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    M/508/0421 - Marketing Analysis Practices In The Context Of Proposed Organisation As Swiss Air

    University: University of Chester

    • Unit No: 4
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 6 / Words 1500
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/0421
    • Downloads: 856
    Question :

    The scenario of this report determines marketing analysis practices in the context of proposed organisation as Swiss Air. In this regard it is required to apply specified models and theory for its effective analysis.

    • Discuss differentiation approach in the respect of marketing of Swiss Air.
    • Analyze how Swiss Air can gain competitive advantages.
    • Determine market segmentation and marketing mix approaches in the context of Swiss Air.
    • Evaluate a solution based approach for business sustainability.
    Answer :

    Describe Marketing of Swiss Air in terms of:


    The differentiation approach will help the cited Airlines firm to differentiate their product and services from that of their rivals and competitors in the market.  It will facilitate the organisation to develop a high quality product and services that will help in good management of the business relations with their stakeholders and customers (Kotler, 2015). Also, it will help in improving the operational calibre and rectify the issues that are been faced by the Swiss Air.  The development of new product or services and providing to the customers on an effective cost will help in improve the revenue generation of the enterprise and hence increase the overall market position and sustainability for the business entity. This measure will increase the effectiveness of the Airlines firm that will support a good handling of the needs and demands of the organisation.

    Competitive Advantage:

    This approach will be followed by the enterprise when the firm is in strong and dominating position in the market. The good and sustainable position of the company in Switzerland's aviation market. In order to maintain the market sustainability, the firm will look after the better management of the operations and thus will support a good rise in the functionality of the organisation (Keller and Kotler, 2016).

    Other than this, the moderate or reasonable pricing of high quality goods and services and efficient work process that are been followed by the firm will support a better rise in the customer satisfaction level, leading to a great improvement in company's profit margin and competitive benefit over its competitors and meeting of the targeted operations in a better way (Olson And et.al., 2018).

    Commoditisation and how to cope with it -

    Commoditisation process is where leading organizations with different types of pricing. In these customers only looks attractive and low pricing prices and commoditisation process is market is based on price competitions (Kotler,  2015). Many organisation offer customers to different kinds of price and with attractive offer so customers attract with lower price. In commoditisation marketing management cope with to provide quality products and also ensure the marketing procedure is simple and understand by consumers. In Swiss airlines commoditisation helps to cope with provide customers to better quality service like they give discount deals to customers and also gives offers to early booking etc. for example – one air lines gives pre booking discount offers and another air line company gives discount to with purchase one tickets in 8,000 and with free dinner in airlines. So customers which offer where thy earn more benefits. On those competitors make competitions to provide attractive deals (Weinstein and Pohlman, 2015 ).

    Segmentation -

    It is a process of dividing the markets into different segments on the basis of several factors. These factors can be demographics, geographical, etc. It is one of the most common method used by companies in segmenting the market. There are basically four types of segmentation (Kleinaltenkamp,  Plinke  and Geiger,  2016) Swiss Air has segmented their market on the basis of demographics. Their services are available to all people who belong to any age, gender, etc. these people can utilise services offered by airline. Moreover, they have used psycho graphic segmentation.  They have divided people on basis of income and lifestyle. Those people who are having high income and lives standard life, Swiss Air provides them services.

    By doing market segmentation Swiss Air is able to gain major market share in Switzerland. Beside this, they have categorised their services such as business and economy class. It has given them advantage to attract more customers. Also, according to seasons Swiss Air offers their customers different schemes such as discounts, membership card, etc. Furthermore, it has enabled them Swiss Air to enhance customer satisfaction and retain them. Apart from this, services are developed according to change in taste and preference of customers.  With this company is has created an effective customer base.

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    Marketing Mix ‐

    It refers to the marketing tools that is used by firm in order to attain their goals and objectives (Baker  and Saren,  2016). It consists of 4 P's that are used by every business  or firms. These are described below :-

    • Product – It refers to a combination or set of features and characteristics that helps in fulfilling customers needs. The product of Swiss Air is to provide a source of travelling to people from one place to another. Also, it contains some services that are given to customers while travelling.
    • Place- Place refers to the location or area where product will be available to customers. It is very important for company to decide suitable area for selling their product or services. Swiss Air  is well connected to major countries. There services are available to people in places where Swiss Air operates.
    • Price – It is the most important P in marketing mix. The price of product reflects its value. It must be set by considering the purchasing power and willingness to pay. Swiss Air is having a very different pricing structure (Gummesson,  Mele and Polese, 2016). They provide service at low price to people.  Also, give extra services to people without charging any price. This helps them to retain their customers and creating competitive advantage.
    • Promotion – It is the most essential in marketing mix. It consists of all those activities that are used to promote and advertise products and services. It included personal selling, public relations, etc. Swiss Air is effectively promoting their products by giving ads on TV, newspaper, magazines, etc. company have covered the entire market. Besides this, they are promoting it by using social media as well.

    A Solutions Approach -

    In this Swiss airlines find the problems of customers like. They having trouble in the flight and no proper sets available or food related problems, or miss flights etc. all these problems solutions find the Swiss airlines. In these solutions approaches Swiss airlines provide marketing to their organizations that they improve their problems solutions and provide better quality service to the consumers they also ensure each service they provide is safe and secure like food in flight (Baker, 2016). Mainly customers are no feeling well to eat the flight food. So Swiss airline's make better food to their consumer and they al;so provide fresh food like juice, fruits and other healthy drinks which is good for health. Swiss airlines also ensure the problems of airlines staff members and their facilities because each staff members some time travel long times day so the solutions is to provide some rest in flight and also provide duties in shift so each staff members take rest in the flights (Miquel-Romero, and et.al ., 2014).

    Sustainability -

    In this Swiss airlines need to maintain all the functions in the flight like customers facilities. Staff member help to provide proper seat for customer's and their lunch, dinner facility. They also need to maintain all the marketing of Swiss airlines like their staff member updates discount deals on website and also post pictures and videos on website and timely updates them. They make promotion from the passenger review on the flights facilities how can they improve their flight service (Malhotra, and Peterson, 2014). In the Swiss airlines one thing they need to ensure customers safety they provide each customers to life jackets so if any kinds of problems they safe customers easily. For those facilities customers attract, most to Swiss airlines facilities and company also maintain their marketing for the customers. They also ensure each facilities they provide which is well secure because airlines facilities are highly classic. Sustainability also pointed the all over organizations maintained their customer growth and their or other functions.




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