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    M/508/8849 - Analyze Expected Outcomes From The Research

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 14
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 8 / Words 2041
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/8849 (RCF)
    • Downloads: 720
    Question :

    The aim of this research is to analyze the customer decision making process while getting desired services on online platform. This will assist in analyzing the influence of sports products over through online purchasing and sale.

    • Identify the background of this project with the help of project title, aim and objective.
    • Determine a knowledge over research by considering different literature.
    • Provide research approaches and methodology for data collection practices.
    • Analyze expected outcomes from the research.
    Answer :


    Nike is one of the most popular brand that provide various type of footwear and sports equipment. Today number of people are conscious towards health and sport activities. Along with this, people are highly consume sport products as per their requirements. As it contribute in enhancing purchasing decision of online customers as well. In addition of this, almost people are use online platform to buy sport products (Scott, 2015). This will help them in increasing their awareness and knowledge towards Nike sports products. It also assist in influencing online customers to consume sport products through various sites of Nike. The main purpose of carry out this research is to evaluate decision of online customers towards the sport products of Nike. For their there are some main aim and objectives which helps in determining the valid conclusion. All these are as follows:

    Aims:“The impact of sports product on online consumer's purchase decision - A case
    study of Nike.”

    Objectives: It is one of the important part of the research as it is relate with aim of the research. This will help in reaching final outcomes of the study. Here the main objectives of research are as follows:

    • To determine the impact of sport product on online customer's purchase decision.
    • To assess the major benefits of online business in enhancing the overall sales of the company.
    • To measure the ways to evaluate the customers reaction towards the Nike sport products.

    Questions: It is fundamental process for setting research question as it help in evaluating end results sin order to draw a valid conclusion.

    • What are the impact of sport product on online customer's purchase decision?
    • What are the major benefits of online business in enhancing the overall sales of the company?
    • How to measure the ways to evaluate the customers reaction towards the Nike sport products?


    Impact of sport product on online customer's purchase decision

    According to Fernández-Ferrín and et. al., (2015), Nike is one of the biggest sport brand as they offer number of sport products to larger number of customers as per their needs and wants. This firm make attractive and quality products which influence customers to buy its products which may help in creating positive brand image at market place. As per current scenario, number of people are influence from sports and products as well due to make their like healthy. By considering this, Nike make quality products by implementing customers needs and wants. This will helps in proving better services at right time. In addition of this, sport products are largely impact on online customers purchasing decision because they are purchase sport products for their daily ware. Nike products are more comfortable as they offer their products in over the world. This is a big reason that, consumers are highly buy and consume its services and provide them positive feedback. This will make them more successful. Apart from this, as a big sport firm they also set various discounts and offer for their customers on continue basis to make them retain for longer period of time. This will contribute in incensing loyalty customers due to its reliable services.

    Major benefits of online business in enhancing the overall sales of the company

    Online business is a type of activities of business which happen over an internet. On the basis of view point of Guevarra and Howell, (2015), it has been stated that Online business is helpful in purchase as well as sell services of company online without going to store. It helps in attracting large number of consumers towards firm along with increase productivity of business with in given time period. There are many benefits of online business given below:

    Low Cost For Operations- It is a main benefit of online marketing for the business and it helps in minimising the cost of operations. Firm can advertise in minimum cost with the internet marketing as comparison to traditional advertisement methods for an instance television, radio and newspapers. It is a better method to attract large number of consumers towards company.

    24/7 Marketing- In this, internet marketing minimizes cost as well as time of consumers along with organisations. With the help of online marketing, customers can purchase services and products any time and from any where. It helps in develop positive impact on customers mind. Nike company provide its products to consumers at reasonable cost. It helps in increasing sales as well as productivity of business.

    Time-Effective Marketing- As comparison to the traditional marketing, internet marketing is one of the easiest way to begin and rapid to be execute. With the help of this, Nike organisation can set its marketing campaign in easy manner and at any time. In addition to this, firm can also set to the email marketing. It helps in gain attention of large number of consumers towards company in a significant manner.

    All these are major advantage which support Nike to enhance their productivity and brand image as well. This will contribute in making strong customers and competitive image at market place. It also aid in increasing overall sales of the firm and market share as well.

