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    Ethical And Professional Responsibility By Parangat Technologies

    Question :
    • Explain the ambiguous scenario of chosen business and identify its sources.
    • Make the effective analysis of ethical and professional responsibility of IT professionals  and its code of conduct, professional practices.
    • Explain the available decisions and analyse them for ethical and professional point of view.
    Answer :


    Decision making is considered to be a process which includes selection of belief or course of action from the large number of several alternative possibilities (Groves and LaRocca, 2011). Parangat Technologies is an IT organisation which provides their services in UK.

    The present report includes description of ethical ambiguous situation, clear source of ambiguity, ethical and professional responsibility of IT professionals along with relevant code of conduct and professional practice.

    Main Body

    Ethical Ambiguous Scenario

    As an IT professional working in a Parangat Technologies which provides their professional services in UK. There are many situations are arise within an organisation in which required to take decisions in prompt manner for timely completion of business activities. But sometimes, ethical ambiguous situations are emerged in which scenario of decision making is quite typical. Same kind of situation arise with me in an organisation. The situation was that after leaving all the colleagues from office required to provide urgent information to client but the password of the system which contains information is available only to one colleague and others are denied to access that information. Now the situation gets typical, as IT professional, I knew the password but having no one in office to get permission.

    Source of Ambiguity

    The ethical ambiguous situation arises in front of me is that the information is needed to pass to client on urgent basis and on other hand not allowed to access information due to its sensitivity and no one available to get permission. But after analysing the need and in beneficial context of an organisation I accessed the information. What I identified that there are some files which are hidden and not known to the top executives of an organisation also. At that time, the situation depicts that some kind of fraud is conducted or going to be conducting in future. Now, the difficulty which arise in front of me in the case of decision-making is that information about hidden files disclosed to top executives or not because myself is not allowed to touch the system and access the information without permission.

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    Ethical and professional responsibility of IT professional

    Some of the ethical values and code of conducts are defined below which are required to be adhere by all the IT professionals within an organisation while performing their functions as:

    Honesty: This will considered as one of the topmost ethical value which is needed to be carry on while working within an organisation (Knapp and VandeCreek, 2012). As an It professional not having the responsibility towards an organisation but also having in the context of an general public that nothing wrong should be happened with them.

    Code of conduct: The code of conducts which are designed by ACM and IEEE CS includes Developed Software Engineering Code of Ethics, Professional Practice, and ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

    Available decision or choices

    There are two different kind of choices are available in this situation that are defined below:

    First, clearly provide all the information to the top executives of an organisation regarding identification of the hidden files along with about the situation of accessing information from the system (Shahriari and et. al., 2012).

    Second, not disclose about any information to top executive regarding such hidden file and make an agreement with colleague.

    Best Course of action

    One of the best action in the above mentioned situation is about telling all the truth to top executives regarding hidden files and suspected fraud according to the ethical values and code of conduct which are needed to adhere all IT professionals. These ethical values and code of conduct govern the responsibility regarding honesty towards their professional services.

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    It has been concluded from the above report that all the professionals which are providing their services within an organisation required to adhere ethical values of honesty and code of ethics provided by ACM and IEEE CS. This will aid employee to maintain professionalism in their career.

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