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    Working in Partnership


    Working in partnership referred to as a procedure whereby, two or more companies used to work in collaboration for conducting a specific operation. It helps such organisations to share their views, resources and ideas to address specific issues. Under this present assignment, a case study has drawn where many agencies including NHS and Tameside Adult Safeguarding Partnership work with each other to write an overview report. Here, National health service or NHS is a public organisation who promotes health facilities. For understanding concept of working in partnership, various philosophies, different models, current legislations for same in health and social case sector are discussed. Furthermore, possible outcomes of partnership working for such organisations and barriers to work in same are evaluated. In addition to this, some strategies are also devised for improving such outcomes also.

    Task 3

    3.1 Possible outcomes of partnership working for users of services, professionals and organisations

    As main aim behind working in partnership in health and social care- is to make better decisions for resolving a specific issue.

    3.2 Potential barriers to partnership

    As it has evaluated that if organisations such as Community Safety Unit, Hate Incident Panel, Acute Foundation Trust, Greater Manchester Police and more, had worked in partnership then chance of resolving mentioned case (Adult-A) could be resolved on time. But includes various factors also that could arise barriers under partnership of such organisations. It may also raise while sharing information and communication in safeguarding as:-

    Proficient boundaries: 

    It includes principal limit whereby human services are confronted while working in collaboration. As such organisations are mainly belong to statutory and independent, therefore, conflicts related to different policies may also arise. This is also considered as another barrier which effect investigation of entire associated agencies, who work on same case study of Adult A.

    Lack of understanding of roles and responsibilities: 

    It is one of the possible barrier which might effect entire performance of workers, required to work in collaboration. As each professional of associated organisation has specific roles and responsibilities therefore, in such cases they also have different attitude and way of performing the same. This would arise lack of communication among workers which may influence the services users to give desired quality of work.

    Absence of conversation: 

    It refers to arise a noteworthy hindrance under working of collaboration for safeguarding and protecting the welfare of vulnerable people, who display their needs and difficulties similar to those presented by Adult A. Therefore, absence of proper communication among statutory and organisations working on individual basis, who are now worked in collaboration, may impact negatively on resulted outcomes. Poor conversation and sharing of information, misleads the desired outcomes and prompts to poor result between  administration and family members of Adult-A.

    Legal formalities:

    It refers to main barrier in making arrangements among associated organisations to work in collaboration, for preparing management reports and reviewing mentioned case study including its evidence. It arise difficulties in reporting the Serious Case Review through different-different governance routes.

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    3.3 Strategies to improve outcomes for partnership working in health and social care services


    From this mentioned report it has been summarised that working in partnership  especially in health and social care sector, is quite important. It states that for resolving issues related with health, physical and mental disabilities, agencies dealing under such sector must work in collaboration. It helps in adopting various key philosophies like empowerment of service users, independence and interdependence, autonomy and more, for enhancing efficiencies of business. Along with this, through this report where a case study based on Adult A, it has concluded that is agencies like Greater Manchester Police, Housing Association, Hate Incident Panel, NHS and more, had worked in partnership, then they could present a better overview on report for resolving this case. If such organisations had shared their views and information with each other, then it might possible that family members of Adult A could get better justice.


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