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    Policies of Human Resources in Business Operation of Tesco

    University: Regent College

    • Unit No: 3
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 15 / Words 3793
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: HRM325
    • Downloads: 375
    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions :

    • Determine the purpose and scope of Human Resource Management in terms of resourcing in Tesco with talent and skills appropriate to fulfil business objectives.
    • Tesco is a UK based retail supermarket. Evaluate the effectiveness of the important elements of Human Resource Management in Tesco company.
    • Elaborate internal and external factors that influence Human Resource Management decision-making, including employment legislation.
    Answer :


    Human resources management is the policies and practices of an organisation which manages the workforce effectively and efficiently so that they contribute towards the achievement of goals. The department will of HR will helps to increase the level of performance in the employees so that it will leads to the success and growth of the business in the future. This report explains the policies of human resources in the business operation of Tesco. Tesco is the largest retail company which sales large variety of products and services in the international market to satisfy the needs and wants of their customer. Headquarter of Tesco is at the England UK. Various internal and external factors which influence the decision making process of HR are explained in this file. This report involves the rationale of the various practices of the management of human resources.


    LO 1

    P 1 Effectiveness of the employee relation which affects the decision making of the HRM

    Employees are the key which helps to achieve the goals of the business in the different condition of the market. Skilled and talented people in the organisation will helps to gain the success and growth of the business in the different conditions of the market. The decision making policy of the HR is highly affected by the relation of the people working in the organisation. Involvement of the employees in the process of decision making will saves the time and money of the company for increasing the productivity of the business. Employees will share their ideas, opinion and thoughts so that they feel that the company also listen them and get motivated to reach the objectives of the company (Fu, 2018). The manager of the Tesco will continuously engage the employees when they take any decision related to the business so it will increase the morale of the employees the company get the best suitable suggestion. Different types of effectiveness of the employees relation in the decision making of the management of HR are explained below:

    Increase in productivity: Proper involvement of the workers in the process of decision making will increases the productivity of the business. Active participation of the workers in different programmes of the Tesco will achieve the maximum productivity of the business (LIU, ZHUANG and CHEN, 2019). Workers will get the personal and professional status in the business will enhance them to work effectively for the overall growth of the business. This importance of employee relation will give positive affects on the decision making of the HR in the Tesco because the manger will take the decision which increases the overall productivity of the business.

    Quality improvement: The products and services with the best quality will satisfy the needs and wants of the customer and increase the sales of the Tesco (Gallo and et.al., 2019). Employees gives the suggestion about the requirements of the customer so that the department of the production produces the goods as per the customer demands which helps to reach the future growth. On the basis of this effectiveness the manager takes the best ideas of their employees will helps to maintain the quality of the products and services so that it will increases their customer base also.

    Minimising the stress: Tesco involves their employees while they take the any kind of decision related to the business operation which will reduces the stress of the employees and manager both (Nwangwu, Eze and Jombo-Umeh, 2016). When there is changes in the organisation then it will increases the stress in the employees so because of this the employees will suffer from lots of diseases like high and low blood pressure, lack of motivation and headaches. The HR manger of Tesco will influence by this importance of the employees relation because they take the decision in which do not give stress to their workforce.

    Building of effective community: All the people are involves in the decision making of the organisation will helps to develop the community of the workers in the workplace of the Tesco. The employees feels that the company will valued their ideas and opinion in the business and because of this it will helps to maintain the effective relation between the manager and workers. Quality of the products and working environment is very essential so the workers will share their thoughts to improve them. The decision is taken by the senior of the HR to maintain the effective teams in the organisation by involving the employees in the decision-making process.

    Improving the communication: Continuous involvement of the employees will improve the communication between the manager and workers and they work to achieve common goals of the business. By sharing the innovative ways of doing things will reduces the barriers of communication in the Tesco and it will also improve the efficiency of the customer. The manager will take the decision in the business to keep in mind to improve the communication between the superior and workers.

    Increase in morale: People working in the Tesco will understand that there suggestion are very essential in the company which contributed towards the success (Chang and Shih, 2019). This will increases the positive attitudes and satisfaction of job in the employees while working in the organisation. The workers feels motivated and focused to get the better results by the activities. The decision is taken by the manager of HR which increases the morale of the employees towards the business.

    Better and efficient ideas: Workers are the one which make the direct contact with the customer so it will helps them to know about their demands of the products and services which is produced by the Tesco. Tesco is very concerned about to create the business environment which inspire their people to share their thoughts and involves in decisions so that they are more focused to know about the wants of the customer from the company. All the employees have different knowledge and perception of thinking so the manager will receive the different ideas to solve the problems of the business and accomplish the future objectives. Effective and good ideas will have the positive impact on the decision of the manager in HR because the ideas and suggestion of the employees will helps to reach the success of the Tesco.

