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    Critical Issues in Professional Practice

    University: UNSW Sydney

    • Unit No: 5
    • Level: Post Graduate/University
    • Pages: 11 / Words 2740
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: EDST5118
    • Downloads: 319
    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions:

    • Evaluate the values, principles and ethics of working with children and young people.
    • Generate an ability to respond to the current debates in practice with relevant legislation, policy and procedural frameworks.
    • Reflect on the group community profile task to consider local issues in the professional context and owning rolling in the group tasks.
    Answer :


    In the professional practices that are related to children have to face different issues which can help them to provide better care to the people. This report is providing a brief of various values, principles, ethics and professional standards that are followed by the child specialist doctor in the children's care home (DuPaul and Franklin, 2019). Various critical issues related to legislation, policies and practices in the specific procession. Qualification that is required in this profession is explained in the report. As per the evaluation process professional development plan will be prepared in order to gain skills that are important to stay efficient in the profession of child specialist doctor.


    Values, Principles, Ethics and Professional Standards in Profession of Child Specialist Doctor

    There are different values, principles, ethics and professional standards are need to followed in the profession of the doctor who deals with small children in child care homes. The factors that are need to be followed by child specialist doctor are-

    In profession of a doctor person should have some personal and professional values to provide better services to the children they are visiting or treating (DuPaul and Franklin, 2019). As children are vulnerable and emotionally less stable it is important for doctor to posses personal values to provide emotional support to child and professional values are required to provide better treatment to the individual child. Personal values are- respect the sentiments of children, provide them spacial treatment to make them emotionally stable to follow treatment (Chervenak, McCullough and Brent, 2016). In the professional way they can provide effective knowledge to the children as per their query about the health issue they are facing.

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    There are some ethical consideration are need to be consider by the doctor in providing health care services to the children. These ethics are all about providing right services to the children and maintain the professional standards in the care process.

    The health professional providing services to children must follow certain principles to ensure the safety of children. Children have limited knowledge and are not able to take suitable decision for their health and safety (Katz and Johnson, 2016). Thus it is the responsibility of the professionals to ensure that they take most accurate and beneficial decisions for the children in support and integration with the parents or other carers of the child. Though in case of child care services decisions are taken by families and professionals but the comfort and privacy of the child must not be neglected completely. For instance it is possible that children may find it difficult to share their issues in front of other family members (Cohn and Daar, 2017). The principles of the profession of doctor are related to the respect for autonomy, beneficence and non maleficence, respect for the human rights and acceptance of ambiguity in medicines.

    In such cases child service provider must recognise and respect the privacy need of the child. Young people and children are highly sensitive and emotional. Thus professionals must also focus on creating a professional environment. This approach makes child comfortable and more cooperative. One of the important principle of child care professional is that professionals must communicate with respect and in suitable language to the children. For instance their language must be polite, soft and appropriate so that children does not get scared or uncomfortable (Rogers, 2018). It also leads to safe and quality care services and successful execution of professional standards.

    This is how different ethics are ned to be followed by the health care official who is providing services to the child care home to help them medically (Griffith and Tengnah, 2017). This is some crucial things that are important for the child specialist doctor in the children care home. By following this ethics, values and professional they are enabled to provide the personal care facilities to the children who need these services (Cohn and Daar, 2017).


    Legislation, Policies in the Providing Health Care Homes for Children

    Health and Social Act 2012 used to introduce the first legal duties about the health inequality. There are many issues which used to be faced by the children healthcare doctor due to the Health and Social Act 2012, The first issue which is faced by the doctor due to this legislation is that it get difficult for the Childcare doctor in understanding the parity between the mental and physical health as it can have a better life beyond the political rhetoric (McCourt and Vernick, 2018). Another issue which is faced by the Childcare doctor related to this legislation is that the impact which used to drive the efficiency for the Doctor in the hospital, in terms of the different commissioning decision, used to impact the mental health of the patient in the organization. Third and the most important issue which is faced by the Childcare doctor by the use of this legislation is that it get difficult for the Childcare doctor to uncertain the extent to which personalized agenda can be meaningfully applied within the health care of the small children in the Hospital (Jacobs and Hens, 2018).

    Equality Act 2010, This act explains that the doctor in the organization has to make sure that they used to treating all the patient equally in the hospital irrespective of the caste and colour and the income standard they are belonging to. The biggest issue which is faced by the sector due to this act is at the time when any children who belong to Lower caste used to come in the hospital (Richards and Okninski, 2017). As ethics and the believe of lower caste people used to be very differently as compare to the other children in the hospital. This used to create the situation for the doctor to treat them differently which is against the legislation of the Equality Act.

    Data Privacy Act 1998: Privacy in a healthcare situation means that the healthcare provider and write down about the work and kept private. The legal rights to this privacy and there laws which are guide to health care service providers in they collect and record various information which are more important for gaining but with the privacy child doctors are not able to collect and gather those informations (Greenberg, 2017). In this includes various information related to surgeries, pharmacies and others. The privacy act affect to child care doctor in negative manner and creates various issues for them in order to get update and find information from webpages. As well as it create issues for treatments and progress in treatments. Present days various information which are related with treatments are updated on internet (Woodhead, 2016). With the privacy act, most of the treatments data and information is protected and not provide a proper details to child doctor. This is not good and appropriate for child doctor because through that they are not get proper details about treatments which are come up with new treatments within the market place. This is not appropriate for people and doctor. This is the main issues which is face by child doctor. This is not good and appropriate for people to managed works (Ruppert, 2018). When the information will reduce or prevent a serious threat to child health and care like serious contagious illness and the public needs to be warned. This creates negative impact on doctor and that is note good. This creates issues with not providing proper details and other documents. This is also created legal issues and aspects for child doctors (Krishna, 2017).

