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    SCM501 Positive and Negative Impact of Social Media on Internet

    Question :

    This assessment will cover the following questions:

    • How to develop online research skill and the digital communication skills.
    • What re the preventive measures used in personal security and privacy when using the internet.  
    • Expand the important terms associated with using the internet.
    Answer :


    Social media is primarily web-communication tools having common elements which allows people to communicate with one another and thus share their opinions, interest as well as ideas in the real-time. The major aim if this report is to study the impact of social media and websites in-depth and thus analyze the various challenges which users face.

    This report gives a brief overview of differentiation between positive and negative impact of social media on internet, security challenges as well as privacy measures, differentiation between social media websites.


    Differentiation between positive and negative impact of social media on internet

    Social media has become of  the widely known and highly used tool which allows people to conduct their activities smoothly and let organizations to achieve competitive advantage. Since the inception of globalization, the emergence of technology has posed a profound impact on people and has transformed their lives (Anderson and Jiang, 2018). With the emergence of globalization and liberalization, people have become tech-savvy and now looks for technology-oriented products in order to fulfill their needs and demands. The advent of technology and internet has made the presence of social media stronger and powerful and its effect have expanded on the large platform. However, expansion of social media have resulted in a tremendous impact on Internet and thus have revolutionized it.



    Enhanced usage

                The most effective use of social media reflect in its application to allow people to communicate with each other. Social media is a wide platform through which people interact with each other as well as organizations outreach their customers (Fuchs, 2017). Social media has transformed the way through which people communicate with each other and thus have made their interactions highly smooth and efficient. However, for accessing the various social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, people normally depends on internet. Internet is the major source of surfing through various websites and connecting with people across the world. Thus, there is a direct relation between surfing social websites and using internet. For reaching social websites and their loved one in another country or place, people need internet. Without having access to internet, they cannot connect with social media websites thus this has increased the usage of internet. In short, wide usage of social websites have automatically increased use of internet.


                Although social media has provided a great platform for users to communicate with each other but has also posed serious threats for them among which te most common is cybercrimes and hacking. More than half of the population today are becoming the prey of hacking along with large number of organizations. This has impacted internet in negative way (Tuten and Solomon, 2017). Due to high number of hacking, people does not generally put blame or criticizes social media for different kids of hacking but instead they complaint for intent. This has resulted in negative image of internet and well as reduced its cost.

    Enhanced cost

                The social media have a great impact on internet communication and hence affects it positively. Due to wide advantages of social media like increased communication, knowledge, etc the use of internet has also increased. For example- the various business transactions which occurs online needs internet access and thus it has raised the cost of using internet (Sajid, 2016). The average price of using the internet is nearly $35 but the increased usage of social media and dependency on various websites like Facebook, twitter has increased this price from $35 to more than $60. Like for example- most of the social websites requires high internet speed and people in order to access social media websites mainly pays high internet cot for faster speed. In this way, the increased usage of social media has also raised the cost of utilizing internet.


                The most negative impact which social media have on internet is that nowadays, people have become technology oriented and most of the children have become addicted to gaming and social media websites. This has somewhat resulted in their isolation. Thus, in order to reduce its impact on children, large number of organizations through various campaigns, seminars tries to generate awareness among parents to keep their kids away from this addiction. Thus, this has eventually reduced the use of internet as youth is the major sector using social media (Hjorth and Hinton, 2019).

    Security challenges as well as privacy measures


    Cyber-crime is one of the major security issue which the people across whole world faces while using the social media websites and while surfing through. Cyber-crime is predominately the crime wherein the computer is mainly object of crime and thus is used as the tool for committing the offense in order to steal some financial information. Cyber-crime has become the widely known issue which people normally faces and thus has become widespread across whole world. In crime, hackers or fraudulent basically hacks the computer system of the users and steal some of the confidential information which might affect users in the negative way (Allcott, Gentzkow and Yu, 2019). This mainly encompasses the numerous activities and thus is an illegal activity. In order protect from Cyber-crime, the most effective measure which the users can take is installing the efficient and powerful antivirus system. Besides this, users should secure their system by using firewalls in order to avoid the unwanted traffic. This will help to strengthen security system and thus hacker will not be able to access the information.


    This is the most important security issue and challenge which  has surrounded the users across the world and thus most of the users as well as organizations have become prey of this issue. In phishing, fraudulent mainly make use of the electronic communication for deceiving as well as for taking advantage of the users. In short, it is the effort by hackers to steal the sensitive information of users and organizations like details of credit cards of customers, usernames, network credential etc. Phishing is nowadays seen to be affecting large number of organization and is the major challenge in companies (Shu and et.al.,2017). The attackers basically uses the social engineering for manipulating the victims into particular action such as clicking the malicious link or willfully divulging the sensitive information. In the organizations, for preventing the phishing attacks, the employees should be educated along with the mock phishing scenarios. Besides this,. Users should beware of the suspicious emails as well as suspicious links and should not click the URL addresses that are illegitimate.

