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    ACCT6003 Project/Placement Design and Implementation

    Project Portfolio 2

    1. Brief background and context towards the project

    Human resource term determines and commonly used from several years so that it is now turn as personnel administration. In this way, in present project consider technical aspects of hiring, evaluating, training and compensating (Knowles, Holton III and Swanson, 2014). It helps to develop practices which increase substantial competitive pressures in American enterprises. Organisation began their functions and operations with technological changes. It rises concern of the firms which could be engage towards the strategic planning. In addition to this, process also anticipating with future changes in the environment conditions and align it with the different components. As results, it creates a way to promote effectiveness of the organisation in systematic manner.

    Along with this, it also carries different activities in the enterprise that ensure successful and effective utilisation of employees. Hence, it helps to focus on the attainment of individuals, group, etc. goals and objectives. In these functions, business focuses on the management and consist different activities and practices at workplace. It assists to deal with different phases of HRM and attain more systematic results as well. It includes employment cycle, pre-hiring, staffing, etc. In upcoming period and necessary qualifications helps to attain desired activities and goals to make sure that important things has been attained (Marchington, Donnelly and Kynighou, 2016).

    2. Models and theories to under pin the analysis

    In respect to deal with the under pin analysis, it is important to look upon the HRM and its theory. It will help to considered analytical activities with the advance concept. Therefore, for the present project of HR it consisting different theories and models to deal with innovations. They are as follows:

    • Harvard Analytical Framework: In respect to determine the HRM theory, it is become develop success to make innovative results and outcomes. In this way, exclusive operations in management have been published in USA and UK. This model describe in the Harvard Business School in 1980. It creates a way to increase concept rapidly so that there are several theories included and propounded with this model (Bratton and Gold, 2017). Therefore, it consists stakeholders interest, external and internal environment, vision, policy, choice, etc. Therefore, idea convey with team approach which concluded main qualities and characteristics which describe bears stakeholder perspective (Kavanagh and Johnson, 2017). Further, it considered mutual cooperation and commitment which develop effectiveness in the HRM functions and operations to convey effective functioning.
    • Matching Model: Matching model considered way to accomplish objectives with applying major functions such as selection, performance, appraisal, reward and development. This model describes work and contribution with proper human resources which evaluated with appropriate techniques. A different kind of reward in this project of HR assists to consider results of appraisal towards the performance. HRD procedures and programs help to accomplish desired result in the business environment with cyclical process with every function. In this model, all key functions are utilised with more comprehensive manner (Bratton and Gold, 2017). In addition to this, in this consideration, there is model classified with Guest theory which demonstrated in three categories such as descriptive, normative and strategic. Key environmental elements
      identifies which could be influence to the internal and external environment factors.
    • The Universalistic Theory: In this theory, it can be stated that there different best practices and high performance with work practices. There are different assumptions and arguments seen that create linear relationship between human resources practices and system. Furthermore, this model ensures that best practices applied and universally acceptable to make successful results. In addition to this, organisation also gets success which is best measured in term of financial performance indicators like profits. In this regard, universally best practices applicability develops creative and systematic results to maintain effectiveness. Therefore, it imposes better work with heterogeneity of people and behaviours. As results, it will help to attain proponents that are classified in HRM. From the arguments of different authors, it can be stated that it describe innovative results and characteristics that are universally applicable in the research (Knowles, Holton III and Swanson, 2014).

    3. Preparation and Implementation Of Effective Planning For Become An Hr Manager

    To become a HR manager student to preparation various types effective planning for become an effective HR manager in organisation. During completion of academic course, student need gain broad knowledge about getting introduced to various HRM activities being done in an organisation in proper way. Is in case of learning about various skills and experiences about HR manager, I have to acquire quality of education in regarding to HRM activities, which can assist me to become a successful HR manager in my life. So in case of becoming an HR manager, I need to work more hard to gaining appropriate knowledge about acquiring HRM experience (Quinn, 2017.). Human resource manager is an extremely exciting and evolving profession and it is a highly strategic role and involves a range of policies,.processes and practices relating to the needs of individuals, as well as overall business needs amongst the organisation. HR is a great job outlook which attract me most to select these professions. For becoming a successful and effective HR manager in company, I need done a HRM program course from recognised university from where, I can acquire wide range of knowledge relating to various functions of human resource management and some effective terms of managing all activities in order to making proper development in its interpersonal skills and acquired skills as well (Flamholtz, 2012).

    It can be said that, the student needs to follow up effective functionality of the business in order to gaining proper development in such skills and development areas such as, workforce, characteristics. Business strategy, management, philosophies and task technologies etc. all the assessment criteria must be done in respective manner so that HRM long terms of the business planning in respect to meeting desired goals of the student. In terms of gaining proper knowledge, student will have to attain all HRM practices and functioning which is being thoughts in course. In addition to this, the student must be aware of HRM functions and responsibilities as per organisation scale. An HR manager will need to have a strong understanding of human resource policy, and the legal issues around recruiting and staffing a company. Beside from it, the student has to understand the organisational strategy which can assist them to understand the vision and mission of company. The student must require learning relationship management techniques and building effective relationship with people across at all levels, which can assist its employees to easily trust on them and also deal with personal information such as salaries and grievances which incur at workplace. Apart from it, the student also needs to understand the all concepts of becoming effective HR manager in life. The student also need to acquire various form of experience and knowledge concerning to HRM roles and responsibilities in business, so it will assist them to reaching to their desired goals to becoming an HR manager in well-known organisation.