    Improve in the relation of the workplace: This involvement will maintain the good relation between the workers and manager so it will maintain the effective teamwork in the organisation. The company will collects the effective information about their employees about their working is in the team. This process will increase the strength of the employees and improves their performance in the business (Masri and Jaaron, 2017). This will makes the people responsible about their job roles and position in the company. The department of human resource will make the decision from the ideas and opinion of the workers which maintain the good working condition in the workplace.

    Saves time and money: By participating the employees it will saves the money and time of the Tesco because hiring the specialist from the outside of the company which takes lots of money and takes much time in giving the effective ideas. People working in the business will already have all the knowledge and understanding about the terms and condition of the company so it gives benefits in involving them in the process taking the best decision. It will affected the decision making of the HR in the business of the Tesco because they take the best decision which saves the money and time of the organisation in the different process and practices.

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    P 2 Important elements of the employment legislation and their effects on the decision making of HRM

    Different laws and legislation which is made by the government are affected the process of decision making of the HRM. These laws will protects the workers from any kind discrimination related to their age, colour, gender, nationality etc. in the working environment. The manager of HR in the business of Tesco will organise the process of recruitment and selection without discriminating the candidates and selects them as per their skills and talent. The decision related to the compensation and promotion of the people in the company will only depends on the level of the performance (Michael and Francis, 2018). Different types of laws which affects the decision making of the human resources management are equal opportunity of employment, medical leaves of absence, discrimination and labour law which protect the employees in the working environment of the Tesco. These laws are described below:

    National minimum wages act 1998: This act focuses on the minimum wages to the workers, overtime payment of the employees, law of child labour and needs of record maintaining. As per this law the Tesco is liable to pay equal salary and compensatory benefits to all of its employees irrespective of their gender or any other discriminatory criteria. If the company fails according to this act then they have to pay the penalties from two to three years. There is no specification of number of employees in the business. The company cannot select and recruit the people which are below age in any department as per this act. As per this law the manager will make the decision to treat the employees fairly in the organisation. HR will decide to give the overtime payment to all the workers when they work extra in the office hours.

    Health and safety at work regulation 1999: Administration of safety and health is governed this law and the company have to follow the rules and orders of this law to provide and safe environment in the workplace. As per this act it will protect the workers from the unsafe working conditions in the business. In Tesco, human resource management will keep all the records of the hazardous products used in the business operations to properly manage any kind of injuries in the organisation. (Alfes, Antunes and Shantz, 2017). The manager of HR is also responsible to provide the specific training to the workers about the harmful jobs in the workplace of the Tesco. From the unsafe situation in the business health and safety act will protect the people in the organisation. This law will affects the decision making of the business the manager has to take the decision as per the safety of the workforce in the workplace.

    Equal act 2010: According to this law it is illegal for the business companies to pay salaries and wages to the employees on the basis of gender for the same job role. Along with the equal benefits the law also enable organisation to treat all its employees with equality, respect and dignity without any bias or discrimination on the basis of age, gender or race. Tesco uses this law in their business and provides the salary and wages to their workers as per their position in the company. Because of the equal payment act the employees did not feel demotivated and aims to achieve the goals. If the company will not pay equally to all the workers then the worker will file case against them and then the organisation will need to pay the penalties. This act will affect the decision making of the HR when they decide the salary of each and every employee. As per this law the manager will make the decision to give payment equally to all the workers on the basis of their job role.

    Anti discrimination legislation: In the work place of the Tesco they use this law which helps to protect the candidates from any kind of discrimination on the basis of age or gender. The manager considers the qualification and efficiency of the applicants for selecting in the company not on the basis of their age criteria (Locke and Latham, 2017). The government will punish the business if they reject the people on the basis of their age in the process of recruitment and selection. Discrimination of age act have positive impact on the decision-making of the HR because the manager will consider this law in their mind in the process of selection and recruitment. This act will helps the employees to not get discriminated against their age issues.

    Family medical leaves law: This law determines that the people who worked 12 months with the company then they have the rights to take leaves of twelve weeks without the payment. The employees could take these leaves in any month of the year with the valid reason. The reasons to take the leaves are birth of a baby, caring of child, illness of the employees, parents and the spouse are ill. If the people comes after the leaves than the company have to gives the same position and responsibility to them which they have before to the absence of leave. The decision-making of the human resource management is also affected by this law because to motivate the employees they also have to give the leaves to their employees on the above reasons.

    Civil rights act: The people working in the Tesco are protected from any kind of discrimination which is related to the religion, race, nationality, colour etc. Organisation could not reject the candidates in their hiring process as per their colour complexion because it is also illegal by the government of the country. Because of these reasons the employers could not dismiss the applicants from the employment. Civil rights act will influence the decision of the HR so that they would not discriminate any applicants on the basis of their race, colour, religion. The manager will take the decision as per this law to protect the employees from discrimination.

