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    Corporate Social Responsibility


    Corporate Social Responsibility can be simply define as ethical role of corporation in society. It main aim is to increase long term profits and shareholders trust through public relation with high ethical standards to reduce business and legal risk by taking business responsibility for corporate actions (Schwartz, 2017). Moreover, CSR strategies encourages an organisation to make a positive impact on environment and stakeholders in performance and output of the corporation. In this report the organisation chosen are Nomtex ( Micro organisation), ROLI ( Small medium enterprise) and Amazon ( Corporate business) . This report is going to analysis a sustainable approach to business strategy and management that are used in business to operate in ethical and sustainable way. Analysing different approaches to CSR in Micro, SME and corporate Business and its measure to success. Moreover, second part is based on learning experience  reflection.

    PART 1

    1. Sustainable approach to business strategy and management evidence

     A fundamental principle of sustainability is balanced approach to all stakeholders groups customers, employees, partners, communities and shareholders. Sustainable enterprise creates and operates energy of employees engagement. Amazon's sustainability report supports long term view to shareholders value creation as it encourages to invest in employees to create greater return of company. Herein, amazon is successful in engagement of their employees and customer's repeat purchase, easy to use functionality, fast and reliable fulfilment, time customer's service and trusted transaction environment. Their are some strategies that help amazon to attain sustainability towards their businesses that are used in operating in an ethical and sustainable way.


    It has been repeatedly documented that a heterogeneous group of customers generates interaction and output that is more creative that homogeneous group (Hopkins, 2012).Herein, in Amazon provides more opportunities to its potential customers to experience and apply their diversity. Thus, it will help Amazon to gain ethical business  and sustainable of doing business for long term as creativity is a fundamental catalyst of engagement.


     Flexibility is important part in management sustainability as it help in development of skills to encounter and apply different ideas, approaches, experiences, styles, abilities and philosophies. Herein, Amazon are coming up with different changes in their services, innovative ideas and offers for their customer's so that customer are attracted towards repeated purchase. Thus, this ability is to adapt  and bring change to flex stimulates engagements.


    A critical tool is creating sustainable culture is to engage in inquiry with all stakeholders, internal and external (Grayson and Hodges, 2017).This is one of the challenging sustainable approach for Amazon  in order to maintain customer's expectations. So that customer's feel comfortable in purchasing goods and services according to their needs and demand. Moreover, inquiry is essence of management of bias, both employees and customer can assess easily regarding their problems

    Amazon's  essential ethical and sustainable way to remain competitive in marketplace is by achieving customer's loyalty and repeat purchase has been key Amazon success. Many dot cons failed because they successes in achieving awareness, but not loyalty. Herein, Amazon achieved both with practice for many online retailers, lowest price are most of the popular products. Whereas with less popular products commanding higher prices are greater margin of Amazon.

    Moreover, sustainable approach to business management help Amazon in attaining sustainability  in market. For example: Respect of both employees and customers. transparency,  empowerment and engagement  or team building.

    The above mention points are sustainable approaches to Amazon business strategies and management approaches that help in operating business in an ethical ans sustainable way. Thus, it help in achieving greater customer's loyalty and attaining huge sustainability over market share as well as remain competitive in market.  

    2.Analysing different approaches to corporate social responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits  to all stakeholders. It is basically a concept of managing business process to produce an  positive impact on society (Kitzmueller and Shimshack, 2012). This responsibility help an organisation to build relationship with both social and environment aspects. Herein, a socially responsible organisation attempts to remain ethical by putting morals ahead of profits. Their are various general approaches to corporate social responsibilities which are determined below:

    Corporate social responsibility  approach towards MICRO Organisation

    Defensive approach of corporate social responsibilities, in this approach companies take a defensive stance towards social responsibilities which are not particularly responsible (Hilson, 2012). Here, MICRO companies consider themselves neutral and consider profit as an important motive than performing action towards corporate social responsibilities.

    For example:

    Nomtex are considering this approach as their prime motive is to earn profit and attain sustainability in marketplace. They make up few consideration towards law in order to ensure that other cannot take legal action against them. Moreover, they are improving on overall business environment, creating better job opportunities and sustainable products and services for customer's by meeting needs of local and global markets. Eventually, it has very less commitment towards social responsibilities as managers ensure that their employees and staff members behave legally and do not create any harm  to organisation. While considering ethical choices as they put interest on their shareholders first more than expense of other stakeholders. Hence, Nomtex is more focused one its productivity, profitability and sustainability of their business rather that focusing towards corporate social responsibilities.

