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    Managing People in the Sport and Event Industry: CW2

    University: Coventry University

    • Unit No: 5
    • Level: Post Graduate/University
    • Pages: 10 / Words 2514
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: FBLU102
    • Downloads: 359
    Question :

    Assessment Information

    This project is designed to assess learning outcomes:

    1. Analyse the key aspects and functions of organisational people management, in both a local and global context.
    2. Generate the strategic benefits of a high performance workforce, focusing on creating competitive advantage in a globalised economy in the context of the sport and event sectors.
    3. Evaluate case studies of good practice of managing people in the sport and event sectors and describe what the impacts on performance of individuals, the organisation, enterprise culture and working climate.

    The project is an individual project.

    You are required to write a case study report investigating the range of human resource functions and practices from the perspective of a new graduate employee. Analyse how performance is managed and how this contributes to a company’s competitive advantage, in both a local and global context.

    You should identify two case studies, from either the sport or event industry organisations. The report should consider the following issues:

    1. The mission and vision of the organisation
    2. The organisational culture
    3. Selection and recruitment of new employees by the organisation
    4. Training and development techniques used by Extreme sport company
    5. Intrinsically and/or extrinsically rewarding of employees by the organisation
    6. Approach of organisation into creating employee satisfaction and the use of employee engagement
    7. The ethos of the manager which determines employee relationship and the practices of performance management.

    Format of the report:

    • Front Page should include a title page for the report,

    - Be innovative, i.e. you can include a visual image to make the report more attractive.

    - Table of Contents indicating the sections covered in the report

    1. Use Headings and or Sub-headings to separate your sections.
    • The Introduction which is the first numbered section of the report. You should introduce the topic, and state the aim of the report.
    • Within the main body of the report, you can create smaller sections with sub-sections to which you can give titles.
    • In conclusion, this is the final section of the written report, which you can format as a sub-heading.In this section, connect all the discussions provided in the report. This is where you also offer your final recommendations.
    • The reference list, should include a list of all the references in your report, listed in alphabetical order and should appear at the end of the 
    Answer :


    People management or managing people refers to a method that work as a practice of managing people and team at personal as well as professional level. The main motive of managing people is to manage and control people in a way that leads organisation to perform their work with best approach. This report is written from perspective of Openplay sport company which is situated in South Bank Central, UK (Clarke and Higgs, 2016). They are operating their business in sport and event industry and also approaching various persons and companies to perform project and task in effective manner. The another sport company which operates their business in international business is Real Madrid. It was founded in the year 1902 and it is based in Madrid. Moreover, this report highlights on key aspect and functions of organisational people and management for local and global organisation. Benefits related with high performance workforce and methods to gain competitive advantage will also be included in this report. In the last, employee relationship and practices of performance management also undertaken in upcoming report.


    Sports industry is growing with rapid speed at local and international level due to which fair and healthy competition among companies and countries. It also determines due to global level involvement large number of employees are engage in sport industry so it is mandatory to manage all persons in effective way. Vision and mission in context of Openplay sport company is mention as follow:

    Vision and mission of Real Madrid Vision and mission of Openplay sport company
    Vision- The vision of Real Madrid is to complete organisational task that leads management to become best football club in organisation.  Vision- Global competition between companies leads management to develop their plans and strategy with motive of gaining top position in market. Along with this to identify those aspects which leads company to manage their operations as per international level.
    Mission- Mission of company is to become best institute of football club by providing effective training to employees. Similarly to perform their operations which are designed as per international level (Flammer and Luo, 2017). Mission- The mission of company is to implement their plans with practical approach that leads management to achieve their desired position.

    Organisation culture

    Organisation culture states as the underlying beliefs, assumption, value and methods through which persons interact and contribute towards social and psychological environment. From the perspective of Openplay Sport company top authorities and leaders are vital towards develop and implement positive culture in organisation. The main benefit of organisational culture is to understand behaviour of employees for performing all task towards desired goals and objectives of industry and company.

