluate marketing plan for company.      

    TASK 1

    P1 The key roles and responsibilities of the marketing functions

    Marketing is an effective tool for the organisation to develop the business in the competitive environment in better ways. In this included a activity for producing, creating, designing, buying or selling and delivering of goods or services in an efficient manner. This is an essential for every business firm as they can attracts more customers or reach at potential targets through proper awareness. Many of successful organisation consider different marketing tools or techniques and adopt best suitable one for increasing sales volume and generating more profits within the firm. There are described an appropriate management procedures which support in maintaining entire business functions or operations in well manner (Mariussen, 2014). It is very supportive tool for developing organisation by consider proper study and analyse current market trends, conditions, demands of customers, buying behaviours, competitors and many actual situations that support in making better decisions about producing and delivering of goods or services to the targeted audience to meet their basic requirements as well as desired expectations.

    There are defined several environmental factors that have major impacts on the business operations and its profitability as well. In this included internal and external forces in which involved demographic, technological, economical, social and political that affects from outside. There is required to adopt best strategy for making better decisions.

    Functions of marketing:

    • Strategy: Every organisation undertake various strategies and best plan for creating good position in the market place. They consider an appropriate strategies to attain set goals or objectives in well manner (Brassington, 2013). Marketing department always focus on making favourable decisions regarding adoption of suitable strategies and effective tools or techniques so that they can compete with other competitors and achieve competitive advantages in more efficient ways.
    • Research: It is another important functions of market as managers perform their duty and task by conducting such research and survey for the purpose of analysing target market, customers, competitors, trends, demands and many others for the purpose of making better decisions for company regarding use of strategies and tools or techniques so that particular targets or goals with effective manner. Company generally consider the survey process for gathering more data which can be beneficial for accomplishing objectives and reach at potential customers.
    • Product development: In this function, marketing department take responsibilities for finding the customers needs or wants as well as particular demands and then make appropriate decisions regarding developing new products or modify existing one so that company can meet demands or expectations of the customers in well manner. They usually ensure about the forecasts as well as actual sales performance for the purpose of identifying particular gaps towards achievement of set targets.
    • Communication: Marketing manager always consider this for creating more awareness and reach at targeted audiences in better ways (Pettitt, 2013). They focus on adopting best promotional tools or marketing methods that can be beneficial to increase sales volume and generate higher revenues. In this included campaigning, social media, email marketing, advertisement, promotional tools or techniques and many more. Company also undertake various channels or modes of communication such as building blogs, official web page and websites, leaflets, prospectus etc.

    Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing Functions:

    In CADBURY, marketing department play crucial role for creating awareness and  developing business. They are considering several tools or promotional method so that effective awareness can be created among targeted customers. Manager always focus on finding various opportunities for increasing goodwill and generating more profits in the firm. CADBURY is providing several confectionery products in the international market (Cleverley, 2017). Therefore, marketing department perform various functions and have different roles or responsibilities including conducting research or survey, planning of new product development, promotional tools, sales services, financing and accounting, and customers services and relationship etc. these are necessary function that must be performed by the firm.

    • Finance: It is one of the most necessary aspect which requires for running an organisation as without funding, any firm cannot run its business functions or activities. Marketing department perform this task and prepare an appropriate budget that needed to promote goods or services and achieve predetermined goals. It is backbone of the business which make entire function smooth and easy. CADBURY also cosider this functions and make decision regarding goods or services that these must bes produced as well as sell on time so that best possible outcomes can be get.
    • Channels of distribution: Every organisation wants to reach at potential customers for increasings their sales volume in more effective manner. So they make decisions about selecting best distribution channels to deliver particular goods or services for the purpose of satisfying customers desired expectations (Clow and James, 2013). CADBURY is dealing in international market so they always focus on keeping best distribution network so that products can be deliver at right customers with limited time period.

    Pricing strategies: It is also very important to decide the price and consider cost factors so that customers can afford and get easily any products to satisfy their needs or wants. Marketing department analyse competitors pricing strategies and income level of customers so that better strategies can be formulated in an effective manner. Their main purpose is to satisfy customers and increa

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