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    BUS020N524A Customer Service Management for Tourism & Hospitality Level 5 Mont Rose College


    Hofstede's culture is a framework in cross cultural communication and In this report describes the effect of different china culture and UK culture, it also describe the marketing mix to the Eden Project management made some modification in their marketing mix in order to local culture china market. This country change their market strategies in seven p's of marketing mix, therefore its main target to attract the customer, visitor and expanding their business. It includes how to increasing tour and tourism in this country and its consumer behaviours. The consumer behaviours of this nations people depend on their demand, want, needs. China focus on increasing the profitably of the business and promote the business, place also. They build a relationship with customer as wells as country also.

    A. Hofstede’s model of cultural dimensions

    The Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory is a framework for cross cultural communication which was developed by Geert Hofstede, this model helps to identify various cultural difference among different countries or nations. There are different people having different cultures in the world trading with each other respectively. Culture plays an important role on the behaviour of people, such as consumer behaviour(Rallapalli and et.al ,2015). Consumer behavior is highly affected by culture and values, China is a developing country as compared to United Kingdom therefore there is a huge difference among their culture as well as consumer behaviour. People in china focus on developing their skills and knowledge by learning new things whereas people in UK are already ahead in terms of skills and knowledge due to advance technology and economy. The culture is UK is much more free and open as compared to china, the people in united kingdom believes in living with freedom. China is a small country and people there live together with harmony. Culture has a great influence on the purchasing decisions of people living in different countries or nations. There are many types of cultural forces such as history, religion, family, language arts and education that influence consumer behaviour. Chinese people like to bargain whereas people in UK do not get engage that much in bargaining. People in china do not believe in online shopping as they think the products will be damaged or bad in quality, but UK people do online shopping with a high rate. People in United Kingdom follows western culture but Chinese are still adopting it.

    • According to Hofstede, there are furthermore two sorts of human culture: individualistic and collectivistic. In individualistic culture, people are narcissistic and search for fulfillment of their own targets, UK is a country that has slant towards on this sort of society. Regardless, in a collectivistic culture, people from such society have a get-together outlook and search for basic accommodation to keep up store up congruity. China of course, as demonstrated by Hofstede's examination has scored a high assessing on group(Saleem and et.al, 2017).
    • The second part of Hofstede's work on culture is uncertainty avoidance (UAI). Weakness avoidance is concerned about the number of people in a country support formal measures and settled case of life, as strategies for updating their security. Likewise, uncertainty avoidance is about whether people get a kick out of the opportunity to put it all on the line. In a high uncertainty avoidance society, people are consistently associated with risk deception. Contrast to this, in the low weakness avoiding social requests, people are all the more anxious to comprehension and to explore new things. UK in Hofstede's research has scored a higher defenselessness avoidance record than China however the qualification isn't huge.
    • The third point of view is Power Distance Index(PDI). "Power isolate is how much the less compelling people from affiliations and foundations (like the family) recognize and expect that power is scattered unequally." Cultures that grasp low power evacuate expect and recognize control relations that are more consultative or law based. People relate to each other more than reciprocals paying little notice to formal positions. Subordinates are all the more okay with and ask for the benefit to add to and assess the essential authority of individuals with incredible impact. In high power isolate countries, less viable recognize control relations that are more oppressive and paternalistic. Subordinates perceive the vitality of others just in light of where they are situated in certain formal and different leveled positions. In that limit, the power isolate record Hofstede portrays does not reflect an objective difference in control scattering, yet rather the way people see control contrasts. China is high on PDI while Britain is low on PDI.
    • The fourth viewpoint is of Masculinity (MAS), versus Femininity: "The scattering of eager parts between the sexual introductions". Masculine social orders' characteristics are forcefulness, insistence, authenticity, want and power, while female social orders put increasingly a motivation on associations and individual fulfillment. In masculine social orders, the differentiation between sexual introduction parts are more enthusiastic and less fluid than in genteel social orders where individuals have comparative characteristics emphasizing caring and modesty. In light of the illegal on sexuality in various social orders, particularly masculine ones, and because of the obvious sex generalizations construed by Hofstede's expressing, this estimation is frequently renamed by customers of Hofstede's work, e.g. to Quantity of Life versus Personal fulfillment. Both UK and China both scale almost on same scale in MAS.
    • The fifth point of view is of Long term Orientation (LTO), versus Short Term orientation. In any case called "Confucian dynamism", it delineates social requests' chance horizon. Whole deal orchestrated social requests join more noteworthiness to what's to come(Mazanec and et.al, 2015). They urge serious regards arranged towards rewards, including industriousness, saving and breaking point as for alteration. In at this very moment organized social requests, values hoisted are related to the past and the present, including dauntlessness, respect for tradition, shielding of one's face, reaction and fulfilling social duties. While china is high on LTO, the UK is low on LTO.