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    4. The Skills That I Need To Develop To Solve Work Based Problems

    In order to becoming in an HR manager, I need to acquire several types of skills and experience in regarding to become an effective HR manager in organisation. An HR manager faced several types of work based problems and they have to manager it within short time period in very quick way (Briscoe, Tarique and Schuler, 2012). In addition to this, to becoming an HR manager, I need to acquire multiple numbers of skills in order to building better relationship with each other in the market. It has been seen that, there are numbers of issues can be faced by HR manager at initial level, so most of the sills they have to improve which is management skills, negotiations, communications. Discrete and ethical, duel focus, conflict management and problem solving, change management etc. it can be said that, these are those issues which is facing by most of organisation in today's world.

    In case of my approach, I have faced communication issues with employees while performing my responsibilities at workplace. Communication issues being cause of ineffective performance in business while performing task of an HR manager (Anderson and Anderson, 2010). I cannot better engage with employees because of lack of communication at workplace, which affect my performance in the business in relevant form. Beside from it, I have also identified that conflict management and problem solving skills also vital part for me which I needed to be learnt in order to resolving issues and conflicts in better way which incur in business often times. I have to observe which is being done at workplace and according to them, right decision must be taken in order to solving problems and conflicts in business.

    5. Analyse and Evaluate the Action You Did Not Take and Why

    In order to gaining proper development in work based issues and conflict, I need to utilise some areas where I can improve my skills in effective way. I need to use some areas by which sufficient development can be gained. Unlike this, I have to use of interpersonal skills to proper management of conflicts and situations at workplace (Garavan, Carbery and Rock, 2012). I have notices that, HR manager always faces conflicts situations in firms and they have to identify work based factor behind conflicts. As per identified areas in business, HR has to find out the ways to allow that to happen and in regarding to this, they can identify the actual situation of dispute at workplace. Multiple activities are being done in company and HR of company has responsibilities to maintain environment in effective manner and also building a creative environment at workplace, so they can better manage works of the business. Moreover, I need to improve my communication skills which will assist me to better engaged with my employees in the business in terms of understanding the issues at workplace (Hendry, 2012). There are various types of changes can be occurred in business as per modern demand and necessity in industry. So change management become one of the major issues for HR manager, so they need to make understand everyone in better way and tell them benefits of changes in business environment, so organisational performance might be improved. Apart from it, effective communication skills assist me to better engaged with my employees at workplace, so they can furnish me appropriate suggestion to necessary changes in business in order to meet desired goals and objectives.

    In order to develop the skills which would be helping in solving the problems that are arising at working environment there are some set of actions which need to be developed like that of planning and organising. The first thing which is required to have is to plan out how and what would be done to develop skills this is the main action that needs to be taken.

    Planning: this would be making all things easy and simpler to manage on the part of any individual as through this person is able to look up what actually they should do. This could be done only after they knew on what part they are lacking like in order to solve the problem there must be very good knowledge and analytical thinking (Kippers and Visscher, 2018). So to build up both these they should be planning that this could be done by reading and gaining more knowledge on different aspect of work related issues.

    6. What learning you took from the project by giving a portfolio of evidence?

    Log book: this is the summarised book which is including record related to various events or any other details like that of whole life events or a journey. This is very much helpful especially on part of trainee as they could include their daily learning or progress of their working that to on daily bases. This then is been checked by their supervisors or the one who is guiding them with their work (Kippers and Visscher, 2018). In same sense workers and students are also included who are preparing this logbook and they need to write up their daily findings and learning into that and this is further checked by their teaches or supervisors giving them feedbacks on that.

    Critical incidents' diary: this type of work would be including all types of unusual events related to all staff and employees of company and this would be kept by their manager of each employee. This is especially done for the appraisal period of that employee as this will be including the special notes and critical incidents which are related to how did they performed. This is also including the behaviour of those employees and then ranking them on bases of all these mentioned criteria ranging from best to the worst employees. This critical incidents' diary is telling and letting know managers what their each staff members is doing and how could the help them in betterment of their employees performance and behaviour both.

    Feedback: this is the most especial part which is including giving feedbacks to their juniors which is mainly done by the managers of all employees (Lunenberg, 2018). This diary will be telling them how employees are performing and how better they need to perform. This is particularly for the employees or trainee know their best and worst part which they need to improve and which they need to correct. Feedback is good for future development and growth of the trainee that must be taken by them for their own betterment only.


    At the end it was concluded that there are various skills which need to be there if person as results, it creates a way to promote effectiveness of the organisation in systematic manner. It includes employment cycle, pre-hiring, staffing, etc. Discrete and ethical, duel focus, conflict management and problem solving, change management etc. it can be said that, these are those issues which is facing by most of organisation in today's world. Apart from it, effective communication skills assist me to better engaged with my employees at workplace, so they can furnish me appropriate suggestion to necessary changes in business in order to meet desired goals and objectives. In respect to deal with the under pin analysis, it is important to look upon the HRM and its theory. It will help to considered analytical activities with the advance concept.


    • Knowles, M.S., Holton III, E.F. and Swanson, R.A., 2014. The adult learner: The definitive classic in adult education and human resource development. Routledge.
    • Bratton, J. and Gold, J., 2017. Human resource management: theory and practice. Palgrave.
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    • Marchington, M., Donnelly, R. and Kynighou, A., 2016. Human resource management at work. Kogan Page Publisher.
    • Quinn, R., 2017. Guns, Germs & Steel: The Fate of Human Societies. Macat Library.
    • Flamholtz, E. G., 2012. Human resource accounting: Advances in concepts, methods and applications. Springer Science & Business Media.

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