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    Personal and Professional Development

    Question :

    This assessment will provide certain questions are like - 

    1. What is quality and how can it be strengthened.
    2. What are the difficulties faced in the theories and quality?
    3. Give the contradiction and benefits of quality.
    Answer :


    Personal and professional development refers to the process which helps the organisation and individual to engaging them in the process of learning and development which helps in meeting the challenges and their desired goals. It is a formal mean which is used by an individual in order to set up the strategies, goals and results of learning and development. This process is concerned with the development of requirements and needs of both the individual and group (Olsen, 2015). Professional skills are concerned with those skills which helps in developing the manner in order to support their team and fulfilling their learning and development requirements. Professional skills are primarily the soft skills which are intangible and helps in interacting with others.

    In some people they have hybrid skills which is the combination of soft and hard skills as it is required to perform a job or task.  This task is associated with the evaluation of key personal and professional communication skills which include interaction, guiding, supporting and managing the workforce or team which can be accomplished by analysing the current skills. This report is going to focus on the evaluation of the quality and its strengths. Its attributes, behavioural preferences and values which underpin their strengths. Moreover, various challenges are also analysed and experiences are also explained by defining the theory.


    Define and describe the quality

    The quality which is taken in this report is “communication” which is used in order convey the meaning of one group to another in order to understand the signs, symbols and semiotic rules. It helps in transmitting the message from the sender to the recipient which can be affected by the wide range of things (Kroll and Dussias, 2017). Communication includes the emotions, various situations, medium which is used to communicate and many more. In order to complete this process it require many channels and communication is done through various ways. In order to describe this quality “Cognitive Dissonance Theory” is used which is the formation of social ties and bonds. This theory refers to mental clashes and tension which results in understanding the knowledge through the senses. In the context of communication, this theory can increase and decrease the capability of mind in order to choose and explain the thoughts.  This theory helps in developing the communication skills by improving the decision making as it helps in developing and sharpening the critical thinking which is used in order to avoid various mental clashes and confusions.

    Evaluate this quality and describe the ways by which the quality becomes strength

    Communication is a quality for the supervisor in order to guide and direct their team which helps in developing the team work and also useful in order to describe the goals and objectives in an appropriate manner (Grima-Farrell, 2015). This is useful in the formation or developing healthy relationship with team because it helps in boosting the morale and improving the overall performance of employees. It becomes strengths for the employer and team as it helps in developing the trust and faith among employees which helps in delegating their task or work with each other. There are many factors which has proven strength for the quality which are mentioned as under:

    • Helps in developing critical thinking: Communication is useful in order to develop critical thinking as it helps in making valuable decisions by analysing various facts and figures which helps in enhancing the decision making (Korthagen, 2017). Good and better decisions helps in developing good communication which is beneficial for the team as decisions are taken for their betterment. Thinking gets develop because of proper communication which helps in understanding the facts and figures as it is used in clarifying things to team.
    • Eliminating misinterpretation: Communication is used in order to eliminate misinterpretation and misunderstanding which can be develop because of many reasons such as unclear goals and targets. My quality is communication which helps in making things clear and eliminating misinterpretation from the mind of employees as it is useful in improving the performance of team.
    • Helps in clarifying goals and objectives: Communication is used in order to clarifying he various goals and objectives as it is helpful in making things clear in team and clear targets is used in order to improve the performance of team members and also helps in motivating them which can improve their productivity. Communication is my strength as I am able to making things clear to team members and this quality must be present in employers in order to operate their team.
    • Accepting changes: Communication is helpful for the employers at the time of implementing changes as at that time communication plays an important role in order to clarify and make things understandable for team. As my quality is communication which is helpful for me to implement changes in an organisation and make my team by convening them because it for their benefit. 

    Attributes, behavioural preferences and values of the strength

    My strength is communication and the attributes and behaviour is depend on the values and politeness of communication. The various attributes and values of my strength are mentioned as under:

    • Career self management: It include the ability which helps in reflecting the aspirations of team members and about their career and also helps in developing clarity about what an individual want in order to achieve its career and skills to get success and it also describe the various the various actions which needs to be taken in order to complete the communication process (Patton, Parker and Tannehill, 2015). As this procedure is too long and incomplete without the feedback of receiver which relies on their understanding and decoding of messages or objectives. It also implies the confidence which helps in developing the activities in order to pursue the goals and objectives to team as it helps in improving the overall performance of them.
    • Career resilience: This activity refers to being adaptable about the changes which are required in the circumstances by considering the changes which takes place in organisation which is beneficial for employees and team in order to take them at next level. It consider working with new and many people and have self confidence in order to take risk as at the time of implementing change it include lot of risk and consider many factors like resistance of employees, change is not properly communicated and many more. It facilitates high degree of flexibility, self-confidence and various circumstances of career. As in the context of communication, it helps in implementing change in an organisation as also overviewed by employer that change is properly communicated and adopted by the team members or not.
    • Self-efficacy: It helps in defining those abilities and functions in which decisions are taken by an individual and also have the confidence to accomplish the goals and objectives of their own effort (Avidov-Ungar, 2016). This can be develop by communication which is my quality as it helps in taking critical decisions by considering relevant facts and figures in order to improve the performance by clarifying the changes which is implemented. This factor helps in persisting the challenges which helps in enjoying the finding of original solutions in order to carry out the business operations.
    • Improving productivity and performance: Productivity and performance can be enhanced in team because of the communication and improving the work of employees. Communication is used in clarifying the goals and targets to their employees which helps in avoiding the confusion and clashes among the team members and bring efficiency in their work. Because of communication it becomes easy to delegate the work to respective individual according to their required skills and qualifications. Therefore, at the time of change and facing any other issue, communication is an essential attributes which bring value in the work.
    • Completeness: It is the another attribute which is used in order to describe that communication is complete only when the receiver gets the appropriate information about the message and also convey to the sender that message is understood (Vetere and Stratton, 2016). Complete message reduce the need of taking follow up and feedback because it develops on the basis of proper analysis and determination of message. Proper completeness bring efficiency and smoothness in the communication in order to achieve goals and objectives.

