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    Ethical Social Work Practice in Complex Contexts


    Problem- based learning is regarded as method of pedagogy wherein students find out different sources to enhance their learning ability by undergoing diverse materials and curriculum. According to the name, it does not focuses on problem solving aspects; but at the same time it aids the student to learn more through ascertaining numerous conceptual framework (Sue, Rasheed and Rasheed, 2015). The process is a never ending concept, wherein it is crucial for the learner to emphasize on diverse sources so that various skills and attributes can be developed accordingly. Typically, the process was developed for the purpose of developing medical education and this also aids in enhancing the capability and competency of the student. Thus, in this context I have learned that small number of learners are engaged in this process so that to encourage the learning level. Moreover, in this context I have also analysed that it aids the students focus on constructing on learning so that more development can be facilitated (Kadushin and Harkness, 2014).

    Problem – based learning has shifted from traditional teaching and learning philosophy to modern learning methods in which diverse sources of technology are used. While undergoing with such learning perspective, I came to know that PBL is highly different with that to classroom teaching and it often requires much time to arrange teaching facilities for students. I have acquired assistance from such learning method because I had to work in teams and also I had to manage diverse projects (Parker and Bradley, 2014). This is yet another way that made me comprehend self-directed learning; hence according to that I used diverse resources. I worked with numerous team members hence that made me realise that an individual can learn many things from a team because numerous people are engaged for a same work. Furthermore, I can also articulate that there must be positive interaction and communication in a team so that the defined aim can be fulfilled (Payne, 2015).

    I was entitled to play a role of critical friend; hence I had to focus on own roles and responsibilities so that I can recommend effective suggestion to others. Thus, according to the curriculum, I had to focus on a specific case in which I had to look upon the case of Jacki who is having issues related to parental relationship. While starting the work, I prioritized all the activities; hence that helped me to comprehend all the concept of parenting (Babbie, 2015). Moreover, in this context it can be said that I have learned various aspects about complex parenting relationship. Working as a social care practitioner has helped me to comprehend the importance of ethical and legal prospects that are related to other’s interest. In addition to this, working on such thing has also helped me to grab knowledge about the ethical values of patients that are required to be considered on higher extent (Ferrell and Fraedrich, 2015).

    This assistance I have acquired from the Code of Ethics for Nurses in Australia that has been developed for enhancing the nursing professionalism in Australia. In this respect, I learned that it is crucial for a health care service provider to focus on all such things that improves the service delivery procedure and that also changes the relationship between patient and nurses. Thus, considering all such values I have focused on all these dimensions (Ungar, Liebenberg and Ikeda, 2014). I also came to realize that registered nurses are ought to emphasize on quality dimensions so that patient interest can be maintained. Moreover, in this respect I can say that to maintain such things into account I ensured to focus on long term and continuous learning.

    Thus, considering the same aspect I can say that I am now able to consider all the dimensions in health care provision so that people that require best service can get assistance from the same. In addition to this, I also realised that cultural competence is essential while making decisions; however that aspect was also present in the case of Jacki (Epstein and Buhovac, 2014). The most important thing that I learned is the requirement of support and collaboration for patients living in the community. While working on such study, I have met diverse people who continuously support other people especially when they are facing issues because of complex life situations. According to my knowledge, I can say that nurses need to ensure that patient are specifying their health problems and issues so that suitable health care services can be delivered accordingly. Contrary to this, I can also say that patient involvement in service care provision is also vital because that aids in enhancing the value of services (Knott and Scragg, 2016).

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    Besides this, it can also be said that nurses must always give moral support to the patients in all domains to minimize all the complex issues and challenges. While accessing such cases, I came to realize that problems are always solved in the best manner especially when they are discussed with others (Thompson, 2015). Thus, in such respect I can say that Jacki and Dave both had a complex relationship; hence it is crucial for them to give proper support to each other. From the case study, I came to know that every patient must have to discuss their issues and challenges present in the life so that prominent action can be taken accordingly. Moreover, according to ethical consideration, it is crucial for nurses to maintain confidentiality wherein information related to the patients should not be disclosed prior getting any sort of consent from them (Petersén and Olsson, 2015).

