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    GSBS6009 | Cross-Cultural Analysis in GU | Social and Cultural Factors

    Brief :

    Learning Outcomes

    LO2 Examine how the social and cultural factors of a selected foreign country could impact consumer behaviour towards a specific product or service, and explain the strategic implications this may have on the marketing mix.

    LO3 Evaluate the different international market entry strategy options available to the  organisation seeking international expansion to a culturally-different destination, and make  recommendations for the market entry strategy that the company should adopt.”

    1. A Cross-Cultural Analysis: Selecting a cross-cultural analysis technique of your choice discussed in coursework 1, show your understanding of the social and cultural differences between the two culturally different countries you have chosen.

    Marking Scheme:

    Evaluated approaches in the first assessment (the literature review), you should select the specific cross-cultural analysis method discussed in coursework 1, and use the method chosen to conduct an in-depth analysis into the specific countries cultural differences.

    1. Social and Cultural Factors and the Marketing Mix:Explain how the social and cultural factors of your chosen country could impact consumer behaviour towards your product or service, together with an explanation of the strategic implications this may have on the marketing mix.

    Marking Scheme:

    Understanding of the different social-cultural factors that will be found in different geographical locations/cultures needs to be identified.  Include social factors such as social class, the role of family etc., and an understanding of the cultural factors that are the “norm” in the particular location selected.

    Beliefs , values and customs should be evaluated and their influence on the constructions of the  marketing mix need to be identified.

    The relevance  of Maslow, linked with the buying process and distribution channels, is also important.  The principles of standardisation v adaptation require consideration also.

    1. Market Entry Strategies: Implement an evaluation of the different  international market entry strategy options available to the company, and present a recommendation to the company for the market entry strategy that the company should adopt.

    Marking Scheme:

    Assessment of  types of market entry strategies requires with an explanation of which (and why) each is suitable at a particular stage.  As a firm reaches globalisation it will require a combination of strategies to respond to the market, company and environmental factors.  Understanding is needed of the firm’s required level of involvement in each market as this will be linked to the level of control the firm might wish to exert over its activities and the level of risk the organisation is prepared to take.

    An explanation for choosing a market entry strategy must be the starting point and this will  focus on the need for different levels of market involvement, investment and control over marketing operations in the target market requires to deliver the firm’s objectives.

    Don't choose product and services that is well established in chosen target company.

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