    The above mentioned dimensions are major differences between cultures in UK and China, these differences greatly affect consumer behaviour of people in both countries, UK people can easily adopt new things or support development in tourist attractions. But people in china needs to understand the important of development in tourism in order to improve economic conditions as well as living standards. The Eden project needs to focus on Chinese culture to get success in developing tourists attraction in china, it is important to consider various elements of culture such as education level, language etc(Block and et.al, 2017). It will ensure that people in china will support and accept new tourist attraction in the country.

    B Evaluate the considerations of Eden Project management

    Eden project is very famous place , located in china and it is unique or complex organisation. The difference between china and UK hofstede's culture is power distances, individualism, femininity and uncertainty avoidance. Consumer behaviour are related to different people from different culture. Power of distances is refers to inequality of culture means cross culture communication problems, some culture are accept a higher level of unequally distributed power do people in different culture (Zhang and et.al 2017). Power of distances create some issues like lack of communication, understanding and through distances is the major problem face by people. They are not mix-up easily in different culture and not feel comfortable. So in this case take some corrective decision how to avoid that problems. The second problems are individualism is related people have to one another in the community and different culture , in this situations corporation of people must , build up a strong relationship with customer. It is necessary because customer more attract and increase the profitably of these countries.

    Femininity is also important for every different people and culture but in china are not giving the equal rights to the women. But inside UK giving the equal right for women and child. They people are familiar each other work together and making strong relation with customers. Uncertainty avoidances are the level of anxiety a member of a specific culture will behave in terms of uncertainty it is highest different between UK and china culture means people will avoid indeterminate with culture (Turgan , 2017). Long term orientation and short term orientation is also create a problem in this culture it refer to the society value and make decision in long and short term. But people do not do this so it also big issues in china. So long term plan is very compulsory these people start long term plan and try to fulfil their plan to achieve their goal. Different people from different cultures have business with each other with the advantage of consumer behaviours and innovations.

    UK and china culture effect their business but they avoid these difference they focus only how to earn profit and how to make a good relationship with customers. They try to complete their organisation goal with giving healthy environment to their customer. They try to promote their business and proving customer satisfactions. They provide product quality to the customer. Hofstede's culture main purpose to remove these barrier and giving the equality every customer (Jarquin,and et. al 2017). The consumer behaviours of these countries are very different their demand, needs, wants and culture also unique. These countries manage their customer they provide quality of product , especially the behaviours segment of UK and china such as developing and loyalty they can implement on their target, making market strategies. This project based on marketing mix in china market it is totally depend on their product, price, promotion, place, people, physical environment and process. The main motive to the marketing mix to is fulfil the need of customer in different culture.

    The Eden Project management made some modification in their marketing mix in order to local culture china market. This project help to this country expanding their business through identifying, satisfying, and generating customer profitably.

    • Product mix

    This nations only main focus on product and its divers factions, quality of product, customer satisfactions means they provide best products to their customer and people are easily ready to buy. Marketers must also create the right product mix they expand their current product mix by increasing the depth of their product line. China giving the product in different different combinations, it is refer to produces their product in time and fulfil the needs and want to the customer. They main motive to sell their product and develop their strategies and they adding some feature of the product. It is all about the product mix right product or service to the customer at the right price , in the right place, at the right time.