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    Difficulties which are experienced by considering the theory

    In modern world, clear communication is important in order to achieve success and affect employee engagement and satisfaction of customer form the perception of an organisation. Effective organisational communication has always been a challenge for the employers as it include various factors which can become barrier in order to increase the number of remote employees who are working beyond to reach various problems which are mentioned as under:

    • Lack of feedback: If communication flows in single direction only and does not give feedback of the message which is send then communication becomes ineffective. It is important in order to determine that how well and properly the employees get and understand information. It also helps in showing that how well the employees get perform and manages the stressful situation (Lee and Choi, 2015). Lack of feedback leads to demotivation and slack work attitude on the other hand, positive feedback can make work more fun, involve people and making positive development. Mainly, surveys are use in order et feedback and its purpose is to use it as a difference maker. Therefore, feedback is the main element in order to complete the communication process.
    • Device chaos: People like to avoid communication and if it happen on the device then most of the people do not feel comfortable. Many devices are used in order to ensure that the information which is provided to people is on right track by using an appropriate channels. There are many devices which are used but for this many noise is arise which becomes hard to cut through (Vangrieken and et. al., 2017). As noise can be arise from anywhere which is from the device or people. Therefore, it also become the biggest barrier in order to transfer things to people and solution for this is that employer suggest that they should involve and communicate in the already using channel by which communication does not seem like extra work.
    • Language barriers: It is also termed as semantic barriers as it is the common challenge which is arise within the teams and different locations. This challenge is face at the time of discussion, decision making and while coordinating with each other as multi language can become ineffective in order to understand things (Bogomaz, Kozlova and Atamanova, 2015). Therefore, it is important to avoid misunderstanding by eliminating the display news which offer easy translation options and encouragement of intercultural training. Despite of language barrier, cultural and region is also become barrier in order to communicate message as many people come from various places and know different languages which can be cause misunderstanding among people.
    • Overload of irrelevant information: Useless information is the biggest barrier as it can hide the point of communicating the message. So, it is essential to know that which information is need to be share and where and when it needs to go and it need filtration or not. Hence, it is important to create various groups which include closed and open ones as it helps in communicating particular information through specific channels. Therefore, a particular thing allows in order to define user to group based on the particular criteria in order to target the content respectively.
    • Lack of attention: It is the biggest barrier which depicts that people cannot understand things when they does not pay attention at the time of receiving the message and because of this they does not get things properly. Lack of attention affect their overall performance and decreases the total productivity of an organisation. As due to this when employees does not pay attention, they does not get things in a proper manner and it put bad impact on their performance. In order to overcome this barrier, it is important for employees to pay full attention and the employer need to take feedback from them on the basis of their understanding.

    Contradictions from the experiences

    There are many reasons which are responsible for the failure of the communication and for  this it is important for the communicator to seek feedback in order to check that their message is clearly understood or not. Form the above discussion it is analysed that communication is the quality which is present in me. There are many factors which is used which is proven as the strength of the quality such as developing the critical thinking, reducing misunderstanding, clearing the goals and objectives and adopting the changes (Potolea and Toma, 2015). In addition to this, there are certain factors which can become barrier in order to effectively transmitting the goals and objectives as these are present in me such as I did not take feedback from employees by which communication process remain incomplete and I did not get that people understand my perspective or not. As in the context of employees, language barriers and lack of attention become barrier because many of employees does not listen to their employers and work according to them.

    Benefit of the quality

    Effective communication include knowing how to listen properly and attentively as it is the ability to offer the empathy, open mindedness and also helpful in feedback which is based on the understanding and attention of employees. If employees does not pay attention then for this, employer is responsible for it. There are many qualities which helps in developing effective communication in the office such as building trust which can foster the feeling of trust among others and develops the ability to listen and develop the various points in order to make optimum decisions for the group and its members (McMillan, McConnell and O’Sullivan, 2016). Moreover, also helps in preventing or resolving problems as communication is the only way which helps in avoiding or resolving the conflicts and also make sure that all the parties heard each and everything in a proper manner. This quality also helps in making things clear and providing direction in order to deliver clarified expectation and objectives for the team. Communication is also helpful in order to develop healthy and better relationship which can offer quality feedback and helps people to feel heard and understood. It is used in increasing the engagement and involvement of employees which helps in improving the productivity and performance of team.


    From the above discussion, it is concluded that communication is the quality which is used in order to convey the meaning of one person to another and for this cognitive dissonance theory is discussed which depicts the critical thinking and decision making which can improve the performance of employees. It is a quality which provide various strengths as it helps in developing critical thinking, reducing misinterpretation, clearing the goals and objectives and accepting changes. It also describe the various attributes such as career self management, improve productivity and performance, self efficacy and also helps in completing the whole process by taking feedback. Moreover, barriers are described and reflection is done on the basis of discussed information.

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