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    Priorities and Roles of National Health Service Management

    University: Bucks new university

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 10 / Words 2494
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: HRMM055
    • Downloads: 407
    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions :

    • Provide knowledge, skills and behaviour required to be an effective manager.
    • Evaluate important HR processes that enhances the overall performance of employees at NHS Services.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of contemporary issues that are faced by mangers related to people management.
    Answer :


    Individuals or people plays an crucial role in performing the operations and functions of organisation. In the present scenario, employee's are one of the most important asset for that leads the company to gain top position in market by encouraging and motivating individuals to perform their work in appropriate manner. The main motive to monitor constant employee's efforts is to understand businesses performance and to leads organisational performance towards achievement of organisational goals and objectives. This report is written from the perspective of National health service which is a public organisation of UK. In the present scenario, organisation is facing various issue that directly impact on offering of National Health Service services (Alagaraja, Cumberland and Choi, 2015). Moreover, this report highlights on theoretical methods of three different areas and their application in National Health Service scenario. Priorities and roles of National Health Service management and HR function will also be included in upcoming report. In the last, internal and external influences on the selected areas will also consider in upcoming report. 

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    TASK 1

    Key models within 3 areas and its applications to the current situation of National Health Service

    In the exiting report, three different area are considered in the context of National health services which are faced by organisation in present scenario. Talent management, training and development and leadership are some models that work as key area for managing individuals or people. Along with this, the implement of model also helps National Health Service to manage people in appropriate and effective manner.

    Leadership and management:

    Leaders and managers both are the important part for human resource department in a private and public organisation. This improves work performance of National Health Service to manage and complete all task in organised manner. But they are different from each other and perform different roles and responsibilities. Like, Leader refers to set new direction among the employee's or people. Whereas, managers leads public organisation to perform their operations in organised manner. In the context of National Health Service, the main aim to implement leadership and management is to develop positive relations with customers, employee's, suppliers and other stakeholders of organisation (Blendon and Altman, 2018). Moreover, people who are engage in organisational operations are main target of organisation to enhance overall functional as well as operational performance.

    Grid managerial model of management and leadership 

    Grid model was introduced in the year 1964 by Robert Blake and Jane Mouton as the leadership style of management. Basically, the leadership dimensions is concerned about the task that are performed by National Health Service. This determines that it is mandatory to monitor regular performance of people and productions activities as they both are directly related with other. National Health Service utilise management grid model to demonstrate their concern about people and production activities (Brewster and Söderström, 2017). Example- national health service analyse the model to understand and monitor those areas which are required to improve and manage people according to their resources and people.

    Talent management

    Talent management refers to the skills and capabilities that are hold by human resources of an organisation (DeCenzo, Robbins and Verhulst, 2016). National Health Service is more concern about their roles and responsibilities that are delegate by management to people. It determines that all employee's will gain their job area according to their skills with the help of recruiting programs easily. This results that both people and management perform their work in coordinated way due to which people needs are fulfilled and organisational goals are also achieved in proper manner.

    Self interest theory

    The main aim of talent management theory is to focus on the requirement and needs of individuals. According to the several human theories specifically self interest theory it is analysed that most of the individuals are motivated due to self interest that improves personal skills and capabilities of a person. National Health Service motivated employee's by understanding individuals behaviour and also by focusing on their needs that leads management to encourage employee's for performing their effectively (Liao and Ai Lin Teo, 2018). Its results the employee's retention rate will be improved for National Health Service that leads organisation to gain several opportunities and in market. Further, right employee's also complete all task and projects in proper manner.

    Training and development:

    This is mandatory for all the organisation whether private or public to generate more motivation among people in order to contribute better efforts among organisational operations. It results this is easy for employee's to perform their work according to objectives and goals of company. National health service introduced new methods and techniques to deal with health problems. Therefore, with the better leadership and management style it is easy for organisation to trained people for working them as per new ways, method and techniques.

    Transitional model

    Transitional model relates with vision, value, mission and objectives of organisation that is used by management to perform their work according to their goals in order to achieve more success in market. Moreover, with implement of proper transitional model effective training and development will be introduced such as better changes in technology. The existing mission of the National health service defines to offer better health services to public with the implement of new technological tools.

    TASK 2

    NATIONAL HEATH SERVICES  and its Roles and priorities of HR functions for supporting management

    Most of the existing organisation are performing their work at global level. So employee's from different backgrounds are engage in organisational work that follow different culture, value and beliefs. Moreover, UK is open for all so various residents are performing their operations in UK  this determines it is mandatory for National Health Service to provide and offer better health services to employee's (Malik and Rowley, 2015). This results with the better care of patient it is easy for National Health Service to improve their goodwill in public sector organisation. Along with this management also plays an important role in hiring better staff and to facilitate better training for achieving long term results.

