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    Managing People in the Sport and Event Industry: CW1

    University: Coventry University

    • Unit No: 5
    • Level: Post Graduate/University
    • Pages: 9 / Words 2170
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: 1005SEM
    • Downloads: 258
    Question :

    Assessment Information

    The project is designed to assess learning outcomes:

    1. Examine the key aspects and functions of organizational people management, in both a local and global context.
    2. Discuss and generate an understanding of the formalized practices of people management and illustrate the impact on operations management and strategic management of these practices.

    The project is an individual project.

    You are required to consider the role of either an artist manager or a sports agent, who is working within an agency representing either sportsmen and women or artists. Make a report which addresses the following issues.

    1. Discuss the way by which the role of an artist manager or sports agent has developed. How will it continue to develop?
    2. Your agency is required to hire a new member of staff; this new member of staff will be a recent graduate. Determine the most important attributes you will be looking for in candidates.
    3. How will you develop, induct, and retain your new member of staff?
    4. Your new member of staff is required to perform as soon as possible. How will you motivate them and how will you measure their performance?
    5. Analyse one other issue currently facing sports agents or artist managers. Give suggestions for how this issue may be addressed by the agent or manager.

    Format of the report:

    • Front Page should include a title page for the report,
    • Be innovative, i.e. you can include a visual image to make the report more attractive.
    • Table of Contents including the sections covered in the report,
    • Use Headings and or Sub-headings to separate your sections.

    - The Introduction is the first numbered section of the report. You should introduce the topic, and state the aim of the report.

    - Within the main body of the report, which is also called sub-sections you can give titles. It is recommended to format those sections as sub-headings.

    • In conclusion, this is the final section of the written report, which you can format as a sub-heading.In this section, connect all the discussions provided in the report. You can also offer some suggestions here.

    The reference list, should include a list of all the references in your report, in alphabetical order, and should appear at the end of the report.

    Answer :


    People management is defined as a soft leadership skill that is used by various agencies in order to successful project management. In the artist industry, several agencies are available that supports actors and artist by providing professional as well as personal services. In this assignment BMA (British Management Agency) is chosen which is a creative acting and talent agency that is based in London, UK. They believe in the ethos of “The right actor for the right client” and work hard in order to maintain strong relations with their customers as well as help artist to reach their true potentials. From the audition preparation to ongoing support, team of BMA are dedicated to help artist for career development (The UK's Leading Acting & Talent Agency, BMA, 2020). In this report, the role of artist manager, attributes of candidates for hiring new staff and induction, development and retention strategies for new employees are discussed. In addition, motivational and performance measurement techniques are studied and focus on the major issue that are being faced by artist manager and suggest better ways to deal with them.


    1) How has the role of artist manager developed? How will it continue to develop?

    Artist manager is a person who is responsible for holding auditions and interviews in order to discover potential customers, interact with artist for developing a plan as well as recommend and implement appropriate actions for accomplishing goals. They are liable to manage day to day business activities so they can focus on being a successful artist and manager creates several opportunities for their actors and artists (Secrets to Becoming a Highly Successful Artist Manager, 2020). Within the context of British management Agency, the artist manager works on the behalf of artists in order to promote their careers and operates their daily business affairs. In order to become a successful artist manager or developed their job role there are many options such as:

    Critically understand the nature of industry: For the better experience and development of the role of artist manager, they need to analyse the nature of entire market or industry in which they worked. So they invested their time and efforts with the energy and probably got close to the BMA agency that can be a resentful experience.

    Be a good judge of character: As the role of artist manager in BMA is seeking artists to manage and being intuitive while it comes to outlook little talent is must (Cole, 2018). For being a good artist dancing, singing etc. are not enough as the hard working, being resistance towards stress might provide a chance to artist. So the artist manager require to be a good judge who can able to choose good artist and manage them.

    Know how to manage difficult people: Being intuitive nature is to be developed as it is the major role of artist manager in BMA that skill can make a manager irreplaceable and resourceful. This skill will help in understanding the managing practices of ambitious people and satisfy them by their services and work (DeNisi and Murphy, 2017).

    By doing all these things an artist manager is or will able to developed their role and will be continue in future as well which helps in giving more opportunities. This type of development helps to nurture the creativity of an artist that can help in collaborating with their clients as well as help them to grow as an artist.

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    2) Important attributes that will be looking for in candidates for hiring new staff.

    Employee turnover and recruiting new employees can be costly as well as time consuming for the company. So the British Management Agency look for certain abilities and attributes when hiring anew staff for different job positions such as artist agent, artist assistant etc. These are discovered as follows:

    Enthusiasm and passion: The manager of BMA looks for those candidates who are full of enthusiasm and strongly passionate about what they do. People who have passion and interest to work they often stay for long period of time than those who work for pay checks (French and Rees, 2016). As enthusiasm refers as an essential trait which have to possess for new staff as well as useful for BMA because they are proficient when it is related to the resource planning, operation management etc.

    Team player: New staff will have to work with their co-workers as HR manager of BMA usually ask hires about that how they work as a team as well as what kind of workplace environment they prefer.

    Ambition: The manager of company need to hire driven and motivated people who will have ambition of hard work and often tries to improve their working styles and be efficient. A candidate who possess this type of trait have a great chance of being thoughtful for challenging positions once the opportunities arises in an organisation.