    Corporate social responsibilities towards  approach towards Small Medium Enterprise

    Small and medium enterprise are using accommodative approach of corporate social responsibilities as this approach  moderate commitment toward social responsibilities. It is mainly a strive balance interest of various stakeholders as they want to be seen different and reasonable in eyes of society.

    For example: ROLI organisation has adapted an accommodating approach of corporate social responsibilities as they believes that social responsibilities is more important as important as making profit. This organisation satisfies all legal requirements and attempts to meet out ethical standards. Herein, its one of the important significance is that they dose not hide their actions rather than they bring transparency in their action towards corporate social responsibilities. They are more focused on having better exposer towards new methods and process enhancing quality of their process and mechanism by collaborating agencies as collective. Moreover, they are focused on supporting aspiring musicians, propping more towards school music education and providing opportunities and place to come up in contact with various new instruments. Thus, in this way  ROLI organisation is opting themselves towards corporate social responsibilities.

    Corporate social responsibilities approach towards Corporate companies

    Corporate organisation have strong and ethical commitment towards corporate social responsibilities (Marquis and Qian, 2013). This type of organisation eagerly behave social responsibilities and take time to learn about needs of various stakeholders groups. It is using organisational resources to promote interest of all organisation stakeholders.

    For example:

    Amazon, a proactive company that make corporate social responsibilities as a priority or part of their business. Instead of reacting to criticism, Amazon attempts to remain ahead in curve of corporate social responsibilities. They make ethics as a part of their mission statement and provides benefits to their employees and staff members as well as to environment. Moreover, Amazon are going through various ways to institute new recycling program, providing benefits to its employees such as living wages and benefits and donating a portion of its profits to charity. It maintains it corporate social responsibilities initiatives to target interest of its main stakeholders and gives highest priority to customer's as they are most important shareholders. As they consider customers are primary determinant of its e- commerce business. As well as valuable employees as significant determinates of organisational performance and corporate social responsibilities policies and programs.

    From above it has been determined that MICRO, SME and Corporate business have different approaches of corporate social responsibilities. Each approach have its own significance and effect related to different type of business structure. Moreover, their corporate social responsibilities are different from each other such as:

     MICRO Organisation

     SME Organisation

     Corporate Organisation

     The corporate social responsibilities of Micro organisation is attain sustainability in marketplace.  This type organisation are much focused on earning profit rather than doing corporate social responsibilities.

     Small and medium organisation are committed towards corporate social responsibilities and equally towards in earning profitability form business. Herein, adopting success by satisfying legal-requirements and attempts to meet ethical standards of business as well as corporate social responsibilities.

     Corporate organisation are strongly committed towards  corporate social responsibilities. As they make  corporate social responsibilities as a major part of business such as donating some amount of profit in charity and giving highest priority to its customer's and society.

    On the above discussion it has identifies their success of attaining productivity, profitability and sustainability are different depending on their nature, size and structure of operating businesses. Such as:

    • In MICRO organisation, they are more focused towards earning profits and managing themselves in attaining sustainability in marketplace. Herein, they are focused on generating money rather than doing corporate social responsibilities. Their success depends of shareholders rather that stakeholders by meeting local needs. As this type organisation have small size ans structure of operating business.
    • In SME organisation, their success  lies on both corporate social responsibilities and making profits. Herein, this type of organisation attempt all legal and social responsibilities that are necessary to adopt in performing their business activities and earn profit.
    • In corporate business, success depends on focusing more on corporate social responsibilities. Moreover, this corporate business provides donation and amount of their profits to society such as towards girls education, old age people and helping out poor and needy people.

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    Our intention is to help numerous students worldwide through effective and accurate work.

    The above mention are different ways in which organisation are gaining success. Hence, each organisation success depends upon its size, nature and structure of operating business actives. Thus, each organisation have different ways of measuring success and attaining sustainability in competitive edge.

    PART 2

    The  reflection is based on my learning experiences, ability to reflect on my actions and decision that is necessary in conducting research on a particular topic. This reflection is based on approaches of corporate social responsibilities of different organisation such as MICRO, SME and corporate organisation. It also help me in developing various aspect such as communication, critical thinking and writing skills.




     Corporate Social Responsibilities

    4 days of starting week

    Analysation of Corporate Social responsibilities approaches

     Remaining 3 days of week





     Communication Skills ( both verbal and written)

     From the research of corporate social responsibilities approaches I have improved relationship that lead to emergence of interpersonal communication skills of mine. Moreover, it help me theoretical aspects on wide range of Corporate social responsibilities, interaction, communication competence and planning to understand CRS activities of different organisation. The intension of doing this assignment help me to increase my communication  skills both verbal and written communication.

