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    Opportunity To Develop Knowledge And Understanding Within UK

    University: REGENT COLLEGE

    • Unit No: 12
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 8 / Words 2051
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: D/508/9242
    • Downloads: 542
    Question :

    This project gives user an opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of destinations within UK and worldwide including cultural, social and physical aspects.

    • Collect information and knowledge on cultural, social and physical features of a tourist destinations.
    • Determine how characteristics of destination affect appeal of a destination.
    • Understand key issues which may affect the popularity of a tourist destination.
    • Understand scope of key UK and worldwide tourist destinations.
    Answer :


    As per modern scenario, travel and tourism is fastest growing industry as it directly contribute in overall economic development. Along with this, the main benefit of this is to brings foreign currency in the country (Armenski and et.al., 2011). As tourism is refer to the process in which people are visit one place to another with the purpose of enjoyment and causal reason. It take places in national and domestic level as well. Both are play vital role in developing as well as growing the economy. In addition of this, there are various destinations in UK which invite larger number of visitor over there. As various features of a tourist destination includes cultural, physical and social are there. In addition of this, major elements are also mentioned in this report which affects the popularity of tourist destination. In features of leading and developing tourist destinations are also mentioned in this report.

    TASK 1

    1.1 Main tourist destinations and generators of the world

    Today almost all countries are focusing more on how to expand tourism in their region. It gives various benefits like giving employment to various people in this sector, improving economy of their location by foreign exchange and more (Crouch, 2011). After 2009, this type of activities is increasing at faster rate in which government and private bodies collaborate with each other and support each other in enhancing and developing tourism both at domestic and international level.  As per statistical point of view, among various tourism industries in the world, UNESCO is expanding its market at fast rate which make it able to achieve highest revenue which is near about 200 billion GBP till 2020.


    United Kingdom



    Contribution in economy

    After Brexit, UK has faced various economical issues so to cope up from this, government of this country has used various ways to develop tourism in its region. It helps in improving its financial condition and reducing unemployment.  Tourism contribute  approx. 3.5% in GDP of this region with earning near about £ 61.8 billion per year.

    From tourist point of view, this country has various beautiful destinations which make it one of the most favourite nations. Due to this, many travellers are like to visit its places in more than other regions. Therefore, economical rate of this territory is increasing at rapid rate and government also support companies to enhance more tourism (Beritelli, 2011). 

    As compared to other countries, this region doesn’t give much importance to tourism development till 1990. But after observing economical development of other country due to tourism, government of this region start focusing on that in order to compete with other nation.  Today, tourism contributes approx ¥ 1650 billion in economy of this region which is the biggest share ever measured than others.

    Number of travellers

    In UK, as per year near about 36 million numbers of tourists used to come under which approx. £250 is average spending money per 1000 out of them.

    While In France approx. 60 million visitors have come every year with 1300 amount of expenditure per traveller. 

    On the other hand, in con text with China, 20 million tourists are visited in this country  with average expenditure per  1000 travellers is near about 40.00.

    Most visited place

    London, Edinberg, England, Belfast and more are some of the most visited place in UK.

    Paris, Viceroy, French Riviera, The Chenonceau Chateau, Eiffel tower. etc. are some famous destinations of France.

    In context with China, some of the famous tourists destinations are Beijing, Shanghai, The Great Wall of China, The Terracotta Army in Xi’an and more.


    1.2 Statics to determine tourism destination trends

    Virgin Holidays which is a tourist operator company of UK has offered various tour packages to visitors which are useful in generating high amount of revenue and profitability of this enterprise (Saraniemi and Kylänen, 2011). For this purpose, its management has used to determine desires of people of domestic and international market both such as what they actually like to visit and how much they can spend. Therefore, to capture their mind it is necessary for this firm to make a list of favourite tourist destinations.

    By conducting a survey, it has concluded that in the current scenario, travel and tourism industries in UK are growing their business at rapid rate from last 5-7 years. So, from this statics it has predicted that it will remain consistent in upcoming 5 years also (Prebensen and et.al., 2013). After Brexit economy of United Kingdom was go down, so with the help of tourism industry this country has got success to become one of the most developed nation as well as financially strong. This region is famous for its rich heritage culture, beautiful destinations and various type of tradition. All these things are attracted minds of tourists and force them to visit such place in more than one time (Datzira-Masip and Poluzzi, 2014). Earning profitability of tourism industries has contributed 50% share in developing economy of this nation. In terms of total expenditure of travellers, it has gained near about £120 billion per year. It reduces unemployment and gives employment to various citizens as shown in above pie-chart in different-different manner on distinct pay scale.