    Ways to evaluate the customers reaction towards the Nike sport products

    As per point of view Ritter And et. al., (2015), number of ways are present in market place through which company can evaluate customers taste and behaviour. As reaction of the customers towards the Nike products is more important because kit provide support to company to attain competitive advantage from its rivals. For attaining the same company make their products more effective as per customers needs and wants through which they easily increase positive brand image at market place. As per current scenario, customers are use various sites where company provide description of the products and services so that customers are effectively aware and understand products quality. In context of Nike, they use various ways to analyse customers reaction towards its products and services are as follows:

    Social media: In today's time, number of people use social media sites to make their knowledge up to date. Thus, company also use this way to provide data of their products in order to increase customer awareness. As it also helps in attaining their views and opinion. With the help of this, company increase their brand image at market place.

    Taking feedback: Consumers are the important for every business organization to attain success. Thus it is important for Nike to take regular feedback form customers towards its company and products. With the help of this they can make their process effectively and at the same time also enhance their productivity level.

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    It is one of the important part of whole research as it is consider various methods which used by investigator to carry out the research. With the help of this, researcher easily collect valid and relevant data towards the research topic. Along with this, it also contribute in attaining reliable objectives of the research (Siamagka and Balabanis, 2015). As there are some important methods which consider by investigator at the time of carry out the research:

    Types of investigation

    Different type of research investigation is used for collecting data and information towards the research. Mainly, there are two type of investigation like qualitative and quantitative technique. Both are appropriate which help researcher to easily gather information in effective manner. For this research, investigator use qualitative method through which they can easily collect best and suitable information which helps in attaining positive outcomes.

    Research design

    It is also an important part which refer as a blueprint of research which help in providing direction to researcher at the time of undertaking an effective research in systematic way. It includes three type of research design like descriptive, experimental and exploratory research design as well. For this research, investigator use descriptive research design which is based on qualitative data.

    Research Philosophy

    It is also consider as an important part of research it refer to belief which used in analysing as well as gathering data towards the topic. It classified intro two philosophies like interpretivism and positivism (Tzoumaka, Tsiotsou and Siomkos, 2016). Both are effective to generate relevant data and outcomes. For current research project researcher adopt interpritivism philosophy for collecting data and authors point of view towards research topic.

    Research Approach

    It is also an important part of research methodology. Under this section there are two type of research approach which helps in carry out the research in effective manner. Inductive and deductive research approach are the two type through which researcher take right decision at the time of formulating research activities. For this study, investigator use inductive research in which researcher evaluate relevant data and information to reach final outcomes.

    Data Collection methods

    It is also an important part of entire research methodology which help researcher at the time of undertaking research activities. Mainly, it is classified in two aspect such as primary and secondary method (Yadav, Sharma and Tarhini, 2016). For this research, investigator use both type of method to implement all the research activities in an appropriate way.

    Data Sampling

    It is one of the important part of the research methodology which helps in collecting views and opinion from various respondents. It consider two type of method such as probabilistic and non-probabilistic data sampling for carry out the research. Along with this, researcher use purposive sampling techniques to collect appropriate information for undertaking an effective research. In this, researcher choose 30 respondents for gathering data and information.

    Ethical consideration

    This part is also an important part of research methodology which helps in resolving all the issues and conflicts in an effective manner. Along with this, it also evaluate the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour of researcher. In this, time and cost are major issues that occur at the time of carry out the research (Chiu and Leng, 2016). Thus, it is important duty of investigator to make and prepare time management plan which help in undertaking research in most effective manner.

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    This research is carry out in systematic way which may helps in determining appropriate outcomes. As this study is based on The impact of sports product on online consumer's purchase decision - A case study of Nike. Thus, it is important for business organization to make their process more effective as it helps in attaining success at market place. In this context, researcher also use various methods and techniques for carry out the research. By this they easily make research activities is appropriate and it contribute in attaining desirable outcomes in an appropriate manner. Along with this, current research is also classify various activities through which investigator develop an systematic research with the purpose of attaining set goals and objectives. Furthermore, appropriate research methodologies are also used in current research for managing as well as designing final outcomes of the study.

    In addition of this, after undertaking the literature review, researcher can easily find various outcomes with the purpose of drawing valid conclusion. Thus, it can be stated that online platform consider as an important way through which.

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