     4 Days of week

     Working with other individual

     This research help me to works with other individual's of different sector of organisation. Such as MICRO, SME and Corporate organisation. It help me gain knowledges of their corporate social responsibilities of their businesses. And moreover, help me identifying different approaches of conducting CRS activities. Herein, this approaches  help me know that different organisation used different approaches in conducting their CSR activities related to their nature, size and structure of operating business.

      3 Days of Week

    A smart action help an individual to achieve a sense of direction that a person wants of achieve gaols. It is one of the useful method to achieve target from SMART goals as it defines Specific, Measurable Acceptable, Realistic and Time bound




    Target Time

    Problem solving skills

     Herein I will measure my problem solving skills by developing   by activities in critical part of my research in doing research of different approaches of Corporate social responsibilities.

     I will improve my problem solving skill by practising my self in taking critical decision making regarding my research. And also with the help of internet, interaction analysing different CSR actives of different sector.

     I will improve my problem solving skills in 4 days of weeks during my research.


     While making financial  strategies I had faces may difficulties in gather informational, using appropriate data. My numeracy was not appropriate in  for evaluating my research.

      The process of numeracy help me in enhancing my numerical skills by adopting different financial and statistical tools that help me in gather information and presenting data in seminar and conferences in an appropriate manner.

     Herein, I will improve by financial and statistical skill  that will help me presenting my research in an appropriate manner. I will accomplished in 2 days of week.

    Team building skills

     Herein, I can examine myself in team building skills through effect of coordination and effectiveness of  team member

     I will improve my team building skills by adopting or practising different team activities which  will help me creating healthy relation between team members.  

     This team building skills of mine will be improved in 2 days of Week.

    Belbin team role model of management

    Belbin team role model of management help me in evaluating my experience in working practice within a week. This model is designed to use talents and personalities of team members. It help me dealing with activities of work with colleagues. In  words it can be define, a favourite style of cooperation that can help in working with other during conducting business my research on different approaches of Corporate social responsibilities.


    In an practical organisation within team members it is necessary to have disciplined, orderly and task oriented. My self being an implementer I put plan and ideas into easily executable task.

    Resource investigator:  

    In an team resource investigator is a cheerful, extroverted person with lots of contacts within and outside team. Herein, I was enthusiastic, adventurous and open minded and always looking up for new ideas. Moreover, resource investigator is naturally good at developing and maintaining contacts but sometimes become careless when novelty wears off.


    Plan is a creative thinker of team, innovative and original. Herein, an individual is free from spirit who needs space to fantasize about new surprising solutions in complex situation.


    Monitor is sensible, thoughtful and critical. This help me in analysing situations and help in getting knowledges from bottom of things. As a monitor I was deliberate to carry on my research and take correct and effective decision.


    Shaper is driven and passionate individual in a team. Herein, it help me to have a strong urge to problems, looks for challenges and getting things done in an appropriate manner. Moreover, shaper make sure that deadlines are meet and goals are achieved in stipulated time period.


    The coordinator of team help team member in clarifying intension and summarising what acutely everyone wants. This help me trusting others and delegates easily but sometimes has tendency to leave too much work non others.

    Get Help in Any Subject

    Our intention is to help numerous students worldwide through effective and accurate work.

    Completer Finisher: 

    Form this I have got talent to analysis that what could go wrong in research is not implemented properly. As a mentor I have the quality and safety to become overprotective and find out difficulties to delegate things to other.

    Team work:  

    Team worker is much sensitive member of team, helpful, accommodating and focused on creating a pleasant atmosphere and sense of togetherness. Herein, I prefer balance and harmony with my team member while conducting research.

    Thus, Belbin model help me to understand importance of team and carry out my research in an appropriate manner.


    From the above discussion it has been concluded that corporate social responsibilities is an important aspect of each and every organisation. Different organisation have different approaches of CRS that help them in doing corporate social responsibilities as this is beneficial for both organisation as well as society. Moreover, Belbin theory of role management help me in knowing importance of team work and help me conducting my research on CRS activities of different organisation.


    • Schwartz, M.S., 2017. Corporate social responsibility. Routledge.
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    • Jo, H. and Harjoto, M.A., 2012. The causal effect of corporate governance on corporate social responsibility. Journal of business ethics. 106(1). pp.53-72.

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