    From the above mentioned graph, it has concluded that in almost every country, numbers of visitors are going to be much increased in upcoming years also. It will give rise to employment in many sectors and give opportunity to people to earn more money and improve their standardisation (Prayag and Ryan, 2011).  As seen in graph, it has predicted that till 2030 UK will earn 1.8 billion with the help of tourism development. While till 2020, it will receive near about 1.4 billion which is good for improving economical condition on this nation.  

    TASK 2

    2.1 Social, physical and cultural features of tourist destinations

    UK is always considered as most attraction nation which is rich in beautiful destinations, different type of culture and more. Some major features of this country in context with social, culture and physical aspects are:-

    Cultural: Every nation has its own culture and religion which can be seen by way of living, monuments, traditions, food and more. In context with United Kingdom, it has many artefacts made by artificial and natural aspects (Pandža Bajs, 2015).  It attract international travellers to visit places of this nation like Park and Albert museum, Eiffel tower and more.  

    Social: This is also an important factor which plays a crucial role in tourism development. By developing tourism it provides various types of employment to people like guide, accountant and secretary etc. It would help in improving condition of society and gives them opportunity to earn their livelihood. Thus, for this purpose government support to industries who are working under tourist sector for promoting tourism.

    Physical feature: Natural beauty, man-made artefacts, heritages and more are famous for having unique environment. Generally England, Edinberg, London, etc. are the some places where activities of tourism are done in more efficient manner.

    2.2 Features of developing and leading destinations of tourists

    For formulating the effective policies, it is important for tour adviser to evaluate the features in order to developing and leading destinations. This will helps fulfilling the visitors objectives at particular places (Fourie and Santana-Gallego, 2011). Thus, it is important for determine as well as understand the difference between leading and developing destinations. In addition of this, UK government also provide better support to tourist destination by making as well as developing adequate infrastructure to visitors at the time of visiting places. In this context, the difference between developing and leading tourist destinations are as follows:

    Developing destination of tourist

    Leading destination of tourist

    Due to various types of natural calamities, Nepal is facing issues in enhancing tourism.

    Beautiful locations, rich heritage culture and more help in attracting tourists.

    Due to lack of funds and economical issues, this country has failed to introduce new technological equipment.

    Government has provide full support through providing adequate infrastructure in order to deal and maintain healthy relations with other countries.


    TASK 3

    3.1 Comparing the appeal of current leading destinations of tourist with developing tourist destinations

    In order to see whether UK is most attractive place of tourism than other nations like Nepal, it is essential for researcher to make a proper research for studying all factors which are related to tourist destinations as well as making proper analysis (Frenzel,  Koens and Steinbrink, 2012).  Government of both countries has played an important role in enhancing tourism in their regions by providing proper infrastructure.

    In order to compare which nation has more features, it is essential for make an analysis on characteristics of tourists destinations which can be seen as:-

    Economical characteristics: Economical condition of a country plays an important role in enhancing its popularity. Thus, due to economical stability UK has influenced many visitors to visit its places. It has provided best quality of services to tourists which help in retaining their attention for long time. On the other hand, economical growth of Nepal is not increasing at rapid rate. In addition to this, it has faced various problems due to natural calamities. It has pushed this nation backwards in every year. Therefore, this country wants a lot of investment for recovering its financial state and improving life of people.

    Physical characteristics: UK is one of the developed countries in world which has got much support of government and local communities. These sectors have provided adequate infrastructure as well as technological advancement due to which it has got success in attracting large numbers of travellers. While Nepal is still under developing and has low infrastructure due to natural hazards. It has failed to gain interest of tourist towards visiting places.

    Therefore, it has concluded from above discussion that UK has generated more income by increasing tourism as compared to Nepal (Horng and et.al.,  2012). This nation is well developed and has strongest financial condition among all other countries in the world. While Nepal needs a lot of finance for improving its infrastructure which has lost due to natural calamities.     

    3.2 Characteristics of a tourist destination which affect its appeal

    In the world, every destination having their specific and attractive features which directly affect the overall nation in positive and negative w

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