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    T5080495 Health & Nursing Assignment


    Function of nurses in the health care organisation is to emphasise on providing care as well as appropriate treatment to patients. Role of nurses is to support patient in getting recover from disease or illness and in maintaining optimal health as well as quality of life. Nurses in health care organisation are different from other medical staff in terms of their scope of activities required to be performed by them and approach to medical care. Moreover, nurses in the health care institution need to possess specialised abilities, knowledge and core competencies. In addition to this, the nurse should have effective communication skills in order to provide suitable care and services to patients.

    The purpose of the report is to identify the interpersonal skills required by medical professional or nurses in order to interview person with mental disorder or illness. It also has emphasis on recognising the symptoms of mental health disorder.

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    Main Body

    1. Important interpersonal abilities required to be possessed by medical staff in order to interview person with mental health disorder

    Communication between medical professional and patients takes place with the intention to enhance the well-being of a service user. The importantt aspects is that both the nurse and patient become more knowledgeable as well as mature over the course of their relationship. In health care institution, the relationship between service provider and patients or their family completely based on the sharing of thoughts, actions and feelings. Effective communication skills enables patient to feel comfortable and experience better health (Lucille, Harmon and Brown-Scott, 2017) Communication abilities also provides nurses chance to develop the understanding about the needs of the patient and provide high level of satisfaction to clients. It also helps medical staff or nurses to set up a specific perspective regarding the meaning of the patient’s illness, beliefs, and preferences of patients. Following are the interpersonal skills which are required to be developed by medical professional or nurses and the same abilities should be used when interviewing the patient with mental disorder in context of given case study name of the patient is Barry (LoBiondo-Wood and Haber, 2017).

    As per the interpersonal and development theory, it states that medical staff in health care institution should take some time in order to develop the understanding about the problems faced by the patient, nurses are also required to analyse the medical history of service user.

    Other interpersonal skills which are required to be possessed by medical professional during interview Barry are:

    Self- Awareness-This is considered to be as internal evaluation of one self and of one’s reactions to emotionally charged situations. When communicating or interviewing Barry medical professional should control their emotion. Nurses for instance avoid the expression or feeling of anger, as this type of emotion may have negative effect on patient mental health. Self-awareness enables medical professional to engage with a service user and presence. Spending some time with patient, enables the medical staff to know when to provide assistance and when to stand back (McMullan, Gupta and Collins, 2018).

    Genuine, warm and respectful: Qualities of professional nurses or medical staff is that these people possess some additional characteristics or qualities such as they are genuine, respectful and warm. In other words, nurse or medical professional when interviewing Barry should respect the culture of patient and should ensure that open-mindedness is being incorporated all throughout the relationship. It is required by the nurses or medical staff to listen carefully the facts or things shared by the patient during the time of interview. As this activity will assist medical professional in making appropriate decision about the treatment or care to be provided to patient.

    Empathy: This types of abilities include the potential of an individual to understand the emotion or perception of other person. Effective communication is the ability which shows helps medical staff in demonstrating empathy towards patient (Sataloff, 2017).

    2. Describing three significant signs or symptoms that alerts person about a mental health disorder.

    Mental illness is defined as a disease which lead to severe disturbances in thought or behaviour due to which an individual may face difficulty in dealing with ordinary needs of routine life. In given case scenario, Barry is facing difficulty in doing the routine activities and when he tries to work he feels unexpected shortness of breath.

    The first most important sight of mental illness is increase in restlessness. Variety of heath issues faced by the patient such as difficulty in sleeping, high level of stress, worries, anxiety, depression etc.

    Other important symptoms of mental illness are frequent changes in thoughts and behaviours. In addition to this, some other signs of mental illness are excessive fear as in given case scenario, Barry had fear that he would get die. Another symptom is Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habit as in given case study, Barry is suffering from the digestive upset. In addition to this, another important symptom of mental illness is difficulty in managing situation or problems, frequent outbursts of anger, intense fear etc. (Chimonas, DeVito and Rothman, 2017).

    3. Two clinical interventions and the way it should be implemented

    A person suffering from mental health disorder face difficulty in ongoing treatment. If in case of poor treatment might lead to the bad clinical results, with indication lapse and re hospitalization. Nurses in the health care institution required to adopt person‐centred approach in order to provide suitable treatment or care to patient with mental disorder. This approach includes shared decision making, is a treatment plan of action that emphasises on patients’ goals and circumstances of their life. Recovery oriented is another approach which can be adopted by the medical professional in order to cope up with the patient suffering from mental illness. This is considered to be an effective approach as it prioritises empowerment, respect and autonomy for patient or service user. It is required by medical staff in a health care institution to utilise person centred approach, as this will help medical staff in getting effect or desired clinical outcome (Halter, 2017). Recovery oriented care is also recognised an effective tool for increasing the engagement within the framework of recovery‐oriented care. Treatment engagement is considered to a complex and multifaceted, but goodness recovery‐oriented ability and posture is important in terms of delivering of services to those with serious mental illness. Person centred care approach can be implemented through utilising electronic decision making and web based tool which can support medical staff in implementation of shared decision making in treatment in health and social care setting (Butcher, Bulechek and Wagner, 2018).

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    4. Information which are required to be shared by medical professional related to medication

    The primary and important information that are required to be provided by medical professional include the usage of medicines , business side effect that might occur due to overdose of drugs, provide information about the intended dosage regimen and method of administration. In addition to this, it is also required by medical staff provide suggestion or advice related to the drug-related precautions. Good information allows patients to engage completely in decision making procedures about the medicines or medication prescribed for the mental illness by the medical professional. There are several laws formed by the legal authority in the nation which dictates that the name of medicine, the active substance, the pharmaceutical description, effects of the medicines should be explained by medical professional to patient. It is also required by the nurses or medical staff to provide the information about the condition when specific type of medicine is required to be consumed by the patients. In addition to this, essential information which are required to be medical professional includes the situation in which particular drugs should not be taken by user or patient. Nurses or medical staff should provide the information related to the way for utilising the medicine including route as well as technique of administration. It is also required by the medical professional to provide the detail about the duration of treatment and situation if a dose is missed, what actions can be taken in case of reducing the negative consequences of taking over dosage of drugs. In addition to all the above information, medical staff can provide extra advice or detail such as description of medicines, condition of storage, registered packing size etc. (Brownson, Colditz and Proctor, eds., 2017).

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    It has been concluded from the above report that a patient with mental illness or disorder requires extra care and effective treatment. Project has also concluded that poor or ineffective treatment to person with mental disorder may have negative effect on the physical as well as mental health of the service user or patient. It has been concluded from the project that medical professional or nurses are required to possess special abilities as well as special core competencies in order to deal with the patient with mental illness. Medical professional are required to use effective communication skills and needed to develop special abilities when interviewing the patient with mental health disorder.


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