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    Operations Management Principles in Haier Group

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 16
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 6 / Words 1586
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: R/508/0486
    • Downloads: 964
    Question :

    This unit state that you are working in company at the post of Manager research and NPD which manufactures home appliance and has a good market reputation excellent customer satisfaction.

    • Review effectiveness of operations management principles in Haier Group
    • Application of continuous improvements concept in Haier Group.
    • Project life cycle and its application in Haier Group.
    • Evaluate and analyze the application of PLC in Haier Group.
    Answer :


    Operation Management is for the most part concerned with overseeing different activities like outlining, delivering, controlling and updating of whole business activities to create products or administrations of an association (Antonio and Martins, 2012). It is basic for each firm as it helps in expanding adequacy and effectiveness in arranging process. The given report is based on Haier Group Corporation which is a China-based multinational electronic company. It deals in products like refrigerator, washing machine, gas and electric cookers etc. The company has recently decided to enter into television product line or market. This report covers stages of product life cycle, principles of operation management, different approaches related with application of new product development and work base structure.

    TASK 1

    P1 Review and Critique execution of principles of operation management

    The concept of Operation Management can be characterized as plans of whole activities for example, starting, planning, actualizing, controlling and assessing of methods for delivering specific merchandise or benefits and accomplish foreordained objectives of an association. It is extremely helpful for each business substances since it bolster in building higher proficiency and make an incentive in the commercial center. For the most part, it refers as the procedure of production in which input (raw material) is converted into output (completed products). Input incorporates materials, cash, machines, labor and techniques that are changed over into yields or output for final utilizations in a powerful way. It is basic for delivering successful merchandise or benefits and get higher comes back from constrained data sources. It also assist in using assets by overseeing entire exercises, for example, plans, controls and creation of the business. Supervisor have obligation to designate accessible assets among a few exercises and capacities improper way. It can be useful in distinguishing and breaking down changes inside existing items with the goal that better procedures can be plan. Haier Group which is a multinational electronic organization additionally consider a few standards as supervisor guarantee in regards to execution of plans and systems for making great nature of electronic things. Some of the principles of operational management that help in formulating decision concerned with new product development are as follows: 

    Principles of Operation Management:

    Reality: Operational management is a useful device that assist in distinguishing issues as it must be requisite to center on issues rather than any strategies in light of the fact that there are other solution present for respective problem.

    Organization: It is connected with assembling process so it is important to consider factors that must be unsurprising so wanted results can be accomplished in a proper way (Ramos, 2012).

    Fundamentals: Manufacturing process depends on basic standards as it is exceptionally useful for dealing with a few exercises and keep up precise records, essential archives and in addition discipline inside the firm. It likewise consider every accessible asset with the goal so appropriate products and services can be developed.

    Accountability: Under this principle, the role of manager is to formulate policies and regulation and additionally commitments while running business tasks. In this, look at the measurements with the end goal of dissect the real results to accomplish set objectives or target in a suitable way. It center on breaking down compelling structures and settle on better choices, if necessary. Its fundamental part is future evaluating by overseeing firm’s management accounting.

    Variance: It is useful in diminishing expenses and bringing viability while running business successfully. Manager guarantee about whole exercises which are overseen in a proper way so advancements and imagination can be work inside the firm (Beringer and Jonas, 2013).

    Causality: This is another vital standards where issues or issues are signified and furthermore examine effects of real causes with the goal that powerful arrangements can be made. It is important to determine such issues for maintaining a strategic distance from its event later on.

    Managed Passion: In each firm, it is essential that representatives are enthusiastic about their work and centered towards authoritative objectives or goals in a fitting way. In Haier Group, all staff individuals are persuaded and energetic with respect to bringing new inventive thoughts or appropriation of innovations to accomplish set targets or wanted results.

    Humility: Managers ought to maintain a strategic distance from their impediment and move to different open doors for securing information and take in more. Also they should be prepared to show signs of improvement thoughts or information to take activities and settle on choices through powerful learning.

    Achievement: In this guideline, chief consider achievement factors which ought to be changed according to day and age and also get the clients’ interests for a specific products or services. Subsequently, it must be important to revise all standards as per circumstances.

    Change: There are number of speculations accessible that firm can apply to run viably. New hypotheses or ideas additionally produced for discovering better arrangements of any issues along these lines, organization need to acknowledge a few changes and receive new advancements inside the firm.

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    Six Sigma

    Six sigma is a basic which are utilizing as a part of enhancing nature of whole techniques for better operational administration. It for the most part attempts to decrease blunders or issues, utilization of time and costs factors with the goal that business can be kept running in a proper way. It is extremely essential for Haier Group that to deliver great nature of electronic items so number of clients can be pulled in. Its principle object is too high to end assembling to keep up quality and proficiency (Kock, 2013).

    Haier Group administrator considered Six sigma for settling any issues identified with administration, quality and additionally activities. In this included DMAIC devices which clarified as Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. These are as following;

    Define: It for the most part alludes to objectives, destinations, request of clients and additionally set of bearings to attain specific undertakings or targets in a fitting way.

    Measure: It depict as an apparatus for estimating current circumstances, methods, a few changes amid process and any prerequisites for future to achieve foreordained objectives.

    Analyze: In this, it find or distinguish fundamental issue for settling on choices to comprehend it in a suitable way.

    Improve: In this verified what sorts of changes required for achieving such targets and furthermore dissect alteration in the event that it is important (Blomquist, 2010).

    Control: It is a vital undertaking that must be performed in a successful way as in this check entire process and control over the assets for meeting with wanted results.

    Lean Principle: This principle is also followed by Haier Group to get and also producing thoughts inside an association. In this consider a few components for viability, for example, characterize Value, Map esteem stream, Create stream, Establish force and Seek flawlessness. These stages are exceptionally helpful for giving successful rules to force lean technique. These are as per the following;

    Value: It is for the most part worry with specific request of purchasers in the market in regards to items or administrations like what association can make and convey any great or things with powerful costs.

    Map Value stream: This is the second stage where esteems stream are mapped out. In this incorporated a procedure to create proper products or administrations by changing over contributions to yields and convey the last merchandise to end clients.

    Create Flow: In this stage, supervisor make an arrangement where items stream and decide its viability for running smooth of business activities. This is advantageous to diminish greatest wastages and get more yields by guaranteeing items stream.  

    Set up pull: It is an appropriate technique that guarantee about outstanding stream which are running in a compelling way immediately.

    Look for Perfection: It likewise helps in ensuring that all streams are working in well way with no impediments and procedures has been done in better way.

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