    Sport industry perform their work at national and international level it refers that large number of employees must be involved in operations and functions of sport industry. Like first the selection of personnel is done at local level to select best candidates for operations and functions.

    On the other side, organisational culture followed by management of Real Madrid is to includes large number of individuals and direct them towards accomplishment of company goals and objectives. Further, Real Madrid is an international organisation so management select right candidates to organise functions at global level. With this it is also analysed that there are large number of persons in organisation designed its functions to gain high position as per international level (Huang, Ye and Kao, 2015). Process oriented culture is followed by Openplay sport company because it leads company to perform their work in organised and sequential manner.

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    Methods to recruit and select new employees

    Recruiting talented employees leads organisation to perform all operations with high success. In simple terms recruitment cycle demonstrate entire process to select right candidate from invited application to offer job. In context of Openplay sports industry there are various functions are performed by management which leads company to attain success from its operations. Some methods to select new employees are mention as follow:

    • Improve in candidate pool- In present scenario by invest time in planning it is essential for company to identify right source from which candidates are selected. Example- university placement, consultant company, recruiters, online methods etc. leads company to select right employees.
    • Comparison between internal and external recruitment- According to present scenario it is essential for company to identify which method is more beneficial for organisation. Like internal and external methods are two ways to select right candidate so Openplay sport identify those steps which leads management for selecting new employees with low cost with required qualifications (Jamieson, 2014).

    The above two process is more beneficial for Openplay sports company as it leads management to complete their task with in minimum time period at local level. So with right reasoning test it is easy for management to select right and potential employee.

    • Involvement of employees in hiring process- Employees are those persons who perform various operations and functions at top level as well as ground level. This determines personnel are more aware about daily operations and functions. So with employees involvement right candidates are selected for business. On the other side, experienced persons ensure that selected employees are potential to perform work effectively.
    • Social media- In the present scenario, technology is involved among all operations and functions. So it work as positive aspects that leads individuals to manage online test of employees so it is easy for customers to select right employee from different areas.

    In context of Real Madrid it is an important for organisation to select appropriate methods for selecting right employees that are mention above. This also results to manage operations at international level company is more focused to select employees with social media tools from different places. So with social media it is easy to approach right candidate from local area in which club operate their business.

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    Training and development techniques used by organisation

    Training and development works as a crucial part for organisation that leads Openplay sports company to perform all work in effective manner. From the perspective of sports industry it is compulsory for employees to provide right training and development to its employees. This results with high performance employees or workforce several benefits are gained by management such as improvement in quality of operations. Techniques which is used by Openplay sports are mention as follow:

    • On the job methods- This also refers to select employees and then teach them their duties to perform all work on duty and role (Knott, Fyall and Jones, 2015). Openplay sport industry leads employees to learn their task with on the job role to reduce extra cost of training.
    • Special project- Trannies perform their work with learning stage so by involving them in special task Openplay sport motivated its employees by enhancing morale of their employees. Moreover, in context of employees with special project employees learn knowledge to perform future operations effectively.

    With the techniques Real Madrid perform whole work within effective manner that leads employees to complete their task within proper manner through improving their performance of work (Larkin, 2014). Example- Development help an employee to perform their work as a professional which helps employees and company to gain competitive edge in market. Method of training and development are as follow:

    • Conference and seminar- It is a part for enhancing overall development of employees. This refers conference provides platform to workforce for demonstrating their ideas, viewpoints, thoughts etc. to top authorities. Along with this by attending conferences trainees look towards problem from all perspective and angels.
    • Brainstorming- It work as one of most creative technique that leads management and employees to deal with problem by implementing new methods and techniques. Moreover, training also leads employees to offer opportunity which helps employees to generate new ideas along with monitor and evaluation of them in proper manner.