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    This is important for the child specialist doctors in the child care homes to provide better services to the children who need medical support. There are policies are followed in health care organization to provide health care services to the clients (Chervenak, McCullough and Brent, 2016). The first policy they need to consider is patient care policies which is about how the patients are going to be treated in the health care organization and in case of the children this policies are more critical and typical to follow. The main focus of these policies is to provide better services to the children. These all the policies of with in the organization are protected by the Social value act 2012 that is protecting that what will be the procedure that will be followed in the process to provide the services to the children that come to the children care home.

    These policies are also guiding the practices of the health care official to maintain their actions accordingly. Policies are made by the health care organization like NHS to provide the guideline to other organization to treat their patients properly. Some other policies that should be consider while providing services to the children. These policies are related to security, data privacy and drug handling. This are some important in the health care process. Security policy is related to the safety and security of child in the care home (Meysen and Kelly, 2018). These policy provide measures and processes that are need to be followed in order to meet the safety requirements of the children. Children are emotionally fragile and vulnerable so it is important to provide them personal care with maintaining the data privacy and information safety measures to avoid negative impact on the mental status of child. The main problem with children is medication because they do not understand how to deal with medication process. So this policy provide the proper guidelines to the child specialist doctor to maintain the medication standards to avoid overdose and side effect issues of medicines. This is how different policies are followed in the child care homes for the doctors who deals with children.

    There are different practices are followed by the child specialist doctor in providing services to the children. These practices of doctors are based on the some standards that are set by organization like National Health Services. This practices are based on process that help the people in the child care home to understand the roles and responsibility to provide efficient services to the children. Some of practices that are implemented in organization are defined to reduce the resistance of children to maintain the medical process that is made to improve the health condition of the children. The technology used in the child care homes is different from technology that is used in the adult care of people (Bellesheim, 2016) . So these technological practices are managed as per the health care tasks that are followed in caring process. There are different other practices are followed by the child specialist doctor to manage the personal and professional standards in the services that are provided to the children. In this practices personal values, ethics and principles are used to provide emotional and medical support to children who are too small to understand the typical terminology of medical science.

    This is how there are different legislation, policies and practices are implemented in the child care home to provide efficient services to the children.


    Qualification requirements/progression routes for child care doctor profession.

    Qualification is most important think which is help to become a successful child care doctor. It is the process of getting proper and effective knowledge of courses in respective manner. With the help of qualification people and individual have a proper and effective knowledge of work and success (Mitchell, 2018). Qualification for child care doctor is Bachelor degree with regular internship certificate of practical knowledge.

    For that need to complete there degree program in order to become a paediatrician are as follows:

    • A 5 Year degree in medicine with recognized by general medical council.
    • A 2 year foundations course of general training.
    • 4 to 5 years of specialist training, depending on child care system and medicine. This is very important and effective for getting success.
    • NCFE CACHE level diploma training program.
    • BTEC national diploma in children care learning and development.

    Those are very important degree program for develop best and effective works. This with the help of this and step by step process of learning are help to become a successful child doctor. Through that are able to give the best treatment to child. A child life specialist works with children and families during stressful events like hospitalization and medial treatments (Friedrich, 2017). With the aim of reducing anxiety and helping paediatric patients cope with illnesses and medical procedures and child life specialist are healthcare professional who often works in hospitals or doctors offices in effective manner.


    Professional development plan with action plan.

    Professional development plan is most important part of people life which is help to develop various skills for become success in their profession in effective manner. This creates more effectiveness for that professions.

    Goals Actions and activity for improving those skills Resources needed Person responsible Progress toward goal Time to be taken
    Short term goals: Develop of my understanding of the emotional and social need of young children. Look for regional training and development for proper management and NCFE CACHE level on this topic (Grant, 2017). Give for attending events. Registration fees Self Attended training session on the emotional and social development in effective manner. Within the one month
    Middle goal: Obtain early educator certificate Gather transcripts for submission, complete the application form and submit it. Certification fees Supervisor Completed application and submitted. 2 months
    Long term goals: Complete associated degree in Child education. Apply to the local community, ask about financial and contact with NCFE CACHE. Financial aid. Supervisor Completed application of NCFE CACHE. 1.5 months

    This help to develop professionalism within the child care doctor with proper growth and success. With the help of this it creates more effectiveness for building effective and valuable growth (Yin and et.al., 2016). This is good and appropriate for higher growth and success in future.

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    After going through the above report it has been summarized that there are many types of the value/ Ethics and principle which used to followed by the Children healthcare doctor in the organization. After that the report goes on to summarized that there are many type of the issue which is faced by the child doctor in the hospital due to many type of the legislation, policy and practice within the Childcare profession. After that the report goes on to summarized that there are many types of the Qualification and progression rules which need to be followed by the organization for childcare doctor. In the end the report summarize the Professional Development which used to include the action plan as well.

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    Friedrich, R., 2017. The Virtual Team Maturity Model: Performance Improvement of Virtual Teams. Springer.

    Grant, J., 2017. The good CPD guide: A practical guide to managed continuing professional development in medicine. CRC Press.

    Greenberg, J. A., 2017, June. Legal, ethical, and human rights considerations for physicians treating children with atypical or ambiguous genitalia. In Seminars in perinatology (Vol. 41, No. 4, pp. 252-255). WB Saunders.

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