    • Price

    Price is the important component of a china market plan they determine earn profit and developing customer relationship. China modify their price also. The price of the china product is very expensive so every customer can not afford easily, so they people change their price at different different level because every visitor easily consume their products they adjusting the price of the goods and services has big impact on the whole marketing strategy as well as great effect entire economic. Pricing always help the perceptions of the consumer and it always remember that low price usually means indifferent good in the customer eyes. Pricing must also provide profit it is only element of the marketing mix that increasing revenue, of the China market. Target customer are always less sensitive about their prices than new customer, it is good reason for looking after them well.

    • Promotions

    This country also promote their product through advertising, sales tactics, promotions and direct marketing. They promote their product effective advertising and public relation. They maintain their relationship with customer, visitors also. The main purpose their public relationship is that it help a build in good public image for this project. Promotion is the ways of China communicates what they offer to customer. It also includes some important activities such as branding, sales , giving special offer to the customer. Promotions doesn't just mean communicate with customer it is related with aware the value and attributes of the product.

    • Place

    products are not only sold in China shops – they may also door to door, on line. Place is also affect this project , china prefer best place for the visitor, people more attract and visit at this place and where product and service are easily available (Sirianni. and et. al 2013). This place attract to the target customer and help to increasing the tour and tourism at this place. A place where customer buy a product and services means distributing the product appropriate and convenient for the customer. So effective place always attract to the customer so that's why people more prefer like this types of places. It is very help full for china market increasing their tour and tourism sector and developing their business. China is most easier place where customer get ready to purchase good and services. Retail and wholesaler are also help to sells good to the customer (Kotabe , 2014.). They sells their product face to face and through wholesalers.

    • People

    People refers to the staff and sales people who work in china for expanding their business, they provide excellent customer service and create a positive experience for the visitors. It is important to hire and right people to deliver superior service to the visitors. They include their employees, management, culture, and customer services. People knowing the customer is the backbone to make successful their market strategies. Positioning is also the part of marketing mix it is one of the most important 7 ps it refer to a products status in relation to the China marketer (Applewhite , 2017. ). Packaging is the also the part of this market strategies it is the wy of product is wrapped means overall presentation of a product. This way is help ful for physical arrangement is designed to attract the customer.

    • Physical evidence

    Physical evidence is also the part of marketing mix in china it is related to the customers interaction and giving a product services, the main motive to this project to increase the customer interactions and providing a healthy environment to the customer (Applewhite , 2017.)r. People refer to the represent the china business providing training and knowledge of the product and their service. Pychical evidences includes the marketing communications the tourism of China attractions they providing the parcel and mail services also, large

    • Process

    It is refer to product delivery in time , they focus save their time and money through increasing the efficiency of the business. China involved product service to their customer it is related with system of the business can affect performance of the services. These are the changes in local china market mix (Porral and Stanton, 2017) . The main motive these change to earn highly profit and providing the best quality to the customer. They expand their business in different nation through different culture. It is very important for growth of country and their product, it helps to maintain their relationship between different people and different culture.


    it can be concluded the changes of marketing mix in China they include their services marketing mix product, price, place, promotions, people, process and physical evidence. China market provide he service fulfil their customer need, want, to get each of these elements. The aim of this country to expand their business and development of the economic. Through marketing mix this country rapidly developed and generate their profit through tour and tourism sector. They develop their culture through these mix. All these element influence their different culture and the marketing mix need a lot of understanding , market research and consultation with different culture people which is use to good and service .


    • Mazanec, J.A., Crotts, J.C., Gursoy, D. and Lu, L., 2015. Homogeneity versus heterogeneity of cultural values: An item-response theoretical approach applying Hofstede's cultural dimensions in a single nation.Tourism Management,48, pp.299-304.
    • Saleem, S. and Larimo, J., 2017. Hofstede cultural framework and advertising research: An assessment of the literature. InAdvances in Advertising Research (Vol. VII)(pp. 247-263). Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden.
    • Rallapalli, K.C. and Montgomery, C.D., 2015. Marketing strategies for Asian-Americans: guidelines based on Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions. InMinority marketing: Research perspectives for the 1990s(pp. 73-77). Springer, Cham.
    • Block, J.H. and Walter, S.G., 2017. 2. Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and modes of entry into entrepreneurship.Exploring the Entrepreneurial Society: Institutions, Behaviors and Outcomes, p.22.

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