    Virus attacks

    This is the another security issues being faced by users while surfing through the social media websites. In this, fraudulent basically install virus into computer system of the users and through this, they hack their profile of various websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc and hence steal the confidential information like their usernames, password etc. Virus attack has become one of the major security issue and challenge that has surrounded large number of people across the world and thus the users have become the prey of this issue. The most effective step which users can take in order to save themselves from virus attack is setting the strong password of their social media profiles (Allcott and et.al.,2019). Users should set a strong password including special characters and this will make it difficult for the hackers to decode it. Besides this, users should install an effective antivirus system which will protect them from various virus attacks. Along with this, users should avoid opening the spam emails as emails are the most prominent source of virus attacks.


    Spyware is basically the most dangerous aspect of using social media which has spread across the world and thus have created a sense of fear among people for using social media. Spyware is predominately the kind of malware which is installed in the device of users without their prior knowledge and thus keeps a close watch on their activities. Spyware has become common security in large number of organizations where cyber-attackers keeps the close watch on the activities of the employees and steal their personal information including organization information like the financial information of organization (Miller and et.al.,2016). This spyware when installed on the computer system hacks the profile of users and thus gather all their information. In social media, this is mainly used for hacking the profile and for stealing the pictures, passwords etc of the users. In order to avoid this, the highly effective strategy which organizations can adopt is providing the effective training to their employees on spyware as well as installing anti-spyware system in the device. This anti-spyware software will protect the users along with their information while surfing through social media.

    Differentiation between social media websites





    This is one of the most exciting feature of Instagram which is widely-used by the users and hence is highly remarkable. In this, people generally posts the clips of their videos, photos as well as their life events. This enables the users to share their views, opinions, talk at the event etc (Agnihotri and et.al.,2016).

    Image editing

                This is the another most astonishing feature of Instagram which allows users to edit their pictures and hence convert them in the form which they want. The image editing feature mainly provides users with various filters which ca be used for creating quality images and pictures for sharing (Anderson and Jiang, 2018).


    Searching jobs

                Nowadays each and every individual look for the jobs online which suits their profile and in this changing scenario, Linkedin has been the best platform for people. Its unique feature enables the users to search for the various jobs across the world. This feature allows the users to look for the various industries and interact with the recruiters (Garimella and et.al.,2018).  

    Connecting with people

                This is one the most remarkable feature of Linkedin which helps the users to connect with various people as well as with large number of organizations. Through this connection feature, users can export their contact to various profiles and thus can communicate with large number of people (Fuchs, 2017).


    Afterlight 2

                This is basically the well-known photo editing application of Instagram which has taken photo filtering to next level. This application consist of a library of the natural filters which amplifies the existing options of Instagram. This application allows users to give a new shape to their images as well as helps them to add colors in them (Tuten and Solomon, 2017). 


                This is the another widely used application of Instagram which let users to build custom images for their social media platform. The most remarkable and stupendous feature of this app is that it has numerous tools for photo editing and besides this the most unique quality lies in its beautiful graph. It allows users to have collection of mesmerizing photos (Hjorth and Hinton, 2019).


    Resume builder

                The long established application of Linkedin is Resume builder which forms the integral part of this social media website. This application let users to covert their Linkedin profile into professional resume in just few seconds. This application provides people with more than 10 templates from which they can select and build a great resume (Sajid, 2016).

    Instant search

                This is the another application of Linkedin which allows users to expand their network and thus engage in the advanced search for their jobs. Instant search not only enables users to have a pool of jobs but also help them to locate different recruiters and organizations and communicate with them (Allcott, Gentzkow and Yu, 2019).

    Suitability in businesses

    Instagram is one of the major platform which has been proven to be effective for large number of organizations. This website has provided a comprehensive platform for the organizations to grow their business and excel in various activities (Allcott and et.al.,2019). The various features and application of Instagram helps the businesses to expand their network and take their brand message to wider audience. For example- the image editing feature of this website helps the organization to design their logo in a most imperative way in order to attract the customers. Besides this, stories help them to increase brand awareness among people by posting various events, activities etc.

    Suitability in businesses

    The unique feature of Linkedin is that it not only integrates organizations but creates a mixed platform for companies as well as job seekers where they can communicate with each other. The most exciting application of Linkedin which is resume builder provides the organizations with a pool of resumes which later on helps them to select the most skilled and capable candidate for their company. Besides this, the advanced search application enable companies to look for the most qualified candidate and connect wit them in just few seconds (Garimella and et.al.,2018).

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    Yes, social media website can be a thorough communication tool which assist the organizations and users to interact with large number of people. For example- Through Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and many other social websites, users are able to connect with their loved ones, relatives through various apps like video calling, face tie etc. This, in this modern era social media websites has proved to be an effective communication platform. Besides this, through the social web organizations are able to reach the people as well as promote their products and services (Miller and et.al.,2016). 

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    It has been summarized that social media is one of the major aspect which bis ruling the entire world and thus due to integration of internet for surfing social media, it has positive as well as negative impact on the internet. Besides this, While using social media, users generally encounters numerous security issues like cybercrimes, hacking etc thus they should look for various privacy measures which will protect them and their sensitive information. The most well-known and highly used social media websites which are Instagram and Linkedin have their own features and applications. These applications and features enables large number of businesses to grow their business and attain competitive advantage.

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