    Responsiveness: It means the candidate shows some respect as well as courtesy towards the hiring managers and thoughtfully responds with polite greetings as thank you or your welcome etc. This trait is looking by the British Management Agency as it is a key indicator of that how people will interact with colleagues and clients and treating people with the respect that will result in high profitability (Getz and Page, 2016).

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    3) How artist manager induct, develop and retain their new employees?

    As the induction, development and retention of new members are the management activities that are essential to follow in an organisations as it will help in the better management and retention of staff members for long period of time.

    Induction is a kind of training which is essential for British Management Agency in order to integrate new employees into businesses as well as make them enable towards the process and systems that are followed by the agency (Herzberg, 2017). This will help new members to settle down quickly within the new environment of workplace as well as gives them a sense of belongingness. In order to induct new staff the artist manager of BMA need to introduce employees role, business environment, working practices, responsibilities, policies, strategies etc. It is a process through which new staff learn and adjust agency norms as well as expectations towards the achieving high profitability.

    The development of new employees is a process that are used by the artist manager of BMA in order to keeping them engaged as well as energised about their future with the agency. In order to develop a new staff company's manager sets their achievable goals, provide opportunities for their personal growth, conduct frequent review meetings as well as arrange mentoring programmes. This will help in providing strengthen to that skills which is to be improves and all employees possess similar skills (Heywood, Jirjahn and Struewing, 2017).

    Retention is the important considerations in every organisation as staff retention help businesses in minimising their cost, time and efforts for hiring and training the new members. In order to retain new employees for long period of time an artist manager adopts many retention strategies such as facilitating competitive salary and benefits, hire right candidate, minimise employee pain points, increase employee engagement, have leaders not boss etc. All these strategies help BMA to retain new workers for longer duration of time. As the retention of skilled and motivated employees is crucial for the success of business because high turnover increases the cost and time of company and negatively impacts on the productivity of company.

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    4) How a manager motivate new staff and how will they measures their performance.

    The new staff of business organisation need to be highly motivated and the performance of their work should be measured on timely basis. In the context of British management Agency, the artist manager should focused on employee motivation and performance appraisals which help in increasing their skills and correct them on regular basis so the potentiality of employees will be increase (Hillson, 2017).

    Motivation: It is an essential aspect of organisational policies as every businesses need to have skilled, motivated and energetic staff members so that they can able to get better results. This will assist in accomplishing personal objectives and motivated employees will have more satisfaction from their jobs which enhance their self development. There are several ways and theories that are used by the artist manager in order to increase the motivation of employees which includes the reward system, shares positive feedbacks, be honest, polite, respectful, give a room to grow, provide flexible scheduling and so on (Kanfer, Frese and Johnson, 2017). This will gives better result to the organisation as well as employees and they retain for the longer time period. Motivated staff can lead high productivity and allows businesses to accomplish better results.

    Performance measurement: It is required for the new staff members as it is a process of collecting, examining as well as reporting informations regarding the performance of individual. The artist manager of British Management Agency measures and evaluate the performance of new staff by using different ways such as graphic rating scale, self evaluation, checklists, 360 degree feedbacks, management by objectives and so on. Mainly the manager adopts Key performance indicator as a tool for measuring and analysing the performance of individuals. In this method manager establish goals and objectives, set critical success factor from above goals, use KPI, collect measures as well as calculate metrics from those measures.

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    5) By considering one issues that are currently face by artist manager and recommend for addressing this issue.

    An artist manager face many issues in managing the artists and hiring new staff as well such as lack of time, poor applicant tracking, inappropriate screening, fail to network etc.

    Among them the most common and challenging problem is shortage of time which are being faced by the artist manager of British Management Agency in which they being to miss deadlines, constantly late for appointments etc. which impacts on the productivity of employees as well as business (Morrow, 2018). As artist, manager and employees are too busy in their working and fails top manage the organisational distractions that will result in unable to plan and analyse the working activities of agency. Sometimes, the artist manager of BMA lacks in the problem solving skills and in the sense of accomplishment due to the ineffective time management skills. This will result in the not completion of tasks within the time frame and company is unable to manage things on time for attaining the productive results.

    In order to overcome from this issues in appropriate way the artist manager needs to focus on formulating time management strategies. By using several ways the manager will be able to complete tasks on time along with a steady as well as efficient workflow and make a good use of time (Espinoza and Ukleja, 2016). For this manager formulates strategies such as make a clear list of work, set deadlines, delegate responsibilities, stop multitasking as well as reward itself. This will help in managing all activities within the time frame and make effective decisions and schedules so that company moves towards the success and growth.


    It has been concluded from the above assignment that people are treated as an assets in an organisation which is essential to manage in an effective way to produce valuable and productive results. Every kind of role is crucial in an organisation as the artist manager is most effective role which helps in managing the daily affairs of actors and artists and lead their career growth. The role of artist manager is to be developed for present as well as future and analyse the attributes which should be looking in a candidate for hiring staff. Also, there are several ways for induction, development, retention, motivation and performance appraisals which are essential for developing employees and organisational productivity. Lastly, focused on the issue which are being faced by the artist manager and recommend appropriate solutions as well.

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