    Law of disability: The applicant which have the right skills and knowledge about the job but they have the physical disability then the manager of human resource department will not neglect them according to the law of disability (Wang and Lu, 2017). The law with the disability comes in process in the 1993. Tesco will provide the proper accommodation to these candidates so that they could achieve the success in their life. The HR manager of Tesco will make the decision to select the candidate in their business as per the skills and talent on the basis of their disability.

    LO 2

    P 3 Rationale of the HRM practices in the organisation

    Recruitment and selection:

    In the Tesco the HR manger will manages the programmes of recruitment and selection which brings the new and talented people in the business. These new will have the specific talent and understanding which will leads to the success and growth in the future and present condition of the business. The company will attract the number of applicant which have the specific knowledge which increase the sales and productivity of the products and services (Narula and Chaudhary, 2018). For example Tesco is launching the new products in the market there is need of the new people with the better knowledge which improve the working of the company.

    Training and development:

    The employers provides the training to the existing and new people which improve their skills and talent of doing the work in the Tesco. Training and development helps the business by preparing the best employees in their workplace. For example Tesco is purchasing the new and advanced technology in their business so that each and every employees require proper training about the new technology (Aykan, 2017). The training will give the technical knowledge to the workers so they make effective contribution in achieving the target in the present and future condition of the business.

    Plaining and organising:

    Department of human resources make the best planing which helps to gather the information which fulfils the needs and wants of the company. When the proper plaining done by the Assistant of HR then the next step is to design the structure of the organisation in which different activities of the business are done. For example to increase the sales and profits of the new products then there is need to develop the structure of the business which leads to the growth. This function will helps to analysis the needs and wants of the future so that the manager plan effectively to achieve the goals.

    Directing and controlling:

    This function of the human resource will gives the direction to the workforce from which they perform their business operation in the right way. Direction of the senior manager is towards the accomplishment of the objectives of the Tesco. According to the planing of the Tesco the manager will controls the activities of the employees by observing them and there is any kind of deviation then correct action have to be taken (Barua, 2017). For example senior executive of the organisation will pay more attention on the activities of the workers so that they will direct them if they are not on the right path to achieve goals.


    Before introducing the new products in the market the manager of the HR take the suggestion of all the employees which helps them to achieve the target will less time and low investment. The leader will motivate and encourage the workforce in the Tesco so that they contribute their efforts in accomplishing the goals and objectives of the business (Alho, 2017). For example Tesco will try to improves the performance of their employees so they motivates their people by giving reward when they perform well and bonus on their extra work. Motivation is the key which makes the employees successful and focused towards the goals of the Tesco.

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    Job title

    Assistant of Human Resource Management



    Reporting to

    Senior Manager


    Job purpose:

    The focus of this job is to manage the workforce in the effective and efficient way so that they could achieve the target and makes the company profitable in the future. Maintaining the coordination between the workforce which improve their performance.

    Duties and responsibility:

    • Responsible to build the effective environment in which the workers are motivated and satisfied.
    • Identify the appropriate candidates in the business operations.
    • Make sure about there is no cyber crime and cyberbullying in the workplace.
    • Provides support to the women employees against domestic violence in the organisation.
    • Ability to resolve the problems in the relation of the employees.
    • Responsible to perform the task and work of the business in the most effective way.

    Communication skills:

    The applicant must have the efficiency while communicating with other people and have the proper listening capacity. The applicant have the ability to convey the message effectively in different department of the organisation to reduces the chances of the confusion.

    Service responsibility:

    • Responsible to provide the training to the employees for improving the understanding and skills.
    • Implementation of the new and advanced technology for the fast and easy war in the business activities.

    Interview questions:

    • What are the qualification of the candidate as per the roles of the Human Resource Assistant?
    • What are the goals of the applicant in the future?
    • What is the expectation of candidate about the salary?
    • What are the strength and weakness?




    Minimum 3 years of experience in the retail company.


    MBA in Human Resource.

    Knowledge and skills

    Proper knowledge of training and development of the employees and needs of good communication and decision making skills.

    Special requirements

    Expert in computer knowledge.



    Date: 19/01/2020


    William Smith

    Tesco is pleased to offer you the role of the Human Resource Assistant at the location of London. Your joining date is 21/01/2020 and end date is 30/01/2020. The responsibilities for this roles are mentioned in the job specification.


    Senior HR manager.


    From the above study it can be concluded that department of HR is the effective practices of the business which helps in the proper management of the employees to achieve the overall success of the company. Involving the workers in the decision-making process will increases their morale and they are focused to reach the goals and objectives of the company. The company adopts various kinds of law in the business which protect the people of the company from any kind of discrimination. For the effective and efficient functioning of the business operation the company follow different laws. As per the law of health and safety organisation will provides the safe and secure working environment so that the worker will work freely without any kind of tension in their mind about the safety of their health. Human resource is the key to the success and growth of the business in the long term because they recruit the skilled and talented people in the business.

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