    Intrinsically and extrinsically methods to reward employees

    Intrinsic methods refers to motivate employees through personal achievement and professional growth. On the other side, Extrinsic motivation reward employees through tangible methods that is offered by superior and manager. Openplay sports company utilise intrinsically methods to improve performance of their workforce. Some types of intrinsically and extrinsically rewards are mention as follow:

    • To provide flexible policies- The major concern about individual is to perform all task and projects in proper manner. Intrinsic motivation internally leads employees to complete task with personal interest and enjoyment in work.
    • Self depended- Intangible is the main feature or perspective of intrinsic motivation it refers that all task are performed by management with on self basis (Ratten and Madichie, 2016). Along with this intrinsic motivation exists individuals to believe on their work.
    • Thinking sense- All sense that are related with employees must be contribute in organisation work that derive personal interest towards work. Intrinsic rewards include those things such as personal achievement, professional growth, sense of pleasure etc. This also leads companies to gain top position in market.

    Extrinsic rewards

    • Financial information- Cash, monetary benefits, financial terms are the most essential part for organisation that leads employees to perform their work in effectively. Financial aspects are most important part for an individual which provides sense of recognition and appreciation to employees.
    • Material rewards- Rewards related with employees works as morale booster that enhances overall productivity of organisation. It also work as a sense of accomplishment that boost self esteem of work. Along with this material rewards also work as a tool which enhance employees to perform work effectively.

    Sports industry leading the world to perform their work effectively through implementing essential practices and ethics in organisation work. Humans and people are most important part for company as they perform work effectively (Ryan, 2016). So it is compulsory for Real Madrid to motivate their employees by extrinsic rewards because it enhance morale of employees. This determines overall productivity of employees and management will be increased.

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    Approaches to satisfy employees and use of employee engagement

    All functions and operations of sport and other industry are performed by employees so they are major stakeholders for a company. This also refers it is mandatory for management to satisfies needs of employees in effective manner. On the other side, employee engagement is based on trust, integrity, communication and commitment for an organisation and their members. In the context of Openplay sports company management implement some approaches for satisfying needs of employees which are mention as follow:

    Commitment and communication- Employee engagement is essential part for an organisation by which organisation accomplish their goals effectively. Openplay sports company is performing their work with motive of enhancing best results from its employees. Therefore, with transparent communication channel authorities defines and share their goals with employees to complete all task in decided time period (Saylor and Johnson, 2014). This also refers that performance of individuals will improved and also helps them to develop positive working environment inside organisational premises. So with commitment and communication it is easy for management of Openplay sports company to complete all task and objectives by performing work in sequential manner.

    Scope for further improvement- Real Madrid is performing their work according to international level. Appraisal, salary, incentives etc. are some of the major function which are performed by management. So it is essential for to implement improvement approach as it motivates individuals through providing knowledge related with scope. Along with this it is also the responsibility of management to improve their performance by developing long term strategies for organisation. This also determines performance of individuals also work as enterprise culture that used to complete all task effectively.

    Employee relationship and practices of performance management

    Employees relationship management work as a process that is used by organisation to manage effective interaction within teams and company. The main motive of employee relationship is to perform all task towards objectives and goals of organisation. Moreover, performance management works as a ongoing process for communication that take place between supervisor and employee of Openplay sports company (Wang and et. al., 2014).

    Performance management refers to the process that occur within organisation for achieving organisational objectives through the process of clarifying expectations. Setting objectives and improve performance of organisation through acting work as per new roles and responsibilities. Along with this it is also used by managing employee performance that is used to enhance results by implementing right strategy in organisation work. This is also used by organisation to retain employees for longer period due to which its task are managed by performing task as per existing working conditions. Along with this it is mandatory for employees for Real Madrid to implement performance management practices to complete all work in effective manner. Employee relationship management work as a process that is used by management to achieve their goals by organising right training and development classes to determine and understand relationship between objectives and goals of organisation.

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    In the end by the summarised report it is identified that sports industry is performing and enhancing their work with rapid speed. Local and international level both are different perspective for an organisation which impacts on performance and functions of company. Similarly, human resources and employees are most important aspects for an organisation which leads an organisation to gain huge success in market. Training and development also works as a crucial part for company. Like conference, special project etc. is increasing their work performance of employees. In the last, by implement of right approaches and practices overall productivity and performance of organisation increases. 

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