    Roles and priorities of National Health Service management

    There are various roles are performed by management of National Health Service such as clinic managers to perform different roles and health care facility that leads to gain better results. Some roles as well as priorities of National Health Service are as follow: 

    Staff management- Clinic management of National health services perform their work in effective manner that is used to manage and support existing employee's that are working at organisational workplace to measure employee performance for facilitating and providing better review to solve conflicts and strategic management of individual (Masri and Jaaron, 2017).

    Clinical role- management of National Health Service plays clinical role by providing more priorities to those patient which are suffering from diseases in order to treat employee's to provide better range of services.

    Development of plans and system- In the context of clinic manager that are working in National Health Service are liable to manage operations for providing better service provider that is used to accomplish better objectives and productivity in organisation.

    HR functions for supporting management:

    Management of National Health Service perform an essential role in the organisation that is used for proper understanding relates with functions and operations of management which leads to gain sustainable  growth in organisation. Some function that support HR functions are as follow:

    • Workforce planning and employment- This is related with basic functions of HR that is performed by manager of National Health Service to complete their operations in effective manner. Further, it also people to complete their work as per organisation requirements and skills or knowledge of candidates. 
    • Human resource development- Human resources managers of National Health Service utilise their function for performing their work with appropriate training and development session with the purpose of enhancing employee's skills and knowledge to get productive results by using existing resources of organisation (Mehralian and et. al., 2016).  

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    TASK 3

    Different internal and external influences of specific areas.

    Their are several factors are present in organisation that internally or externally impacts on management of company, training and development etc. In the context of National Health Service some aspect are mention as below:

    Key areas



    Leadership and management

    Human resources is the internal aspect for organisation which is highly influenced by leadership and management. Employee's who are engage in public organisation will not easily accept challenges. This directly impact on profitability and productivity of management. But it is easy for management to control their operations because they are internally managed (Wehrmeyer, 2017).

    The external aspect are present outside the organisation due the performance and productivity of organisation is directly impacted.  Like, socio-cultural factors that highly influenced on performance of organisation functions. It determines that it is also essential for management to manage and require those actions that influence on communication and their performance. 

    Talent management

     In context of talent management, Working environment that is followed by organisation relates with internal department of organisation. This determines that with the positive environment it is easy for organisation to perform their work with more productivity. It also determines to perform their work in effective manner. So it is easy to enhance their work performance in effective manner. On the other side, National Health Service is also more focused to complete their work by developing positive environment in organisation.  

    On the bases of external factors, demographics aspect of employee's which is used to complete the work as per talent management to complete work as per National Health Service. Recruitment is done to perform their work on recruitment basis. In the context of compensation and its package which are offered to manage skilled for achieving desired results as well as to perform  work in positive manner (Pinzone and et. al., 2016). 

    Training and development

    This includes motivation and perception and the learning factors that provide support to top level management. Along with this it also helps employee's to perform their with optimum uses of resources. This also results it is easy for organisation to perform the work on National Health Service basis (Smolowitz and et. al., 2015). Further, with better support on top level management it is easy to perform work on the basis of successful training programs.

    This relates with  outsiders to perform the work as per new ideas, place and work areas. It governs that it is mandatory for management ot perform all work as per legal laws and compliances. This is also used by management to influence employee's on company areas. Along with this National Health Service perform their work as per company strategies and practices. Benchmark is one of the effective tool which is used to complete work as per quality standard.



    In the last, by monitoring the employee's and people management there are various recommendations are monitored that is related with services of National Health Service which is used to complete the work with high sustainability. This is also seen that National Health Service must implement better sustainability ideas in their work performance. Along with this organisation also make new resolutions to resolve employee's issue and conflicts in order to retain employee's for longer period. Recommendations for all areas are mention as below:

    • Leadership and management- It is mandatory for the manager of National health to implement management grid model because it is directly related with leadership and management. Its results this is easy for organisation to perform their work effectively in different situation.
    • Talent management- With the selection of right candidates as per skills and capabilities it is easy for management to complete their work as per desired skills that leads employee's to gain better positions to gain competitive positions in market.
    • Training and development- National Health Service is a public organisation that is performing their work in health sector. The main motive of them is to perform work as per skill and knowledge. The main motive of it is to gain more opportunities on personal as well as professional basis to complete work as per individual and organisational basis.


    From the above report it is concluded that people and individual are essential part for organisation that leads management to complete their work in complex situations. Further, in order to complete the work appropriately managers are more focused towards training, hiring and selecting best candidate for business operations. Different theories and models are also developed to improve areas such as talent management, training and development etc. In the last, internal and external influence for different areas on organisation productivity and management is considered on positive and negative basis.

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