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    MN5F12FB Level 4 Suicide Affecting Indigenous Population


    Among indigenous individuals suicide is one of the regular issue in everywhere throughout the world. The high rate of suicide is connected with the genocide, including what is called social genocide on both area. For wellbeing indigenous individuals are presently creating conventional ways to deal with mend with the utilization of their way of life development. Indigenous individuals are living from the earliest starting point of the world and they lived in the north the south and all sides of the world. They all treated as primitive passive and dependent people who have no contribution in the world. Along these lines the indigenous individuals are experiencing intolerable torment the same number of them are kicking the bucket from the horrible consequential convulsion. Because of this reason suicide is turned out to be one the answer for escape. In the present exposition diverse components will be given because of which individuals effort to attempt suicide. The purpose of this essay is to develop understanding related to the reasons due to which indigenous people are attempting suicide. In this essay claims will be presented with specific and general reason.

    Main body

    At the time of determining causes there are large factors identified which include community factors, familial factor, social factors etc. At the time when a people engaged in suicidal behaviour it suffers from more than one these factors. Apart from this childhood abuse can be also lead to cause suicidal behaviour into adulthood, as this all can be triggered by certain stressful events.

    Social determinant and indigenous suicide

    In the state of achievements of genuine consistency by the 1960s, some segment of the  business result of colonization in contemporary Australia is the ingenuity of institutional dogmatism and exploitation (Kimuyu, 2017). It is explored that people at high danger of experiencing further or distinctive kinds of weight included indigenous people are a social occasion and masses packs among whom indigenous people overrepresent when appeared differently in relation to non-indigenous people. These fuse get-togethers who are also as often as possible socially dismissed in their own particular benefit including those dependent on wage support those living out in the open hotel, jobless people, a man with a whole deal prosperity condition or inadequacy, and people with low informational achievement. Regardless, tis connection between these social determinants of prosperity and mental wellbeing (Chachamovich, Kirmayer and Turecki, 2015).

    Community functioning

    Intergenerational trauma with compounding Indigenous community dysfunction characterised by violence between community members, anti-social behaviours and forms of abuse that might in themselves contribute to suicide. However, the association between intergenerational trauma and suicide, including by such mediating factors, is yet to be significantly explored. The devastating impacts of intergenerational trauma on Indigenous community functioning should be the subject of further research including in the context of suicide anticipation (Vos, Begg and Lopez, 2009).

    There are some causes due to which indigenous people attempt suicide =. Relationship problem or if any conflict take place. Further due to criminal history and pending legal matters can become a reason of suicide. Various indigenous people who do not get job which lead to increase their mental stress and they attempt suicide (Hunter and Milroy, 2006).

    To understand the causes of indigenous suicide and the differences betwixt suicide in the indigenous and non-indigenous population is critically essential for developing an effective strategy to reduce suicidal attempting problem.

    Claim: Due to increase in suicide rate population of indigenous people is reduced.

    General reason due to which indigenous people are attempting suicide is conflicts in the relationship. Many times, dispute takes place between family members due to which they suffer from mental issues and attempt suicide.

    One of the specific reason due to which suicide frequently occur is the state of acute intoxication or intense emotion in which person is unable to think clearly. Through reflecting different a various mix of motivations (Anderson, Crengle and Jackson-Pulver, 2006). For instance, suicide attempters tend to be angry and an individual who dies by suicide is described as having been tired, reserved and resigned (Holland and Dudgeon, 2017).

    One of the other reason to attempt suicide is social isolation which leads to enhancing the chances of risk. From many studies, it is clearly reflected that the quality of the individual social network is proven strong predictor of the risk of the suicide attempts. However, the impact of the social network needs to be understood in terms of family structure, gender, age etc. For, instance information which is collected from the large survey of adolescents reflects that to being socially isolated or having fewer friends enhanced suicidal ideation in girls as compared to man. The relationship breakdown or death of an important family member or person lead to make an individual suffer from mental stress and they attempt suicide (Holland and Dudgeon. 2017).

    Claim Discrimination done between indigenous and non indigenous people

    Discrimination done between indigenous done between indigenous and non-indigenous people enhance chances of suicide is one of the major cause of death among aboriginal people.

    General reasons: There are several factors which include mental health factors such as mood, personality traits, anxiety disorders. For instance, low self-esteem and hopelessness and social or familiar factor lead are highly associated with the indigenous population (Chachamovich, Kirmayer and Turecki, 2015)..Mood and anxiety disorders have been linked with an enhanced risk of suicidal thought. Indigenous people are mostly discriminated in most of sectors education, workplace etc (Zubrick, Dudgeon and Walker, 2010). They are not treated equally in the workplace which makes the feel demotivated and frustrated.

    The unemployment rate is higher in insidious people in some remote areas than in non-remote areas. Along with this, most of the indigenous people also face difficulty in accessing health services. Due to which it becomes difficult for them to take effective health care services. Social support provided is considered as one of the effective action against protecting suicidal attempt. Like non-indigenous people, indigenous people should be discriminated as because they do not belong to the part of their society. All different types of services should be provided to them so that they can live normal life likes others (Hunter and Harvey, 2002). Any type of issues when they face while accessing services makes them tough to survive and due to this reason, they attempt suicide in order to get escape from all these issues.

    From the various research, it is focused that people who face difficulty in their life even they can do well lead to impact their mental health and encourage them to attempt suicide. Along with this most of the indigenous people are enough capable but they do not provide any type of job opportunities. It can be stated indigenous people still not treated equally in society and do not provided equal opportunities in the various sector (Vos, Barker and Lopez, 2009).

    Exposure of life stressors

    Related with social avoidance and disservice is more noteworthy presentation to life stressors. The most habitually detailed stressors announced. In a 2012-2013 Indigenous populace wellbeing overview (2012 – 13 Indigenous Survey) were the demise of a relative or companion (announced by 37per respondents); genuine disease (23 for every penny); powerlessness to land a position (23 for every change); and psychological instability (16 for every penny) (King, Smith and Gracey, 2009).


    From the research it is concluded that in indigenous people suicide rate is increasing. There are various issues which are faced by them due to which they try to attempt suicide. Mental health issues, conflicts, discrimination are common reason due tow which indigenous people attempt suicide. Due to all this reason suicide rate is increasing which directly lead to affect population of indigenous people. There are various strategies which can be adopted in respect to prevent Suicide rate among indigenous people.


    • Anderson, I., Crengle, S., Kamaka, M.L., Chen, T.H., Palafox, N. and Jackson-Pulver, L., 2006. Indigenous health in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. The Lancet, 367(9524), pp.1775-1785.
    • Chachamovich, E., Kirmayer, L.J., Haggarty, J.M., Cargo, M., McCormick, R. and Turecki, G., 2015. Suicide among Inuit: results from a large, epidemiologically representative follow-back study in Nunavut. The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 60(6), pp.268-275.


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