    Thus, I feel that proper engagement is required among client and health care service providers so that suitable services can be delivered accordingly (Fransson and Grannäs, 2013). However, coming on to complex family structure, it is essential for the individual to focus on each and every dimension so that specific solution can be found out. Relating to the same thing, I now know the importance of counselling session which directs the patient to come up with the problems which they are experiencing (Cournoyer, 2016). Henceforth, I came to realize the importance of real collaboration which should exist among patient and health care entities. One of the most important aspects that I came to realize is nobody was there to support Dave and we were the only group that helped Dave. We also helped Jackie through analysing her needs for accommodation; hence in such respect we made sure that we are contacting diverse people in the same area (Epstein and Buhovac, 2014).

    I have taken part in the group activity in which I have played role of critical friend for the family. I have asked various questions from the group members and it supported me in exploring various concepts and issues that are being faced by family members in that home. I tried my best possible efforts for identifying strengths, gaps and providing constructive feedback to the staff members (Beckett and Horner, 2015). I have also given my best possible support for rendering help to other group members so that they can also think in cognitive way. With this, I have reviewed documents drafts in relation to PBL requirement and in the end I have reflected and shared on the overall group process.

    One other group member Shannan is given the work for keeping an accurate record so that analysis of group's scenario can be made. This group member is also responsible for seeking help with wording and framing of content (Fook and Pease, 2016). This member is also responsible for seeking clarification on the overall group progress. Simone is working as Group facilitator who is working with the group members and they are made responsible for encouraging active participation from every group member. This member is accountable for encouraging multiple avenues of instigation (ngar, Liebenberg and Ikeda, 2014).

    Major responsibility of group members is to engage in group activities openly and proactively. Positive contribution from all the group members is required so that all the necessary group activities can be successfully completed. I have prepared a PBL analysis table through which I have identified that the best approach for Jackie is to provide her a safe and conductive working environment (Ray and et.al., 2015).

    Jackie is socially isolated and also lacks financial support from her partner Dave due to his inability for to work. She is under extreme pressure which is compounded further by Dave's depression alcoholism. The best approach for Jackie is to reconnect with a local aboriginal community (Zadek, Evans and Pruzan, 2013). It is the best approach that will help for resolving the problem faced by Jackie. It will assist her to develop good and effective relationship with the other community member. She will get support from her community and by this her feeling of isolation will be reduced and inability to cope. I have assessed that she also needs to give moral support to her husband so that problem faced by such as unemployment and alcoholism can be reduced. I have identified best possible efforts so that problem faced by Jackie could be solved properly (Parker and Bradley, 2014).

    Apart from that, the entire group also focused on social work practice so that we can adopt numerous techniques to improve the social work (Saltzman, Furman and Ohman, 2015). Similarly, the entire group was interested in learning diverse ways through which health care disciplines can be enhanced. Henceforth, I can contend that I focused on all the ideological values so that in an ever- changing scenario I can meet the changing requirements of people (Kadushin and Harkness, 2014). The behaviour and attitude of people changes frequently; therefore in such respect it is vital for the care providers to focus on complex human behaviour. This also holds importance in underpinning the service practices. Assessment of different cases studies have helped me to develop various strategies and intervention that are specifically used to manage the practices (Ferrell and Fraedrich, 2015). Thus, I can state that the entire curriculum has helped me to get experience of many things. Apart from professional development, I learned many things which can enhance my professional capability as well; hence the entire process seems to be beneficial for me.

    In social work, the most important aspect is considering other’s values and processes and information about the same is acquired by assessing diverse resources and materials (Healy, 2014). While handling social care concepts, I came to ascertain all such processes that contributes in patient’s values and processes and which also strengthens the value of services. The core aspects that lie under social processes are management of people’s interest so that service capability can be encouraged (Petersén and Olsson, 2015). At the same time, I also grabbed knowledge about all those dimensions that are valuable in health and social care context. Problem- based learning is important for me in many ways.

    Thus, concluding the entire process, I can say that it was essential for me to focus on many things so that I can learn more and I can meet all the changing requirements of contemporary learning (Fransson and Grannäs, 2013). There were several activities which I conducted on regular basis and according to such activities I came to ascertain that learning can only be enhanced at the time when diverse structured things are considered. Afterwards, I also reviewed my performance on continuous basis so that I can undertake necessary improvements in the same domain (Sue, Rasheed and Rasheed, 2015).


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